Monday, December 15, 2014

Where Does Kobe Rank On the Best NBA Guards List?

If you sort for a Win Shares over 130, WS/48 greater than .13 and PER greater than 15, then sort again for Guard or Guard/Forward, you get 9 guys in NBA history:

R Allen

If you consider the 3 categories and give 9 points for a 1st Place finish, 8 for 2nd, 7 for 3rd, etc., you get the following results:

9th -- Ray Allen (5 points)
8th -- Gary Payton (6 points)
7th -- Clyde Drexler (7 points)


6th and 5th (tie)
Kobe Bryant and Jerry West (both 17)

3rd and 4th -- John Stockton and Oscar Robertson (18 points)

2nd -- Magic Johnson (20 points)
1st -- Michael Jordan (27 points -- he is #1 in every category).

Since every other player in the top 6 other than Jordan is a point guard (or combo guard), Kobe does hold a position of greatness by position -- it just appears that shooting guard is a really terrible position.  Drexler and Allen are your next guys up, and a very good argument could be made that neither is a top 40 player.  Dwyane Wade, injuries and inconsistency and all, may be top 3 shooting guard by the time he hangs them up. 

Center -- Wilt, Kareem, Mikan, Russell, Shaq, David, Hakeem, Moses  -- all top 50

PF -- Duncan, Malone, KG, Barkley, Petit, Dirk  -- all top 50

SF -- LeBron, Bird, Durant, Baylor, Rick Barry, Dr. J.  -- all top 50

PG -- Magic, Stockton, Oscar, West, Payton, Nash -- all top 50

Off guard is the absolute worst position of the 5 for all-time greatness.

SG - Jordan, Kobe, then..........Iverson?  Clyde?  Wade?  Miller? 

You should not have a position where after your top 2 guys you are struggling to put a guy into the top 50.  All things being equal, it should be 10 off guards -- yeah, good luck with that.

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