Monday, February 28, 2011

Could We Re-Acquire Corey Brewer!?!?

It took Mike D'Antoni less than a full week to realize that he really does not want or need C-Brew.

Boston!?!?!? "Let's see, I have Allen, Pierce and Jeff Green....and Delonte West......better go acquire C-Brew as insurance against my first 4 wing players going down.

More James Franco Reviews

What people will remember from this brain-numbing Oscars is how terrible its hosts were. It wasn't exactly James Franco and Anne Hathaway's full fault - let's blame those who thought of hiring them. (ouch)

Hathaway did her part, trying to be chirpy and upbeat and changing into gowns on time. But Franco had the aura of a person who wanted desperately not to be there in any capacity, who had considered the material and thought if he squinted his eyes nearly shut, he would disappear from the embarrassment of being unable to host.

It was easy to say a guy who made his name with a stoner character might be stoned at the event. But there could be any number of reasons he slurred some lines, stumbled over others, muttered still others and, in the end, couldn't quite remember which picture had just been named best (it was "The King's Speech," James). (I had forgotten about this -- but yes, in fact, he couldn't remember who won from 3 minutes earlier)

Perhaps the dude did party too much after winning an Independent Spirit award for "127 Hours," on Saturday. On Sunday 127 hours only seemed like the perceived length of the interminable event.

Later, it seemed Franco, didn't even want to participate. So Hathaway did a solo number that singled out Hugh Jackman, who at least was a much better host

Corey Haim -- License to Die (And Not Be Remembered)

Peter Graves -- out; Leslie Nielsen -- in. Did they worry that people might get confused and think they were mourning the same white-haired guy from "Airplane" twice?

James Franco and Anne Hathaway -- My Thoughts Exactly

Though Franco spent 2010 trying to prove he could master every job even tangentially connected to showbiz, his non-acting persona is so laid-back and aloof that it's no surprise many viewers asked me if he was stoned.

Perhaps he was subtly working the telecast as his character from "Freaks and Geeks"!?!?

No; that's just Franco, but his demeanor from the evening started out like he couldn't remember why he had agreed to do this and ended like he deeply regretted the choice.

Exactly -- to be an Oscar host you have to just throw yourself out there and really not give a damn what people think. When you hire someone because they are cool and aloof, you are going to get someone who comes across as if they do not give a fuck. And when they realize that people are hating them, they will give it the old "fuck you" even harder.

He was barely invested in any of the comic bits, or the pomp and circumstance, which was in marked contrast to Hathaway, who threw herself into things with so much energy that I kept fearing she was going to collapse after her next "Woo!" More supple comic minds than Bruce Vilanch might have found a way to turn the opposites attract thing to their advantage, but there was no adjustment for the clash in style - instead, we got lame, random humor like Franco responding to Hathaway's tux by dressing up like Marilyn Monroe - so it just came across like she was killing herself to compensate for his apathy, making both of their presences uncomfortable.

You really had to feel sorry for Hathaway. Like a shooting guard whose 4 teammates have completely quit on the team, she tried harder and harder to salvage the situation, making herself look worse and worse.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fraiser Wedding Pic'

I am sorry ladies, but if you look in the mirror and see the face on the left and then look at your hubby and see the picture on the right, don't you second guess this decision every single time????

Worst NBA Contracts Per Bill Simmons

Yuck. I will rate from 100 (being historically awful) to 1 (meaning I completely disagree withe Simmons

25. Elton Brand: three years, $51.2M -- hmmm, he is a force on a playoff team, so yeah, like 12

24. Channing Frye: five years, $30M -- 96
23. Luke Walton: three years, $17M -- 50
22. Chris Duhon: four years, $14M - 4 years? Played on the 2001 Duke squad -- 76
21. Antawn Jamison: two years, $28.4M -- 50
20. Amir Johnson: five years, $34M -- 99
19. Al Harrington: five years, $33.1M -- 90
18. Richard Jefferson: four years, $39M -- 45
17. Jose Calderon: three years, $28.3M == 25
16. Charlie Villanueva: four years, $31.2M == 50
15. Hedo Turkoglu: four years, $45M -- 98
14. Baron Davis: three years, $41.85M - 100
13. Mike Conley: six years, $49.5M -- 20
12. Corey Maggette: three years, $30.7M -- 86
11. Richard Hamilton: two years, $25M -- 97
10. Emeka Okafor: four years, $52.2M -- 82
9. Andray Blatche: five years, $35.7M -- ouch, 96
8. DeSagana Diop: three years, $20.8M - 100
7. Brendan Haywood: five years, $42.7M - 100
6. Ron Artest: four years, $28.1M - 70
5. Travis Outlaw: five years, $35M -- 83 (boy was everyone fooled by this guy)
4. Josh Childress: five years, $33.5M -- 99
3. Brandon Roy: four years, $62.6M -- has no knees, but still only 65 (would be the best Wolf off guard)
2. Rashard Lewis: four years, $80.4M -- 100
1. Gilbert Arenas: four years, $80.2m -- 97

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gerald Wallace to Portland, Aaron Brooks to Phoenix and other stuff

1) Gerald Wallace -- Portland has absolutely no need for Gerald Wallace, but I guess this is evidence of the fact that "whoever cares the least in a negotiation comes out ahead." The Bobcats move their second best player who plays big minutes for them and get.............Joel Pryzbilla and a #2 pick.


Bobcats -- F -- if this is all you could get, just keep the guy around.

Portland -- C -- absolutely no need for Gerald Wallace, but if someone tonight offered me a new TV for $11 and a hearty handshake, I would take it and either find someplace for the TV or sell it.

2. Aaron Brooks to Phoenix for Goran Dragic and a #1

Well, Brooks is clearly the better player -- you wonder if this means that Nash is soon on his way out the door in Phoenix? Dragic is an OK backup, but a big step down from Brooks. The #1 will be about a #13. Not great value there.

Phoenix -- B minus -- Brooks has his own problems and likes to start and shoot a lot, is he Nash's backup or heir apparent?

Houston -- D plus -- didn't get much for a good NBA starter-level point guard (and Chris Rock lookalike).

3. Marquis Daniels to Sacto for........nothing

Sacramento had cap space and picked up Daniels, I think, by paying cash

Boston -- C -- who cares
Sacto -- see above.

4. Mayo/McRoberts trade called off -- call in didn't make the dealine.

Hurts both teams.
Supposedly New Orleans was involved, but I am sure they would have added salary and pissed off 1/29th owner Mark Cuban so much that he would have brought a shareholder derivative suit (or LLC equivalent). Once New Orleans couldn't do the deal, the deal was off.


Jeff Green for Kendrick Perkins -- And Other Reports

From, my comments not in bold:

1. Sam Amick: Boston has agreed to send Nate Robinson and K. Perkins to Oklahoma City in exchange for Jeff Green and other pieces, source says. Twitter

Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Trade, Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson, Jeff Green share
Adrian Wojnarowski: OKC will also send Nenad Krstic to the Celtics for Perkins, source says. Twitter

This is extremely confusing -- why would the Celtics trade for a backup to Paul Pierce!?!? Perkins has always played well against the Lakers. Do the Celts figure that Jermaine and Shaq O'Neal are better options?

Winner -- OKC by a mile.


Celtics: C minus

2. Chris Vernon: Also = OJ Mayo might be traded to Indiana Pacers for Josh McRoberts and a 1st Rd pick - (oh geez) Twitter

I saw Mayo play last night -- he is Memphis's 3rd best off guard. Now that they have Battier (see below) he would have been 4th best. McRoberts blows donkey schlong and Hansbrough was coming on some, so the Pacers get better as well.

Memphis - B

Indiana - B

No winner/loser

3. Chris Vernon: BREAKING: Grizzlies trading H. Thabeet and 1st Rdr for Shane Battier Twitter

You get Shane Battier for a guy who has been flat out terrible plus what I assume is their own #1?? Done.

Memphis -- A minus (Battier old with expiring contract)

Houston -- C minus (would be lower but I assume they had decided not to re-sign Shane and got what they could).

4. Mike McGraw: Knicks offered Corey Brewer, sources say, but Bulls happier with Ronnie Brewer. Twitter

Winner -- team who did not get Corey Brewer

Bulls -- A plus

Knicks -- F plus (he is a warm body, but even if he is don't have his Bird rights, so there is no upside to playing him).

Cavs Acquire Baron Davis -- Look, It Is Anyone's Guess Why...

Baron and a #1 from the Clippers for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon.

Baron has $30MM left on his deal. Two years. Mo is $4.5MM a year cheaper. Moon is the difference, but he is an expiring contract.

To take on the cancerous (and old and decrepit) Baron Davis and $9MM in salary, the Cavs are getting the Clips' #1 (likely 7-11 in the draft). Why?

And, this trade reunites Baron with Byron Scott, whom Baron called a "dictator" when they last were together as player and coach in 2005.

This is one of the oddest deals I have ever seen. You trade for a WORSE player who has more mileage on him, is more often injured, is more expensive, and who hates your coach. You toss in a young guy who is a 8-10 minute a game guy.

That #1 better strike gold.

Libya Crackdown -- What Do you Expect?

I am more than a little confused here.

How do dictators come to power -- force.
How do dictators maintain power -- force and the threat of force.
If you challenge a dictator, how do you expect him to respond -- with force.

Mubarak may have given up, but do we really expect the Libya guy (I cannot choose which of the 20 acceptable spellings to use) to give up also? The Chinese faced a revolution attempt in 1988 -- how did that go for their protesters??? As Stewie Griffin would say, "Not well, Brian, not well."


Kurt Rambis's Reaction to the Anthony Randolph Trade

1) We will really miss Corey Brewer.

2) I won't play Anthony Randolph right away because we really don't need anyone in that position.

Isn't that a firable offense to go after your GM like that?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top 25 NBA Players of All-Time??

Ranked from 1 to 25:

LARRY BIRD -- sure
Karl Malone -- too high
Moses Malone -- too high
Jerry West -- too low
Bob Pettit -- ok
Charles Barkley - ok
David Robinson -- ok
Kevin Garnett - ok
Kobe Bryant -- i hate him, but ok
George Mikan -- too low
LeBron James -- ok
Julius Erving -- too high
Bob Cousy -- ok
Elgin Baylor -- too low
John Havlicek -- ok
John Stockton -- ok

Deron Williams trade -- Part II

So, why does Golden State get involved here? They are trading two expiring contracts for Troy Murphy, a guy with an expiring contract.

The guys they are trading are younger than the guy they are getting. This blogger suggest that the Warriors actually want Troy Murphy or have a pre-made deal ready for him from an Eastern Conference power --

Alternatively, he suggest that Murphy may take a substantial discount to be bought out and that could save the Warriors money.

Whatever the case, there is definitely another shoe that needs to drop here.

Warriors grade -- still incomplete

ESPN is now reporting that the Nets give up only 1 #1 in the deal -- their own this year but they will send the Warriors pick also, which appears protected for a while --

The Nets reportedly got this pick for.................fat computer fencing always injured Marcus Williams!!! This is like that whole "red pencil" Web site where the guys starts out with one huge red novelty pencil and ends up with a free house.

I have Marcus Williams -- will anyone give me anything?
I will give you a #1
I will use that #1 to get Deron Williams!!
Will they soon trade Deron Williams and get LeBron?

Fox News -- Sigh......

Jazz Attempting to Get Contracted Out of League???

First, they trade Deron Williams, then they state that they are interested in "other deals" where they would trade players and take back nothing in return, then........this little nugget from ESPN:

While it's "unlikely," according to a Jazz source, that Utah makes a big trade involving Millsap and/or Kirilenko, there are other, smaller moves possible as well. For instance, sources say the team has interest in Memphis big man Hasheem Thabeet.

Why?!?!? Who possibly is in charge in Utah that they would acquire Hasheem Thabeet!?!? this is a guy who was sent down to the D league and wasn't that good in the D league despite playing against guys 6-8 inches shorter every night! His NBA minutes have DECLINED with age! (By the way, he just turned 24 -- happy Birthday, Hasheem!).

But when a guy has numbers similar to Martin Nessley and Jim McIlvaine, how exactly can you keep from wanting him so badly???

(If you want to see a list of huge stiff centers who have trod the boards in the NBA, you HAVE to look at that tiny url I just cited -- guys 7'1" or taller who have averaged over .025 blocks but less than 2 points and 2 rebounds a game in a season, and were under 25).


Cameron Diaz -- Bad teacher

Also features Phyllis from "The Office" and Gibby from "iCarly."

Derrick Favors Game Log For Past Month or So -- Good Luck Jazz Management

So why do you acquire the guy who regularly plays half the game and has 0 steals+blocks and is about 20% for getting more fouls than points? Cuz against Utah on january 19 he went 12 points, 6 rebounds, 3 blocks and only 1 foul. So as long as he is allowed to play against Utah's defense every........oh wait, I guess that can't happen anymore.

If you wanted Derrick Favors, couldn't you have made an offer for the REAL Kwame Brown instead of his younger version?

Date Opp Score GS Min M A Pct M A Pct OR DR TR A TO St Bk PF Pts

Feb 16 @ BOS L 80-94 1 18:57 1 2 50.0 2 2 100.0 4 3 7 1 0 0 0 5 4
Feb 14 SAS L 85-102 1 20:45 1 3 33.3 2 2 100.0 2 2 4 0 2 0 0 5 4
Feb 12 NYK L 95-105 1 25:34 3 10 30.0 3 6 50.0 7 7 14 0 1 1 1 3 9
Feb 11 @ CHA W 94-89 1 15:53 2 3 66.7 0 0 N/A 2 4 6 1 0 0 1 5 4
Feb 9 NOR W 103-101 1 20:22 1 5 20.0 2 2 100.0 2 3 5 1 1 0 1 3 4
Feb 6 IND L 86-105 1 20:35 1 4 25.0 0 2 0.0 2 1 3 0 2 1 2 4 2
Feb 4 @ DET L 82-92 1 20:07 2 6 33.3 0 0 N/A 2 3 5 0 2 1 0 2 4
Feb 2 PHI L 92-106 1 21:08 2 9 22.2 1 2 50.0 4 7 11 0 0 0 3 2 5

Jan 31 DEN W 115-99 1 20:42 2 4 50.0 2 2 100.0 2 4 6 0 2 2 0 5 6
Jan 29 @ MIL L 81-91 1 23:31 4 6 66.7 0 1 0.0 1 2 3 0 0 0 0 4 8
Jan 28 @ IND L 92-124 1 23:18 4 9 44.4 1 2 50.0 1 2 3 1 3 0 1 4 9
Jan 26 MEM W 93-88 1 20:23 1 5 20.0 0 0 N/A 3 6 9 2 1 1 2 1 2
Jan 24 CLE W 103-101 1 16:36 3 5 60.0 2 2 100.0 3 6 9 2 2 0 3 0 8
Jan 22 DAL L 86-87 1 14:57 3 5 60.0 0 0 N/A 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 4 6
Jan 21 DET W 89-74 1 29:49 3 4 75.0 2 3 66.7 2 4 6 1 2 0 0 3 8
Jan 19 UTH W 103-95 1 29:50 5 6 83.3 2 3 66.7 2 4 6 1 1 0 3 1 12

Deron Williams -- Traded to Nets

Couldn't the Wolves have become involved and received the Nets' 12th man plus some unwieldy contract. (By the way, the Wolves dealt Kosta Koufos to Denver yesterday -- why? I guess we didn't need 4 bad centers).

Williams has NOTHING to play with in New Jersey. My lord. Brook Lopez and...............Kris Humphries!?!? Sasha Vujacic???

The Jazz pick up Devin Harris (who used to date a "model" who appeared on Howard Stern's, a model in name only....) and Derrick Favors, plus 2 or 3 #1 picks.

No word on what Golden State will get for playing the throw-in role (aka the Minnesota role) in the deal.


Nets -- A -- you got one of the 16 best players in the league, plus he is young and plays point guard. You gave up Kris Humphries' current backup plus a guy who has regressed for 24 months. The #1s have to concern you, but your hope is Williams attracts other free agents and you never pick better than 18 while he is there.

Jazz -- D -- hard to believe this is the best deal you could swing. You allowed Sloan to be forecd out by this guy......then you lose this guy!?!?! You now are stuck with Al Jefferson as your best player!?!? Go look at the records of Boston and Minnesota in that scenario and then try to sleep at night. The #1s are all that keeps this from being an "F" grade. I would assume they MUST get NJ's #1 this coming year, which could be a very high pick.

Golden State -- Incomplete -- I have no idea.

Justin Bieber New haircut

If the goal was to make him look less like a lesbian -- Mission NOT Accomplished.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Commerce Clause Allow THIS, but not Individual Mandates? can take away the rights of every single person in America to seek state tort law remedies in state court because the public's health MIGHT be impacted because some supplier of vaccine MIGHT possibly go out of business (because they make defective vaccine).

But you CANNOT pass a law that requires someone to have health insurance or pay a $500 fine because the entire health care system is broken and 33 million people are without health insurance????

I am sort of missing the consistency of the entire Tea Bagger "Commerce Clause cannot apply" argument here....

Welcome back, Rachel Green's Haircut!

Aniston 2011 and Aniston on Friends. Sorry, Jen, it is the same haircut, just with straighter and flatter hair. All these years she has fought against the haircut, and now she has surrendered. Maybe this will get Hollywood women to stop wearing the ratty-looking extensions that Miley Cyrus so hideously sports?

Danilo Gallinari -- One-Dimensional Gunner

30 year old Peja, Kiki Vandeweghe, Orlando Woolridge.

So, Denver, it took you 30 years, but you got Kiki back....with an accent.

The oddest thing to me about the Melo trade was the Nuggets' decision to give up Chauncey for Felton. Chauncey is clearly the better player. Felton played 40 minutes a night in NY and at a high pace of play (2nd in the entire league). The result -- to no one's surprise his raw stats got better.

But his overall stats really didn't increase that much and while his offensive rating went slightly up, his defensive rating went WAY down. His shooting percentage is worse, and he actually shoots only .7 more free throws a game.

So, in Denver, playing at a slightly lower pace of play and splitting time with Ty Lawson, how effective will Ray Felton be? I suggest "not very."

Upgrading from felton to Chauncey is a huge move by the Knicks.

If you have J.R. Smith (real name Earl Smith III -- he isn't even a JUNIOR!?!? Why the hell is his name J.R.!?!?) do you need Wilson Chandler AND Danilo Gallinari!?!?

Clearly not. So, the Nugs end with:

Felton -- downgrade
Chandler/Smith -- no 24 second violations on this club
Gallinari -- basically a guy who does nothing but shoot.
Nene -- enjoy trying to block 49 shots a game Nene
Kenyon Martin -- 1,000 years old.

The big question becomes - what can the Nuggets expect from Timofy Mozgov? Well, he is 7'1" and he moves well on the court. And he had like 5 dunks against the Clippers in one game.

Downside -- 24+ years old. His defensive rating of 108 is NOT good for a "shot blocker" and his offensive rating of 98 (on the Knicks) is terrible.

here are your similar players: So, a couple future all-stars and a bunch of guys who were flashes in the pan and then a bunch of guys that only fans like me know ever existed.

So what to say for grades?

Knicks -- A -- when you get the best guy in a trade, you win the trade. The Knicks got the TWO best guys in the trade. Will they struggle to fill the rest of the roster? Sure. But they have 3 starters who have been all-stars. Landry Fields is a decent player.

Nuggets -- C -- got what they could, which is better than getting nothing. Chandler, Felton and Gallinari all are decent offensive players, none will play a lick of defense, and Chandler and Gallinari are ##7 and 9 in the league in turnover percentage (which means they rarely turn the ball over because.........they shoot it -- Al Jefferson in #1 in the league in TO%).

Wolves -- traded Corey Brewer for Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry's contract. Who really cares? C+ (Randolph's rebounding and shot blocking numbers are very impressive.....he just can't make a shot).

Anthony Randolph -- Wolf. Who Are Similar Players?

Here ya go:

Randolph -- mediocre scorer, great rebounder, very good shot blocker.

Young versions: Ben Wallace, The Birdman, Charles Smith, Stromile Swift

Absolute upside -- Josh Smith and.................KEVIN GARNETT!!

And then again -- Etan Thomas, Pervis Ellison, Cadillac Anderson....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kristi Noem Pics -- Named By HuffPost as "hottest Freshman Legislator"

I would say a solid 8 out of 10 -- seems to wear a lot of very sloppy loose-fitting clothes.

Word is that she has received over 20 speeding tickets (only 39 years old). She states, "I am not proud of my driving record...." No kidding. I am pretty sure at age 46 I am under 10 speeding tickets.

You Alone Can Save Kyrie Irving's Toe!!!

Taylor Dayne Wins Daytona 500?!?!?

No way Taylor Dayne is 20.

Oh wait, Taylor Bayne!?!? Trevor Bayne? Never mind.

Best Comment of All-Star Weekend: Amare Stoudemire

"You could tell he wanted to be MVP. He wasn't passing the all. But that's Kobe."

Amare Stoudemire

Why Kathy Ireland Is Winning My Poll

Guys back in the day were administering some NECESSARY Roughness to themselves while looking at her.

Carmelo -- The Guy Who Pled for Mercy Because He Was an Orphan

I know it is an old saw, but isn't Melo the kid who kills both his parents and then pleads for mercy, "Because I am an orphan"??? He forced this trade. He is making it impossible for Denver to keep him. He is another big baby who needs to be traded to a better market. And he pleads for mercy stating, "I can't sleep."

Think you will sleep well when the Nets lose 50 games with you next year and have to give up their first of 4 #1 picks to Denver!?!?


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday to......Denise Richards

Denise Richards.

Yankees Win "Most Obnoxious Fans" Poll -- We Move On To SI Models.

Yankees narrowly defeated the Red Sox. Lakers fans got some hate, and Duke fans almost escaped any votes (just got 1).

Now -- swimsuit models from days gone by.

NBA's television Ratings Way Up

Say what you will about "The Decision" but LeBron's move to South Beach has really, really boosted NBA ratings. Games featuring the Heat have exploded TV ratings for TNT and ESPN.

If you think about it, the NBA would be well served to also follow another idea/lead of Lebron's and cut 4-6 teams as well.

Losing New Orleans, Memphis, Charlotte, Sacramento, New Jersey and Minnesota would allow a disbursal draft of 72 NBA level players into the remaining 24 teams (3 each) the league would retain every franchise in cities where players actually want to play, while losing teams who have historically accounted for...................0 NBA titles and, at least in their current cities, 0 Conference titles.

Imagine if the worst 16 of the 24 remaining clubs could acquire in a disbursal draft: Chris Paul, David West, Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, O.J. Mayo, Mike Conley, Stephen Jackson, Gerald Wallace, D.J. Augustine, Emeka Okafor, Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins, Brook Lopez, Devin Harris, Kevin Love and Michael Beasley.

The first round could be reduced to 24 picks, and being a first round pick might actually mean once again that you are actually good.

I mean, what a great 24 team league that would be!

Perhaps in Heaven He Will Be More Desirable To Women

"Have you LOOKED at yourself lately? You should be happy that any woman would be willing to even talk to you!"

Also -- wearer (or was it buyer?) of discarded watches.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amazon Eve -- World's tallest Model

Could make for some interesting poses.

The Weather Is Hot Today, Like Mayte Carranco

10 Questions For David Kahn

1) You selected Jonny Flynn with the 6th pick in the NBA draft – you signed Luke Ridnour to a 4 year deal in the 2009-10 off season and you say you are bringing Ricky Rubio to Minnesota next year. Do you believe Ridnour, Rubio or Flynn will be the 3rd string point guard next year?

2) Generally, bosses have expectations for employees and will fire employees who consistently fail to meet those expectations. Do you have any set expectations for Kurt Rambis? If so, what are they? Is there anything he could do or not do that would cause him to be fired?

3) Ultimately an NBA head basketball coach can be a good coach in two ways – a) he excels at X’s and O’s and people admire his offensive and/or defensive strategy; and/or b) he gets his teams to play extremely hard for him on a regular basis. Do you believe that Kurt Rambis fits either of those two categories?

4) Why are the Timberwolves such a bad defensive team? Whose fault is that?

5) Since the Timberwolves have never been good at attracting free agents, have you been attempting to acquire through trades veteran players who are already under contract? If so, what positions have you been targeting?

6) Of these four players, who has enjoyed the least success as a pro – Stephon Curry, Ty Lawson, DeMar DeRozen or Jonny Flynn? Explain why you drafted a 5’10” point guard who cannot dribble – did you ever attend a Jonny Flynn game live before you drafted him?

7) Do you believe that it is any part of a coach’s job to help motivate young players?

8) Have you considered the nightmare scenario where the Clippers would get our pick in 2012 and it would be the #1 pick in the draft. Have you had any discussion with the Clippers about trades that would avoid that nightmare scenario?

9) If Kevin Love demands a $100 million max contract to stay in Minnesota, would the Wolves immediately make him that max offer or try to trade him?

10) In the off season you added 4 starters who didn’t start the season in 2009-10 (Darko, Beasley, Wes Johnson, Ridnour). And you also added Pekovic and Tolliver and Webster. If the Wolves go from 15 to 20 wins, would that be consistent with your expectations when you made these moves. If not, is it the players who have performed below expectation, the coach, or both?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trade "Rumor" -- Steve Nash to Timberwolves!!!


The 11 Worst Games By an NBA Starter Since 1986-87

All 11 are in losses (so the guy's play did not contribute in any way to a win). Each guy had to start and play at least 20 minutes, and record 0 points/assists/rebounds.

I have not ranked these 11 by order of complete suckiness, but I think you have a very close 3-way contest between Ryan Gomes (20 minutes, 0 for 4, no positive stats, 3 fouls), Carlos Arroyo (20 minutes, 0 for 5, 0 for 2 from the line, 4 turnovers) and Glen Rice (24 minutes, 0 for 4, no positive stats, 4 fouls) as to the "Academy Award" for suckiest performance by a starter in a losing cause.

Bruce Bowen's unbelievably unproductive 25 minutes as a Spur in 2005 gained an honorable mention (though it is almost certainly the case that Bowen kicked someone in the balls at some time during that 25 minutes).

The "best" of this bad lot are Ratliff, Ross, Ollie, and Felipe Lopez - all of whom put up at least 3 steals+blocks in their efforts.

It should be noted that Arroyo has one or two OTHER games in which he has gone 0/0/0 for 20+ minutes, but his team has won those....!

1 Ryan Gomes 2010-01-22 MIN 1 20 0 4 .000 0 1 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0
2 Theo Ratliff 2006-04-17 POR 1 26 0 4 .000 0 0 0 2 .000 0 0 0 0 3 1 1 2 0
3 Quinton Ross 2006-04-07 LAC 1 21 0 3 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 3 0
4 Kevin Ollie 2006-03-24 PHI 1 22 0 2 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 0
5 Bruce Bowen 2005-11-05 SAS 1 25 0 4 .000 0 1 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0
6 Carlos Arroyo 2003-12-17 UTA1 20 0 5 .000 0 0 0 2 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0
7 Glen Rice 2001-11-23 HOU 1 24 0 3 .000 0 2 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0
8 Matt Maloney 2000-11-15 ATL 1 20 0 5 .000 0 1 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 3 2 0
9 Felipe Lopez 1999-04-12 VAN 1 21 0 2 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 0
10Charles Jones 1986-12-16 WSB1 20 0 2 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 0
11 Earl Cureton 1986-11-29 CHI1 20 0 2 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0

Jonny Flynn, Corey Brewer and Wes Johnson Set An NBA Record Likely to Never Be Duplicated

OK, I was just too curious to let this go. So last night Flynn, Brewer and Johnson all started for the Wolves and scored 0 baskets, had 0 assists and 0 rebounds.

Basketball-reference's computer database goes back to 1986-87. Since 1986-87 there have been 187 time when a starter has played at least 11 minutes in a game and recorded no baskets, no assists and no rebounds.

If you sort the data by date, you will see the times that two players on the same date recorded 0/0/0, then you can look at the game at issue and see if they were teammates.

IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE LAST NIGHT that even 2 starters on the same team went 0/0/0 on field goals, assists and baskets while playing at as starters while playing at least 11 minutes. NEVER. The ability of these three guys to put up 0's on these three categories while starting together is unparalleled in NBA history. I mean, there is just no way of statistically explaining how remarkably terrible the combined play of these three men was last night.

But I will try:

All of these guys are under 26 years old -- sorting out guys over 26 who sucked this badly, you get only 76 times this has ever happened since 1986-87.

Sort then by a HOME game (this was a Wolves home game) -- only happened 31 times.

Take out the games by centers (who often start just so a big guy can start) and you get 22 times this has happened.

Since December of 2006, a young starter playing 11 minutes or more at home has put up 0/0/0 in these three categories 7 times.

So, in the past 4+ years, a young starter playing at home has only done this 7 times. THREE of those times happened at Target Center last night!!!

I am almost certain that reviewing records back to the start of the shot clock would find no similar feat by any three starters on the same team on the same night, no matter their age.

Amazing -- congrats Wolves! This is a mark of futility that will never be matched, or even approached.

Swimsuit Edition Cover

Comments welcome.

4 Timberwolves Starters Put Up 13 Total Points In Loss

The good thing for Kevin Love -- he had 12 points. Corey Brewer, Jonny Flynn and Wes Johnson put up 0 baskets, 1 free throw, no assists and no rebounds in 36 minutes of play.

How difficult is that? Very, very difficult. I am not sure that you could put three fans on the court with 2 NBA players, play the fans 36 total minutes, and get 0 assists and 0 rebounds out of the group. You would think that a ball would richochet into the hands of a player once during that time period.

Flynn is amazingly bad. He struggles to dribble in place without losing the ball. He refuses to drive to the hoop (his only skill), and when he gets scored on his response is to come down and jack up a terrible 21 footer falling backward after 0 passes.

Brewer cannot dribble beyond a 7th grade B traveling level.

Johnson needs constant coaching and hand holding, and his current coach said last night that he believes "young players have to figure out how to motivate themselves." If that is true, then, again, why did you draft Wesley Johnson? He is a guy who has ALWAYS struggled to be aggressive and motivate himself on the court. You pair him with a coach who has no desire to motivate his young players and you get............1 point, 0 rebounds and 0 assists.

What a mess.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Why I Love Kid Rock

(Kid Rock did a show in Arkansas and fans complained because he played the show despite bad weather -- his reply):

"It's this simple," he wrote.

"If you bought tix to tonight's show and can't make it, YOU WILL BE GETTING A REFUND, STRAIGHT OUT OF MY POCKET. I've never ripped any of my fans off, EVER!!! I have also NEVER missed a show.

I know there are people who drove here from Memphis and Oklahoma, been in their cars all day driving and dealing with this s----y weather, the same as me and my band have the WHOLE TOUR.

You so called 'fans' on my website bitching and moaning and saying I'm greedy, can GO F--- YOURSELVES, plain and simple. Throw out my CDs and lose my number. I don't want drama kings and queens like y'all anywhere around myself, band, crew, family or my fans."

Cee Lo Green and Gwenyth -- Orson, Seymour and Witchipoo???

On the old H.R. Pufnstuf show, the evil Witchipoo had two henchmen -- one was a bird (vulture?) named Orson and one was a creature (spider?) named Seymour (pun because he had a ton of eyes -- "see more").
The Paltrow-Green tribute to these great performers was surely not appreciated by many other viewers, but I certainly liked it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jerry Sloan -- Quitter

Wow. It seems almost impossible to believe. His ability to turn Al Jefferson into an almost-adequate defender (and to actually win games with Al on the squad) must have ultimately proved too taxing.

(Seriously, though, it looks like the old "point guard drives out coach" schtick we have seen for years rears its ugly head here as Deron Williams joins Jason Kidd and Magic Johnson as guys who have driven coaches out of their jobs).

Again, Wow!


Where I Grew Up

We used to drive the 30 miles north to Batavia if we had already seen the one movie showing in the theatre 10 miles away in Warsaw (not identified on the map, but I think that is Highway 20A running through Wyoming County. 20A goes through Warsaw).

For reference: North Tonawanda is a suburb of Buffalo, and Greece is a suburb of Rochester.

Christopher Lee -- Quitter

More awful news for upstate NY. Congressman resigns in disgrace. This is one of the most heavily Republican districts you can find in NY, so I don't anticipate his replacement will be much better politically, but maybe that person can figure out 1) when you send a picture of yourself from your own cell phone that you cannot claim it was all a set-up; and 2) that when you are sorting through the Internet for cheating sex you don't use your real name; and 3) there is a Web site called where you might be better off looking.


Important College Basketball Note

D --- U --- K --- E baby!!!

To Harrison Barnes -- when you are riding the Wolves' bench next year, I hope no one reminds you of your career .000 winning percentage at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Jared Jeffries -- Remarkable Longevity, Shitty Production

If you sort by guys since the merger in 1976 who are 6'9" or above and who have under 5.4 points, under 4.4 rebounds and under 1.5 assists a game, yet who have still logged at least 500 NBA games, you will get 20 guys (9 white guys):

Of these NBA Roster Space Eaters, the one who has played the most minutes in the NBA, and it is not close, is Jared Jeffries. He has logged over 1,600 more minutes than his closest competition, Tom Hammonds, Walter McCarty and Adam Keefe.

Now, I ask you, is this level of production worth a $33MM contract? I think my 2006 prediction was a little more accurate than the angry Knicks fan who wrote in to state his love for Jeffries.

Italian Prime Minister == "Bunga Bunga"?????

Basically think of a Charlie Sheen party + water - Cocaine + marijuana + out of the country hookers - porn stars + underage girls who he wants to call him "Daddy".

Was it a Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtles code to adults when the turtles would cry out "Cowabunga!"?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cavs Lose 25 Straight -- Set NBA Record, But On The Bright Side

the schedule does get as easy as it is going to get:

8 Game homes stand, a number against bad teams, actually 10 of next 11 at home:

Wed 09 vs Detroit -- terrible team
Fri 11 vs LA Clippers -- 3 road wins
Sun 13 vs Washington -- 0 and 25 on the road
Wed 16 vs LA Lakers -- loss
Wed 23 vs Houston --loss
Fri 25 vs New York -- bad road team, Cavs beat them earlier in the year; NY also lost at MN
Sun 27 vs Philadelphia -- see Knicks (except did not lose to MN)
Wed 02 vs San Antonio -- loss

Fri 04 @ New York -- loss
Sun 06 vs New Orleans -- lost twice to MN
Tue 08 vs Golden State -- bad road team

Then they have a stretch where they play play 2/3 of their remaining games against teams below .500.

Wed 09 @ Milwaukee
Sun 13 vs Oklahoma City
Wed 16 @ Sacramento
Thu 17 @ Portland
Sat 19 @ LA Clippers
Mon 21 vs Orlando
Wed 23 vs New Jersey
Fri 25 vs Detroit

Fri 01 @ Washington
Sun 03 @ New York
Tue 05 vs Charlotte
Wed 06 @ Toronto
Fri 08 vs Chicago
Sat 09 @ Milwaukee
Mon 11 @ Detroit
Wed 13 vs Washington

In Case You Do Not Remember, the Cavs started the year with a win over Boston and a record of 7-9 through 16 games. (They have also been swept by the Wolves).

Wed 27 vs Boston W 95-87
Fri 29 @ Toronto L 81-101
Sat 30 vs Sacramento L 104-107
November Opponent Result
Tue 02 vs Atlanta L 88-100
Fri 05 @ Philadelphia W 123-116
Sat 06 @ Washington W 107-102
Tue 09 @ New Jersey W 93-91
Wed 10 vs New Jersey L 87-95
Sat 13 vs Indiana L 85-99
Tue 16 vs Philadelphia W 101-93
Fri 19 @ New Orleans L 101-108
Sat 20 @ San Antonio L 92-116
Tue 23 @ Indiana L 89-100
Wed 24 vs Milwaukee W 83-81
Fri 26 @ Orlando L 100-111
Sat 27 vs Memphis W 92-86

The Cavs' last win? December 18:
Sat 18 vs New York W 109-102

Kevin Love's Double-Double Streak, Clearly Not an "NBA Record" -- Wilt Had Somewhere Between 80 and 880

OK, it is a great thing that Kevin Love has tied John Stockton and Kevin Garnett for longest recorded double-double streak since 1987 (37 games). Love will, no doubt, pass KG and Stockton in his next game.

But let's not claim that Love is setting an "NBA record" by doing so. Wilt averaged 50 points and 27 boards in the 1961-62 season. Here is his game log:

His lowest rebound total for any game was 15.

When you average 50 a game, you clearly never get close to being held under 10 in any game. And he wasn't (Russell held him to 26, 28 and 30).

So we know through the hard work of some guy in 2008 that Wilt had AT LEAST an 80 game streak. In his first 7 seasons in the league, Wilt averaged at least 33 points and at least 22 rebounds a game. In his first 4 seasons his points total never fell below 37.6 and his rebounds total never fell below 24.3.

So, unless there was one game where he got ejected, it is likely that Wilt had a double-double streak of at least 4 years (311 games) and pretty likely that he had a 7 year streak (543 games by my count). You want to move into the theatre of the possible-but-not-likely? Wilt had 12 years in which his stats were better than Kevin Love's current stats (both on scoring and rebounding for 11 of those years). Wilt was hurt one year and played only 12 games, so in that stretch he played around 11 seasons of basketball. 11 X 80 games = 880 games. It is possible that Wilt had an 880 game double-double streak.

(Side note -- Wilt led the league in scoring and rebounding almost every year between 1961 and 1965 and in NONE of those years did he win the MVP! Talk about getting jobbed. You wonder why Wilt had a testy relationship with the media?).

Even if we assume the occasional ejection or injury or bad game, if you take those 880 games and divide them up into streaks of 300, 100, 200, 200, and 80, Love's 37 really isn't anything approaching an "NBA record."

So why do we cut off double-double streaks at 1987? Was 1987 just a really great year? Do we miss the Reagan Administration that much? Are we trying to use a cutoff date for before Pervis Ellison and Stacy King joined the league?

Well, it is simpler than that -- we use 1986-87 not because it is the last 25 years. That is a coincidence. Go to Michael Jordan's stats on

Look up his 1986-87 game log -- comes right up. Look at his game log for 1984-85 -- you can't. The basketball-reference folks don't go back before 1986-87. That is why we use 1986-87, because people have done half of our work for us. I am sure that somewhere in a dusty old library we can find enough newspaper box scores to figure out exactly how many games in a row Wilt had with a double-double. No one wants to do that....and add me to that list.

But we KNOW, for sure, that Wilt had 80 consecutive double-doubles, so let's stop referring to Love's streak as an "NBA Record."

Rumor Shot Down -- Eddy Curry to MN

From a article:

According to Jerry Zgoda,

'Sota's preference is still to deal just a first round pick straight up for Randolph. They lose little-to-nothing by staying out of the Melo deal entirely, stated at the top....they have some leverage to force the Knicks to make their involvement worth the extra effort."

Danilo Gallinari remains the top player one would think the Wolves would be chasing here. Certainly he'd be my first pick. Kalenna Azubuike, Ronny Turiaf and Bill Walker all have some worth as well. And if Melo goes, pretty much anyone on the Nuggets' roster is up for sale. No chance the Wolves take on Al Harrington like the Nuggets will want, but they could certainly benefit from adding a Chris Andersen, and perhaps could be interested in a rental of JR Smith. And, of course, the Wolves have other assets of their own that could go out to help things along.

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