Friday, August 12, 2016

Phil Jackson -- Full of Shit

Look, Phil Jackson was a great basketball coach.  He had a philosophy that was very heavy on big guards and aggressive defensive play.  He was outstanding at understanding player tendencies and playing to his players' strengths while exploiting his opponents' players' weaknesses.  I will never say that Phil Jackson got by because he had Jordan and Pippen and Shaq and Kobe (although others have made that claim).

But when you start reading all of his philosophical shit that Phil spews and how he believes that some bizarre training philosophy was the key to his great teams, that is just a bridge too far for me.  On a list of why the Bulls and Lakers won 11 titles, here is the top 100 reasons:

1) Had four of the top 36 players of all-time and Rodman and Gasol and Horace Grant and various other really good players.

2) Was a great coach, particularly a great preparation coach.

3) Understood how to build a team he could coach (big guards, big centers, explosive scoring off guard).

4-96 -- list anything

97) Team had hot cheerleaders, inspired players.

98) Arena floor was well swept.

99) Bizarre training philosophies of Phil Jackson

100) Astrological signs of the players were in synch.

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Al Swearengen said...

What about player biorhythms?