Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New Mike Beasley Nickname -- "The Predator"

Big ugly dude. Tough. Physical. Hunts alone (i.e., Mike almost never gets an assist). Hard to figure out. Different guy. Very dangerous.
The Predator.

100 Worst NFL Players of All-Time

Certainly not TRULY the worst 100 of all-time, but some great stories here. Not sure how Wasswa Serwanga missed the list or how Spurgeon Wynn is not far closer to #1.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nikola Pekovic Fouling Pace -- Still Terrible, But Now Not The Worst Ever

Thank you Dillard Crocker, Al Beard and Danny Fortson for moving to the forefront.

Averaging Over 7 Three Point Attempts Per Game

Baron Davis -- #1. George McCloud. Gilbert Arenas. How about a million Ray Allen and Tim Hardaway seasons???

I Will Take THAT!! Guys With 2.3 Steals or More, Playing Under 30 Minutes a Game

Slick Watts -- always great to see his name.

Michael Phelps -- you thought his long arms helped in SWIMMING!

Milt Williams -- ABA guards must have been terrified that someone was actually trying on defense.

Assist Me! Guys With Under 30 Minutes a Night but Getting 9+ assists a Night

Lucas and Johnny Moore were teammates one year!!!


True Rebounders -- Guys Who Played Less Than 24 Minutes a Night And Still Averaged 10 Rebounds a Game

I wonder if the Knicks ever had Ray Felix and Johnny Green at the same time!?!?! No opponent would ever get a board!

True Microwaves -- Guys With Over 20 Points a Game Playing 28 or Fewer Minutes a night

John Brisker anyone?