Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Statistically Best and Worst NBA MVP seasons in the Past 30 Years

The 6 Worst

6.  Hakeem 1993-94 -- 14.3 Win Shares, .210 Win Shares Per 48.  Jordan was off serving his suspens....I mean, off playing baseball...

5.  Larry Bird 1983-84 -- 13.6 and .215 -- Bird's worst numbers out of his 3 MVP seasons.

4.  Derrick Rose 2010-11 -- 13.1 and .208 -- I have always been confused at this selection.  Rose was 5th in total Win Shares and 10th in WS/48!!!!!  Tenth.  I guess the LeBron to Miami backlash was so extreme that the writers jumped on any bandwagon they could find.

3.  Steve Nash II 2005-06 -- 12.4 and .212 -- in his defense, it is difficult to put up Win Share numbers this big when you only play 1 end of the court.  In his two MVP seasons combined, Nash didn't have 4 defensive win shares.

2.  Steve Nash I 2004-05 -- 10.9 and ,.203 -- criminal

1.  Allen Iverson 2000-01 -- 11.8 and .190 -- the only MVP season under .2 WS/48 in the past 30 years.  10th in Win Shares, did not reach the top 10 in WS/48.

The 5 Best

5.  LeBron 2012-13 -- 19.3 WS and .322 WS/48.  Could rank higher, but his overall minutes were down compared to the top 4.

4 and 3 and 2 (tie)  Jordan 1995-96 -- 20.4 and .317
LeBron 2008-09 -- 20.3 and .318
Jordan 1990-91 - 20.3 and .321
 -- At this point you really start splitting hairs, but I could not split these.

1.  Jordan 1987-88 -- 21.2 and .308 -- no one in the past 30 years has put up 21 WS in a season.  While Jordan was not quite as efficient in this season as he would later prove to be, that 21st WS gets him the #1 spot.

Wolves Fucked Over By Ed Malloy's Incompetence (With Radio Call).


The league has now issued a statement indicating that, in fact, Ed Malloy did not do his job and blew a call 3 feet away from him involving a top 10 NBA player being obviously hacked on a late game jumper at home.


An awful, awful non-call.  But this is the same Ed Malloy who gave Luke Ridnour a T last year for asking what he did to be called for a foul.  Ed Malloy blows - figuratively.  I doubt there are any gay men who could ignore Ed's awful officiating long enough to allow Ed to literally blow them.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy 29th Birthday to LeBron James

The 6 best Win Shares players as of age 29 -- http://bkref.com/tiny/6PXZ9

LeBron #1 in overall Win Shares, but trails Jordan in WS/48.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Best Football Players of All Time. Examining "Approximate Value" and "Approximate Value Weighted'

www.pro-football-reference.com has a couple of stats designed to evaluate who are the greatest NFL players of all time.  Approximate Value.  Approximate Value (weighted).

What the stat's inventor did, was try to evaluate each season and assign a number (17 and above would be MVP year, 10 would be an average year).  For the "weighted" rating, the player's best season is mutiplied by 100%, next best 95%, etc., down to his 19th best season being 5%).  I am not really sure why, but I guess what that would tend to do is punish greatness over a long period of time and reward someone like Jim Brown who had 9 great years - note that Jim Brown is 11th on the weighted list and 21st on the non-weighted list.

The results are a bit troubling.  Fran Tarkenton is a much, much better player than Jim Brown or Lawrence Taylor?  Lou Groza was way, way better than Anthony Munoz?  Where is Joe Montana?  He did win 3 Super Bowls and ushered in an era of throwing the ball every down that we still use today......but I guess he was no Carl Eller, or for that matter Steve Young!

So there are some major flaws in the system - it doesn't seem to comport with what most people would tell you who actually watch football.  (As I have pointed out before, beware of stats which result in big gaps between reality (Luis Scola ain't a great defender) and the statistical result (he is the 7th best defender in the NBA)).

But even flawed stats do provide us with lists of players who uniformly do well within those categories and who also are regarded as all-time greats by people who have watched them play.  So if you take these lists and eliminate the guys who only appear on one list (Marshall Faulk, Seau, Berry, Tomlinson, Eller, Blanda), you get the following Top 22 NFL Players of all time.

22.  Walter Payton (49 points, 24th on one list, 25th on the other).

21.  Emmitt Smith (46)

20.  Munoz (40)

19. Steve Young (39)

18.  Lawrence Taylor and Alan Page (33)

16.  Tom Brady and Jim Brown (32)

14.  Bruce Matthews (28)

13.  Derrick Brooks (27)

12.  John Elway (26)

11.  Rod Woodson (24)

10.  Lou Groza and John Unitas (20)

8.  Dan Marino (16)

Note -- there is an ENORMOUS move between 8th and 6th.  Marino has 16 points, the 6th place tie has 9 points.  Marino places 8th and 8th.  Everyone 6th and above has an average placement of 4.5 or better.

7.  Bruce Smith (13)

6.  Fran Tarkenton and Reggie White (9)

4.  Ray Lewis (8)

3.  Brett Favre (6)

2.  Peyton Manning (5)

1.  Jerry Rice (4)

Now -- I presume that pro-football-reference.com does not have in Manning's 2013 season.  That means when they do (it will be a 20+ season) that he will be first overall on BOTH lists and move ahead of Jerry Rice (even first and second would do it). 

So, as of January 2014, the 5 greatest NFL players of all time will be:

Ray Lewis
Reggie White or Fran Tarkenton

Tom Brady will also move up higher, surpassing Jim Brown and possibly a couple others.

Here is Approximate Value (weighted) top 25 as of today: 

Here is the Approximate Value (not weighted) top 25 as of today.

ObamaCare Estimate -- Almost 9 million helped thus far

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dialect Map


I got HEAVY similarity scores in Buffalo, Detroit and Grand Rapids.  Minnesota - only somewhat.

A Festivus Carol

while the holiday has passed, I just read a story about how Christian groups are very threatened by the idea of Festivus being celebrated....so I am stoking the flames.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fucking Socialist Obama....


How can people expect to live in this country when Obama is driving the stock market into the toilet?  I mean, Bush leaves and we are at 831 on the S&P.  Now we are only at 1,822.  Come on.  Oh wait, I guess that is 219% in under 5 years. 

Hey, well, with compound interest that is only ...........17% per year.......which is pretty good I guess.  But, um,

George W. Bush!  -- well, negative 37% overall...but HE was pro-business.

GWB after the 9-11 market collapse?  -- negative 9% --

OK -- but Obama is still a Kenyan, Socialist, Commie, un-American guy.

Warren Buffett -- Increases His Net Worth at $380.34 a second in 2013.


I was going to say "$380 per second" but then I realized that making only 34 cents a second would be $10,722,240, hardly a mere rounding error.

Someone making $100,000 per year makes almost one-third of a penny per second.  Actually $0.0031709.    Buffett makes 110,000 times more than that person.

Of course, my example is not apples to apples since Buffett is not receiving $11B in new salary.  rather, his investments growth of 24% this year creates his additional wealth.  But the typical person making $100,000 per year (studies have shown) has virtually no net worth and lives paycheck to paycheck.  So if we ask how much did their net worth grow in 2013, the answer may very well be $0.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kobe - Fractured Knee -- Out 6 More Weeks

Can we start calling Kobe, 'Derrick Rose 2.0"?

Kobe's stats for 2013-14:

85 offensive rating
107 defensive rating
NEGATIVE 0.3 win shares
177 minutes.

Only two Hall of Fame level players have posted such a horrible season -- Ralph Sampson and Joe Fulks.

If Kobe cannot come back and play (6 weeks is basically February 1, so he should come back) he will have posted the WORST EVER SEASON BY A HALL OF FAME PLAYER whose HOF entry will not be because of his college career.

Kobe's NEGATIVE win shares have caused him to fall even farther behind Dirk, Duncan and KG.  If LeBron could put up 12 WS the rest of the year (possible) he would be a measly three behind The Devil on the all-time list, LeBron having played 400+ fewer games than Kobe.

Could it be that Kobe is finally shot?  It is one thing to blow an Achilles - Nique was an all-star after blowing an Achilles late in his career.  (Greek men everywhere are reading this and saying, 'I blew an Achilles yesterday and still played three pickup games....")

But then to come back and start breaking leg bones at age 35?  You are moving into Bill Walton/Sam Bowie territory there.

We shall see.  and since I was raised by the annoying woman who raised me, "Geez, Kobe, drink some more milk...."

Better Looking Jewish Girl -- ScarJo or Bar Rafaeli?




Wednesday, December 18, 2013

15 Hottest Sports Chicks

Thanks to RKG.

My top 8:

8. Meghan Hardin
7. Alex Morgan
6. Arianna Celeste

(I rate those 3 a "9 of 10") I rate the remainder a 10, so I just need to split hairs for 5-4-3-2-1/

5. Ellen Hoog - loses points because her pose is so obviously favorable, she may just be a low 10 rather than a high 10 if she stands or sits up.

4.  Ana Ivanovic - stunning, but not QUITE at the body level of the top 3.
3.  Alana Blanchard - the constant thong shots I have seen indicate she may have the world's best ass.
2.  Allison Stokke -- just beautiful and ridiculously built.
1.  Michelle Jenneke -- the girl whose body and no makeup face you look at and say, 'Ridiculous, just ridiculous."

Of the list of 15, I only have two 7's (Wozniacki and Patrick).  5 8's, 3 9's amd 5 10's.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This Is Where I Grew Up

I guess the present owner fixed it up.

Monday, December 16, 2013

States With the Most Million-Dollar Income Tax Filers


9 of top 10 -- voted for Obama.

16 of top 20 - voted for Obama.  (You could argue 17, since NC once voted for Obama).

The dirt poor southern states, however, continue to reliably vote for the party whose only real policy position on a national level is to cut taxes for millionaires......most of whom are located in blue states.....


Friday, December 13, 2013

Michele Bachmann votes against Budget Deal

which gives me the chance to re-post this video......

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ten "WTF" NBA All-Stars for 2013-14 Thus Far

You see LeBron and Durant and Chris Paul way at the top of statistical categories and you say, 'ho, hum", but some other guys deserve a mention for their "WTF?" NBA stats thus far.  (I am using basketball-reference.com's list of season leaders as of 4PM on 12/12/13):

Gordon Hayward -- most minutes played in the entire league
If someone asked me - what NBA team really needs what guy to play the most minutes? -- and you gave me 30 guesses, I would never reach Gordon Hayward.

Evan Turner -- #1 in total turnovers and #7 in field goals made!!
Getting a lot of clock, making the most of it.....at least on volume of effort

Aaron Afflalo - #11 in total field goals attempted.
If yesterday you told me, "Aaron Afflalo blew out his knee and left the league 3 years ago" I might have been skeptical, but I also might have believed you.

LaMarcus Aldridge -- most field goals attenpted and made in the entire league.
Yeah, no one has a reputation of "shameless gunner" like.....LaMarcus Aldridge?....

Gerald Green - #7 in 3 pointers made.
The Timberwolves had Gerald Green 5 years ago and never played him...and that was like his 4th NBA stop.  He was being traded for washing machines and tickets to "Cats".  Now he is jacking 6+ threes a game and playing over half the game on an OK team?  (I must concede, I had to go look three times to confirm that this was the guy -- I feared there was some NEW guy named Gerald Green who had entered the league, that is how unlikely this was to me).

Josh Smith -- #19 in 3 pointers attempted
You really gotta give JSmoove credit.  He has never been a good 3 point shooter, but he gets the Pistons to bite on him despite a terrible year last year (negative offensive win shares for the season), so he starts jacking up 4.5 threes a game despite a career percentage of .282.   And he is hitting.......272.   PER under 13, negative OWS.

DeMarcus Cousins -- #1 in Usage Percentage -- 35.2
The next closest guy is 3 points lower.  The next closest center is Brook Lopez at #19 overall.  No center has EVER played an entire season with a Usage Percentage over 35.  Never.  Has never occurred.  Jermaine O'Neal played under 50 games in 2004-05 and had a 36 Usage rate, that is the only true contender.  LeBron James' final 3 years in Cleveland, he was in charge of the entire offense.  His Usage rate never exceeded 33.8.  Cousins is also fouling (4.2 per game) and turning it over (3.4 per game) at an alarming rate.  He plays 30 minutes a night and no one will accuse him of being inactive.  Wow.

Luis Scola -- #7 in Defensive Rating
I remember when Donyell Marshall would be top 20 in PER and say, "well, there are obviously some flaws in the stat."  Scola at #7 in DRtg?  yeah, playing on a good defensive team helps a lot, but there is obviously a huge flaw in this stat.

Tiago Splitter -- #9 in Win Shares Per 48
Every year we are told at the start of the playoffs, "Tiago Splitter does a lot for the Spurs.  He is really good."  Yet once the tough games start, we never see it.  I guess we just need to watch the Spurs wipe the floor with the Milwaukees of the world more often to truly appreciate Tiago....

Carlos Boozer -- #18 in Defensive Win Shares
He has been a mediocre defender since his Duke days.  I guess what this stat and the Scola stat tell us is that if you play PF on a good defensive team, you will have great defensive stats.

Happy 43rd Birthday to Jennifer Connelly - One of My All-time Favorites!

If you ever want to feel super attracted to a bad, bad person, see Jennifer's performance in "House of Sand and Fog." 

Friday, December 06, 2013

Krugman On Obama's 'Inequality" Speech


Here is my spin on the current debate.  By 1977, we had reached the point where labor unions had a lot of power.  Guys were making $70,000 doing manual labor.  The interesting thing for the Republican Party is that many of these folks agreed with the idea that the Democratic Party was "tax and spend" and wasn't going in the right direction.  If you are making $70K and you know you are going to make 5-7% more each year, you want your taxes to be low. 

That pro-union system was destroyed by PATCO, Reagan, foreign cars and foreign steel between 1978 and 1982.  Ever since, wages have not been increasing, the CEOs are taking ridiculous amounts of money compared to the workers, robots and other automation have replaced a lot of low-skill jobs, and so we have a world where there are the rich and there are the poor, but very few people making $70-$200K.

Romney says 47% pay no federal income tax -- certainly true.  A number of those folks are retired and on Social Security, so I suppose we could just limit their SS benefits instead of taxing them.  But even for the working poor, wages and job security are poor.  I go back to the story of my cabbie in Cincinnati who was working three jobs.  The guy wanted to work, was working, and yet he wasn't making what a union member would have made in 1977.

My dad graduated from high school in 1955.  At his 40th high school reunion, he got back together with guys who went from high school to work on the assembly line, worked 40 years, bought company stock, and were retired millionaires at age 58.....with a pension.

I graduated high school in 1982.  I missed my 30th reunion, but I would wager, based upon Facebook interactions, that there are no similar stories from my class.  No one with just a high school degree has a 40-year steady employer and a million dollars and a pension. 

What does that tell us?  That work is no longer valued.  You read the newspaper and see stories of companies "unable to find" welders -- yeah, they are paying $18/hour.  So the guy who swept the floors at Lackwanna Steel in 1977 made way more than a skilled welder can make now.  what happens when you actually pay workers $100,000 a year?  You have situations like The Bakken where guys are driving 300 miles to live 10 to a house and working 100 hour weeks to make cash.  There are plenty of people who want to work, but they just don't want to work for a wage that puts them at just above poverty level (U.S. poverty level is stated to be about $17,000 - imagine you are an adult living on $17,000 a year, good luck).

So while in 1977 the pendulum had swung perhaps too far toward the workers, it has now swung wildly the other way.  I often suggest that if the government wanted to grow jobs that what it could od is go to the CEO of every major company and say, "If you want to pay no taxes this year, add ________ jobs making at least $60,000 a year."  They would do it.  I know it would be a breach of fiduciary duty, but they would call it "marketing" or "public relations" or some such thing.   And you know what?  it would spur job growth -- the CEOs would become REAL "job creators" and we could reward them for it.

Anyway, I am now just rambling, but I guess my point is this -- we need to find a way to head back closer to 1977's labor market than we are right now.  If we don't, we will become more and more like Brazil:  pockets of enormous wealth surrounded by acres of poverty.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Abby Huntsman -- Wow

Saw Abby Huntsman on MSNBC yesterday with Al Sharpton.  My lord.  How did I miss this for the 2012 campaign? 


Grant Hill - Financial Mogul


Most interesting part of the story -- "Grant" was name given by Roger Staubach.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Detroit -- Officially Bankrupt


If you read down in the article, you will see that the emergency manager suggested replacing $5B of pension and other obligations "with a $2B note paying 1.5%.'

Now imagine if you were a Detroit police officer for 30 years and managed not to get killed in the line of duty.  You said, 'Yeah, but I can retire at 50 with full pension......"  Now you realize that your $30,000 a year pension will be replaced with a promise to pay $12,000,  yielding 1.5%.  And if they cannot make that reduced payment.........well, welcome to BK part II -- enjoy your 40% of that 40% ($4,800).

Hopefully, New York state will have a viable pension system at least as long as my parents survive.

Land of Borat Endorses Polygamy


I had a client who is a plastic surgeon.  he told me that generally the plastic surgery breast implant business works as follows:

-- rich guy age 45-55 gets a 22 year old mistress.
-- she is hot, but not super hot, since the guy couldn't have banged her if she was super hot
-- she isn't particularly happy about banging the guy, but he buys her stuff, so she bears it
-- she has a young guy whom she also bangs
-- the rich guy about 6 months in says, 'You are a 6, but you would be a 9 with monster tits'
-- he pays for her implants
-- at the 6 month post-op appointment, if all is well, she dumps the old guy and goes out and gets a 25 year old guy who has money.

So, the Kazahk men actually have it a little better.  They generally keep the young wife.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Married Three or More Times? Probably in a Red State


Of the top 5 -- all are red.
Of the top 25 -- 19 are red (and I am counting Florida and Nevada as blue).

Of the 25 states with the fewest serial divorcers, 20 are blue. 

Family values?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Derrick Williams v. Mbah a Moute -- Stats


Williams has a greater scoring upside, but struggles in just about every other aspect of the game.  Mbah a Moute is what he is - good defender, just OK in every other aspect of the game.  His reputation is he will play hard, which is definitely NOT a reputation Derrick Williams has gained with the Timberwolves coaching staff.

Great Night For LeBron, But He is No..........Kiki Vandeweghe

So LeBron last night retakes the #1 spot (sorry Chris Paul) in the NBA in Win Shares Per 48 (.300) by putting up the ridiculous line of:

33 minutes
11-14 from the field
11-11 from the line
35 points

Which, of course, leads me to ask how often that line has been registered recently -- 33 or fewer minutes, 35 points, 14 or fewer shots, 100% from the line.  Answer

David Wesley and Kiki Vandeweghe put up BETTER lines.  And Vandeweghe's line was absolutely ridiculous.  in a 1988 game against Golden State, Kiki came off the Portland bench to register all of these stats IN 20 MINUTES OF PLAY!!!

It helps when your club is killing the opponent and scoring 147.  But still....

Is Kiki's bench effort the greatest scoring barrage since the basketball-reference.com database's start in 1985-86?  Maybe.  http://bkref.com/tiny/iTQvg  (San) Quintin Dailey in 1986 put up 38 points in 21 minutes of a game against the Knicks.  Remarkably, Dailey's 16-29 Bulls lost to the 15-29 Knicks as Patrick Ewing's 37 offset Dailey's outburst.  (Given the 1986 date and his absence in the box score, Michael Jordan must have been out with his broken foot).

Monday, November 25, 2013

Advice On Handling a Gay Son

I recently discovered that my son, who is 17, is a homosexual. We are part of a church group and I fear that if people in that group find out they will make fun of me for having a gay child. He won’t listen to reason, and he will not stop being gay. I feel as if he is doing this just to get back at me for forgetting his birthday for the past three years — I have a busy work schedule. Please help him make the right choice in life by not being gay. He won’t listen to me, so maybe he will listen to you. -- Feeling Betrayed

You could teach your son an important lesson by changing your own sexuality to show him how easy it is. Try it for the next year or so: Stop being a heterosexual to demonstrate to your son that a person’s sexuality is a matter of choice — to be dictated by one’s parents, the parents’ church and social pressure. I assume that my suggestion will evoke a reaction that your sexuality is at the core of who you are. The same is true for your son. He has a right to be accepted by his parents for being exactly who he is.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Anthony Davis -- Off to a Red-Hot Start

Anthony Davis is slightly ahead of LeBron for #1 OVERALL in WS/48.

(Kevin Love has had 2 straight just OK games, dropping his ridiculous .324 WS/48 figure down under .27)

Anthony Davis's line of 20/10/1.9/4 is a line that only 2 guys have made multiple times since 1975 (when they started counting blocks).   David Robinson and Hakeem Olajuwon.


The interesting thing about Robinson and Olauwon is that their career stats are very similar (Hakeem played many more games, Robinson has a slight edge in advanced per-minute stats) AND their greatest defensive season (Robinson age 27, Hakeem age 26) featured almost identical steals plus blocks totals (Robinson 6.8, Hakeem 6.7).

Davis is 20 years old. 

John Boehner Signs Up Successfully for ObamaCare


What a moron.  You don't want to give the other side concretet evidence that you can easily sign up for the program.  Do your signup quietly and inconspicuously and rely upon reports from unknown "others" who have "tried" to sign up but "can't."

You are now left with three arguments:  1) I guess I was wrong; 2) I am a computer genius; or 3) the people who cannot sign on are morons.

For Boehner, I would go with #1.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ashley Greene - sued


I would be absolutely the worst lawyer for people suing Ashley Greene.  I would settle the case in return for sexual favors (or even favor) for me.  I would be disbarred, and I would absolutely care not one iota. 


Monday, November 18, 2013

Melissa Bachman Pics

She is apparently in trouble for killing a male lion and posting the pic.  After reviewing her pics, I have determined that I do not care.  I will consider the dead lion to be the real life equivalent of Scar from The Lion King.

innesota girl.

Wal-Mart Asks for Food Donations for Its Workers


Henry Ford believed that his workers should make enough to buy cars.  Wal-Mart understands that its pays its workers so little that they cannot afford food.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Dai Macedo - Miss Butt Brazil


By not drinking, and not eating sweets, and having liposuction, she got her ass DOWN to a 42 inch ass.  Wow. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The 7 Guys With More Points, Rebounds AND Assists Than LeBron James

1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*19701989TOTNBA15606255744615837283071186712930429759394174405660116031892527465738387.559.056.721273.4
2Michael Jordan*19852003TOTNBA10721039410111219224537581177873278772166850046672563325148932924278332292.497.327.835214.0
3Oscar Robertson*19611974TOTNBA104043886950819620769491857120878049887774293126710.485.838189.2
4Kobe Bryant19972013LALNBA123910914539011024243011637487979329468143051456575588718286193719316431617.454.336.838173.3
5LeBron James20042014TOTNBA77377230665763415539103430544983667295346445597536013286512555145321285.491.339.747154.0
6Larry Bird*19801992BOSNBA89787034443859117334649172739604471175772178974569515567552816227921791.496.376.886145.8
7Clyde Drexler*19841998TOTNBA108695037537833517673827260346985962261540626677612522077192977328522195.472.318.788135.6
8John Havlicek*19631978BOSNBA127046471105132393053696589610138980076114476117204328126395.439.815131.7


ObamaCare at Over 106,000 Paid sign-ups, Plus hundreds of thousands more in Medicaid enrollment

The classic 'Ha ha, only 6 people signed up" line of the GOP will have to wait for another day.  Counting Medicaid expansion, over 500,000 people have been helped already by this law.  millions more will follow.

I get a kick out of the GOP hearings on why the Web site doesn't work -- isn't this akin to me holding hearings on why someone hasn't shot me or one of my family members?  "What the fuck is wrong with you people!?!?  You told me I would be shot TODAY and yet, here I am still, unharmed."  If something you HATE and want REPEALED isn't working, wouldn't the proper response be to do nothing and hope that it never works?  Another analogy:  "Hey, opposing basketball coach, why are you not lining up your team properly against my zone press?  I am offended.  I want answers."  Don't you, instead, just keep your mouth shut and hope the guy never figures it out?

And at the end of the day,  what exactly is the GOP "win" here if the system fails?  "YES!  YES!!  More people will have no health coverage and will be more unhealthy and go to the emergency room more!!   Yes!!'     Is this really a winning campaign point?

Mary Landrieu has introduced a Senate bill, by the by, that would let people with horseshit non-insurance policies that are non-compliant with ObamaCare keep those policies so long as their insurance company offers them under the same exact criteria.  The Republican response -- we will filibuster that bill.

Dirk Passes Jerry West in career Points

while one guy was a 6'4' combo guard and one is a 6'11" combo forward, take a look at their Win Shares per48 both regular season and playoffs:


Virtually identical.

Todd Christenson - Dead at 57. American Gladiators Re-Runs Will Never Be The Same.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Kevin Love - Staring Pretty Hard at a League MVP

Love at 27/14/4.  Similar seasons?  Kareem, Wilt, Elgin Baylor.  That is it.  And that was back in the day when these guys played 43+ MPG and the pace of play was higher (there were more available points and rebounds).

Certainly no one would confuse Kevin Love's game with how Wilt/Kareem/Elgin Baylor played.  The one guy who seems most similar is Bob McAdoo.  In his 1974-75 MVP season, Bob McAdoo went 34-14-2 (with 3.2 steals+blocks).  His Win Shares per 48 were .242.

Kevin Love's Win Shares per 48 right now are .326.  That is a higher number than Wilt's 1963-64 season in which he was the MVP and put up one of the 4 best statistical seasons of all-time (arguably the best - as previously noted, Wilt's #2 option was Tom Meschery, and that team made the NBA finals).

In the history of the game, only 1 guy has ever attempted over 5 threes a game and had a WS/48 number of over .3.  LeBron James in his Cleveland days had one such season (5.1 threes attempted).  Love is attempting 6.7 threes a game.  No one has ever cleared .224 WS/48 while attempting over 6 threes a game (Kobe reached .224, Ryan Anderson .219, James Harden .206).  Love is playing at a level 33% above the best level ever achieved while hoisting 6+ threes a game.

So will the Wolves finish 58-24?  Only if Love can keep up this pace, but it is a pace that the league has never seen and one that seems basically impossible to maintain.  If he does, he will be unanimous league MVP.


Genetics and Hard Work = Results -- Michelle Jenneke

Thursday, November 07, 2013

What A Woman Will Do If You Can Get Her Blood Alcohol Content to .216


The comments to the story are also hilarious.  I enjoyed the Dean Martin line that, "You are not too drunk if you can still hold on to the floor..."

Anti-Gay Discrimination In Employment? It is a Bedrock Principle of GOP Groups!


Now, imagine this - I create a religion and in it I say, "I really hate gay people."  You may assume that this is even the entire premise of my religion. 

So - should I be required to allow gay people to be part of my church?  Probably not.  Should I be forced to hire them to teach church school?  Probably not.  These protections for my bigoted religion are in the bill just passed by the Senate.

Why are GOP gay-hating groups so upset?  Because they wanted a provision in the law that would allow anyone running any business whatsoever to discriminate against gay people, so long as that person was willing to say, "My religious philosophy tells me to hate gays."

Where do we allow this?  If I want to handle snakes can I come into work and make my employees handle snakes?  Can I let the snakes loose in the corridors of my office?  

What if, like the days pre-1971, the Mormon church says black people are descendants of Cain and should not be allowed in the church.  Should Mitt Romney be allowed to disallow any hiring of blacks in any business associated with Bain Capital? 

Are there really that many people in America who despise gay people so much that they want them all unemployed?  If so, watch some Cinemax AfterDark from the late 1980s and maybe you will come around. 

Of course, like anything, the true haters are a very small sliver.  The really dangerous people come in the following order (5 being least danagerous, up to 1):

5) the people who just don't want gay marriage in their church and see the slippery slope;
4) the people who really honestly believe they should have freedom to hire and fire anyone they want for whatever reason;
3) the people who really hate gay people that much;
2) the people using anti-gay rhetoric for personal political gain; and
1) the billionaires funding #2 because they need Republicans to get elected so they can pay lower taxes.

Wow, what a terrible start for the rookie class


Only 5 guys playing over 20 minutes a game, with three of those guys playing horribly.

Michael Carter-Williams is on pace to have 8 Win Shares.  At the current pace, that would be about 7 Win Shares more than any other rookie.

#1 overall pick Anthony Bennett (who appears about 6'4" and 290 pounds) finally made his first NBA basket last night.  The 3 made him 1 for 20 overall and 1 for 11 from 3.

Anthony, I am looking for your skill set, but it might be hidden under 30 pounds of blubber.

Dirk Nowitzki Drunk

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Welcome to the NBA Season!!!! Your Top 10 Active NBA Players In Various Categories

www.basketball-reference.com lists certain guys as "active" whom I no longer think are active (Tracy McGrady, Juwan Howard), so I sorted them out.  I also will keep on Marcus Camby (recently cut) and Lamar Odom, since I think they both WANT to play....

Career Points
Kobe + 6343 on KG, 31,617 points
KG 25,274
Dirk 25,051
Pierce 24,201
Ray Allen 23,804
Duncan 23,785
Vince 22,223
James 21,081
Jamison 19958
Melo 17846

Career Assists
Nash +2293 on Andre Miller  10,249 assists
Andre Miller  +2069 on third place guy, 7,956
Kobe (!?!?!) 5,887
Chauncey 5,594
CP3 5,449
James 5,302
Parker (has played 100+ more games than James, has fewer assists)  5,247
Deron Williams 5,241
KG 5,224
Jason Terry (!?!?!?!)  4,152

Career Rebounds
KG + 724 on Duncan  13,843
Duncan +3706 on Camby 13,219
Camby 9,513
Marion 9,402
Dirk 9,096
Dwight Howard 9,017
Brand 8,516
Jamison 8,102
Odom 8,059
Gasol 7,756
Tyson Chandler 7,168

Career WS/48 (minimum 4,800 minutes played)
Chris Paul .244
James .241
Duncan .213
Ginobili .211
Dirk .209
Wade .195
Durant .189
KG .188
Kobe .183
Harden .183

How about Chris Paul!  More productive on a per-minute basis than even LeBron.  Paul and James both have the benefit of not having any declining years to calculate in.  Kobe's 9th place finish is evidence of how the media has overrated his career. He is not even the #1 off guard on the list, and if you call Ginobili an off guard, Kobe is 3rd!

Career Win Shares (total)
KG 187.2
Duncan 184.2
Dirk 173.9
Kobe 173.3
James 152.6
Ray Allen 141
Paul Pierce 138.4
Nash 129.6
Chauncey 121.1
Marion 118.9
(Vince is next, but he should really be ashamed of the fact that with his talent and age he isn't top 10).

We will revisit at the end of the season and see if there is substantial movement.  The KG/Duncan battle is interesting on rebounds and total Win Shares.

The points list tells you how many years you need to play to even breach the top 10 of the ACTIVE list.  James and Melo average around 25 PPG, yet they are a looooooooooooong way from reaching the top 10 all-time points list, which would require roughly 27,000 points for the NBA-only list and 27,400 points for the NBA/ABA list.

KG is #7 on the career Win Shares list, but he would need 87 (!) more to surpass Kareem.....wow.  LeBron James has had one of the most storied 10 year careers in the history of the game.  He needs 121 more Win Shares to pass Kareem.  121 - so roughly 6 more MVP-level seasons of 17 Win Shares, plus a nice all-star level 9 Win Shares season.  That will never happen.

Now, Remember, Justin Bieber Used to Be With Her.....


Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ciara - 28

RIP -- Marcia Wallace


Between her golden voice work on The Simpsons as Edna Krabappel and her great early work on The Bob Newhart Show, she was truly a gem.

Survived a run which featured 1) breast cancer, 2) her husband dying from pancreatic cancer, and 3) a nervous breakdown.

At age 70, gone too soon......RIP, Marcia Wallace.

Friday, October 25, 2013

You Know, You Try to Be Friendly and Kiss Katherine McPhee.....And.....


I tell you, talk about unfair treatment.  Guy just being kind and friendly to his former co-worker and people accuse him of all sorts of things.

Like he would ever be interested in Katherine McPhee....she's ugly....and poorly built, with bad hair and awful teeth and ....

Sorry - just trying to help the guy out.

Iowa TA accidentally sexts her students


Even more distrubing/disappointing, most of the pics were of her boyfriend jerking off.  There are certain things we can overlook, but there are others we cannot.  She has been reassigned.

Inappropriate Halloween Costumes


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Silicon Valley Firm -- "hookers and Hackers" Party

Tech nerds with money - I am sure they are fully familiar with hookers.

15 Hot Athletic Chicks You Probably Never Heard of.....


If Alana Blanchard is hotter than Michelle Jenneke, then I guess you should waste no time looking for her pics. Jenneke is so naturally good looking that it is almost hard to believe.

I will offer a comparison to help you decide.  Virtually all of Blanchard's pics are thong pics.....for good reason.

Dina Eastwood files for Divorce


"Irreconcilable differences"?  Yeah, he wants her to continue to be married to his 80+ year old ass and she would prefer that a younger guy bang her while she enjoys 2 years of child support.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Orlando Travel Log

Been a rough one so far - parking garage guy felt I parked too close to the wall, security guy said my boarding pass looked "older than 24 hours".  Um, ok.

High point?   50 year old guy with his 35 year old wife sitting right in the middle of the main walking area.  She is fully made up at 545.  Her boobs were lstraining to escape the fabric holding 10 percent of them in.  Runner up ?   25 year old woman walking normal speed stops dead, reaches behind her and just yanks as hard as she can to get her thong a little looser under her yoga pants.  Pants probably went out. 4 inches.  She then just went back to walking normal speed

Also follow my exploits on Twittet --  @HoopsMavenHM.

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Boehner - Sure I Reneged on Deal With Reid.....But......ObamaCare


Adrian Peterson's Son Severely Beaten?


Should this account be true, this would appear to be a situation where some kind professional athlete might provide Adrian with Sebastian Telfair's telephone number.  Telfair, as we know, would not call anyone and would not have the matter taken care of quickly and silently.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Old Pic of HM

Actually, this is the world's #1 earning male model.  He made $1.5M last year.  Gisele?  $42M.  The only other field I can think of with pro-female disparity is porn, but even that field does not have a 25 to 1 disparity:  http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_average_porn_star_salary

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Monday, October 07, 2013

Patriotic Streaker At President's Cup - Your Grade on a 1 to 100 Scale?

Shutdown in Words and Pictures

Nicholas Kristof NAILS IT:
Suppose President Obama announced:
Unless Republicans agree to my proposal for gun control, I will use my authority as commander in chief to scuttle one aircraft carrier a week in the bottom of the ocean.
I invite Republican leaders to come to the White House and negotiate a deal to preserve our military strength. I hope Republicans will work with me to prevent the loss of our carrier fleet.
If the Republicans refuse to negotiate, I will be compelled to begin by scuttling the U.S.S. George Washington in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, with 80 ...

SNL Video just about says it all:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/06/snl-miley-cyrus-michele-bachmann-we-cant-stop_n_4051760.html

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How Ted Cruz Learned "School House Rock"

Tom Clancy - Dead


{Insert 5 page description of how the bed was made that he was on when he died, followed by three-page musing on why the bed at issue was necessary to thwart terrorists}

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Started 70 Games In a Season, Played 2,000 Minutes, and Sucked

http://bkref.com/tiny/FyylZ  (PER 10 or less, 3 or fewer win shares)

7 guys, 4 of them white guys (Singler, Vranes, Kite, Bob Hanson).  The three non-white guys (Eric Snow, Malik Allen, Calbert Cheney) all played extremely "white" basketball as well.

It is remarkable in this day and age when you can see the player production numbers so easily that Kyle Singler could garner 74 starts and well over 2,000 minutes played for a terrible Pistons team.  I mean, it isn't a situation where you say, "If it ain't broke don't fix it" with a successful team.  The guy is playing at very poor level, yet you continue to play him?

Wanna look at some even WORSE player seasons (1,400 minutes or more, negative Win Shares, PER under 8):


Austin Rivers' injury may have cost him a chance at the all-time worst career effort.  Anthony Avent and Adam Morrison and Randy Brown now have a claim to being worse....maybe.  It is really splitting hairs.

The 11 Best-Ever NBA Seasons By a Guy Who Started Zero Games (PER over 17, WS over 5)

1Louis Williams20112012PHINBA2 seasons
2Danny Ainge19911991PORNBA1
3Jon Barry20032003DETNBA1
4Josh Childress20082008ATLNBA1
5Jamal Crawford20102010ATLNBA1
6Carl Landry20092009HOUNBA1
7Ricky Pierce19901990MILNBA1
8Quentin Richardson20022002LACNBA1
9Luke Ridnour20102010MILNBA1
10Jeff Ruland19821982WSBNBA1
11J.R. Smith20132013NYKNBA1

Britney Has the Body Back

She cannot sing, she is not real bright, but boy oh boy - she is back looking hot like she used to.  Welcome back.


Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Tea Party Plan: "Our Policies Make No Sense, But Maybe We Can Pass Them If We Shut Down the Government"

I really despise the Tea Party.  But there can be a benefit to having a GOP Congress and a Dem' President.  Generally the GOP Congress wants to sabotage the economy's growth so they can get elected and give out tax breaks ("it is a bad economy, we need tax breaks").  That is not to say that they cannot find ways to screw up a good economy (see Clinton to Bush transition -- You start with, "The economy is good, let's give out tax breaks.").

So, when a Dem' President is in power, the GOPers in Congress try extra hard to make sure he cannot do anything to actually stimulate the economy and have people like what he is doing, so they really hit the brakes on spending.  The President, on the other hand, generally is smart enough not to sign wild tax cuts for the rich and then claim that tax cuts don't add to the deficit.  What we tend to get is the same tax level and a spending cut.  Things generally get better and people are better off (it works extra well when you get a Dem' kickstart like 1993 when Clinton passed a tax hike and limited spending increases, then the GOP took over and asked for spending cuts, but Clinton would not lower taxes).

The combinations we badly need to avoid are: 
GOP Congress - GOP President (see Bush, George W.)
Dem Congress - GOP President (see Bush, George W.)

Combo 1 is bad because you get huge tax reductions and huge spending increases.  Combo 2 is bad because the Dems generally want to spend a lot of money and not pay for it, and so does the President. 

But what has happened with Obama is really unprecedented - the GOP will not pass ANYTHING he supports, and ANYTHING he passed with a Dem' Congress must be repealed.  The GOP will not even propose a realistic budget, set of laws, etc. since there is some chance Obama may accept it!  Obama would give them $3 of cuts in Medicare and Social Security if they would give him $1 in tax increases.  They cannot do that because...........it was proposed by Barack Obama.  The GOP so hates the black guy, that they cannot possibly allow him to 'win" anything.  So their proposals have to be all things he would never agree to - "defund ObamaCare;" "vote 41 times to repeal ObamaCare;" etc.

The new Tea Party/Openly Racist element of the party cannot even take advantage of the fact that Obama is a pretty conservative Democrat.  He would gladly cut spending by a lot, if they would let him raise taxes by a little.  That would achieve a lot of deficit reduction and debt reduction.  Of course, this bunch does not honestly want either deficit reduction or debt reduction.  They want societal values returning to the 1890s, basically no government regulation, and for their rich overlords to pay next to no taxes.  They scream,  "We are going broke!" at the top of their lungs while rejecting offers to reduce spending and raise taxes to cut $4 trillion that would help us not go broke.

The Tea Party, sadly, is not a serious entity.  It is a racist, anti-Obama entity financed by a lot of rich guys who want a huge tax break.  The Paul Ryan budget takes $1 from the poor and uses it to finance $3 in tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.  There is not even a pretense that his budget is balanced or even working toward balance.  It just uses the buzz words "lower taxes," "cut entitlements," "end ObamaCare."   That is good enough for the Tea Party.  And since they know that their ideas are bankrupt, what is their plan to get such stupid ideas passed?  Oh yeah - shut down the government and act as economic terrorists, hoping you can gain by hostage taking what you cannot gain by persuasion:

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

O.J. Simpson - Cookie Thief


Oh, O.J.  Damned racist prison guards, planting those cookies in your possession.

Where is Robert Kardash.....Johnny Cochra......oh nevermind.  Isn't F. Lee Bailey still alive?

The 100 Greatest Shooting Guard Seasons of All-Time (Kinda)


I got exactly 100.  There are some big holes in the analysis here - for example, to get rid of point guards like Magic and Oscar and Gary Payton and Sam Cassell (who kept fouling up the list since they were at least 6'3" tall), I had to remove all season with over 7 assists.  This, of course, knocks out Michael's 32-8-8 season, but let's be blunt here -- enyone who reads the blog knows that Michael is the best player of all-time (so far), so I really do not worry about that (sort the list by Win Shares - it is an amazing thing to see Michael at the top 9 seasons...even shorting him his greatest season).

 I also required a ton of shots per game, so I am sure there is a guy out there somewhere who got screwed by that.  (Update - there was - Sidney Moncrief had five amazing seasons, but only had 2 with 15+ shot attempts.  Sid continues to be overlooked as an all-time great NBA player).

But more to the point.  Of the top 100 seasons listed here, there are only 21 guys with more than 1 such season.  There are only 13 guys with 3 or more such seasons.

In the history of the league, there just haven't been that many great off guards.

Now, who is underrated?  Sam Jones (3) somewhat, but look at PAUL WESTPHAL!!!!  Westphal had 5 great seasons.  His career defensive rating and his career WS/48 are both in the top 80 of the history of the game.   He was a 5 time all-star and 1st team all-NBA 3 times.  3 times.  Think about that - Wade and David Thompson has each been 1st team all-NBA only twice.  Westphal has to feel a little bitter that his 5 very dominant seasons do not net him basically any HOF consideration (he has been retired 30 years - any buzz on making him HOFer?).

Overrated?  Dave Bing and Reggie Miller (1 and 2 great seasons respectively, but both in the HOF).

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Golden Age of NBA Point Guards


Kyrie Irving was an all-star last year, meaning he was a top 24 player in the league.  He is listed as the SIXTH best PG in the league. 

Ricky Rubio does not make the top 15.

What this would also tell you is that there is a horrible paucity of off guard talent in the league.  Kobe, Wade, Harden and...........

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Difficult Hall of Fame Case for Chris Webber

If it were up to me, I would vote for Chris Webber for the HOF.

I saw the guy play and he was outstanding when healthy.  At his best he was tough to stop as a scorer, had a great elbow jumper, was a great passer and played on many very good teams.  He was 5 times 1st, 2nd or 3rd team all-NBA.  He had 1 first team honor, 3 seconds and a 3rd.

For reference, Hall of Famer James Worthy was inducted in 2003, with only 2 3rd-team honors.  Joe Dumars had two 3rds and a second.  Chris Mullin had a 1st team, 2 seconds and a third.  These players were great player, all deserving of HOF honors, but none of the three were obviously a better overall player than Chris Webber.

So, if you count all-NBA selections, 5 all-star appearances and the eyeball test, I say Webber is in.  In fact, I would add in the fact that he played KG fairly evenly during KG's prime.

Now, the problem -- the Advanced Stats and the similarity scores on basketball-reference.com do not shout "Hall of Famer."  Webber's PER is 47th best all-time.  Which is good; for example, he is right behind Dan Issel who is correctly in the HOF.  But he is also barely ahead of John Drew and Al Jefferson, both of whom are correctly out of the HOF (Al is not eligible, but I cannot imagine him getting in).

Elton Brand and Alonzo Mourning are ahead of Webber, I don't see them getting into the Hall (though both have arguments).

Another problem for Webber supporters is that, ordinarily, we would like to be able to say, "Sure his last 12,000 minutes as a player weren't great, but he was hurt, look at the first 18,000 minutes."

But if you look real hard at the first 18,000 minutes, Webber wasn't really an all-time great either.  Let's compare apples to apples and start with 1993 when Webber joined the league, sort for seasons by a 6'8" guy (non-guard) above a 20 PER and a .140 WS/48. 
      CWebb is at 6 seasons, same as Elton Brand, same as Chris Bosh.  Duncan has 14; Dirk has 12, KG 11, Shaq 10, LeBron 9, Karl Malone 9, Pau Gasol 8.  (No Lakers fan wants to admit it, but Kobe got to play with two of the most productive big players of our generation who carried him to titles).

Let's raise the criteria to 22 PER and .17 WS/48.   You see the same guys way up high -- Duncan 13, Dirk 11, KG, Shaq, LeBron 9.
Webber drops to 3 such seasons, below Amare Stoudemire, Elton Brand, Tracy McGrady and Chris Bosh.  Tied with Yao Ming and Blake Griffin.

Then go up to a PER of 24 and a WS/48 of .2 or above.  Chris Webber disappears.  0 such seasons.  http://bkref.com/tiny/0d8zd

It becomes LeBron, Shaq, Duncan, Malone, Dirk, KG, Robinson and some stray seasons.

The sad thing for Webber is that he does not even have one such season (LeBron has 9).  Elton Brand has 1; Kevin Love and Amar'e?  Each has 2!!!!!!!!!!! 

For kicks - go up to 26 and .22 -- http://bkref.com/tiny/kwvJN  28 and .24 - http://bkref.com/tiny/IylgH  30 and .26 -- http://bkref.com/tiny/8JLfN   31 and .28 - http://bkref.com/tiny/aKrFe

Anyway - do I have a point here?  Yes.  The most consistent big men in the past 20 years have been Duncan and Dirk and KG.  The most dominant big men over individual seasons in the past 20 years have been Shaq and LeBron and David Robinson. 

Webber does not fare real well on either list.  He disappears 5 sub-levels of greatness before LeBron's 3 best seasons.  Shaq and LeBron each has 7 seasons greater than Webber's best.   And for consistency, Webber just wasn't that good for that long.  He had 7 mid-level great seasons.

Are 7 mid-level great seasons enough to get you into the HOF?  I think so.  Some consideration has to be given to his college days (2 seasons, 2 title game losses).  Some consideration has to be given to the fact that he was EVER able to be first team all-NBA during an era that had Dirk and KG and Duncan.

I think if you line 'em all up and say, "In or out" - you put Webber on the side with Issel and McAdoo and Dumars and Worthy as "barely in."  On the other side you put Reggie Theus and Elton Brand and John Drew and Amar'e Stoudemire and Alonzo Mourning as "barely out".


Christian Ponder -- Slightly Better Than Cade McNown

Both were the #12 overall pick in the draft, and both have been wretched failures. 

McNown - 25 GAMES PLAYED (not starts), 16 TDs, 19 Ints, 67.7 career rating, 5.09 net yards per attempt, fantasy rankings - 35 and 25.

Ponder -- 29 starts, 33 TDs and 30 picks, 75.8 ratingm 5.38 net yards per attempt, Fantasy ratings - 28/22/24

So, Ponder on an overall basis is a smidge better than McNown.

And ask yourself, where art thou Cade McNown? 
McNown was traded during the 2001 preseason to the Miami Dolphins, along with a seventh-round pick, for a sixth-round pick, and a conditional 2003 seventh-round pick. In Chicago, he had fallen down the depth chart, below Miller and Matthews, competing against Danny Wuerffel for the third-string position. He would be named the third-string quarterback for the Dolphins, and saw no action during the season.
The Dolphins traded McNown to the San Francisco 49ers for a conditional seventh-round draft pick during the 2002 offseason. By then, Terry Donahue, former head coach at UCLA, was the general manager. Interest was briefly raised in McNown, as the 49ers were then searching for a quarterback for the west coast offense. Although he was initially competing against Tim Rattay, Giovanni Carmazzi, and Brandon Doman for the backup spot behind starter Jeff Garcia, McNown reinjured his shoulder during the preseason. When it was revealed he would require season-ending surgery, he was placed on injured reserve. McNown was released by the 49ers during the 2003 offseason. His rights were shortly thereafter acquired by the Calgary Stampeders, although he was never signed.


At least as of June 2013, McNown was in the financial services industry.