Thursday, January 21, 2010

ALL-WHITE Basketball League Provides My Son Some Hope

The All-American Basketball League will limit its rosters to children born in American to two "caucasian" parents.

So, Kevin Love and David Lee will now become the LeBron James and Kobe Bryant of said league. Chris Kaman is its Shaq. Guards? Hmmm. J.J. Redick and Steve Blake? Wait a minute -- wasn't Kaman born in Germany? Wally Szczerbiak could make a comeback, but he was born in Spain!

We will have to work these things out.

The guy is NOT racist by the way (he says so). If the key to his league is that he does not want "street ball" then why is he banning foreign-born players?

One final note -- the decision to ban part-white players cost the league a lot of really good players (Kris Humphries, Jason Kidd, Shane Battier, I think Carlos Boozer, Deron Williams).

Will we see guys trying to "pass" to get into the league? Welcome back to 1954.