Monday, August 15, 2005


Only the Timberwolves could trade a guy who was First Team All-NBA in 2003-2004 for a guy who was a stopgap point guard for the Clippers AND THEN HAVE TO THROW IN A #1 pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jaric is a decent bench player, so using my criteria of "average player = mid-level exception" I will have to swallow hard and say that Marko deserves the $30-40MM he got. But why toss in a #1? I guess you could argue that the Wolves drafting has been so abysmal over the years that missing the chance to get another Bill Avery or Paul Grant or Ndudi Ebi is really meaningless for the Timberwolves. And since they are trading with the Clips, the Clips will screw it up somehow. But objectively, you can't, as a non-playoff team, send a #1 to the Clips for a guy who would have been a backup for the Clips this year -- a guy they weren't working real hard to re-sign. Wolves starters now -- Troy Hudson, Rashad McCants, Kandi, Wally, KG. Off the bench, Jaric, Hassell, St. Joe's Guy, Madsen, Eddie Griffin, Skita. The last guy to make the active roster will be one of the following free agents players -- Damian Wilkins, Flip Murray, Earl Watson, or Latrell Sprewell.......................................................HM