Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump Post-Election Option Appears to Be to Just Be an Establishment Republican.....and Worse.

Trump has an opportunity to act in a reasonable manner.  He has some policy concepts (I am not sure if he is actually serious about them) that are not awful.  Improve roads and bridges.  Try to punish corporations for moving American jobs overseas.  He sometimes (25% maybe) implies that the American worker is not making a lot of money and should make more.   He hasn't been vehemently anti-gay, so maybe he could let that whole set of social issues go. He could, if he wanted, actually be an OK President.

Then you see this.

So with a guy who lost the popular vote and who did not come close to 50% of the vote, the GOP just simply wants to gut everything done in the past 75 years to help people, and provide a $7T tax cut to millionaires and billionaires.  (No tax cut for Trump - he doesn't pay taxes, as we know).

Trump has indicated he would like to appoint as the head of the EPA someone who does not believe in climate change.  98%+ of scientists believe in climate change.  It is 65 degree in November in Minneapolis now.....regularly.  How do you even find some hack who will deny climate change?

My best hope for Trump is that he will find a way to actually try to be a "third way" between the two major parties.  If he is just going to be a whore for the establishment Republican Party, we would be better off with him resigning and allowing Pence to run the country into the ground and form a theocracy.  At least then we would not have people out committing hate crimes in the name of the President.

Speaking of theocracy, I am already so tired of the Republican talking point that non-Trump voters should not be concerned and should shut up and put their faith in God and his love.  It is so appalling to me that a campaign for President based so heavily on hate and division and bullying now says "well, guess I won, God will protect you -- just pray a lot."  WTF?  I mean, I recognize that people who follow religion are pretty gullible, but "pray and love - while we take away all of your rights and turn the clock back to 1951" cannot seriously be a talking point, can it?  People actually buy that shit?

Kids in Minnesota who are Trump supporters are writing "Fuck Niggers" and "white America" on bathroom stalls, followed by "Trump."  Kids at schools with Hispanic students are chanting "build that wall" to Hispanic students.  What can you tell these kids?  "Don't do that!"?  Um, that is what the President-elect said for 15 months!  He is endorsed by the KKK's newspaper.  Kid's reply -- Don't tell me what I can say, the American people support this behavior! 

Trump could (as he has many times) switch his position and let everyone know it was all just schtick.  It does not appear that he intends to do so.  So if you are poor or Hispanic or Muslim or fat or a woman whom he wants to OK for sexual assault - fuck you.  Not your country anymore.  There are some white folks in the South and Midwest who got all C's and D's in school and they decided who runs the country now.  Enjoy 4 years of hell.

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