Friday, March 25, 2016

Rafael Eduardo "Ted" Cruz -- He Bangs

The implication that the Fiorina campaign knew all about this and accepted $500,000.  Wow.  Hard to believe that is true.....hard.....pun intended.

Canado-Cuban Ted Cruz likes his wife wealthy and Anglo and Canado-Cuban Rafael Cruz likes his side pieces raven-haired and spicy.

Mitt Romney convinced like 70% of Utah voters to vote for cheating Ted.  More great work from Mitt.

Most unbelievable part of the story -- 5 women had sex with Ted Cruz.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Republican Crackup - With My Thoughts

Here is a recent article.

When I was 10, my dad told me that I could continue to go to church and he would drive me and go with me, or, alternatively, I didn't need to go anymore.  I asked him why he would allow me not to go (we went to Methodist church).

He basically told me that church does a lot of things for a lot of people and gives them structure and community.  But going to church does not make you a good person, and not going to church does not make you a bad person.  My mother, who is a far more blunt person, told me that some of the worst people in the community were huge bible thumpers and enormous hypocrites. 

I stopped going to church when I was 10.  I never enjoyed it, and I really never got much out of it.  I remember one time when I was like 7, I went to Sunday school for a week.  The lady read us a story and then asked questions about the story.  I answered them all, every single one.  Then she gave us a coloring book and I colored, which I hated (coloring).  I wanted more questions, even at age 7.

Anyway, what am I getting at?  Well, the church is full of three types of people, each of whom make up about 1/3 of the total church-going population:  1) good people who actually believe that people should lead good lives and lead their lives that way (my friend Curt - I tell people that I am happy to know that Curt is my friend because him being associated with me gives people the impression that I am a much better person than I actually am); 2) people who believe that they should make a moderate effort to be a good person, but God will forgive them in the end even if they are not (Bill Clinton); and 3) those who, as Donald Trump says about Ted Cruz, "Hold the Bible up with one hand and then put it down and lie about everything."  These people use religion as a sort of disguise so that they can do all sorts of awful things and then say "but I am better than you because I am religious and go to church."  They are the worst kind of people.  (Most televangelists)

Trump appeals to groups 2 and 3.  He certainly does NOT appeal to Group 1.  The issue of whether he can beat Ted Cruz with these 3 groups comes down to how hard the person in Group 2 tries.  If the person makes a shitty effort and cheats on their wife with their wife's sister, they are a possible Trump voter.  If the person stayed with their wife for 15-20 years and then got divorced, despite the fact that they knew they should not (per church teachings) and maybe they drink a little too much and swear a little too much, they probably still are not a Trump voter. 

How can religious people vote for Trump?  Most religious people are either pretty flawed (Group 2) or completely full of shit (Group 3).  Since they constitute 67% of the church goers, Trump has fertile ground to plow there.  PLUS churchgoers pretty aggressively seek out structure and following of powerful men, and will do basically anything they are told whether it makes sense or not (that is the whole basis of "faith").   That usually makes them good Republicans, and good candidates to vote Trump.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rural Western NY

This is where I grew up.  I have been back to the town where the kid lived.  It used to have 3,000 people and a number of bars and restaurants.  It gets more and more deserted every time I return.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Whose Butt?

The clue is that I was impressed, but had to make sure it was legal to post.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Paul Krugman on the GOP

And I imagine that Krugman had to write this piece without the benefit of last night's unbelievable debate in which Rubio and Cruz called Trump a fraud and an idiot and a buffoon and then, when asked whether they would support him if he were the nominee, said, "oh sure."

This isn't a situation where you are saying, "Hey, Joe Blow is an intelligent and honorable man, but we disagree on policy."  This is a situation where you are spending 2 hours calling someone a fraud and a con man and then at the end say "but, yes, I am OK with that."

It puts me in mind of the Warner Brothers cartoon where the sheepdog and the wolf are friends who go to work every day and the wolf's job is to steal sheep and the sheepdog's job is to beat the shit out of him.  Then at the end of the day they leave and say, "hey, see you tomorrow buddy."

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Ben Carson -- Anticipated Quitter

I am going to go with the statement that I think he will quit, given that even Indiana Jones at his peak could not find "a way forward" as Carson says he will need to find in order to continue.

It is amazing the guy could be a great surgeon, because the opinion you get of the guy is that he is really struggling just to get through interacting with people in everyday life. 

If the GOP voter doesn't want a guy who stabbed his friends as a youth and who believes that pyramids were grain storage units, how can we possibly appease such voters?