Tuesday, December 23, 2014

LeBron's Kid


The only question now is whether he will grow to 6'8" and 250 pounds.

What is remarkable is how much his mannerisms resemble his dad.  He even has those big slow steps when he shoots a layup.  That really slow crossover in the open court where it looks like the ball weighs ten pounds.  The pensive look while shooting free throws.  The lookaway one handed pass underneath.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Josh Smith -- Waived


The oddest thing about Josh Smith is that he is a very good power forward who wants to play small forward and jack a ton of ill-advised shots.  His role model should have been Kevin Garnett, but, instead, he prefers to be Antoine Walker at his worst. 

He would make a good Cavalier if he would just agree to play defense, rebound, and STOP JACKING BAD SHOTS!!!!

But, alas, I doubt that will ever happen, and if he won't stop jacking awful shots, he isn't valuable to any team.

Remarkably, there are actually other NBA players who have had as bad of performance from 3 while shooting over 1,200 3s -- http://bkref.com/tiny/NM3QK  Thank you, Charles Barkley, for giving Josh Smith supporters someone to point to!!

Smith has shot more career 3s than Dwyane Wade (another terrible 3 point shooter).

LeBron/Kyrie/Love -- How Are they Doing?

Well, the Cavs are good at home, and good when they play terrible teams.  They are not going to beat many good teams on the road yet, and they play far too few guys and play the Big 3 way too many minutes.  That is the overall view.

Let's look at how many good games the Big 3 have had this year versus mediocre games versus poor games.

Game Score Over 30 (great game) -- LeBron 2, Love and Kyrie 0.

Game Score at Least 25 (so includes games above) -- LeBron 9, Kyrie 3, Love 2.

Game Score at least 20 -- LeBron 13, Love 3, Kyrie 2.

Let's stop there.  The Cavs have played 26 games.  That means that LeBron has been very good for roughly half of their games,  That isn't a LeBron standard of play.  LeBron, to be LeBron, needs to be over 20 Game Score for 70% plus of games,  In 2013-14, which was not a vintage LBJ year, he was over 20 for Game Score 54 times out of 77 games played -- roughly 70%.  He also had 10 games over 30....13%.  So he is currently at 8%.

Translation -- LeBron has been way, way better than Love or Kyrie, but he has been very bad for being LeBron.

Kyrie has had only 7 Game Scores over 20.  But he DOMINATES Kevin Love in this category; Love has 3.  3 lousy games.  In 2013-14 for Minnesota, Love had 50!!!  games of 20+ game score.  He actually had MORE 30+ games scores than LeBron.  LeBron had 10 such games, Love 13.

Love has had 0 star games, been very good 3 of 26 games, good to mediocre 16 more times, and then been flat out bad 7 times,

Love --     0/3/16/7
LeBron -- 2/13/10/2
Kyrie --    0/10/12/4

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Odd Case of Brandan Wright

Brandan Wright has had 4 very good years for Dallas, playing around 18 minutes a game off the bench. This year, at age 27, he is having the best year of any NBA bench player.  His PER is 26, WS/48 among the 10 best in the league.  He has been awesome.

So, as a big forward, your best years are going to be ages 27-31.  Can Brandan Wright be a starter?  The answer is "probably not."  I can think of no example where a guy at age 27 went from being a good bench player (true bench player, not some guy playing 30 mpg off the bench) to being a good starter.  None.  I am sure it has happened somewhere, but I don't remember it.

So chances are that the Celtics just picked up a guy who will give them 20 really good bench minutes and nothing else.  There is value to that.  The real question is whether the guys who take over Rondo's minutes can approximate Rondo's production. 

But anyone thinking that Wright will be a 30-35 mpg starter should think again.....or at least provide me some historical basis for your position.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Caitlin Rasmussen

Sometimes seen on Internet as "Caitlyn Rasmussen".  Houston Texans Cheerleader and Miss Austin 2014.  Remarkably, originally from Kansas.

Merry Christmas, indeed!

Tetyana Veryovkina -- Just a Day at the Beach


Folks, make it past the commercial.  If you have seen ANYONE EVER who looked like this at the beach, then please tell me what beach(es) to visit.

Good lord.  10 of 10.  100 of 100. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Where Does Kobe Rank On the Best NBA Guards List?

If you sort for a Win Shares over 130, WS/48 greater than .13 and PER greater than 15, then sort again for Guard or Guard/Forward, you get 9 guys in NBA history:

R Allen

If you consider the 3 categories and give 9 points for a 1st Place finish, 8 for 2nd, 7 for 3rd, etc., you get the following results:

9th -- Ray Allen (5 points)
8th -- Gary Payton (6 points)
7th -- Clyde Drexler (7 points)


6th and 5th (tie)
Kobe Bryant and Jerry West (both 17)

3rd and 4th -- John Stockton and Oscar Robertson (18 points)

2nd -- Magic Johnson (20 points)
1st -- Michael Jordan (27 points -- he is #1 in every category).

Since every other player in the top 6 other than Jordan is a point guard (or combo guard), Kobe does hold a position of greatness by position -- it just appears that shooting guard is a really terrible position.  Drexler and Allen are your next guys up, and a very good argument could be made that neither is a top 40 player.  Dwyane Wade, injuries and inconsistency and all, may be top 3 shooting guard by the time he hangs them up. 

Center -- Wilt, Kareem, Mikan, Russell, Shaq, David, Hakeem, Moses  -- all top 50

PF -- Duncan, Malone, KG, Barkley, Petit, Dirk  -- all top 50

SF -- LeBron, Bird, Durant, Baylor, Rick Barry, Dr. J.  -- all top 50

PG -- Magic, Stockton, Oscar, West, Payton, Nash -- all top 50

Off guard is the absolute worst position of the 5 for all-time greatness.

SG - Jordan, Kobe, then..........Iverson?  Clyde?  Wade?  Miller? 

You should not have a position where after your top 2 guys you are struggling to put a guy into the top 50.  All things being equal, it should be 10 off guards -- yeah, good luck with that.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Why You Don't Trade Your Best Guys In the NBA

Because there really are not that many good guys.

I set up a "good but not great" season criteria of 6 Win Shares, and 0.12 Win Shares Per 48,  then analyzed the data over the past 5 years.   http://bkref.com/tiny/HaR3F

There are over 400 players who play in the NBA every year.  If you assume a turnover of 10% a year, that means about 600 guys have trod the boards over the past 5 seasons.  Of those 600 guys, how many have had even 1 "good but not great" season?


How about doing it more than once?

75 guys.

How about doing it 3 times in 5 years?  40 guys.  4 times? 22 guys.  All 5 years?  9 guys.

So when someone asks you to trade one of the guys who has been a 3X guy in 5 years, you are trading a guy who is a top 6% player over that time period.   A 4X guy?  top 3%.  And trading or losing a guy like LeBron?   He is a 9 out of 600 guy -- top 1.5%. 

When you get guys in return, there is a very high likelihood (roughly 78.5% chance) that they will never achieve the "good not great" season in a 5 year stretch.  There is an 87.5% chance that they will not have two good seasons, a 94% chance that they will not have 3, a 97% chance they won't have 4 and a 98.5% chance they will not have 5.

So, why would you trade your star?  You wouldn't, unless you are sure he is declining.....and soon.  The Wolves traded Garnett before 2007-08 season.  They thought he was declining.  He was, but he still had five straight good years in Boston -- one of only 10 guys to put up 5 during that stretch. 

In their defense, the Wolves did get Al Jefferson, who had 3 of 5 good seasons.    But then the Wolves traded Jefferson for Kosta Koufos and a low #1, thus effectively turning one of the top 25 players in NBA history (Garnett) into next to nothing.

So, when people are telling the Knicks to trade Carmelo, the Knicks know that Carmelo's replacement almost certainly will not be anywhere near as good as Carmelo.  The better idea is to ADD good players next to Melo.  This worked with a floudering Kobe and Gasol, with a frustrated David Robinson and Tim Duncan, and with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen and KG.   It is, by far, the better strategy.  You don't just say "Our team sucks, trade our best guy."  History teaches us - there just are not that many really good players.  You need to keep the one you have.

Jeremy Lin -- Hard to Be Benched in Los Angeles


Jeremy Lin, like George Costanza, should have just left the NBA after his brief stretch of stardom with the Knicks.  Instead, he has stuck around long enough for the league to realize what he can do (score some, OK with the ball) and what he cannot do (everything else).

Kevin McHale regularly benched Lin in favor of Patrick Beverly.  Was that benching less painful for Lin?   Anyone watching Line play for 10-12 games over the past 2 years would recognize his serious limitations as a player.  Instead, the Lakers signed him and made the almost unbelievable statement that they were going to rely more upon Lin and less upon Kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Think about that statement -- Byron Scott is going to go up to Kobe and say, "You just spot up and wait for the ball.  We need to use Lin more."  Hahahahahahahahaha....)

Anyway -- the Lakers' player acquisitions lately have been laughable.  Lin?  Boozer?  Retaining Wesley Johnson?  Stop me when you hear a decent player.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ordinarily I do not Care for "Salute to the Troops"

But the Houston Texans Cheerleaders appear to have mastered the art.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Anthony Davis -- Just Ridiculous So Far

25/11/5.7 steals+blocks.  57% from the floor.  PER of almost 36.  He has almost 3 times as many Win Shares as LeBron.

These stats are ridiculous.  No one has ever had a full season PER of 32 playing over 400 minutes. 

11 rebounds, and over 2 steals and over 2 blocks?  Been done 4 times -- 1 time by David Robinson, 3X by Hakeem.  (In defense of Wilt and Kareem, when they were at their best, the league did not keep blocks as a stat).

His Offensive Rating is 128.  His defensive rating is 98.  +30.  My lord.  LeBron's best years he has been around Plus 21 to Plus 25.  For a center to put up an offensive rating of 128 is ridiculous.

Davis almost certainly will cool down, but if he doesn't, then, as Charles Barkley used to say, "You are witnessing a miracle."


Friday, November 21, 2014

The Sixers

K.J. McDaniels' mom thinks they are tanking:  http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/k-j--mcdaniels--mom-doesn-t-seem-thrilled-with-76ers--rebuilding-plan-183710204.html

Look - ordinarily most teams are unwilling to intentionally go 5-77.  There is some element of pride, and there is some lost revenue in the idea that you will be so bad that your fans will simply stop coming and you will draw 3,000 a game when you could draw, say, 10,000 with a 20-62 club.  I have really never seen anything like what Philly is doing.  They are starting guys whose names I do not recognize.  They are playing multiple guys who are undrafted free agents. 

The worst team I ever saw was the early 1990s Dallas Mavericks (maybe 1992?  I won't look it up) - a team that played Walter Bond (who never started for the Gophers) as its starting off guard.  Radislaw Curcic anyone?  Walter Palmer?  Mike Iuzzulino? Randy White?  Doug Smith?

But the Mavs at least had drafted Jimmy Jackson, who was a contract holdout.  They also had drafted White and Smith as high first-round picks.  They weren't affirmatively TRYING to be shitty.  They just had three high first rounders who were contributing next to nothing. 

The Sixers - frankly, I have no idea what they are doing.  They are effectively red-shirting their picks (Noel, Embiid).  Basketball is not football.  In football, you can get bigger and stronger and faster by working out for a year.  In basketball, it is a skill game, you need to play the game to improve.  Constantly drafting injured players delays their development for probably one extra year, making you worse for longer.

The Sixers were also willing to move Thaddeus Young to Minnesota for nothing (Alexei Shved and Luc Mbah a Moute) when they could have asked for Anthony Bennett.   That was the case of dumping a veteran player for no good reason.  (Consistent with the Wolves' luck, however, Young's mom has died and the rumor is that he is so grief stricken that he may not play all season......or until his mortgage holder advises him that he needs to).

Maybe this is just a case of company pride -- I mean, the Sixers' famous 9-73 season from 1972 held up as the worst ever for around 40 years, but then the 2011-12 Bobcats defeated the Sixers, both in fewer wins and lower win percentage (7-59).  Maybe there is a desire in Philly to not only reclaim the title, but put it so far out of reach that no one will ever challenge it again?  I mean, those awful Mavs teams won 11 games and then 15 games.  The Timberwolves have trotted out terrible teams with coaches like Jimmy Rodgers and Kurt Rambis - never won fewer than 15 games.  Any team that has a few NBA level players should win 11 games if they play hard.  Bill Musselman won 51 games in 2 years with the best CBA players he could find.  I kid you not, that was his personnel philosophy.  Won 22 and then 29 games.

But this Sixers team?  They would lose to Kentucky 4 games to 2 in a 7 games series.  Kentucky has way, way more talent.  If you asked Calipari to pick 12 guys from the two rosters, he would pick 8 of his guys and 4 Sixers. 

Barring a trade or some wild miracle where a veteran decides at year end he wants to play for Philly, I predict 5-77 for the Sixers.

Kamala the Ugandan Giant -- Not Doing Well


My favorite line of one of Kamala's managers was, "He speaks no language known to man."  Seeing now that his name is Mike Harris and he is from Mississippi, that is probably true.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Rooting Hard For Kevin Garnett

I know it is hard to fathom watching him today, but Kevin Garnett used to be a top 5 player in the NBA for a lot of years.  And he busted his ass every single night for Minnesota, with very little love for the things he was doing up here - particularly defensively.  I doubt that I have ever seen a player anchor his team more on both ends of the floor.  Even LeBron is not the defensive anchor that Garnett was in his prime.

That said, it is sad to see KG struggle so hard to play at a decent level today.  Starting last year, KG seemed a certainty to pass Oscar Robertson and Artis Gilmore on the all-time Win Shares list.  But then KG put up an almost laughably awful 1.2 WS for the entire season last year, leaving him short of both guys.

Counting in KG's 0.2 WS this year, he is now still 9th on the all-time NBA-ABA combined Win Shares list:

6.Tim Duncan192.20
7.Artis Gilmore*189.65
8.Oscar Robertson*189.21
9.Kevin Garnett188.64
10.Dirk Nowitzki186.23
11.Shaquille O'Neal181.71
12.Julius Erving*181.11
13.Moses Malone*179.15
14.David Robinson*178.67
15.Charles Barkley*177.21
16.Reggie Miller*174.40
17.Kobe Bryant173.13
18.LeBron James169.22

KG just needs a lousy 0.58 WS to pass The Big O and 1.02 WS to pass Artis.  He will never catch Duncan, but I would really like to see him play well enough to reach these extremely modest goals.   Sadly for KG, some of the guys behind him (Dirk, Kobe, LeBron) show no signs of retiring any time soon, so KG will probably end up around 10th in any event, but I have long loved KG as a player, and he deserves to be recognized as an all-time great.  Come on, KG, get that 1.02 WS that you need!


Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Rare Hockey Item


Now I may need to find some scenes from that Sarah Palin documentary again....

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

20,000 Point NBA Scorers, Sortable by Win Shares and WS/48


Remarkably, there have only been 40 such NBA players.  Where does the most recent addition, Carmelo Anthony, fit into the group?

Well, Melo is 38th in overall Win Shares, ahead of only Mitch Richmond and Tom Chambers.  Excuse me, "Hall of Famer Mitch Richmond" and Tom Chambers.  The fact that Richmond is in the Hall virtually assures us that Melo will reach the HOF. 

As far as Win Shares per 48 minutes played (WS/48) -- Melo reaches #32, ahead of 8 guys:

Havlicek, English, Iverson, Greer, Hayes, Jamison, Chambers, Richmond.  The only guy that I am a bit surprised to see Melo outplay there is Havlicek.

Moving away from Melo, there are a couple surprises to me -- Elgin Baylor ranks between Nique and Vince Carter in WS/48.  Baylor, I am pretty sure, was first-team all-NBA 10 times.  It seems odd to see him down here with guys who are borderline top 60 guys.

On the plus end of WS/48, look at where Reggie Miller and Adrian Dantley's stats put them!!  Reggie is right next to Hakeem (Reggie widely regarded as a not-top-50 player, and Hakeem often ranking in some subjective ratings up around 15-20).   Dantley ranks between Bird and Garnett!!  Again - subjective rankings would put Dantley nowhere near the same stratosphere as these two great players. 

If you look at the top 14 WS/48 guys on this list, you see a few against whom you could argue as top 14 players (Dirk and Barkley, for example, are not regarded as highly as their stats show), but it is a damned impressive list above that .200 WS/48 figure: 

Jordan, Robinson, Wilt, LeBron, Kareem, Barkley, West, Pettit, Duncan, Dirk, Shaq, Oscar, Karl Malone, Bird.

Magic, Russell, Dr. J. and Artis Gilmore did not have 20,000 NBA points.

Ariana Grande


Keep saying, "she is 21 1/2 years old" as you watch this.  It still just doesn't feel right.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Top 25 NBA Salaries 2014-15

I would say that at least 10 of the guys on this list are not even Top 25 Players in the league.  http://sports.yahoo.com/photos/top-25-highest-nba-salaries-2014-15-1415035115-slideshow/

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Would Alex Gordon Have Scored?


I think the truth of the matter is that the Royals were defeated by incorrect expectations on this play.  Gordon hit the ball hoping it would be a single but fearing that it might get caught.  He was running 3/4 speed to first.  Buster Posey was strolling out to the mound to congratulate Bumgarner.  Bumgarner certainly was not backing up second or third.  So, obviously, when the ball was hit, the view at home plate as it seemed to everyone in that area was that the ball was the final out.  Gordon was one of those folks.

The centerfielder, however, was playing too deep.  He couldn't reach the ball, and he was frozen into neither diving for the ball nor just letting it fall for a single.  Gordon could scarcely have believed that the ball would be so horribly misplayed.

Now, the ball WAS, in fact, horribly misplayed and Gordon takes off for second and probably third.  If he understands or believes that the outfielder will fail to cleanly pick up the ball, he will have his head down and be looking to score.  As you can see from the shot of the 3rd base coach holding him up, Gordon is already slowing up and looking over his shoulder.  He didn't anticipate yet another misplay.

I was a baseball outfielder in high school, but most of my experience with the difference between triples and inside the park home runs comes from playing shortstop in softball 1990-2006.  As the runner, I was involved in that play probably 20 times, and, as the shortstop, probably 100 times. 

--If a guy jogs out of the box and then is surprised by the bad play - it is likely a double.  He isn't going to turn it on and reach third unless someone falls down.
-- If the guy goes 3/4 out of the box and sees such a misplay, he is going to 3rd, and if we get a clean pick up and a clean relay we may have him at 3rd.
-- If the guy goes hard out of the box, or is super fast, or really thinks our team is sucky at fielding, he puts his head down about 2/3 of the way to third and he is going to try to score.

As the shortstop, you keep looking over your shoulder to see where the runner is and how he is running.  The key is, is his head looking into the outfield or is his head down and trying for that last base?  There are VERY few guys who are so fast that they can look out into the outfield and not slow down.

Then the sole remaining issue as a shortstop is the relay throw from the outfielder.  Ideally you want that up by your left ear (every shortstop is a right handed thrower), thrown very hard, so that you are going to be able to catch and turn and throw all at once.  Like an outfielder on a sac fly, you do NOT want to be stationary when you are catching the ball.

If you break down the pictures from the link, you can see that Gordon was obviously not running real hard out of the box, he was looking into the outfield going to third, and, by his own admission, is not very fast.  As he approaches third, the coach already is asking him to stop (which is what Gordon wants to do anyway).  The only way that Gordon scores is if his third base coach is wildly waving him in and Gordon has to put his head down and give it his best.  So, we will never know - once the stop sign went up, Gordon was never going to try to score.

But, assuming that he would have been asked to score,  WOULD ALEX GORDON HAVE SCORED?  I say 60% yes.  The outfielder's throw to the shortstop is very low, and it would not have permitted the shortstop to gain any momentum to throw the ball home.  Gordon would have been about 80 feet away from home if he was being waved, since he would be running full out.  That shortstop throw from the mid-outfield bending down and facing the wrong way is nearly impossible.  When you gather and later turn, your throw will be about 85-90% of maximum velocity, and the throw is almost certain to tail off line one way or the other.  There is no worse feeling than letting that ball go and seeing that it has nothing on it and the guy will score standing up. 

The pictures show that there is a second (actually third) relay lined up about 80 feet from home plate.  So, if the throw is obviously off line, and Gordon is chugging, there is a chance that guy cuts it off and still gets him at home.  But that is an even more problematic play for the defense.  If the throw is so obviously off line, then the cutoff man need to run to chase it 5-10 feet, then somehow turn and make an accurate throw for the tag play at home.   It is a 15% play.  Why do we honor Jeter's relay flip against Oakland?  Cuz it was so nearly impossible to do.  But if Giambi makes a good slide, he is safe anyway. 

In my opinion, if Gordon sees the 3rd base coach waving him, the shortstop has a 25% chance of throwing Gordon out, and the last relay guy has a 15% chance of cutting the throw and relaying it for the out.

60% chance that Gordon scores.

Chance that a good Royals hitter gets a hit off Bumgarner?  Based upon experience in 3 games? Maybe 15%?  Sending Gordon was a better play by a factor of 4.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bristol Palin Recalls the Drunken Palin Family Brawl


She only punched the guy once. 

Violence against women is a terrible thing, she notes, especially after they get out of a limo to come into your party and physically confront you and punch you in the face.  But it is OK, she is a conservative (maybe not in all ways, but politically).

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Brutal, Brutal Beat Down of Kobe

and how everyone hates him. http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/11717596/is-kobe-bryant-reason-los-angeles-lakers-downfall

There is an old quote that I cannot seem to find, but the gist is, "It is easy for a dog to bark at a dead lion."  In other words - you may not be much yourself, but you all of a sudden have a lot to say about someone who was once great and who has fallen upon hard times.

But since it is Kobe, let me pile on......

No one has ever really doubted that Kobe was a terrible guy.  I mean, he maybe raped a hotel employee, and he defended his actions by saying that he came in her face and then told her to get the hell out, "It is my thing".  That, he fears, may have offended her.  When questioned by the cops he went out of his way to say that Shaq does similar things all of the time.  OK - so if adversity reveals character, you know what Kobe's character is.

From a basketball on-court standpoint,
Kobe is a 36 year old shooting guard, who really never has been a winner without Phil Jackson.  I mean, let's be blunt.   He won 3 titles as Shaq's Scottie Pippen (Shaq was Finals MVP all 3 years).  Congrats.  Then he went into a complete funk when Phil left and didn't reach the second round of the playoffs for four years. Then Phil came back and they had Pau Gasol who was either first or second team all-NBA.  Then Phil left, and Kobe's teams can do nothing again.

He is a one-time MVP.....same as Derrick Rose, same as KG, same as Dirk, same as Barkley.  He is not Kareem, or Wilt, or Russell, or Jordan or LeBron.  He has never been recognized as the consistently best player in the NBA over a lengthy period of time.

Pull up a list of the best of the best:    http://bkref.com/tiny/Y2w18  Kobe's career .182 Win Shares Per 48 is an excellent mark.  But it only ranks him 24th out of 32 guys who have had over 100 WS and a WS/48 of over .150. 

Kobe is 9th on the Minutes Played list, but 16th on the Win Shares list.  There is a chance that Kobe will end up with the 4th most minutes of anyone to play the game.  That would take 3 seasons at 2,000 minutes a season.  He has logged a lot of minutes, he is gonna put up some raw numbers. 

There are 17 guys with at least 20 Playoff Win Shares and a playoff-only WS/48 of at least ,150.  Of those 17 guys, Kobe ranks 3rd in minutes played, 8th in total WS, and 17th (DEAD LAST) in WS/48.

Kobe's fans (and there are many) say he is the greatest Laker of all-time.  This is an awful statement to make.  http://bkref.com/tiny/Y2w18  Kobe, even on a playoff performance basis, is no better than the 6th best Laker of all-time (Kareem, Wilt, Shaq, Magic, West all better).  And what about Mikan and Baylor?

Perhaps the love of Kobe is driven by the irrational need of people 30 and younger to have their own Michael Jordan.  I mean, you always hear, "Kobe is the next Jordan."  "Kobe may be better than Jordan."  These are just the ramblings of people who know little about the history of basketball and who do not have access to a computer.  There is simply no comparison between the two men statistically    http://bkref.com/tiny/d2cdA  And then evaluate their "MVP Award Shares" -- Jordan has over 8, Kobe just over 4.  So Jordan has nearly DOUBLE Kobe's output.  And Jordan basically disqualified himself for 2 years during the prime of his career.

Kobe's career tracks very closely to that of John Stockton.  Great players.  (In fact, if you take Kobe's 18 best seasons and put them up against Stockton's 18 best, Stockton wins 17-1 - he has more Win Shares in 17 of the 18 comparable seasons, ranked best to worse).

So this is not to say that Kobe is not a top 20 player of all-time.  He is.  But he is not any of the guys at the top of the list (Jordan, Kareem, Wilt, LeBron) or those with a similar claim to greatness (Duncan, Magic, Mikan, Karl Malone).  He is fighting it out with the David Robinsons and Hakeems and Stocktons and Moses Malones and Larry Birds and Durants and KGs in the argument to be toward the top of the 10-17 range.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Amanda Bynes' Twitter Feed

As someone whose younger brother is also mentally ill, this makes me sad.  There appears to be little or no support system for Amanda, even though she occasionally claims otherwise.  She badly needs to be on medication and have people caring for her.  It appears that she, instead, is not properly medicated and cannot even maintain consistent thought patterns throughout even a few days. 

Truly sad, someone please help the young woman:       

Thursday, October 09, 2014

NBA Per Diem -- $106 Per Day


So let's assume that the team is on the road for 41 games a year and that the average is 1.5 days per game.  So you are talking 62 days worth of per diem -- $6,572.  I really doubt the report that Kyle Korver lived off his per diem.  Even assuming that it comes as completely tax free, you are looking at roughly living off $10,000 worth of gross income ($5/hour). 

The better tactic would seem to be the one employed by Antonio Davis -- use the money for tips to show support staff what a great guy you are (it costs you NOTHING out of your salary, and you look really magnanimous).

I am astounded that there is no mention in the story about strippers.  $106 on a 7 game road swing over 10 days is $1,060.  Probably no reason to wonder why guys are go tired on that last road tilt.

Time is a Bitch -- Example: Nicole Eggert