Monday, July 17, 2017

LPGA Institutes New Dress Code

Paige Spiranac and Michelle Wie model outfits now banned by the LPGA. The LPGA winner this weekend showed a disturbing amount of face, hand and sometimes ankle, so I hope the Burqas will be instituted for next season. After all - if you cannot force women to be modest against their will, what good is having a religion?

Paige Spiranac Unacceptable #1 (plunging neckline, no sleeves)
PS Unacceptable #2 (same, and skirt does not cover shorts)

PS Unacceptable #3 - skirt does not cover all of "bottom region" when bending over.

PS Unacceptable # 4 -- various violations - also not a golf outfit.

Wie Unacceptable #7 -- shirt with no sleeves and no collar.

Michelle Wie violation #6 -- skirt is too short and does not fully cover leggings

Wie Unacceptable #8 -- no sleeves and no collar and possibly a plunging neckline.

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