Monday, December 22, 2014

Josh Smith -- Waived

The oddest thing about Josh Smith is that he is a very good power forward who wants to play small forward and jack a ton of ill-advised shots.  His role model should have been Kevin Garnett, but, instead, he prefers to be Antoine Walker at his worst. 

He would make a good Cavalier if he would just agree to play defense, rebound, and STOP JACKING BAD SHOTS!!!!

But, alas, I doubt that will ever happen, and if he won't stop jacking awful shots, he isn't valuable to any team.

Remarkably, there are actually other NBA players who have had as bad of performance from 3 while shooting over 1,200 3s --  Thank you, Charles Barkley, for giving Josh Smith supporters someone to point to!!

Smith has shot more career 3s than Dwyane Wade (another terrible 3 point shooter).

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