Monday, May 02, 2016

Keith Appling -- Strip Club Gangsta!

Well, there is no question that strip clubs (so I am told) are very dangerous places. However, as I have always said, when you violate the law or the rules of a strip club, you are LUCKY when all that happens to you is that you get arrested.  Many proprietors of such establishments would have taken the law into their own hands and simply clubbed Mr. Appling over the head and confiscated his weapon.

The Dearborn, MI clubs must be on the nicer side.  What exactly was Appling's beef/game plan?

1) "Guys, I am gonna go on a shooting rampage, but they have a $4 lunch buffet that I want to hit up first."

2) "I am SO tired of the frigging two drink minimum.  I am not paying a two drink minimum.  If they think I am....."

3) "That frigging Cheyenne.  She thinks that white bikini and holster look makes her look so tough.  Wait til she gets a load of this."

4) "I swear to god, announcer, if you say 'Put your hands together make some noise' one more it, just do it one more time....."

5) "Crittenden and Arenas made the NBA,  I must be lacking something...."

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