Monday, July 10, 2017

Venus Williams - Not Guilty

It appears that Venus Williams, rather than being a murderer, was obeying the law when she was t-boned by another driver.

As shown in the video, Williams entered the intersection under the green light and then a driver coming the other way turned in front of her. 

Having already been in the intersection, Williams was entitled to continue through.  The driver coming the other way, in a bad habit that I definitely share, appears to be "timing" the green light so she did not need to slow down.  She smashes Williams' car, eventually causing the death of her passenger.

As many suburban Minnesotans clearly do not know when driving downtown, a person who gets into the intersection (and cannot, for example, turn left before the light turns red) can continue through.

The argument that the person suing Williams will have is that she acted negligently in getting into the intersection and/or not continuing through in a timely manner.  The video appears to contradict either argument.

Too bad Venus appears innocent,, because I was hoping Family Guy could do a clip like the one about Matthew Broderick.

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