Thursday, January 31, 2013

Donna Savattere - Marino Baby Momma

She is the one on the right, whose top is supposed to be loose fitting.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ravens v. 49ers - A Very Close matchup

and I have not even begun comparing the football ability of the actual teams yet.

Government Spending Shrinks - GDP Declines As a result - TeaBagger Heads Explode

Um, so, we are dying from debt, so we need to slash government spending.  So defense spending in the 4th quarter is slashed. resulting in a lower GDP number.

The right-wing reaction?  Read the article comments. 

Obama is killing us, we need to stop drowning in debt!

We have paul Ryan saying he wants to have a $1.2T sequester cutting more government spending.  OK - that will reduce GDP, thus causing even MORE Tea bagger angst as they get the exact thing they are demanding (reduced government spending).

There really reaches a point where people are such complete idiots that you cannot deal with them.

Go through with the sequester, cut the spending, see if the economy can hold up.  It may be as good of a time as any to see if that works.

Monday, January 28, 2013

LeBron 34-16-7 in a Loss -- It Happens

Remarkably, two of these 8 losing efforts occurred by players lighting up the Timberwolves but losing the game!!!  Hakeem in 1996 and Tim Duncan in 2004 just went HAM on the whole thing, but couldn't beat the mighty Garnett-led Wolves.  Hakeem's losing effort may be the greatest losing effort ever.


Hulk Hogan Loving His Hot...........Daughter (sigh)

Intrade Market on the Oscars

J-Law 65% chance to win.  Jessica Chastain 22.5% (Others 12.5%)

On the best picture Front, Argo just reached 50% and Lincoln hanging in at 40% (die hards like me thinking that common sense just HAS to prevail at some point).

Wanna buy a $10 contract payable if "Zero Dark Thirty" wins?  5 cents (no one has offered the 5 cents, but there is a seller asking 5 cents, the current offer is 4 cents - that is a stubborn fella, "No effing way I am paying FIVE cents!").

$2MM Doomsday House

Jennifer Lawrence - Hot

I don't really care of the dress ripped or fell or what, she is a gorgeous girl, fully clothed or not.

I guess I will have to see Silver Linings Playbook.  I don't know yet if this is the case, but it has been sort of a Hollywood tradition to honor people for one role if they were great in two roles during the year.  Lawrence's work in "The Hunger Games" was spectacular, and really deserved a nomination on its own, so maybe her defeat of Chastain (who was amazing in Zero Dark Thirty) comes from the "best actress of the year" voters.

Or people in Hollywood have just decided that Zero Dark Thirty will win nothing?!?!?

Argo wins big again.  Argo was a good solid movie.  Probably 7 3/4 out of 10.  But if it ends up winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards it is an awfully big tribute to 1) politics; and 2) how much Hollywood loves itself (there are a ton of inside Hollywood jokes in the first 45 minutes of Argo).

So, best overall Ensemble - Argo.  Lincoln has two WINS (Day-Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones) and a nomination for Sally Field. but I guess everyone else in Lincoln must have really, really blown.

Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 NBA All-Stars

Article contains suggested snubs.

Now, to the guys who DID make it - who are truly the all-stars and who really didn't deserve it?

Now, we can thank goodness that we have the Player Season Finder on to do this really easily.

Most Win Shares - Durant, LeBron, Chris Paul

Fewest Win Shares - Holiday, Rondo, Irving/Garnett (tie)

Best PER - LeBron, Durant, Paul

Worst PER - Deng, Noah, Paul George (Deng barely reaches league average of 15 - LeBron is above 30 again, nearly doubling Deng)

Best Offensive Rating - Tyson Chandler, Paul, Durant

Worst Offensive rating - 4 way tie - Paul George, Garnett, Rondo, Holiday

Best defensive rating - Duncan, Paul George, Noah

Worst defensive rating -  Kobe, Kyrie Irving, Holiday

Difference between Offensive Rating and Defensive rating:

Worst - JaRue Holiday (-5), Kyrie (0), Rondo (0)

Best - Tyson Chandler +34, Chris Paul +25, Kevin Durant +23

Note the ENORMOUS drop off between Durant and Westbrook and between James and Wade.

The truest all-stars:  Durant, Paul, James, Tyson Chandler

The shakiest all-stars:  Holiday, Irving, Rondo, Garnett, Deng

It seems hard to imagine that many players have been sent to the all-star game by a coaches vote with a PER under 19, Win Shares under 3 and a NEGATIVE differential in offensive and defensive rating.  Well, why wonder?  Let's see:

Well, we learn that JaRue Holiday, while no great shakes, is certainly not historically awful.  He just doesn't belong there.

I Will Be Asking My Daughter Every Day If She Wants Me to Take Her to "Spring Breakers"

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Caption Contest

Naked Pooping Masturbator Avoids Gunfire, Drinks From Vacuum

My favorite part of the entire thing is when he avoids gunfire from the wife and THEN goes into another room and starts jerking off.  So - lady with gun trying to kill me?  Better get jerking off.

I guess gun control opponents won't be using this as a "guns are a crime deterrent" example - lady had a gun right in the house, a pretty captive target, and yet she could not even get him to stop committing further crimes right in front of her.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Serena Williams - Loser

Two scary events for Serena in Australia:  1) she was beaten by a young athletic black American; Serena, you are seeing the future, and it ain't you; and 2) she hurt her back.

When you constantly play tennis at 30+ pounds over ideal weight, you don't want to have a bad back.  Ankle, shoulder, flesh eating bacteria, all can be overcome.  You start having back problems and you have two choices:  lose some weight, and stop playing.  If we know anything from Serena's history, we know she is a lot more likely to do the latter.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tim Brown - Coach Intentionally Lost the Super Bowl

Wow.  I have no idea what Bill Callahan is up to, but if he is anyplace where they have attorneys, I would suggest that he consult one. 

And Tim Brown -- um, where was this for the past decade?  If true, isn't this a pretty important story?  Guy hates his own club, suggests that they employ a strategy designed to lose?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Just When You Thought Africa Could Not Get MORE Dangerous

They become jihadist Muslims......Great - warlords, tribalism, genocide, famine, diseases from the 1700s, and now?  Death to all western culture.

Tiger Woods - Wants Elin Back

Since his success came when he had a hot wife and cheated on her, well, desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.

Dustin Johnson - My New favorite Golfer

He may not know the rules of casual sand traps, but if he is benging Wayne Gretzky's new #1.

Phil Mickelson - Tax Me More and I May Just Quit,0,1105055.story?fb_action_ids=10200128933481992&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_ref=s%3DshowShareBarUI%3Ap%3Dfacebook-like&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%7B%2210200128933481992%22%3A472703756120990%7D&action_type_map=%7B%2210200128933481992%22%3A%22og.likes%22%7D&action_ref_map=%7B%2210200128933481992%22%3A%22s%3DshowShareBarUI%3Ap%3Dfacebook-like%22%7D

Oh Phil.  Sadly, your math is pretty poor.  If you make $900,000 playing golf, you taxes will look like this:

Federal Taxes up to $450,000 - around 22% - $99,000
Federal taxes above $450,000 - 39.6% - $178,200

FICA, etc. on first $114K - around 15% - $17,100.

California State Tax  - up to $250,000 - aorund 7% - $17,500
250K to 300K - around 10% -  $5,000
$300K to $900K - around 12% - $72,000

On his first $900,000 in earnings, Phil is taxed $388,000.  43%.   Not 62%, not 63%.  43%.

(Someone self-employed making $114K, by the way, pays 22%+7%+15% = 44%, 1% more than someone making $900,000).

What Phil is REALLY bitching about is that he makes SO MUCH MORE than $1,000,000 a year, that every dollar he makes above $1,000,000 is taxed at 39.6%+13.3%(the new California rate).  So it is the amount above $1,000,000 that is killing him.  Once you get to $2,000,000, you are paying 43%+53% divided by 2 = 48% average rate.

So imagine some scenarios for Phil:

Make $0 - pay 0%, get some money back probably
Make $114,000 - pay 44%
Make $900,000 - pay 43%
Make $2,000,000 - pay 48%

So Phil's best option (assuming he has $0 in expenses), is to make $0.  I doubt he will do that.  Once you get to $114,000, you may as well keep going at least us to $2,000,000.  I mean, does the extra 4% really discourage you that much, Phil?  You'd stop working at $100K or $900K to save 4%?

If you make, say, $30,000,000 a year (as Phil may), then your average tax may approach 53%.  So you need to ask yourself again - would I reject $28,000,000 in income because I would pay 5% more tax than I would at $2MM???  I'd think not.

Of course, Phil's real bitch is that he is a California resident.  So if he moves to Texas he can save a good amount of money (Texas 0%, California 13.3%) except that in Phil's line of work he gets taxed where he makes the money (so, places like CA, NY, MA, all places with big tax rates).

Bottom line - Phil may move, but he isn't going to retire, and he isn't getting taxed at 63%.

Sac Kings Sell for $525MM

LeBron is upset about the $525M price tag.  LeBron is correct.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

LeBron James - 20,000 Points, 5,000 Assists, 5,000 Rebounds

11 Guys Plus LeBron --

And 500 blocks also -- 7 guys plus LeBron:

All of these guys also have at least 1,000 steals.

So, ranked by total win shares, the top 8 guys:

Karl Malone
Clyde Drexler

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Te'o Case - Why You Never Fall In Love With Someone On-Line

Wow.  If a hoax on Te'o, this is pretty sick.

It Takes - Diff'rent Strokes To Die at 89

RIP Mr. Drummond.  You outlived your real daughter and one of your two adopted sons.

If I make it to 89 years old and any of you folks is still around, please ask the newspaper to just say I died of natural causes.  Does anyone's death at 89 lead any thinking person to say, "Gee, that is early.  Wonder why he died?"  He is survived by a twin borther!

Stacie Halas - Teacher Dismissed for Starring in "Big Sausage Pizza"

Do NOT follow this link if at work!!!

Sometimes you want to save a little money on a pizza - geez.  Does that disqualify you forever from teaching middle school students?  Prudes....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DiCaprio Sort of Wins a Date With Bill Clinton

If the winning bidder was a hot chick, expect to learn soon that Clinton paid $500,000 to cancel the overall date and just have a free date with the hot chick.  Also expect to learn that Bill is really, really pissed at DiCaprio right now.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence "I Beat Meryl" - Source

Andre Drummond and 10 Other Guys Who Contribute a Lot in Short Minutes

1Andre Drummond2012-1319DETNBA3807491202011230771081682761731623277271.597.500.39021.919.71163.0
2Nick Collison2012-1332OKCNBA371731921460234456610016651261134105218.630.000.75615.219.81272.8
3JaVale McGee2012-1325DENNBA3907441642931168120821141961712774487397.5601.000.56721.719.11122.6
4Greg Smith2012-1322HOUNBA330456771180142655285137118181368196.653.000.64619.713.81352.1
5Eric Bledsoe2012-1323LACNBA370668125267113250624057979754256551311.468.344.80619.518.11031.9
6Brandan Wright2012-1325DALNBA2511412861360021352551761710251421193.632.60021.216.51221.5
7Jordan Hill2012-1325LALNBA291458771550240618284166138192655194.497.000.65618.515.81131.4
8Marreese Speights2012-1325MEMNBA3515069521524446068100168158243273236.442.500.73316.914.51031.4
9Charlie Villanueva2012-1328DETNBA28046285196471195162070902417131537222.434.395.31318.016.51111.4
10Andrew Nicholson2012-1323ORLNBA35852211821700354426871131412123161271.544.79517.014.91061.2
11Derrick Williams2012-1321MINNBA3095509522223615676291001291111153031269.428.377.73715.518.31041.2

There are a LOT of power forwards on the list, demonstrating that it is easy to put up good stats at that position. 

This also gives some credence to Charlie Rosen's position that Nick Collison and Charlie Villanueva are underrated (though Rosen also had Kendrick Perkins on his list, and he is actually on the "plays a lot, contributes nothing" list).

By the way, how about Greg Smith's 135 offensive rating!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Austin Rivers and 8 Other NBA Players Who Play a Lot and Suck

Criteria - must have played 25 games and 625 total minutes.  Must have a PER under 10 (15 is league average) and accounted for 1 Win Share or less:

9th worst - Kendrick Perkins, Center, OKC
862 minutes, 8.3 PER, 1 win share.
So, he has logged roughly 18 full games (at 48 minutes per game) and accounted for one team win.

8th Worst - Daniel Gibson, Guard, Cleveland
630 minutes, 9.4 PER, 0.8 Win Shares
Was acceptable to play him when LeBron did everything on court for Cavs, but it is not acceptable now.

7th Worst - Udonis Haslem, Forward, Heat
627 Minutes, 7.9 PER, 0.7 Win Shares
He is providing roughly half of the production per minute of an average player.

6th Worst - Gerald Green, swing man, Indiana.
750 minutes, 7.7 PER, 0.5 Win Shares
See haslem

5th Worst - Jeff Taylor, swing man, Charlotte
773 minutes, 9.3 PER, 0.4 Win Shares
Hurt by his NEGATIVE defensive Wins shares.

4th Worst - Brendan Haywood, Center, Charlotte
691 minutes, 9.7 PER, 0.3 Win Shares
Defensive rating of 112 is terrible, as his 100 offensive rating

3rd Worst -- James Johnson, forward, Sacramento
649 minutes, 9.9 PER, NEGATIVE 0.3 Win Shares
Negative .8 offensive win shares.....that is hard to do. 

Second Worst - Michael Beasley, forward, Phoenix
730 Minutes, 9.8 PER, NEGATIVE 0.9 Win Shares
NEGATIVE 1.2 offensive Win Shares

(In the Suns' defense, they have started to play him far less)


Austin Rivers, guard, New Orleans

How bad has Austin Rivers been?  Well, he has logged 900 minutes, the most on the list.
He is shooting 33% form 2, 33% from 3 and 56% from the line.  He is 63 of 191 on 2 point attempts.

He gets to the line for only 2 attempts a game, making around 1.  He is averaging less than 1 steal+block a game (which is terrible).  He has an offensive rating of 85!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a defensive rating of 112. 

When you are talking -27 in Ortg v. Drtg, you are heading into Jonny Flynn territory.  In fact, Flynn and Rivers are the only two players ever to log 900 minutes and have an offensive rating of 85 or less and a defensive rating of 112 or worse.  (Flynn being slightly worse at 114).

And as I have said, Flynn's season was the 4th worst season of all-time.

Rivers, if he cannot improve some, has a chance to play more minutes than Flynn and actually be worse.  That is hard to imagine.  Being even negative 20 on offense versus defense over the course of 1,000 minutes has rarely been accomplished, so if Rivers can log, say, 2,000 minutes, he may be the guy who plays the most and contributes the least to any team, ever!!!

If you review Rivers' Game Log, you will see that he has had his minutes cut substantially (now seeing 12-19 a game) and his performance has declined (remarkably) from his already crappy level of play (he is 3 for 24 in his last 6 games - the Hornets have overcome his suckiness by winning 4 of the games).

Jennifer Lawrence -Great Actress, Not Hard to Look At

The Good (And Really Bad) of Tequila

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Junior Seau - brain injury

But if you are NFL players who engage in a bounty program where you pay or are paid to intentionally injure other players??????????  Per Tagliabue - virtually no punishment since you were not physically holding the money in your hand when you talked about the pay for injury program.

So the NFL allows (or at least does not punish) violent play outside the acceptable bounds of the game, and it wants to defend lawsuits by players injured or dead due to the league's cavalier attitude toward their safety?  Good luck, NFL.


2013 Oscar Nominees

And Tiger Woods Was Banging Denny's Greeters?

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Charlie Rosen - 12 Most Overrated NBA Players

I agree with the commenter who calls the list "12 Guys I Don't Like, by Charlie Rosen."  His comments are backed up by basically nothing.  KG gets a lot of points in blowouts?  KG (NBA champion, look at his career playoff stats) has always been a choker?

Texas A&M fans

Friday, January 04, 2013

Herbivore men

AKA - asexual men.

This is sad, but it would seem to open up a lot of travel options to Japan for, uh, carnivore men?

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Jim Boeheim v. Bob Knight

Wins - Boeheim 903+ to Knight's 902

Winning Percentage - Boeheim .748 to Knight's .709

Most Recent Title - Boeheim 2003 to Knight 1987

Championships - Knight 3 (1976, 1981, 1987) to Boeheim's 1

Final 4 Appearances - Knight 5 to Boeheim's 3.

Knight's coaching stats are slightly skewed due to his rather pedestrian numbers at Army and Texas Tech, but even his .735 winning percentage at Indiana is worse than Boeheim's overall mark.

Verdict - Boeheim overall better regular season coach; Knight better at closing the deal.  And Knight's far inferior Indiana team beat Boeheim's NBA roster in the 1987 Final.

I Really Gotta Lose Some Weight

Final Presidential Election Results 2012

Obama wins 51-47%; Obama wins 26 states plus D.C.; Obama wins by around 5 million votes.

Only 4 states were within 5 points - FL, VA, OH, NC.

In the past 6 elections, there are 242 electoral votes that have always voted Dem.  In the past 4 elections there are 180 electoral votes that have always voted GOP.

Ergo, if you stop there, you will see that the Presidential election of 2016 will come down to fighting over 126 electoral votes, with the Dem candidate needing 28 and the GOP candidate needing 89 (as forcing a tie leads to the House voting, which due to 2010 redistricting will almost certainly be a GOP tiebreaker win).

Erin Andrews' Boyfriend - Currently Unemployed

I Guess He Should Have Allowed Those Polio Vaccines to be Delivered

What are elections/meetings like for Pakistan-based terrorists?  "Hey, guys, we lost 5 or 6 more leaders due to a midnight drone strike - who wants to be the new face of the Taliban??  We will get your name right out there for Obama to see right away!!"

Since we seem to be engaging in the anti-terrorism startegy outlined in "The Kingdom" ("We will kill them all"), I guess this is as good of a means as any.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Crystal Harris - "OK, I Will Take the Money You Offer..."

Having listened to her interview on the Howard Stern Show after she first broke off the engagement, I imagine that what happened here is she got a little more desperate for money and he got a little more generous. 

Enjoy the old saggy balls, Crystal....yeeeeeeeeeeeee!