Friday, December 18, 2015

Bo Ryan -- Quitter

Things we clearly know about recent quitter Bo Ryan:

- He took a program in complete disarray (OK, so it was actually one year removed from a Final 4 appearance)

-- And with almost no talent (OK, he had two of the top 18 draft picks in the NBA draft)

-- And led them to a national championship (Oh, wait, no he didn't)

-- But when they lost the title game, he always acted with class - (Oh wait, no he didn't

Well, one thing can be said for sure -- he didn't worry about coaching a shitty team and was all too glad to take his lumps while the 2015-16 team rebuilt and went .500 in Big Ten play........oh, wait, no he wasn't.

One thing I commend Bo for:  when I coach basketball, I always tell my team it is bad luck to end warm-ups without making your last shot.  So if we simply cannot make a shot, I will send someone out to make a layup before we start the game.  Bo waiting to play crappy Texas A&M--Corpus Christie so he could get a win before quitting is the same thing I did by sending my point guard out to make a layup before tip off.   Meaningless gesture - made me feel better.

I will not miss Bo Ryan. 

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