Monday, August 31, 2009

Why Amare Stoudemire Should NOT Get a Big Free Agent Deal confirms what I had always thought -- Amare, Antonio McDyess, Shawn Kemp and Shareef Abdur-Raheem are very, very similar players. What do they have in common through age 26?

-- explosive young legs
-- great interior finishers
-- spectacular leapers, but mediocre defenders and rebounders for their ability

Amare makes $16.4MM this year and has an option for about $17.7MM next year. He can also opt out. So........................anyone want to pick him up as a free agent or in a trade? Certainly the Suns didn't field any amazing offers this off season.

What does history teach us about player like Amare at age 27 and beyond?

Rahim -- stats fell off after age 26, never a big factor thereafter.
McDyess -- knees went on him, has become a very good 24 minute a game player thereafter.
Kemp -- rebounding slowly declined, shooting percentage went down, then he got fat and ate himself out of the league.

Hardly a great endorsement for signing Amare to some big deal.

Amare supporters could say, "Well, how about Kevin Garnett and Chris Webber?"

As Lloyd Benson might have said, "Amare, you aren't KG or C-Webb."

Webber and Garnett both have had season where they recorded 5 assists a game (compared to Amare's best season of.........2 per game......Amare has never come close to getting 1 assist per turnover, ever). At age 26, Garnett was getting 13.4 rebounds a game and 3 steals plus blocks. He was on the rise in both categories. So 26 year old Garnett was way, way better than 26 year old Amare. But even using Garnett -- his absolute peak year? Age 27. He has steadily declined as a player since (when you are declining from being MVP of the league, the decline is not as noticeable, but it is a decline nonetheless).

Webber -- he also had his absolute best year at age 27. He was still very good at age 28 and 29 and then his career began to unravel at age 30. But again: Chris Webber seasons pre-27 with 10 boards a game? 3. With assist-to-turnover better than 1 to 1? Every year (7 times). Stoudemire's best rebound year pre-27? 9.6 at age 24, declining to 8.1 last year. And of course he can't handle the ball at all (0 years with a-to ratio above 1 to 1).

What is the logical career path for Rahim (oops) I mean, Amare? Move to traditional playoff team that needs younger blood. Example -- the Spurs. He can be Duncan's young legs and Duncan can maybe teach him how to defend and rebound. (Look at Timmy's basketball-reference profile. The defense and rebounding numbers are amazing. Defensive rating? 3rd best of all time. Defensive rebound percentage? 6th best of all time).

What will happen? One of two things:

1) Some lesser team will sign Amare to a max deal for 5 years and he will slowly decline and that team will never do anything substantial.

2) Amare will be dissed in the free agent market and so he will sign a 3 year deal for $20MM or so with the Lakers or Spurs. That team will benefit from his 19-8-2 numbers and win a title and everyone will say, "How could some other lesser team not have offered this guy more money?"

I predict #1.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chris Brown -- No Jail Time

Let's review briefly the system of justice that we have in America (all crimes involved famous black men, so the issue here is not race or ability to pay a lawyer):

1) Shoot yourself in the leg -- 2 years in prison.

2) Engage in a dog fighting operation -- 18 months in prison.

3) Run over and kill a pedestrian while you are drunk -- 24 days in jail.

4) Beat the living hell out of your girlfriend -- no jail time.

What a wonderful world we live in.

Ted Kennedy -- RIP

I first explored politics in 1985 when I worked for the New York State Assembly as an intern. I worked for an Assemblyman, now deceased, who was a great, great guy. NOT always a paragon of personal virtue. He did, however, honestly care about the people in his district and he genuinely wanted to make things better. Sure he had personal interests that were not always what they should have been, but he did try to make this a slightly better world the best he knew how. I am saddened even today to think about my ex-boss and how he left us too early.

I guess my opinion of Ted Kennedy is similar. He made some mistakes, had some serious deficiencies as a person. But he generally was able to focus enough on his job that he helped a lot of people. I am certain that no one expected out of Ted as much as he accomplished, particularly after losing 3 brothers at an early age.

I believe that we should not whitewash the history of the dead, but instead try to understand their lives and evaluate the good with the bad. At the end of the day, it is not us who will judge Edward Kennedy, but his God and history. RIP, Teddy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Rory McIlroy's Girlfriend Holly Sweeney


3rd at the PGA. First in the heart of Miss Holly Sweeney.

Greatest Golf Upsets

Per Yahoo Sports:

(They rank Yang over Woods as #1 all-time).

Jack Fleck took down Ben Hogan in the 1955 U.S. Open. Hogan was seeking his fifth Open title; nobody outside of the Fleck family knew who Jack was. And until Sunday, it was the greatest upset in golf history.

• The unheralded Larry Mize upset Greg Norman and Seve Ballesteros in the 1987 Masters, highlighted by an astonishing fairway chip-in on the final playoff hole. Mize won only four tournaments in his entire PGA career, but he'll be remembered for that one green jacket.

• Hillary Lunke has exactly one win on the LPGA Tour: a U.S. Women's Open win in 2003 over Annika Sorenstam, then the No. 1 player in the world. Not only is it her only win in her career, it's the only top-10 she's ever carded.

• Francis Ouimet, a caddy, won the 1913 U.S. Open in Brookline, Mass. at his own course, winning in an 18-hole playoff over Harry Vardon and Ted Ray. It was the ultimate underdog story, like "Rocky" if Rocky had actually won.

John Daly, the eighth alternate, came from nowhere and won the 1991 PGA Championship, forever altering both his life and the game of golf.

I think you have to eliminate Daly. Sure he was an unknown, but he was young and had great talent and actually won another major later on. And who exactly did he "upset"? Curtis Strange?

Any upset that occurs in 1913 on a guy's "own course" is inherently suspect to me. This was back in the day when you could "stymie" a guy by hitting your ball between his ball and the hole. Sorry. Similarly, Mize was playing on his home course and against one of the game's all-time chokers in Greg Norman. Seve was great, but not in 1987, when he won only one tourney the entire year.

So we have Fleck, Lunke and Yang. Fleck did manage other wins in his career (including a senior major in 1979!). So has Yang.

I have to say that the greatest golf upset of all-time is Hilary Lunke over Annika Sorenstam. No other wins, no other top 10s. She beat one of the top 3 women's golfers of all-time. Lunke's second best ever finish in a major? Tied for 37th. She has one major that she has never even played in.

Y.E. Yang over Tiger -- huge upset, but maybe #2 or #3 of all-time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tiger Working On a Great Round

He started on the back 9, which I view as the far harder side. He has 3-9 to play and I consider 5, 6, 7 and 8 all birdie holes.

So if he just avoids a bogey and birdies two of the likely birdie holes, he will shoot 67.

Hazeltine rolling over and dying for Tiger so far. But tomorrow we may see some wind.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Michele Bachmann's Son Joins Whacked-Out Left-Wing Re-education Camp-ish Organization

At least according to his mom:

Per the newpaper this morning, her son would have needed to apply by February 2009. His mom gave her whacked-out floor speech in April of 2009. So if she had just talked to her kid, she would have known that the program she was about to rip so hard on the floor of the House was probably going to become her child's employer.

I now think it is her duty to hire a professional kidnapper and get her son back from the clutches of this evil organization. Or perhaps he is a spy trying to infiltrate the organization? Only time will tell.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rambis Takes Over For McHale -- Clothesline Revisited?

One might argue that Rambis has returned the favor (if you think the Wolves will improve), or that McHale has secretly clotheslined Rambis again by getting fired and leading Rambis into a shitty job.

Funniest thing in the clip? Rambis getting all fake mad and trying to run after McHale. He then loses his footing and Larry Bird just calmly walks over and helps him up. Let me get this straight -- you are SUPER pissed that someone almost killed you, but after about 5 seconds, you gladly take a friendly hand up from his teammate. Oh, if only Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson had been so easily placated.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

1981 or 1982 Called.......

Wow, is that a lot of hair.

Clinton Portis -- Back to Black Hair, Cuz "Not Gay"

Clinton, I think your look was a nice tribute to your up-to-now-unknown father "The Natural" Butch Reed. Clinton Portis -- 28. Butch Reed -- 55. I am not saying; I am just sayin'.......

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2001 Called, It Wants Its Video Back

Fear not folks, the wikipedia entry says that Creed will start touring again...........this month!!!

Weird Al -- Charles Nelson Reilly Tribute

Chicks and Ducks and Geese Better Scurry

Cuz the Playstation Maven just got the role of "Curly McClain" in his two-week summer camp version of Oklahoma!

This, of course, means that he will join the ranks of great Curly performers like Hugh Jackman and Gordon MacCrae and..................PM's dad.

"Git away from me, you hear....about all a man ken take. Now you sit over THERE and I will sit over HERE and you tell me...." Curly! You're sittin' on the stove!

Oh, classic stuff......

In the NBC series The Office, Dwight Schrute is quoyed saying "Yes I have acted before. I was in a production of "Oklahoma!" in the 7th grade. I played the part of Mutey the Mailman. They had too many kids so they made up roles like that. I was good."