Monday, September 28, 2015

Right Wing Fears

This just about says it all.

Friday, September 25, 2015

John Boehner -- Quitter

He will not be missed.  He was SUPER ineffectual and allowed Ted Cruz to become the de facto Speaker of the House.  Probably the worst decision made by Boehner was to effectively remove earmarks for money to individual districts, thus allowing Congressmen to thumb their noses at him with no threat of reprisal.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Whose Butt?

We haven't had a "Whose Butt?" in a while, so some clues:

-- butt art itself gives a clue
-- appeared as a guest star on Nickelodeon show several years ago
-- Ben Affleck once was asked many questions about her during a media tour
-- appeared in one of the worst-grossing very wide release movies of all-time.

And, she is unbelievably built.


Jessica Simpson September 2015
There has always been a lot of body to the girl.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ted Cruz - Natural Born Citizen?

The most hilarious thing about the whole deal is the Republicans were TRYING to claim Obama was born outside the U.S. to one U.S. citizen - his mom.  We KNOW that Ted Cruz was born outside of the U.S. to one citizen - him mom.  That is his official statement of his citizenship!

So, summary, Obama = black skinned = non-citizen.  Cruz = lighter skinned = citizen.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

George W. Bush v. Hillary Clinton

1) Intelligence failure and refusal to act upon threat of airplane-based terrorist actions results in the death of 2,600 people on 9/11/01.

GOP Reaction -- "George W. Bush, he kept us safe".

2) Intelligence failure and failure to see warning signs causes 4 deaths at Benghazi.

GOP Reaction -- "Criminal act by Clinton.  Disqualifies her from office; their blood is on her hands."

That is all you need to know.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

RIP Moses Malone

As stated elsewhere in the Blog:

1) My #16 best player of all-time.

2) One of 8 guys to win 3+ regular season MVPs and a title.

(The 8 are, in order, based upon my rankings:  Jordan(1), Wilt(2), Kareem(3), LeBron(4), Magic(6), Russell(8), Bird (13) and Moses (16).

-- Was once tossed out of a high school all-star camp for being too good (no one could compete against him).

-- First player in modern era to go from high school to pros (ABA Utah Stars).

-- 13 time all-star selection

-- 4X first-team all-NBA, 4X second team all-NBA as a center, 2X first-team all-defense

NBA/ABA Combined List top 10s

2nd in made and total free throws, 1st in offensive rebounds, 5th in defensive rebounds, 3rd in total rebounds, 7th in points, #2 in offensive rebound percentage, 5th in total rebound percentage.

Despite having only one title, is one of 25 players listed at as having a 100% Hall of Fame likelihood.

Caused of Death -- high blood pressure and being big, old and overweight -- died in his sleep at age 60.

RIP big fella.

Top 3 Katy Perry Pics

We had a tie for 3rd, so I will delete my vote for the tied spot and we end up with:

3rd Place, mostly naked Katy:

2nd Place - Cooking With Not Much On Katy:

And Our Winner, "Hands Down" the most popular pic:

Thanks to all who voted.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

12 Best Katy Perry Pics -- Vote on Your Top 3 (NOT a click-through!)

When you are discussing 12 just awesome Katy Perry photos and trying to pick the "top 3" I will concede that this is a tough task. But, I will set this criteria -- if you had 3 Katy Perry photos to take with you into the wilderness and you could never come back and see Katy Perry again, or ever get another picture, and the other 9 had to be burned in front of you while your eyes were held open so you had to watch, which 3 would you pick? Vote in the comments section.  I will post no more blog entries until the 15th or until I get at least 5 comments - which ever is later.