Friday, August 07, 2015

Norwood Teague Loses His Mind....and His Job

I am roughly 18 months older than Teague.  His misconduct is like something out of "Anchorman".  I mean, let's ignore his flirtatious texts (where he at first receives some encouragement and then goes on to suggest skinny dipping and describes how he would perform cunnilingus on the recipient of the texts).  The report says he is in a public setting with a married woman and he goes up to her, asks if she ever cheated on her husband.  When she says no, he asks if she WOULD cheat on her husband.  No.

He grabs ("pinches" is the actual report) her ass 3 to 4 times.  What the fuck is going on in your head here?  You have been rebuffed twice, you are in public, and you decide that the proper response to your being told to go away is to grab the woman's ass 3-4 times? 

Another item of interest -- at least one of the victims appears to have been most upset by the fact that the next day he was in the same room with her and did not apologize.  Lesson -- if you do something really, really awful, throw yourself on the mercy of your victim and explain how sorry you are and how you hope they can forgive you.  It may work.

He now is seeking counseling for alcohol addiction.  Look, when I was 21 I drank 4+ beers a night for 5 straight months.  8+ on Friday night and Saturday day/night.  I never once decided that it was a good idea to describe to a semi-friendly girl how I would tongue her clit, or grab the ass of a girl I wanted to have sex with (but who didn't want to have any sort of sex with me).   Just because you are a drunk doesn't mean you have to be an asshole and sexual predator.  I am not sure alcohol counseling will do much - some serious personal behavior counseling seems more in order.

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