Monday, October 06, 2014

Supreme Court to Circuits -- Go Ahead and Gay It Up.

The result is that as of today gay marriage is legal in 30 states, with possibly more to come once the 6th Circuit and the 9th Circuit decide pending cases.

If the USSCt is planning to eventually rule that banning gay marriage is legal, then what they have done today is particularly cruel.  It will be 2-4 years before a case ever gets to the USSCt where the court has ruled in favor of banning gay marriage.  During that time frame, thousands of gay couples will marry.  Will the court then say 5-4, "Hey, I know we let all of you get married, but we now think that was really wrong.  Sorry.  No longer married"?

As I said a long time ago, the decision on gay marriage's legality was a necessary conclusion of the 7-2 decision many years ago that states could not arrest gay people for having sex.  Once the court determined that the thing that the most people find the most offensive (the actual act of two guys doing each other up the butt) was not offensive enough to justify state regulation, then things that are far less offensive to most people (being married, adopting kids, getting health insurance benefits) were also not going to be denied.

And the most ironic thing?  The opinion cited by most pro-gay marriage courts is the dissenting opinion of Antonin Scalia, where he goes on and on about, "Well, if we cannot ban THIS then we certainly cannot ban anything gay marriage...."  Don't worry Antonin - the country is safe, since you made it possible for guys to carry semi-automatic weapons into Chipotle's nationwide.

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