Friday, July 24, 2015

Elena Delle Donne Reads Mean Tweets

What seems odd to me is how surprised she is at the tweets.  I mean, the Bachelorette gets death threats and told to basically go kill herself over being a whore.  Delle Donne is jokingly told to go back into the kitchen and called boring and unwatchable.  She seems shocked.  Welcome to the nicest slams ever posted on Twitter.

For Those Who Prefer the Older Half-Sister

Monday, July 20, 2015

Whose Butt?

One of my favorites.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Why Some People Love Donald Trump

Look, I grew up on a 100 acre farm in western NY.  The county voted about 67% Republican.  My dad was a Democrat, and my mom was a George Wallace Democrat.  She voted Democrat; she just hated all minorities.....probably still does.
I know the type of people who love Donald Trump.  So let me defend/explain them a little here.

1) General hatred of minorities:  Most older people in the sticks hate minorities.  Let's not pretend that the North is appreciably better than the South.  If you are a typical person who was born in the 1920s-40s, you hate minorities.  You believe that white people work very hard and never get ahead and that minorities just decide to stay on welfare, have kids, and get the government to pay for them.

2) Feelings on illegal immigrants:  Illegal immigrants around the 1960s and 1970s used to be thought of as slightly better than American minorities because they came to the U.S. to work (not go on welfare).  You will see that in the North and the Southeast the hatred of illegal immigrants is probably less than the general hatred of minorities.  The issue with illegal immigrants is that HUGE populations of crotchety old white people live in California, Texas and Arizona.  The minorities that the old folks see every day are generally illegal immigrants.  They often do not speak English, which is a huge pain in the ass, and they also have kids who go to school -- old crotchety white people hate paying for public school and they certainly hate paying MORE so that kids can learn English.  So, illegal immigration pisses off people in some huge states, so that needs to be a big deal politically for the party of old crotchety white people.

3) The World Is Against/Taking-From Me:  There is a general feeling of old white people, and many young middle to lower class white people, perhaps best epitomized for me by my mom, that the world is against them and that, but for some awful plot hatched specifically against them by someone, they would be successful.  A corollary to that rule is that the person desperately wants to be a super-wealthy Mitt Romney type, and would be but for some SOB keeping him or her down.  Therefore, the person keeping him or her down cannot be a Mitt Romney type.  Well, it also cannot be the people "like me" who are white and working poor/middle class.  So who is left?  The minorities.  They are taking all of the money and leaving me with none.  Ask a person of this sort, "What % of the U.S. budget goes to social programs for the poor like welfare?"  You will get answers like 40% or 75%.   (It is like 5-12%).  Why 40-75%?  Because I work and work and work and my fucking taxes go to people who do jack shit.  If I didn't have to pay taxes to these leeches, I would be wealthy like Mitt Romney....or Donald Trump.

4)  Why Won't People Tell the Truth?  This is probably the most valid reason that Trump voters have for supporting him.  If I know L.A. gang members, none of whom are white, are killing people and crime is awful in inner city areas, can I say, "Black and Hispanic people are killing each other every day!"  Answer - no.  If I know a woman who is Asian and she doesn't have a job and has 12 kids, can I complain about that, saying, "I know this Asian woman....?  Answer - no.  Why?  Because to do so is "racist."  This is particularly hard to swallow.  Recall that these Trump voters have a hard enough life -- they are generally poor to middle class.  They think everyone hates them and is trying to screw them out of success.  They hate almost everyone.  So life sucks.  Now they are told that they not only cannot tell racist jokes anymore (which used to be extremely popular) but they also cannot actually complain about things that are, in fact, happening.

One of the toughest pills to swallow is the claim that illegal immigrants are not, in fact, illegal immigrants, but merely "undocumented".  These immigrants didn't legally come into the country with acceptable papers and then just somehow misplace their passport.  They aren't waiting for their citizenship papers that are lost in the mail.  They are here, knowingly, in violation of federal law.    They are illegal immigrants, why make up a different term?  I have a brother who functions at roughly a 4 year old level.  He suffered damage to his brain at age 2.  OK.  For 52 years he has been "mentally retarded."  Since 2012?  He has an "intellectual disability."  WTF is an intellectual disability?  He cannot understand old William Buckley lectures very well?  He only gets 45% of Dennis Miller's most obscure quips?  Come on.  He has mental retardation.  He lost substantial use of his brain.  I think no less of him for being mentally retarded, and I think no more of him for being intellectually disabled (wouldn't it be "differently abled" by the way?).  Why try to make a nicer term.  Just say mentally retarded, because in 10 years we will find intellectually disabled offensive and go somewhere else with the term.

Against this backdrop comes Trump.  He is a rich white guy -- therefore, he is everything these voters worship.  HE is not the one holding them down.  In fact, he is what the voters would be, but for the constant plot of people against them.  He is against minorities.  He is particularly against illegal immigrants, and he understands that these "rapists" and "murderers" and general "criminals" and whatever else Trump has called them are destroying our once great country (where good hard-working people could get ahead, but for the constant forces conspiring against them).  And, most importantly, Trump will say what he really means.  No mealy-mouthed discussion or dog whistle terminology.  "Minorities are bad, there are trillions of them, they are destroying us, and I am here to be the one person in the world who cares about you and who is not trying to screw you!"

Well, thank goodness.  Someone finally understands my plight and will tell the truth.  And maybe if he gets elected, we can all go back to telling the truth and telling racist jokes. 

It makes sense.  It really does.

Now, Trump has several problems with pulling off a win using this approach:
 1) these people also believe a lot of things that they will want affirmed as well -- no gay marriage or other rights for gays, one God, prayer in school, right to discriminate against minorities, tougher drug laws for minorities, no abortion rights, "men's rights" (which is basically the right to do whatever you want even if women object).  You cannot be soft or waiver on any of these issues.  Remember, Trump lives in the Northeast.  He may not defend Jim Crow laws (Rand Paul will).  He may feel that certain private decisions (swearing, divorcing a million times) are perfectly fine. He may not toe the crazy person line.  There is no room for that.  You are 100% with us or 100% against us. 

2) There are some people out there like my mom who value education.  Most of her kids got an education and they advanced themselves.  My mom likes to learn and she likes to know stuff.  The current positioning of the GOP as the party of Sarah Palin really bugs the shit out of her.  She would vote for a Republican who admitted that global warming is a problem and that we need to teach evolution and that there is a place for public education and smart people.  But she called me in 2008 after she voted and said, "I hate to say it, but I voted for that [fill in word] Obama.  I thought of your kids and I could just not stick your kids with that Goddamned woman.  That just isn't right."  She, of course, was talking about Palin.  Trump's position, while popular, almost certainly appeals to the "know nothing" side of the party.  There are still people out there who hate minorities but would prefer to be governed by someone who is at least their intellectual equal.
Maybe not many, but when you are in a 52-48% world. you cannot drop 2%.

3) The people with money love illegal immigrants.  They do.  They are cheap labor.  They trim my grass and they feed my kids.  I go to Home Depot and hire 12 from the parking lot.  If I am worth $2,000,000 to $5 billion, I want illegal immigrants around.  Same thing if I own a hotel or a fast food restaurant.  Why do fast food restaurant owners fear ICE audits?  BECAUSE THEY ARE HIRING PEOPLE WHO ARE HERE ILLEGALLY!  I mean, come on.     No matter how much money Trump has, it is awfully hard to win the election when you are fighting the powers that be in the party.  As I have said repeatedly, Mike Huckabee was a rising star until he had the audacity to say that MAYBE it didn't need to be 85% of the GOP platform to insist on tax cuts for multi-millionaires.  That was it.  Done.  SUGGESTING that tax cuts should not be the primary goal of the party?  Nope.  (Which is really remarkable, when you think about it -- a huge majority of GOP voters are broke ass folks who pay no taxes.  Why these people are SO STUPID as to believe GOP "tax cuts" are for them still astounds me.).

But I digress.  For those of you wondering why anyone would vote for Donald Trump -- there ya go.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

NBA's Greatest All-Around Players - James, Bird, Jordan, Havlicek, Oscar

Recall that I have already gone through and ranked the top 36 greatest players, so everyone do NOT freak out here.  The point of this entry is to identify guys who were great at every significant measurable aspect of the game of basketball -- scoring, rebounding, assists, and defense.

Now, judging a "great all-around player" is difficult, because you need to evaluate what makes a "great" all-around player.  If someone gets 7 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists a game, are they "great"?  Does being a great all-around player mean you need to score 20 points a game?  25? Is 15 enough?

The hardest thing in evaluating guys from the ancient days of the NBA is the NBA didn't keep steals and blocks before, I believe, 1976, so you cannot really look at steals or blocks.  To fix this problem, I went with Defensive Win Shares where I considered defense.

What I did was considered a variety of season results to determine what guys consistently show up on the charts.  I did 5 searches on the database, using what I believe to be various examples of what a reasonable person would consider to be a great all-around season.  The guys who appear on all 5 lists:

LeBron James
Larry Bird
Michael Jordan
John Havlicek. 

That is it.  Oscar Robertson appeared on 4 of the lists (ranking highly on many) but failed to have 4 seasons or more with 4+ defensive win shares.  Nevertheless, I will place him 5th, to create a full starting 5.

What is most remarkable about the search results is the absolute and utter dominance of LeBron James.  Table 1:  first by 2 seasons; Table 2 - tied for first with 3 point guards; Table 3:  first by 4 seasons over Oscar, 7 over Bird, 8 over Jordan; Table 4:  tied for first; Table 5:  first by 6 seasons over Bird and Jordan.

Table 5 is perhaps the most shocking result I stumbled upon.  There have been only 19 total seasons in which a player has gone 25-6-6 with 4 DWS.  LeBron has NINE of them!!  Almost half. 

This would explain why James can take absolutely horseshit teams to the NBA Finals - he has the ability to do everything on the court and fill in enormous gaps left by his teammates. 

I used a variety of searches:

Table 1 -- Most seasons with 20 points/5 assists and 5 rebounds per game (see very bottom, I couldn't move it for some reason)

Table 2:  Most seasons with 7 points, 7 assist and 7 rebounds per game
Table 2
1LeBron James20052013TOTNBA6
2Magic Johnson*19801989LALNBA6
3Jason Kidd20002008TOTNBA6
4Oscar Robertson*19611966CINNBA6
5Larry Bird*19871991BOSNBA3
6Fat Lever19871989DENNBA3
7Wilt Chamberlain*19671968PHINBA2
8John Havlicek*19711972BOSNBA2
9Grant Hill19971997DETNBA1
10Michael Jordan*19891989CHINBA1
11Norm Van Lier19711971CINNBA1
12Darrell Walker19901990WSBNBA1
13Russell Westbrook20152015OKCNBA1

Table 3 -- 25 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists a game, plus at least 2 Defensive Win Shares:
Table 3.
1LeBron James20052015TOTNBA11
2Oscar Robertson*19621970CINNBA7
3Larry Bird*19851988BOSNBA4
4Michael Jordan*19891992CHINBA3
5John Havlicek*19711972BOSNBA2
6Rick Barry*19741974GSWNBA1
7Clyde Drexler*19921992PORNBA1
8Richie Guerin*19621962NYKNBA1
9Jerry West*19661966LALNBA1
10Russell Westbrook20152015OKCNBA1

Table 4 -- Seasons With 15 points/4 rebounds/4 assist and 4 Defensive Win Shares
Table 4
1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*19701980TOTNBA9
2Larry Bird*19801990BOSNBA9
3Kevin Garnett19982007MINNBA9
4LeBron James20052013TOTNBA9
5Michael Jordan*19871997CHINBA9
6Scottie Pippen*19901997CHINBA8
7Wilt Chamberlain*19641971TOTNBA6
8Walt Frazier*19691974NYKNBA6
9John Havlicek*19681973BOSNBA6
10Bob Cousy*19571961BOSNBA5
11Dave Cowens*19731978BOSNBA5
12Karl Malone*19942003UTANBA5
13Dwyane Wade20052011MIANBA5
14Kobe Bryant20002010LALNBA4
15Julius Erving*19791984PHINBA4
16Chris Webber19972003TOTNBA4

Table 5 -- Seasons with 25 points per game/6 rebounds/6 assist and 4 Defensive Win Shares:
Table 5
1LeBron James20052013TOTNBA9
2Larry Bird*19851987BOSNBA3
3Michael Jordan*19891992CHINBA3
4John Havlicek*19711972BOSNBA2
5Clyde Drexler*19921992PORNBA1
6Oscar Robertson*19641964CINNBA1

Table 1 (Seasons with 20-5-5 average)
1LeBron James20042015TOTNBA12
2Larry Bird*19811992BOSNBA10
3Oscar Robertson*19611970CINNBA10
4Kobe Bryant20022015LALNBA9
5Michael Jordan*19852002TOTNBA9
6Clyde Drexler*19871992PORNBA6
7Walt Frazier*19701975NYKNBA6
8John Havlicek*19691974BOSNBA6
9Tracy McGrady20022008TOTNBA6
10Jerry West*19621968LALNBA6
11Rick Barry*19741978GSWNBA5
12Grant Hill19962000DETNBA5
13Wilt Chamberlain*19641968TOTNBA4
14Magic Johnson*19811990LALNBA4
15Scottie Pippen*19921997CHINBA4
16Elgin Baylor*19611970LALNBA3
17Steve Francis20022005TOTNBA3
18Kevin Garnett20022005MINNBA3
19Richie Guerin*19601962NYKNBA3
20Dwyane Wade20052009MIANBA3
21Russell Westbrook20132015OKCNBA3

Monday, July 06, 2015

Amanda Peterson -- Dead at 43 -- Can Buy Me Death....

Truly sad.  I loved that movie and thought she was excellent as the pretty girl who was nicer than people understood her to be. 

Sad that her parents, when queried, were like, "Yeah, I think she was sick or something and had sleep apnea."    Thanks mom and dad.  Maybe you try - "She had a difficult life, but she was a great talent and gave people a lot of joy."  Something like that.

Here was the guess not too long ago on what happened to her (including an interesting reason for losing custody):

Hope she is somewhere riding that lawnmower with her boyfriend's hat

Wolves Sign the Next Dirk Nowitzki

Probably a better version.

The Lesson Of Jason and Amanda Dufner -- Sometimes She is, In Fact, Just Out Of Your League

Now divorced from Dufner, rumored to be banging Tiger.

Dufner, to his credit, has lost a lot of weight recently, but I mean, come on.  Like Icarus, he flew too close to the sun.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Top 99 NBA Free Agents as of Midnight Last Night, With Status

Source --

1 LeBron James Unrestricted 

2 Marc Gasol Unrestricted 

3 LaMarcus Aldridge Unrestricted 

4 Kawhi Leonard Agreed to terms with San Antonio $90 million, five years

5 Kevin Love Agreed to terms with Cleveland $109 million, five years

6 Jimmy Butler Agreed to terms with Chicago $95 million, five years

7 Dwyane Wade Unrestricted 

8 DeAndre Jordan Unrestricted 

9 Tim Duncan Unrestricted 

10 Goran Dragic Agreed to terms with Miami $90 million, five years

11 Draymond Green Agreed to terms with Golden State $85 million, five years

12 Brook Lopez Agreed to terms with Brooklyn $60 million, three years

13 Paul Millsap Agreed to terms with Atlanta $59 million, three years

14 Greg Monroe Unrestricted    Just signed max deal with Bucks.

15 Monta Ellis Unrestricted 

16 Brandon Knight Agreed to terms with Phoenix $70 million, five years

17 Reggie Jackson Restricted 

18 Rajon Rondo Unrestricted 

19 Tyson Chandler Agreed to terms with Phoenix $52 million, four years

20 Khris Middleton Agreed to terms with Milwaukee $70 million, five years

21 Josh Smith Unrestricted 

22 Tobias Harris Restricted 

23 DeMarre Carroll Agreed to terms with Toronto $60 million, four years

24 Tristan Thompson Restricted 

25 Enes Kanter Restricted 

26 David West Unrestricted 

27 Robin Lopez Unrestricted 

28 Louis Williams Unrestricted 

29 Patrick Beverley Restricted 

30 Wesley Matthews Unrestricted 

31 Thaddeus Young Agreed to terms with Brooklyn $50 million, four years
32 Danny Green Agreed to terms with San Antonio $45 million, four years

33 Omer Asik Agreed to terms with New Orleans $60 million, five years

34 Paul Pierce Agreed to terms with LA Clippers $10 million, three years

35 Manu Ginobili Unrestricted 
36 Iman Shumpert Agreed to terms with Cleveland $40 million, four years

37 JR Smith Unrestricted 

 38 Corey Brewer Unrestricted 
39 Brandon Bass Unrestricted 

40 Amare Stoudemire Unrestricted 

41 Brandan Wright Agreed to terms with Memphis $18 million, three years

42 Carlos Boozer Unrestricted 

43 Arron Afflalo Agreed to terms with New York $16 million, two years

44 Jordan Hill Unrestricted 

45 Marco Belinelli Unrestricted 

46 Ed Davis Unrestricted 

47 Rodney Stuckey Unrestricted 

48 Kosta Koufos Unrestricted 

49 Gerald Green Unrestricted 

50 Kevin Garnett Unrestricted 

51 Jae Crowder Agreed to terms with Boston $35 million, five years

52 Amir Johnson Agreed to terms with Boston $24 million, two years

53 Jeremy Lin Unrestricted 

54 Mike Dunleavy Agreed to terms with Chicago $14.4 million, four years

55 Luis Scola Unrestricted 

56 Maurice Williams Unrestricted 

57 Aaron Brooks Unrestricted 

58 Mirza Teletovic Restricted 

59 Andrea Bargnani Unrestricted 

60 Tyler Hansbrough Unrestricted 

61 Andray Blatche Unrestricted 

62 Nate Robinson Unrestricted 

63 Al-Farouq Aminu Agreed to terms with Portland $30 million, four years

64 Thomas Robinson Unrestricted 

65 Jason Terry Unrestricted 

66 Alan Anderson Unrestricted 

67 CJ Watson Unrestricted 
68 Jonas Jerebko Agreed to terms with Boston $10 million, two years

69 Kevin Seraphin Unrestricted 
70 Michael Beasley Unrestricted 

71 Alexey Shved Unrestricted 

72 Luc Richard Mbah a Moute Unrestricted 

73 Jameer Nelson Unrestricted 

74 Gary Neal Unrestricted 

75 Tayshaun Prince Unrestricted 

76 Sonny Weems Unrestricted 

77 Alexis Ajinca Agreed to terms with New Orleans $20.2 million, four years

78 Larry Sanders Unrestricted 
79 Bismack Biyombo Unrestricted 

80 JaVale McGee Unrestricted 

81 Kyle Singler Agreed to terms with Oklahoma City $25 million, five years

82 KJ McDaniels Restricted 

83 Ishmael Smith Unrestricted 

84 Glen Davis Unrestricted 

85 Marcus Thornton Unrestricted 

86 Derrick Williams Restricted 

87 Norris Cole Restricted 

88 Richard Jefferson Unrestricted 

89 Jason Smith Unrestricted 

90 Cory Joseph Restricted 

91 Leandro Barbosa Unrestricted 

92 Wayne Ellington Unrestricted 

93 Aron Baynes Restricted 

94 Reggie Evans Unrestricted 

95 Gigi Datome Restricted 

96 Jose Juan Barea Unrestricted 

97 Nick Calathes Restricted 

98 Ben Gordon Unrestricted 

99 Matthew Dellavedova Restricted

Also Madison Lee's Birthday Today

I follow her on Twitter.

USA! USA! -- Happy Birthday to Alex Morgan

She does not want to be known for her looks, which is why she poses for pictures like this.