Monday, December 08, 2014

Jeremy Lin -- Hard to Be Benched in Los Angeles

Jeremy Lin, like George Costanza, should have just left the NBA after his brief stretch of stardom with the Knicks.  Instead, he has stuck around long enough for the league to realize what he can do (score some, OK with the ball) and what he cannot do (everything else).

Kevin McHale regularly benched Lin in favor of Patrick Beverly.  Was that benching less painful for Lin?   Anyone watching Line play for 10-12 games over the past 2 years would recognize his serious limitations as a player.  Instead, the Lakers signed him and made the almost unbelievable statement that they were going to rely more upon Lin and less upon Kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Think about that statement -- Byron Scott is going to go up to Kobe and say, "You just spot up and wait for the ball.  We need to use Lin more."  Hahahahahahahahaha....)

Anyway -- the Lakers' player acquisitions lately have been laughable.  Lin?  Boozer?  Retaining Wesley Johnson?  Stop me when you hear a decent player.

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