Friday, September 04, 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

Jaye Marie Green -- the LPGA's Next Hot Thing

She is only 21, she wears braces, but I have a feeling that by 2017 folks are going to know her name.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Data Analysis -- Ashley Madison Was a Complete Scam -- It Had Almost No Women Users

It is an awesome scam.  20+ million plus men signed up hoping to have affairs, and perhaps as little as 12,000 women were ever on-line to respond.  Ashley Madison personnel created as many as 5.4 million fake female IDs, but the company was so lazy in its fraud that it didn't even bother to have someone occasionally engage the men in some harmless chit-chat and a gradual turn down.

Certainly some men had to be unhappy with paying to get laid but never getting laid, but what real alternative did they have?  "Hey.  No chick wants to do me!  Give me my money back."  Dude, you are a troll, of course no one wants to bang you.  "I am a catch!  I have a wife!  Give me my money back."  Look, we won't charge you going forward, OK?  "I want my money back!"  Sue us.  And when you sue us, we will send a subpoena out to depose your wife on whether you lost anything by not having sex with random women.
"Oh......OK....look, just close my account."  (Ashley Madison says it will, but doesn't).

Amazing stuff.  Great scam. Look for a Chapter 7 filing soon.

You wonder whether AM might have been able to operate more effectively as an escort service.  I mean, if you could recruit enough escorts (say 100,000) you might be able to keep up with some small amount of the pent up demand here.  And the women could, if they so chose, have a date with the guy, find him hideous, and not have sex at all.  (It is a dating service after all, AM is not claiming that you will always get laid - you just are supposed to find folks who want to "have an affair".  It isn't AM's fault if you cannot close the deal).  Of course hiring actual escorts would require the actual outlay of money, so it doesn't make for as profitable of a scam....and before the computer hack, no one ever complained that they were not getting laid. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Interesting TV Comment Regarding Republican Politics

I saw a guy on TV the other day (I do not recall his name, sorry) who was a big GOP operative and he stated that for the GOP to grow the party that they have to NOT try to reach out to women and minorities, but, rather, they need to be less about the rich and more about the working man.

The theory went as follows -- when there is something that will help the American working man, be for it, whether it is increased minimum wage or unionization or supporting Obama Care.  If you truly want the middle class to be Republicans, then your platform should be that you will help the middle class.

As I have said before, it USED to be that a thinking man who was making $35,000 a year in a union job could look 5-10-20 years down the road and say, "Well, some day I will be making $100,000 a year.  I ought to vote Republican because they won't tax me as much."  And when we had labor unions and basically lifetime employment, we had a lot of happy people who just wanted to live in a law and order society where they could safely raise their kids (key American values which have always been a big pitch of the GOP -- anticrime, protect the kids from strange liberal thinkers).

"Reagan Democrats" were a lot of union folks; blue collar workers who felt that Reagan would be a strong leader who would let them live their lives while Carter was a weak-need leader who insisted that everyone turn down the heat to 65 degrees and drive 55. 

The problem with being a Republican nowadays is that they stand for 3 things:  1) tax cuts for the wealthy; 2) going to war with everyone; and 3) hating minorities.  If you are some guy getting out of high school and you have a couple gay friends, know a bunch of Hispanic guys and really don't want to go to war with everyone, the Republican Party offers you nothing.  It used to be that a guy in Dundee, New York who graduated in 1955 could leave high school, get a union job, work for 40 years, retire at 58 and live on a pension.  He never had to worry about money and he never will.  How do I know this?  Because my father attended his 40 year HS reunion and learned this, "These guys were not even good high school students - they all have very good lives.".  That same graduating student in 2015 won't make $75,000 a year some day.  He won't have a pension.  He won't ever make enough that he ever pays federal income tax.  When he retires, he needs Social Security and Medicare.  He will probably be a Democrat.

Interestingly, this same guy will probably be very happy if illegal immigration slows.  He will have fewer competitors for his job.  His employer might actually have to pay him more to work. 

Just a thought.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Trump Comes Out In Favor of Taxing Rich Hedge Fund Managers

Trump, of course, is right.  People who make $300,000 a year should NOT get taxed at 39.6% while hedge fund managers make $300,000,000 and get taxed at 23.8%. 

That said, Trump better HOPE to God that one of three things happens:  1) he starts to decline in the polls; 2) he "evolves" on this position; or 3) he decides that he was misunderstood.  Because if none of these three things happens, I honestly fear for Donald Trump's life.  There is nothing more that Republican power brokers hate than a guy who will raise taxes on the wealthy.  If Trump is on his way to getting the GOP nomination and he is serious about increasing taxes on the wealthy.....desperate times call for desperate measures....  GOP power brokers do not give a fuck about social issues - they use the issues for votes.  Their daughters get abortions.  Their gay kids and relatives get married and they attend.  They love the cheap labor created by illegal immigrants.  But you start asking them to pay taxes?  Oh boy.

I am, in no way, advocating violence toward Mr. Trump -- as I have said, I agree with him.  But Jack Kennedy took on the mob and tried to cut off their sources of untaxed income.  Didn't end well for him.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

NFL's Tom Brady Brief

Go toward the bottom.

Summary -- 1) arbitrator is entitled to great deference; 2) court cannot reevaluate the findings of fact; 3) there is no such thing as "law of the shop"; 4) Brady did it, or at least there was enough evidence for Goodell to find that Brady did it.

The most interesting thing about the brief:

-- Brady's destruction of his cell phone was not known to the Wells Report folks, but instead the Union presented that piece of information in pursuing the appeal.  (Ooops).

-- Brady was asked for all texts or emails about the deflation of footballs at any time to anyone.  That is why he didn't want to produce the phone -- he was texting someone ELSE about football deflation.

-- Brady could not produce his phone since it was his standard practice to destroy his phones -- except he still had the phone from BEFORE the destroyed one.  Again, oops.  "Well, it is my standard practice.....this one time."

The union has argued "evident partiality" by Goodell.  Yeah, sure. 

Jared Fogle -- My Lord

For those of you so outraged with Adrian Peterson's whipping of his child -- those of you who wanted him basically banned from ever working again and thrown in prison -- how do you feel about the fact that Fogle will only see 5-14 1/2 years in prison?

Isn't this the sort of behavior (systematic child porn, violations of privacy for personal and pecuniary benefit actually soliciting and engaging in sex with minors) that should result in life in prison?  Just because Fogle has $1.4M to give victims, does this mean he shouldn't be put away forever?

Disgusting.  Al S. - I know you have thoughts.