Monday, October 19, 2015

Demi Lovato and Some Thoughts on Growing Older

Saturday night, I saw Demi Lovato absolutely slay her song "Stone Cold" on SNL.  If you want to see someone truly perform a song, watch this:

The next morning I saw a Dilbert cartoon on the drawback of "Experience" --
Interesting that I would see these two things back to back. I saw it said once that brilliance fades as we grow older. That the people who are the true innovators and creators are all under 30 years old. I think, perhaps, that people over 30, or 40, or 50, are all equally capable of creativity and genius, but they have just have too much experience to try to create. If you have seen something fail ten times, you probably don't want to try it for the 11th time. Which brings us back to young Miss Lovato -- what the video I have attached does not show is that after another 5-10 seconds the camera came back to her and showed her still, eyes closed, head on the microphone. Completely drained by her performance. There is something about being 23 years old that allows you to just give it everything you have and really not give a damn about what just happened. People who are 40 or 50 appear, well, insane, if they provide such a performance. But without a willingness to throw yourself into a wall with the hope that it might possibly break, the wall will always be there. You will never actually do the impossible or reach the number of people or entertain to the level that you could if you just looked, well, insane. Just some thoughts.

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