Friday, August 26, 2016

West Virginia Governor's Spokesperson Fired for White Supremacist Video

I have to tell you, as a guy, I was so offended by this video that I watched it only, say, 25 times:

It reminds me SO much of those 1-900 commercials that come on late at night "Do you really want to find a hot girl - call now!" Live Links has nothing on these girls -- they even sort of use the same format: have hot girls staring kinda vacantly into the camera and repeat the same things. I hate to tell the video's director, but there are a lot of non-white males who will watch this video with the sound off, particularly when the ridiculously vapid blonde comes on. I do enjoy that the white girls are all dressed in all white. Why does the effing government demand we dress in colors other than white?!?!? After she was fired for the video, the woman at issue (straight-haired brunette) said that she "owned" her role in the video and that she never intended to hurt anyone. This is one of the odder comments I have heard. "HM, did you call that guy a nigger repeatedly?" Why yes, I did, and I own that content. But I never meant to hurt anyone. WTF would THAT mean? Is it basically "yeah, I said it, I meant it, and I am sorry you feel offended?" Is she set up for a future leadership role in the KKK or the Trump Campaign? As to the substance of the video, I say "oh lord." Why don't we condemn the Aztecs?? They were taken over by the Spanish, and then the French. Why don't we condemn the Turks for enslaving the Slavs? Because no one gives a fuck about the Turks or who lives in Turkey. Why are we forced to have sex/babies with non-whites? Well, I am unaware of that law. Last I knew, you hot girls can have sex with whomever you would like. In fact, the liberals (whom you hate) are pretty sure you can never have consensual sex with anyone, so you probably are off the hook for ever having sex again. What is left? That I have to talk to black people? That I cannot have a whites-only country or a whites-only housing policy? Anyway -- I STRONGLY suggest you watch the video, once with sound on and once with sound off.

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