Tuesday, November 04, 2014

20,000 Point NBA Scorers, Sortable by Win Shares and WS/48


Remarkably, there have only been 40 such NBA players.  Where does the most recent addition, Carmelo Anthony, fit into the group?

Well, Melo is 38th in overall Win Shares, ahead of only Mitch Richmond and Tom Chambers.  Excuse me, "Hall of Famer Mitch Richmond" and Tom Chambers.  The fact that Richmond is in the Hall virtually assures us that Melo will reach the HOF. 

As far as Win Shares per 48 minutes played (WS/48) -- Melo reaches #32, ahead of 8 guys:

Havlicek, English, Iverson, Greer, Hayes, Jamison, Chambers, Richmond.  The only guy that I am a bit surprised to see Melo outplay there is Havlicek.

Moving away from Melo, there are a couple surprises to me -- Elgin Baylor ranks between Nique and Vince Carter in WS/48.  Baylor, I am pretty sure, was first-team all-NBA 10 times.  It seems odd to see him down here with guys who are borderline top 60 guys.

On the plus end of WS/48, look at where Reggie Miller and Adrian Dantley's stats put them!!  Reggie is right next to Hakeem (Reggie widely regarded as a not-top-50 player, and Hakeem often ranking in some subjective ratings up around 15-20).   Dantley ranks between Bird and Garnett!!  Again - subjective rankings would put Dantley nowhere near the same stratosphere as these two great players. 

If you look at the top 14 WS/48 guys on this list, you see a few against whom you could argue as top 14 players (Dirk and Barkley, for example, are not regarded as highly as their stats show), but it is a damned impressive list above that .200 WS/48 figure: 

Jordan, Robinson, Wilt, LeBron, Kareem, Barkley, West, Pettit, Duncan, Dirk, Shaq, Oscar, Karl Malone, Bird.

Magic, Russell, Dr. J. and Artis Gilmore did not have 20,000 NBA points.

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