Thursday, October 09, 2014

NBA Per Diem -- $106 Per Day

So let's assume that the team is on the road for 41 games a year and that the average is 1.5 days per game.  So you are talking 62 days worth of per diem -- $6,572.  I really doubt the report that Kyle Korver lived off his per diem.  Even assuming that it comes as completely tax free, you are looking at roughly living off $10,000 worth of gross income ($5/hour). 

The better tactic would seem to be the one employed by Antonio Davis -- use the money for tips to show support staff what a great guy you are (it costs you NOTHING out of your salary, and you look really magnanimous).

I am astounded that there is no mention in the story about strippers.  $106 on a 7 game road swing over 10 days is $1,060.  Probably no reason to wonder why guys are go tired on that last road tilt.

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