Monday, December 22, 2014

LeBron/Kyrie/Love -- How Are they Doing?

Well, the Cavs are good at home, and good when they play terrible teams.  They are not going to beat many good teams on the road yet, and they play far too few guys and play the Big 3 way too many minutes.  That is the overall view.

Let's look at how many good games the Big 3 have had this year versus mediocre games versus poor games.

Game Score Over 30 (great game) -- LeBron 2, Love and Kyrie 0.

Game Score at Least 25 (so includes games above) -- LeBron 9, Kyrie 3, Love 2.

Game Score at least 20 -- LeBron 13, Love 3, Kyrie 2.

Let's stop there.  The Cavs have played 26 games.  That means that LeBron has been very good for roughly half of their games,  That isn't a LeBron standard of play.  LeBron, to be LeBron, needs to be over 20 Game Score for 70% plus of games,  In 2013-14, which was not a vintage LBJ year, he was over 20 for Game Score 54 times out of 77 games played -- roughly 70%.  He also had 10 games over 30....13%.  So he is currently at 8%.

Translation -- LeBron has been way, way better than Love or Kyrie, but he has been very bad for being LeBron.

Kyrie has had only 7 Game Scores over 20.  But he DOMINATES Kevin Love in this category; Love has 3.  3 lousy games.  In 2013-14 for Minnesota, Love had 50!!!  games of 20+ game score.  He actually had MORE 30+ games scores than LeBron.  LeBron had 10 such games, Love 13.

Love has had 0 star games, been very good 3 of 26 games, good to mediocre 16 more times, and then been flat out bad 7 times,

Love --     0/3/16/7
LeBron -- 2/13/10/2
Kyrie --    0/10/12/4

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