Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teri Polo - Bankrupt

And she allows her cats and dogs to urinate and defecate all over a rented house.  Oh well, add that to the unattractive things about Ms. Polo, including some rather outdated tats.  But she can be really hot, as the pics show, even with the tribal arm band and boob note and bird.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Thanks to for linking to my Barbara Eden pic.  Always nice to check the Blog counter and see over 1,500 hits in a day.


Supreme Court - OK For University of Michigan to Be All White and Asian

The result of this case is an end to affirmative action in any state where the voters are more than half white.  I mean, come on.  If you are a white voter in, say, Wisconsin or Minnesota, and you are unhappy that your kid might not get in to be a Badger or a Gopher, aren't you going to go after the 10-15% of spots that were being held for minority applicants?
  And if you do that by constitutional amendment, then no legislation may change the rule, ever.

This seems a rather interesting take from Justice Kennedy, who apparently believes that the Civil War Amendments were intended so guys could do each other up the butt any time they want, and have lavish wedding ceremonies with elaborate flourishes, but does NOT believe that these same Amendments prevent state efforts aimed directly at keeping black kids out of state universities so white kids can take their place.

Another interesting issue is that the Supreme Court in 2003 stated that it would allow Michigan racial preferences in education until 2028 (an odd decision, but hey, that is what they said).  But I guess all that meant was "25 years or until the state says clearly that it hates blacks and other minorities."

One issue that has arisen in California is that the highest ranking schools are now basically all Asian, since Asians do so well on standardized tests.  So wanna go to Cal? You will be the one white kid there.

As I have said many times in the past, if schools want to give a "plus" to kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, they should do so - but make sure the kid is from a disadvantaged background.  There is no reason that our former employee, the daughter of two Asian doctors, should ever have received a preferential hiring preference from the federal government.....but I think she did. A poor white kid with no dad is equally worthy of a scholarship as a poor black kid with no dad.  Maybe Michigan will utilize such a program....but don't hold your breath.  And if they do utilize such a program and it results in black kids getting preferences, does that run afoul of the state constitution?

Finally, in states with any significant minority population, you really have to question the long-term decision to basically exclude minorities from the best state universities.  Do you really think it is in the best interest of your state to REDUCE the number of opportunities for a poor black kid to fight his way out of poverty in Detroit?  For a poor Hispanic kid to get out of poverty in Colorado?  Is that a smart decision?  Is the fact that your A minus or B plus white child has to go to Michigan State instead of Michigan or Colorado State instead of Colorado really that crucial that you would deny, what?  500 kids a year from the best chance to advance themselves?  That seems awfully short sighted.  But I guess it doesn't matter - the Supreme Court 6-2 thinks it is a great idea, so go ahead. 

Ultimately there is this thing in the world known as Karma. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jenny McCarthy, Engaged

I am sorry, but how could you be married to Jenny McCarthy?  You know her history and the amazing stories that she spins about her single days.

Do you think that any of this sort of thing is going to happen now in your presence now that you are married to the 40+ McCarthy?  Won't you just consistently be feeling like the guy who dates the captain of the cheerleaders after she finds Jesus and doesn't do "that kind of stuff" anymore?  So while everyone before you got this great benefit, you get none of this benefit. plus all of the negatives (that are so bad that everyone in the past eventually dumped her).  Awesome.

Good luck to Marky Mark's brother - you will need it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Durant Has One Poor Game - Drops Below 19 Win Shares and Below 30 PER and Below .300 WS/48

Durant has a poor game (for him) against the Pelicans and he drops his PER below 30.0 and his Win Shares for the year below 19.0 and his WS/48 below .300. 

The Thunder have one more left against the Pistons, and since Durant should be resting, I don't see him playing at all, especially when he has that 25-point streak rolling and they don't want to play him a quarter and end the streak.

If the Thunder rest Durant, he will fall just short of some pretty rarified air.  There have only been 5 seasons ever where a guy went 19+ WS, .300+WS/48 and PER over 30.

Wilt - 1963-64
Jordan - 1987-88
Jordan 1990-91
LeBron 2008-09
LeBron 2012-13

Durant would join the list of awesomely great seasons not included in the list, including Kareem's 3 best seasons (1970-73, all above 20 WS and .3 WS/48. but fell short of 30 PER) and Jordan's 1995-96 season where he fell just short of 30 PER.

So, Thunder - what say you?  Will you give Durant a chance or not?

Christina Hendricks Doesn't Want Kids

Which is fine.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Proof For My NBA Mount Rushmore of LeBron, Kareem, Wilt and Jordan.

Since 1950, there have been 110 seasons in which a player has put up over 15 Win Shares.

Of those 110 seasons, 75 of them are from the top 13 guys (68.2%)
66 of them are from the top 10 guys (60%)
49 are from the top 6 guys (44.5%).

So, of the truly great seasons in NBA history, these 13 guys have put up a huge majority, and the top 6 guys have put up almost half.

13 (tie) Barkley, Garnett, Durant - 3 each

10 (tie) Bird, Magic, Dirk - 4 each

7.  David Robinson - 5

6 (tie) Oscar and Kareem - 6 each

4.  LeBron 7 times.

3.  Karl Malone 9 times
2. Jordan 10 times
1. Wilt 11 times.

Move over to the Playoffs - there have been 109 playoff seasons where someone has put up 3 or more WS.

50 seasons ome from the top 10 guys (45%):
10. West Duncan Kobe Bird - 4X
6. Shaq LeBron Wilt Kareem - 5X
2. Magic 6X
1. Jordan 8X

Total NBA great on one of the two lists - 17 guys. 
If you want to find guys who had a top 10 career in the regular season and in the playoffs, you would throw out 11 guys not on both lists (Barkley, KG, Durant, Dirk, David, Oscar, Malone all don't have enough playoff cred; West, Kobe, Shaq, Duncan all don't have regular season cred'), so you end up with these 6 guys:

Bird, Magic, Kareem, Wilt, LeBron, Jordan. 

Add up the great regular seasons and the great playoff seasons and you get:

6th Place.  Bird (4+4 =) 8
5th.  Magic (4+6=) 10
4th.  Kareem (6+5=) 11
3rd.  LeBron (7+5=) 12
2nd.  Wilt (11+5=) 16
1st.  Jordan (10+8=) 18.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

My Goodbye to the Ultimate Warrior

This guy gives a similar tribute to mine:

Warrior (he officially changed his name to Warrior) was always regarding as a very odd guy.  Few friends, certainly not a favorite of promoters.  His schtick was that he was a huge steroid-pumping guy from Parts Unknown.  Fortunately for him and the WWF, it was a huge hit with the fans.

Unfortunately, he really couldn't run or move quickly for more than 25 seconds without being winded.  So his matches were all basically "squash" matches where he came out, dominated an opponent, allowed the opponent to counter for no more than 1-2 minutes, then slammed the opponent, jumped on top of him, and got the win.

He famously beat the HonkyTonk Man for the InterContinental title in around or under 2 minutes.  This was supposed to establish his dominance.  The true reason, of course, was that the Warrior really couldn't wrestle for 5 or 10 good minutes. 

His greatest match was his defeat of Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI at SkyDome.  The match is timed at 22:51, but I would estimate that 12+ minutes of that were either both men posturing or one guy using a head lock while the other rested.  Yet almost 23 minutes of ring time was amazing for the Ultimate Warrior since he generally struggled to catch his breath after running to the ring.

At his WWE Hall of Fame induction this past week he discussed the respect he and "Steve" had for the veteran wrestlers in the sport when they were coming up.  Steve = Steve Borden = Sting, the Ultimate Warrior's old tag team partner when they were in the UWF. 

Much like coaching in college is half recruiting and half actually coaching, pro wrestling is half personality and half actually ring work.  Ultimate Warrior was one of the worst ever at ring work (and, in fact, was twice named by Pro Wrestling Illustrated as the "Worst Wrestler of the Year").  As a personality, however, he had a tremendous appeal.  I don't quite know why, perhaps it was because he so much resembled a super hero come to life and wrestling fans are so stupid that they are unable to follow any serious story line, so they loved his empty-headed ramblings. 

He has two small children and a wife.  So I am sad to see him go, and I hope he had his affairs in order when, walking out of a hotel with his wife around 6 in the afternoon, his body that had survived so much abuse for 54 years just gave out and he died.  RIP.