Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pat Morita, Dead at age 73 His work as restaraunteur "Arnold" in "Happy Days" was awesome. So good, in fact, that I completely forgive him for the wretched "Mr. T & Tina" follow up. It says an awful lot about a man that he could be placed in a WWII internment camp and still love America as much as he obviously did.

And I will confess, when I saw "Karate Kid" the first time, I never understood that he was actually teaching the kid karate.

RIP. ................................HM

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Stuffing Inventor Dies I can recall the 1970s TV commercials touting the great benefit we were getting by boxed stuffing. I have certainly eaten my share (growing up on a potato farm, the idea of "stuffing instead of potatoes" often had some appeal).

Great American story. Vaya con dios.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Vikings -- Wild Card Candidate???

I know this sounds bizarre (particularly when the Vikes have beaten Det, GB(2), NO, and a lucky win v. NYG), but is it actually possible that the Vikings stand a wild card chance?

The Vikes end the year with Cleveland, St. Louis (no Bulger), Pittsburgh (Maddox, Batch?) and Chicago at the Metrodome. The only two road tilts are Detroit and Baltimore.

Assume that the Vikes could somehow win the home games and lose the road games to go 9-7. The only teams likely to go 9-7 or better in the NFC are division leaders Chicago, Dallas and Seattle, plus the Giants, Tampa and Atlanta and maybe Washington.

So, give the divisions to the current leaders. The Vikes enjoy the tiebreaker on New York. The Vikes only have to hope that Washington continues to fade and that either Tampa or Atlanta falls to 8-8.

NFC North -- TWO playoff teams?!!!!!!!!! Yikes.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Florida U. Blog Entry About the funniest one I have read so far related to "The 7th Floor Crew." Don't be surprised if Urban Meyer is calling a lot of southern moms today to say that maybe their boys shoudl avoid the sins of Miami.

I have always thought it odd, by the by, that your raunchiest activities/strip bars/whatever all seem to occur in the south (Miami, New Orleans, Memphis) perhaps it is just the weather (add in Vegas) while at the same time the south is voting solid red for Bush in 2004.

Miami Football Rap -- Blog Entry Rated MA -- over 18 only Never let it be said that the guys at the University fo Miami don't know how to rap. I would STRONGLY recommend against listening to this if you care AT ALL about women's rights. Needless to say, don't send your daughters to Miami U. Wow. On the other hand, if you really miss 2 Live Crew, this will take you back 20 years.

I am particularly amazed that it sounds like they have female background singers during the hook.

Vlade -- NOT a draft dodger Well thank GOODNESS that this vital issue has now been resolved.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Eagles Cartoon and a New Bottom 10 NFL
Amazingly, the sucky Lions and Vikes managed to win and go 4-5 overall. Will that keep them out of the Bottom 10? Well, here goes.

Almost in, but slightly too good -- Detroit (-13 on points differential and 4-5; they suck, but not bad enough); Miami (3-6, -12, should have beaten New England); Oakland (-14, very tough schedule, 3-6).

23rd best -- Cleveland -- they are 3-6 and only -35 for point differential

24th -- Tennessee -- while 2-7 they have two AFC wins and only a negative 56 point differential

25th -- Arizona -- again 2-7 and a negative 73, but they have some talent on both sides of the ball.

26th -- Minnesota -- it truly pains me to put them this high, but when you win 2 straight and have a new Qb who turns it over less than 5 times a game, that skyrockets you up the charts. 4-5 negative 74

Ultra Sucky
27th best -- Green Bay -- while 2-7, they actually have a positive point differential (+17) but that comes from edging the Saints by 49. Still, a good win in Atlanta is not to be slighted.

28th -- Baltimore -- awfully hard to rate because they have played for weeks without Ed Reed and Ray Lewis. But scoring 100 total points and being 2-7 negative 71 is horrid.

29th -- Jets -- they are actually debating whether to use Kliff Kingsbury at the helm -- 2-7 negative 79. I may see if they will let me take a few snaps.

30th -- New Orleans -- they have no fans; they have no home; tough overall schedule, but they also lost to MN and to GBay 52-3; seem to find a way to lose every week. 2-7, negative 100

Battle For the Worst
31st -- I just think that the 49ers are grittier than the Texans. Sure they start 1-13 Cody Pickett, but they only lost 17-9 to the Bears and may have won had the missed field goal traveled three yards farther. 2-7, negative 137 (they have been more than doubled on the year).

32nd -- Houston Texans; 1-8, negative 123 (scored 124, therefore they have almost been doubled); I just don't see any hope here. Guess that off coordinator really wasn't to blame!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mike Price's Re-Settlement with SI

For you lawyers out there, an example of how you gotta actually honor those confidentiality provisions: The most famous part of the whole Mike Price/Alabama saga was that, per Sports Illustrated, two strippers were in his hotel room and while they were having "aggressive sex" with Price they started yelling "Roll Tide." Price allegedly replied, "It's rolling, baby; it's rolling!"

The lawsuit appeared to bring out many facts to call into question that reported account: Reading this Dallas News article, Price's own testimony may in fact be more pathetic than SI's report (which is sad b/c either account gets him fired by Alabama). Per Price, he appears in Pensacola, golfs, goes to three bars, gets wasted, hits the strip bar "Artey's" and leaves the strip bar in a cab. He is so drunk that he does not even know that a waitress from the club is also in the cab. Both go to his hotel room, nothing happens b/c he is impotent (and forgot his Viagra) and he sleeps all night in his clothes. He leaves in the AM and the waitress fleeces him for $1,000 of room service orders.


Recommended Blog Except for the guy's unhealthy man love for Glen Quagmire, I have to say that it is a Blog that I wish I had written. Good stuff..................HM

Monday, November 14, 2005

Pro Wrestler Dead in MPLS

The frighteningly ripped body of the 38 year old Guerrero would suggest that he may have been on steroids at the time of his death. There are still some people in the medical profession who say that steroids have no clear long-term impact on adult bodies and that there is no definitive medical study that says otherwise. I think that what we do know from the deaths of innumerable 30-40 year old professional wrestlers (Rick Rude, Curt Henning, Brian Pillman, etc., now possibly Eddie Guerrero) and from the case of baseball player Ken Caminiti is that the combo of steroids+hard drugs is likely to lead to heart problems and sudden death, even after you are off the drugs.

The anecdotal evidence is that steroids basically create a bipolar state that welcomes the addition of extra drugs into the system to make the body feel better.

One wonders when the WWE will be hauled before Congress to ask about the WWE's steroid-testing policy. Last time the WWE (then WWF) started strict testing (during Vince McMahon's steroid trafficking trial) wrestlers dropped 25-30 pounds almost overnight.


Friday, November 11, 2005

Olympic Mascots

Good lord, not again:
Their names translate to Bei, Jing, Wel, Comes and You. Yeah, great. Insert your own jokes.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I Want to See the Video Casting the city of Detroit as bombed-out and delapidated is an "outdated stereotype"???????????? Um, ever been to Detroit?

Blue State -- Red State

Pennsylvania -- Oh well, at least the ousted members could move to Kansas:

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

T.O. More in a long line of sports stars acting like pansies in order to avoid punishment (see my old David Wells item).

Not only does Owens wimp out by apologizing to everyone in the world (thus losing those few supporters who think he did nothing wrong to start with), he then screws up the apology with the classic "Ya see, I am a fighter" crap and the Bushian "IF I said something OTHERS construed as negative, then I guess I apologize for how they construed it."

Rot on the inactive list, T.O. Oh, and sue Drew Rosenhaus for something, I don't care what.

Bartolo Colon Steals Cy Young Award

Proving that baseball writers almost never watch a baseball game, or that they are just too stupid to understand what they are watching, they award Bartolo Colon the Cy Young Award for 2005 over Mariano Rivera and John Santana. Now, there are some people who believe that relievers can never win, so let's just compare Colon with Santana.
Colon had 5 more wins and a .030 better winning percentage pitching for the 95 win Angels who scored 4.7 runs per game. Santana pitched for a Twins team that scored a league worst 4.25 runs a game and won 83 games.

Those, my friends, are the only stats that FAVOR Colon. ERA -- Santana, Strikeouts -- Santana, Innings Pitched -- Santana, complete games -- Santana, Batters faced -- Santana, Batting average and runners against -- Santana.

So, Santana faced more batters, pitched more complete games, struck out more guys, allowed fewer runners, and basically defeated fat boy Colon in every statistic except wins (really clutch playoff performance by Colon BTW). This all occurred while Santana was pitching for the worst-hitting club in the AL, a club that barely reached .500.

Unbelievably bad voting. Look for Jermaine Dye to win AL MVP.


OK, One More Top Cats Story and I will Quit

God bless "The Smoking Gun." They have been fired. :-(

Once you click on TSG's doc's, you will be VERY disappointed that Angela's "Future Goal" is not listed as "seducing an underage teammate in a bar's bathroom stall." Similarly, shouldn't her "favorite quote" be, "Move a little that way, the flusher is really digging into my skin!"???

Renee's actual "Favorite Quote" is "Pain is weakness leaving the body." Or, as she said that night in Tampa before punching the woman waiting for the stall, "Pain is just weakness leaving your body...bitch."


Monday, November 07, 2005

Pete Rose Jr. -- Drug Man

I can honestly say, having watched PRJ in the Northern League, his 11 games with the Reds was more a product of embarrassing nepotism than of any steroid he may have taken.

Angela Ellen Keathley Pic

I believe that this may be Angela Ellen Keathley of the Carolina Top Cats. Her name is featured in this article:

Friday, November 04, 2005

Blog Reaches 2000 On Hit Counter

And, to date, I have only had one person specifically comment that they hoped I would die and that my child would read awful things about me after I was dead. So, Blog is going better than I thought! Thanks to General Counsel BDK for suggesting the Blog.

Bad Attorney Strategy The act was "consensual"? That was the best defense? Yes, please, ex-gf, when I am asleep please get out the super glue and.........................................