Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Two Weeks to Valentine's Day

I welcome thoughts on this list of 12 things that, per, are "what women want" in a date (edited down by me) ......................................................................................................: 1) Women want a man who is clean and well dressed. 2) Women want honesty and kindness. 3) Be kind and thoughtful. Don't be sappy. No woman likes a man who is falling all over himself trying to impress her. 4) Act natural and be yourself.
If acting natural and being yourself means you will forget to consider her comfort, you will have to work on that. 5) If you are setting the date up, try to set the stage to her likes. 6) Women like compliments. Tell her she looks nice. Look her in the eye when you tell her this. She will not be impressed if you are staring at her breasts when you say this. Don't get carried away with your compliments though. It isn't natural to do this and it can be down right embarrassing. 7) Women like thoughtful acts. 8) Women like to talk about themselves. 9) They also want you to be interested in what they have to say. Don't look around the restaurant while she is talking to you. Don't let your eyes glaze over. Take mental notes. She will expect you to remember all this if you get to the second date. 10) Never, ever talk about past dates with other women. Don't mention your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. 11) Don't say "I'm Sorry". This is just pitiful. You can say excuse me or pardon me or Oops but never say I'm sorry. You will sound like a school boy trying to get mommies affection. Huge Turn Off! 12) Finally, women don't like to feel pressured on a first date. It would be nice if you could work something into the conversation, early on, that you are not interested in ending the date in bed.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bill Walton On Garnett

I am informed that during last night's broadcast Bill Walton stated something to the effect that "Garnett needs to be more consistent. He needs to do this every night." Yeah, so Kevin needs to get 44 a, OK.............To this ridiculous comment we add on the fact that Bill Walton was always hurt and never gave any of his NBA teams a consistent 82 game effort as a starter.......EVER...........But instead let's skew everything in Walton's favor -- let's take his best statistical year ever (although he only played 25 games) and compare it on a per game basis to KG's MVP year of 2003-04. Walton is worse across the board in nearly every category. Summary -- KG has given his team years and years and years of great consistent play. The best Bill Walton ever gave his teams is 1.3 years of sub-KG play as a 33-34 minute a game starter (and Walton also had a year with Boston where the team was great and he played 19 minutes a game). If the Walton Effort is the sort of effort Bill Walton wants out of KG, the Wolves would be 22-60 every year.................................But let's be fair to the idiot Walton -- he is probably just repeating the media's common criticism of KG "He doesn't score enough. He needs to get 30 a night like Kobe." In the history of the NBA there have been 58 times when a guy has averaged 30 or more points per game for one season. Tossing out multiple efforts by guys like Wilt and Michael and Kareem, you find that 22 guys have scored 30+ in a year. But remember, the criticism of Garnett is NOT that he should sacrifice his rebounding for more scoring (rather it is that he should continue to board at a 12+ pace and also get 30 a night)............................So, the true inquiry is this - how many times has a guy gone for 30 points and also had either 12 boards or 12 assists a game over a whole season? Answer: 22 times -- Wilt -- 9 times, Kareem -- 4 times, Elgin Baylor -- 3 times, Bob McAdoo 2 times, Bob Petit 1 time, Moses Malone 1 time, Oscar Robertson 1 time, Walt Bellamy 1 time. Since Bird and Magic entered the league in 1979 (the date I consider to be the dawn of the modern NBA), one guy has gone for 30 and 12 -- Moses Malone in 1981-82. Guys have come close (David, Karl Malone, Shaq) but no one has gone for 30 and 12 over a full season since I was 18 years old and playing center field for my high school baseball team.............So maybe if we just step back and gain some perspective we will stop asking KG for the impossible. He isn't gonna get 44 a night. He isn't going to go for 30 and 12 over the course of a year. His upside stats at his current mileage are about 25-13-5, which is awfully damned good.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Michelle Bachmann Loving Up the Prez My lord. Next time just pull him into a closet and dive on top of him, Michelle. We Minnesotans can be proud to have elected such an independent voice for our state! What does Laura Bush think about this? If I'm GWB, I think I prefer the surgically-enhanced Katherine Harris to her northern God-squad counterpart......

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scott Bigelow -- Dead

I think that his ranking as the #68 singles wrestler of all-time is far too generous, but it does demonstrate what a great personaility he became in his prime.............

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jason Kidd's Divorce Claims Kidd's counsel deleted this allegation -- "And when I try to smack her around like I did when I was a Sun she all of a sudden won't let me."