Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Players With 40,000 or more "Points + Rebounds + Assists"

21 guys (3 get in because of their ABA stats)

21. Robert Parish -- 40,229 total points plus rebounds plus assists in his career.

20. Bill Russell -- 40,242  (the only guy not a top 50 all-time scorer to get over 40,000)

19. John Havlicek -- 40,516

18. Charles Barkley -- 40,568

17.  LeBron James -- 40,715

16.  Dan Issel - 41,522 (ABA guy - could have given you 100 guesses and you would not have guessed Dan Issel)

15.  Dirk Nowitzki - 43,445

14.  Hakeem Olajuwon -- 43,752

13.  Artis Gilmore -- 44,321 (ABA guy)

12.  Oscar Robertson - 44,401

11.  Michael Jordan -- 44,597

10.  Shaq -- 44,721

9.  Dr. J -- 45, 727 (ABA guy)

8.  Tim Duncan -- 45,812

7.  Elvin Hayes -- 45,990

6.   Kevin Garnett -- 46,178

5.  Kobe Bryant -- 46,996

4.  Moses Malone -- 49,350 (has ABA stats, but does not need them to qualify)

3.  Karl Malone -- 57,144

2.  Wilt Chamberlain -- 59,986

1.   Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -- 61,487 (only guy on list in top 50 in career points, rebounds and assists)

Guys like Clyde, Gary Payton and Paul Pierce have come close.  Pierce, in fact, only needs less than 1,600 total in the 3 categories to join the list. 

Small guys really need not apply.  The list includes

6'4" and under -- none.
6'5" to 6'8" -- 7 guys

6'9 and above -- 14 guys.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Unregulated Carnival Rides

I think this is really an area where the states should decide, and if they have no interest in protecting their citizens (or visitors) then so be it.

Look, if I am in Tennessee or South Dakota or Louisiana or Mississippi, I assume that the state government has absolutely no money and regulates absolutely nothing.  if I decide to go on a carnival ride in one of these states (or frankly any GOP state) then I assume that no one has ever looked at anything at anytime beyond "what is the minimum we can do to keep this thing working." 

(As an aside, this also is my assumption if I am anywhere outside of the U.S.  Anyone who decides to go to Iraq hiking might get abducted.  That is just how it is.  I don't know anyone whose daughter or son goes to Pakistan and gets jailed or kidnapped says, "This is outrageous!"  You are sending your kid (or your kid is sending herself) into the Wild West.  American laws don't apply and American norms do not apply - that is part of the "beauty" being sought and with that comes the attendant danger.)

The proposal for federal intervention in safety regulations makes sense when you are discussing factory workers who need to have a job to survive -- yes, if my only choice to live and feed my family is to work at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory, then it should probably have a working fire extinguisher. 

But no one has to go on a factory ride.  No one reasonably assumes, "Well, that guy with 4 teeth almost certainly has made sure this ride (which goes 400 feet in the air) is safe."  So giving the federal government power to regulate rides in "red" states is just another situation in which red states can tell their citizens that they are a low tax state and then shift the burden of protecting their citizens to the federal government (i.e., to the blue state residents who pay more into the government than they get back). 

If the state of Kansas wants someone to get decapitated on a thrill ride, then that is a cost of living in Kansas.   You pay $200 less in taxes each year, and when your kid goes on a water slide, he may end up dead.   If you want better services, pay more in taxes.  If not, then there is a cost.

When you go visit New Orleans on a busy weekend, it is amazing how you immediately get the vibe that a lot of illegal activity is occurring, but the powers that be really do not care.  It will either occur or not, and maybe someone gets hurt and maybe someone does not.  That is the bargain you get with NO.  I have never been on Bourbon Street for over 40 minutes without seeing a bouncer throw a guy into the street and continue after him and beat him ala Gene Hackman in "Unforgiven"."  That is part of the bargain. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump Voters Fail His "Extreme Vetting"

It is really hard to figure out which one is the worst - is it the woman who says that a woman cannot be President? Is it the guy who hates Muslims b/c they don't respect women, but his shirt says "BITCH" in 5 inch letters? I am going to go with the woman who says respect all religions and then is asked if she respects - Christianity(yes), Judaism(yes), Islam(no). When in Sweden I was asked how Trump could possibly win. I told the Swedes, well, 35% of our population are complete morons, and 10% will vote for Hitler over Hillary, so Trump just needs to find 5.000001% more. "35% of your population cannot be stupid." Oh yes, don't worry, it is.

Donald Trump's First TV Ad -- Both Too Harsh and Too Soft

Why is it too harsh?  Because it says a bunch of stuff that really seems to have no basis in fact.  The refugees are getting Social Security?  When?  How?  They are mostly young terrorists, right?  I mean, like 99% of them are young male terrorists (or murderers and rapist), so they will get Social Security......when?  2060?   I think our system can maybe ramp up for a time 20 years after every baby boomer is dead.

And who are the people riding the train?  Are these immigrants to America?  Riding in on a train?  Doubtful.  But if they are flooding in via train, why not just have a train stop like 500 yards from the border?  Do we need a wall?

Why is it too soft?

Well, you are saying "In Hillary Clinton's America...."  Basically in her America, terrorists run free.  But why?  What has she specifically done (or will do) to permit that?  Don't you sort of need to play a clip of her saying something or show some headline about "Clinton will accept 40 billion terrorists sight unseen"?  Do you really not have that ready? 

So, putting to one side the ridiculous fear mongering and the claim that Trump (really without saying what he will do - I guess he will have more choppers and personally ride around enforcing the border - that is what the ad implies) somehow can overcome dozens of years of illegal immigration, it isn't a good ad.

The only reason to run such an ad would be that the powers that be in your campaign believe that there are a lot of old women out there who are already scared and can be further scared into voting for you.  I know from experience that there are such people, but it seems tough to believe that they can be so numerous that they can overcome Trump's current large deficit.

I think the better Trump ad would be the generic "I want things to improve" ad where you say "I love jobs, I will create jobs.  I love people, let's all get together and hold hands.  I want to cut your personal taxes.  I want to spend more on a wall and infrastructure programs."  Just sugar coated crap.  Then just allow the media debate to focus on Hillary and all of her awful warts.  When they ask you for comment, just say, "hey, I am being positive.  I just want things to get better."  make the election a vote for Hillary or a vote against her.  Your job is to be, basically, "Other/Not Hillary."

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump's Bogus Medical Letter

Honest to God?  Trump et al just basically drafts up a bullshit letter and puts it on some doctor's letterhead and signs it for him? 

This is the same crew who managed to steal verbatim from a Michelle Obama speech and their fall woman said, "Melania told me to use parts of Michelle's speech, but I had no idea it was Michelle's speech."  Huh?

Trump is a guy who wants to be President.  What has he established about his ability to do (or delegate people to do) very basic tasks?  Can't write a doctor's letter, can't write a speech, doesn't understand that "get out the vote" is necessary, etc.

Imagine how horrific his tax returns must be!   I mean, let's take Trump at his word and say that this doctor's letter actually came from a licensed medical doctor.  If this is who he selects as his personal physician, imagine who he selects as his accountant.  I guess we see now why his returns are said to be audited every year.  I mean, I envision a tax return with handwritten notes and attached statements about how something is "all positive" or "the best" and the IRS people just saying, "WTF is this?  OK, audit the guy every year."

And yet, Marco Rubio and John McCain -- "We fully support the guy."  Republicans must be SUPER proud of the fact that 75% of all Republicans say this guy is qualified to be President. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Phil Jackson -- Full of Shit

Look, Phil Jackson was a great basketball coach.  He had a philosophy that was very heavy on big guards and aggressive defensive play.  He was outstanding at understanding player tendencies and playing to his players' strengths while exploiting his opponents' players' weaknesses.  I will never say that Phil Jackson got by because he had Jordan and Pippen and Shaq and Kobe (although others have made that claim).

But when you start reading all of his philosophical shit that Phil spews and how he believes that some bizarre training philosophy was the key to his great teams, that is just a bridge too far for me.  On a list of why the Bulls and Lakers won 11 titles, here is the top 100 reasons:

1) Had four of the top 36 players of all-time and Rodman and Gasol and Horace Grant and various other really good players.

2) Was a great coach, particularly a great preparation coach.

3) Understood how to build a team he could coach (big guards, big centers, explosive scoring off guard).

4-96 -- list anything

97) Team had hot cheerleaders, inspired players.

98) Arena floor was well swept.

99) Bizarre training philosophies of Phil Jackson

100) Astrological signs of the players were in synch.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

500 Foot Home Runs

In honor of Prince Fielder's retirements, I submit these 500+ foot HR's. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Democrats Are Now the Party That Loves America

This is an excellent description of what has happened in 2016:

The Republican party (largely because it is an older and whiter party) has traditionally laid claim to........well.......tradition.  That America is great and (as Reagan said) a shining city on the hill where people want to come and we are the best and the brightest and the greatest.

That the GOP can claim this message has stuck in the craw of most Democrats.  The party has (at least since 1968) appealed to many who have been underserved by "tradition" (women, minorities, gays, the poor) and don't enjoy the idea that America is great, but no so great to them.

Enter Donald Trump.

The message from the 2016 GOP Convention in Cleveland was well summed up by Trump -- trust me, I am great, America sucks, we are stupid, we always lose, be afraid, be very afraid.  Everything about America sucks and you should be terrified to step out your door any day of the week.  Only I, Donald Trump, can make America great again (cuz it sucks right now).

By going with this message, Trump has ceded the more traditional GOP message of love of country to the Dems.  And who do the Dems have to ram that message home?  Bill Clinton -- raised very poor by a mom who abandoned him for years.  Joe Biden - raised lower middle class in Scranton, PA.  Barack Obama - raised as a mixed race child by his white grandparents and white single mom.
These gentlemen can tell a very compelling story of loving America and loving the people at the lower end of the economic spectrum, because they grew up there.

The Republicans?  Well, they can still hang tight to the hope that they will get enormous tax cuts for the rich (most of whom personally hate Trump, but they still want his proposed ridiculous $34 trillion giveaway) and enjoy the fact that maybe they can get every scared, disaffected, poor and uneducated white person in the nation to vote Trump and that will be good enough for now.   The coalition of the frightened, uneducated, racist and poor may be enough to win.  But winning to what end?  Once this coalition is in power, what will they hope to achieve?  Will dirty jokes become legal again?  Will white people get more power?  Will all fanatics just stop being fanatics? 

Congrats, Republican Party, you have lost the one thing you were really good at --  being optimistic and patriotic.  Your new pitch?  "We will keep Timofey Mozgov's taxes low!"  or "David Duke seems to like us!"??