Thursday, September 04, 2014

What Does It Take to Get Into the Basketball-Reference Top 100 Games for Certain Stats

Now - huge caveat:  the rebounding stat and certain other stats only go back to 1985-86 and even points only goes back to 1963-64, so the database is far from complete, but hey, if you want into the top 100, here is what you have to do.  (I have chosen not to go with a stat level if the number of ties leads to a number well over 100.  For example, going with 55 minutes played leads to over 130 such games, so I went with 56 minutes played as the threshold).

Minutes Played -- you would need at least a double OT game, since 56 MP has been done 84 times.

Total rebounds - 26 Rebounds (done 72X)

Points -- 52 points (95X)

Blocks - 10 blocks (100X)

Assists - 21 assists (60X)

Turnovers -  10 turnovers (100X)

Game Score - 43.9 (done 98 times).

So - next time you see a guy having big numbers, you will know that the can get in the BBR database top 100 if he can get at least:

56 MP
26 rebounds
52 points
10 blocks
21 assists
10 turnovers
43.9 Game Score.

Steals is a very difficult one for me.  8 steals in a game has happened 157 times, so I really do not want to use that number of steals as the criteria.  However, 9 steals in a game has only happened 38 times!!   But I cannot accept becoming part of a 120 way tie for 39th place as a "top 100" effort.

So I go with:

9 steals.

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