Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kellie Pickler -- Boot

While I am still upset that Paris did not get booted (there is always next week), the decision to vote off Pickler was justified by the awful performances given in the last two weeks (one of which I scored as worse than Bucky Covington, so, 'nuf said). While Idol fans have some random voting problems (Jasmine Trias, Diana DiGarmo), the appeal of the show, in part, is that so many people vote that the best singer has always eventually won. Paris Bennett (really from MN) and Kat McPhee (admits to being from CA) form 40% of the final 5. No Idol from a blue state has come in the top 2 since Juston Guarini (PA) in season 1. Since then we have had Alabama over NC; NC over Georgia, and Oklahoma over Alabama. Texan Kelly Clarkson's win in Season 1 also means that no Idol winner has ever come from a blue state.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Nick Lachey -- Pathetic

Anyone who ever watched "Newlyweds" always felt sorry for Nick Lachey haveing to live with the complete idiot Jessica Simpson. Their post-breakup behavior has led me to feel very sorry for JESSICA!,19736,1186627,00.html. Good lord, man, have a smidgeon of pride and self-esteem. STOP with the "oh, I was blind-sided..." and "I still love her" crap. Go get drunk on a nightly basis and end up with a different starlet every night of the week. Then I might not consider you the biggest wuss known to man... Of course maybe if I was missing the pictured bod, I might not be any better...