Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Knicks Sign Jared Jeffries to $33MM deal

OK, we all know Isiah has no idea what the f he is doing (etc.). Jeffries' agent apparently turned down a 6-year deal with Washington for $33MM. Rumor is that Jeffries prefers to be in NY for the endorsement deals. Jared Jeffries, endorsement deals. Um, OK, I guess there is SO much money in NYC that you have to have SOMEONE endorse your products, but my goodness gracious.....Which bring me more to my more salient point -- Jared Jeffries sucks. He is a 6 point a game scorer who struggles to shoot 58% from the line. Yes, he can catch the ball on the break and lay it in the basket. But he isn't teamed with Steve Nash, he is teamed with Marbury/Francis/Crawford for the foreseeable future. He won't be seeing the ball. I have seen NYC blogs where (obviously desperate) Knicks fans tout this as the signing of a great defender who guarded LeBron James one-on-one in the playoffs. A) Jeffries' defensive stats in his career are about equal to those of Mike Dunleavy, Jr.; B) Recall that the Cavs WON the Wizards series b/c the Wiz absolutely could not guard LeBron and he went off for something like 35 a night! Being assigned to a good player in close games does not make you a good defender, it says a lot about either your coach or other available options (Arenas/Jamison anyone?). Jeffries' 2006 stats compare unfavorably to the 2006 stats of Kwame Brown and Mike Dunleavy has had a FAR better career (see below). If you want a crappy, overpaid player, why not go out and get one of those (clearly available) guys? Another just ridiculous Isiah signing.


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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mike Tirico -- His Sexual Harassment Past

Harold Reynolds was fired for incidents of sexual harassment. Is what he did WORSE than Mike Tirico's past acts??? http://deadspin.com/sports/top/here-are-those-tirico-stories-we-hinted-at-last-week-191242.php. But I can't just post the link. Here is the text, enjoy:

The first Tirico story involves him hitting on a woman and stalking her after a house party in fall 1992. The woman was a production assistant and 'considered an up-and-coming talent,' and Tirico went up to her at the party and said 'you're the most beautiful woman in here.' She walked away, but he kept following her around the party until she finally snapped, 'Why don't you fuck off? Get away from me.' As she and friends hopped in their car and pulled out of the party, Tirico stepped in front of the car and made the woman stop. 'You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen and I think I'm in love with you,' Tirico said. She tried to roll up her window and take off, but Tirico stuck his hand in and tried to wedge it between her thighs. She got away, and the next morning, when they saw each other in the ESPN parking lot, he walked up to her, and she expected him to apologize. Instead, he said, "all I did all day was think about you."

"In another story, one female producer -- who had been to dinner with Tirico and his fiancee -- was startled to receive an email from him saying that he wanted to sleep with her. Later, when the staff went to a bar after a late night covering the NCAA tournament, Tirico approached her and said, 'I wish I was single. If I were, I'd throw you on the table right here and fuck your brains out.' After she tried to excuse him as drunk, he persisted: 'I know you want to screw me. So let's leave.' Later, he followed her on the highway and tried to get her to pull over, unsuccessfully.

"Tirico was ultimately suspended for three months and is interviewed in the book, where he, like Reynolds, calls the incidents 'misunderstandings.'"