Monday, February 16, 2015

Jade Elizabeth Roper From "The Bachelor" -- Even More Out There?

Look, the girl admits to two Playboy videos, one in which she is completely nude.  OK.  She fessed up and will even be showing them to Chris Soules tonight.

But...........I stumbled onto this:

While these are some great PG-13 shots, they are not real safe for work.  But she looks great.  There is no denying that she is a gorgeous girl.  (The claims of "natural beauty" would hold up better if she was 5'4" and 109 pounds and DIDN'T have enormous 34D implants added on, but as GC Boy always says, "You drink Diet Coke don't you, Maven?").

The bigger mystery is found at the end of The Chive's piece.  If you click on the link at the bottom it says "Jade's Twitter Machine" and it takes you to a Twitter that says "@naturallyjade" -- there is just one Tweet.  It takes you to a Web cam site.

Now, it is possible that the link is old and that the Twitter account was taken over by someone, but frankly, this probably at least calls for some sort of further investigation, right?  I mean, if you are making money in Playboy and in getting pics on The Chive, does it stand to reason that maybe you have other money making ideas?  Her makeup line is called Naturally Jade, so why would you give away the Twitter handle?  I mean, it also appears that the Twitter account is still using a couple of your pics......

Jade is ridiculously good looking, no question.  But I am sure that Iowan Chris will dump her once he sees her Playboy videos.  Really hard to explain to mom and dad that the girl you picked out of 30 is the one who posed nude the most times.

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