Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hot Chicks Over 40

http://www.imdb.com/list/hWSLa8b8_wQ/ Less than 6 clunkers in the list, so the guy did a good job. Do yourself a favor and look up some Catherine Bell action -- whoa.

Time For Kurt Rambis to Go

Why is a coach who is 32-124 still even consider a possibility to coach the Timberwolves next year? 32-124!?!? Randy Wittman was 38-105. Randy is one of the most terrible coaches to ever stalk an NBA sideline, yet Rambis is no where near as successful as "Witt" was as a Wolves coach. Bill Blair -- awful, awful coach -- 27-75 with the Wolves. Had Blair hung on to his job, he could have gone 5 and 49 and matched Rambis. Sidney Lowe -- was thrown into the mix having never coached much: 33-102. Way, way better than Rambis. Look, we all know Kurt doesn't want to be here, and he realizes that he had an easy gig in L.A. and he really wants to get the hell out of here. So, good bye.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kylie Bax -- Supernova -- What A Difference 10 Years Makes

Watched the movie "Get Over It" this weekend. There was the hottest woman I have ever seen in the movie -- Kylie Bax. In the short hair is a 2011 picture of Kylie Bax -- owner and operator of a New Zealand boots company. Very pretty 30-something woman. Solid. Mom with 2 kids. Now, go to www.bing.com and search for "Kylie Bax pics." If you dare, take off the Safe Search. It is almost too stunning to look at. Grade 10+ out of 10. Hell, I will go all Spinal Tap on it and go 11 out of 10. In the black leather is a brief taste of Bax, early 2000s. And, I know you will not believe this, but this pic is about a 65th percential pic of Kylie Bax and her just ridiculously stupid level of hotness at that time. It is remarkable that she never became a huge household name. SI model, Playboy model, was in a movie with Kiersten Dunst, Colin Hanks and Mila Kunis -- then was gone just as suddenly as she appeared.

Kirstie Alley -- Quick Feet For a Big Girl

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bobbi Christina Brown -- Apple Does Not Fall far From the Tree....Or Does it?

I guess that if my dad was a coacaine addict, I might be one also.

I also guess that if my Dad were Brad Pitt and I still looked like I currently do, I might be more than a little pissed off at life and turn to drugs as well.

Pictured -- a young Whitney Houston and a young Bobbi Christina Brown. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.....maybe the apple does fall far from the tree.

D-U-K-E equals S-U-C-K

I am probably one of the 17 people in the world who watched both Team USA's loss to Greece several years ago AND Duke's loss to Arizona last night. Let's just say it is like reliving a nightmare

Team you badly outplayed in the first half keeps the score close by hitting wild shots and then runs high pick and roll 40 straight times in the second half. You never adjust. You panic and turn the ball over You never get a rebound and their confidence grows with every pick and roll they run against the exact same defense.

At the end you look around and you are shaking hands with a team you should beat 7 of 10 times saying "what the fuck just happened"???

Duke - losers.

The only consolation - Wisconsin lost.

It was just a horrible bloodbath for heavily white teams last night - Duke done. BYU done. Wisconsin done.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

My MVP Apologies to..........Dwight Howard

left him off my poll question -- you can change your vote and simply vote for "Other" above if you want to vote for Dwight for MVP. Currently Derrick Rose is killing everyone with 7 votes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

610 pm. Terminal A. Denver international Airport

Well. Terminal A looks like the discount airline terminal. Lot of cheap fast food concepts. At least we have a few younger ladies. And they are.......still pretty subpar. But I would up the "facebook 15" percentage to 5 percent do this is pretty much frigging shangrila. They hve a fragrance store. And a sports bar - the bar hides it TVs from people outside. Honest to God? A guy pays his last 2000 dollars to take his family of 5 on frontier to San Diego and you won't let him glance at your TVs as he Waits his two hours for his flight? Screw you chef Jimmy.

Anyway - time seemingly has stopped. I thought a trip to A would net me 30 minutes at least but I fear now I will be back at B by 620. Then still 100 minutes from boarding.

My eye stye is returning - this plus drinking and lack o sleep has me looking like Buddy Ryan on a bad day. "kids, stay away from the well dressed Cyclops boxer".

Woman behind me just noted she was tired. I will turn and give an immediate facebook rating -- 5-3-2. Oh well.

I made it to 613. Here is a question - if a chick has all recessive traits, can she be really really good looking? Light hair pale skin small shoulders small chest. Cuz if she can, she just walked by.

More later

Observations in the Denver Airport

I rushed out to catch the 4 pm flight. The 130 had been canceled so they would not let me on the 4. Next flight 830. Sigh.

Anyone who was not a fucking idiot would have kept his car and driven to a movie theatre. I gave up the car so I am stuck here for 5 hours. Two down three to go. Been to terminal b and c so far. Guess I will go to a next.

I have concluded that 2 percent of female travelers at the airport are above a 15 on the HM facebook scale (which goes to 30). I guess all the good looking women don't have jobs.

Now sitting in the food court having a Diet Coke. Woman next to me is 55. Probably 12 on facebook scale so she is a hottie based upon the grading curve.

I guess I need to get up and go to Terminal A to explorE but boy.

As you can tell. I have been drinking. So if you hear of an inebriated man being mugged and killed for 111 dollars at DIA then there won't be any more blogging or any more HM. A woman just shot down who is probably 7-7-7 on face body doability. Do things are looking up!

My phone is at 25 percent power and I have only a car charger - so unless I cam convince someone to give me a ride my phone will be dead by 615.

Goodbye for now. RIP Liz Taylor.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time For The Constantly Drunk Michael Floyd To Go Pro

I never saw a better high school football player than Michael Floyd. He was 3 steps faster than any opponent and about 20 pounds bigger than opposing linebackers. When he has been healthy at Notre Dame he has made some very mediocre QB's look awfully good.

But for God's sake, Michael, 3 alcohol-related criminal arrests in 3 years!?!? Can't you just lay off the sauce A LITTLE!?!?! You attended a private school in St. Paul to keep you AWAY from bad influences.
From his Notre Dame bio:

active in the community and is a member of two groups, PRIDE (People Respecting Identity Diversity & Equity) and CHOICE (Choosing to Help Others In a Chemically Free Existence)

Michael needs to join CHYICE -- Choosing to Help YOURSELF In a Chemically-Free Existence....

Winner of Sexiest female Politician Poll -- No One

"None" got 5 votes, followed by "other" (2 votes) and Kathryn Harris's enormous implants (2 votes).

Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann each got a vote and everyone else (including the lovely Ms. Fayard) got shut out.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Whitlock Keeps Swinging At Jalen Rose


Some high spots:
1) Michigan now shies away from recruiting kids like Jalen Rose.

The Michigan team that lost by two points to Duke on Sunday features numerous white players, the black sons of three former NBA players (Tim Hardaway, Joe Dumars, Tito Horford) and the son of a powerful NBA/NFL agent (Mark Bartelstein).

2) When black men call each other “Uncle Toms” and “bitches” for no good reason and the financial benefit of ESPN, it’s admirable candor? When Don Imus calls black women “nappy-headed hos” for no good reason and the financial benefit of a radio station, it’s a crime against humanity and a fireable offense?

3) If it’s clear Rose and King don’t view Hill as an Uncle Tom, a bitch and a sellout now, then it would be very easy for Rose and King to offer a concise apology for the confusion and move on. But, asked repeatedly during the past week to back away from the statements, Rose sidestepped each time.

“Well, the bottom line is this: They do recruit a certain kind of player,” Rose told Skip Bayless. “They recruit a lot of players from private schools.”

HM -- This, by the way, is Jalen Rose at his most disingenuous and cowardly -- he knows he cannot say he doesn't believe it anymore (he will lose all street cred), and he knows he cannot say that he still believes it (he will lose his job). So he mealy mouths it and lets others do his bidding and say "I am sure he does not mean it." Eff that, Jalen -- answer, "Do you believe it today, yes or no?" He won't answer. Pathetic.

4) To this day, Jimmy King, who graduated from a rich, predominantly white suburban high school in Plano, Texas, is pretending he’s an original member of the Geto Boys, a 5th Ward gangster.

HM -- Awesome ad hominum attack! Hey, pseudo-white guy from Plano, maybe you should just stop pretending to be a hoodlum.

5) Seventy-two percent of our children (black kids) are being born to unwed mothers. It’s our responsibility to raise and develop them in a manner that prepares them to compete in this society.

6) Most fatherless kids don’t grow to be 6-8. They’re 5-8, have little athletic skill and are justifiably mad at the world. They don’t have groups of men bending over backward helping them to see all the opportunities the world offers them if they can put away some of the bitterness and focus on doing what’s necessary to get an education.

This was always my reply when Al McGuire (sp? RIP) used to say how great it was that Tarkanian helped out endangered black kids -- yep, if they were 6'6" or above and could dribble and shoot.

7) HM -- Displaying that great minds think alike, Whitlock takes a Fox News shot:
Despite his Sarah Palin-like, blame-the-media, FOX News public-relations strategy, I like Jalen Rose. His heart is in the right place. We need to get his head in the right place.

Chris Broussard on Being an "Uncle Tom"

So, basically, he says that Jalen Rose has been programmed by the white man for years to think being black is being inferior.

The clear conclusion (by HM) -- Jalen Rose is simply a tool of the White Establishment, no different than the Tea Party or Rush Limbaugh or the white guy who sells drugs to young black kids. Jalen perpetuates the stereotype that to be black means you do not speak well, are undereducated, and have a missing (generally black) father.....and anyone who wants to be educated, intelligent or strive for excellence is........basically..........white.

Enjoy that thought, all you Jalen Rose fans.

Blake Griffin -- Marcin Gortat

Who Is The Girl In 4E in the State farm Commercial? Super Hot Holly Lynch

NCAA Tourney Commentary

BYU and San Diego State -- look good. I questioned them, but they have certainly looked like top 12 teams thus far. BYU has already reached its seed and SDSU just needs one more win to do so.

Big East? Uh, no. Select any conference with 11 teams -- give that conference the seeds that the Big East received. I don't know if the SWAC has 11 teams, but let's use them. Do you think the SWAC would get 2 teams in the Sweet 16 if they had 11 seeds including a 1 and a 2 and a 3? I think so. This is the most historically bad performance ever by a conference.

The only two teams to advance -- Marquette and UConn -- had to play only 1 game against a non-Big East team.

Big Ten -- more like the Big 2 and the tiny dick 9. Purdue -- horribly exposed, once the game got above 80 points and was played above an ugly trot, they had no hope.

Top 2 comments of the weekend:

1. Seth Davis (who seems to hate Duke more than Jalen Rose) was critical of Coach K's coaching against Michigan. This led Steve Smith to give the best reply of the tourney thus far:
"Well, Seth, he does have 900 career wins....." In other words -- hey, fuckface pretty boy, when you win 1 NCAA game as a coach, maybe you can then criticize the coaching ability of a guy with 900 wins and 4 titles. Davis seemed wounded by Smith's retort.

2. Rick Pitino (when shown a score of FSU 47, Notre Dame 27 with 17 minutes left)
"Yeah, that game is over. Notre Dame cannot play from behind. They cannot press and they do not play well from behind. They play no defense. If they are not ahead or very close to you, they are done."

Wow. NCAA tourney, playing the last ACC team to get in, #2 seed from your own conference and you basically say, "They really are not very good."

No love lost between Mike Brey/Rick Pitino.

By the way -- Mike Brey used to get very angry/offended when people referred to him as a "former Coach K assistant." Mike -- given you piss poor NCAA tourney work over the years, perhaps it is time to pick up the phone and call the guy who you wish to disassociate yourself from and try to mend some fences (or at least learn how to reach the Sweet 16).

You Think Andrew Bynum Is a Dirty Player? Remember karl Malone on isiah?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jason Whitlock -- Fab 5 Are Pathetic


Whitlock on Twitter:

Let Laettner or Grant Hill finance a documentary and say the kind of shat Fab5 said and see how quick Jesse and Al shut the shat down.

.On TV calling people who beat you 4 straight "bitches, overrated, soft and Uncle Toms" is so far out of bounds it's embarrassing.

Chris Webber on his blog said that he think Jalen Rose uses the term "Uncle Tom" to mean someone with a successful two-parent family.

So...........if any of the Fab 5 guys (who Webber says are now respectable suit-wearing guys) have kids and stay married to the moms, are the kids "Uncle Toms"??? I guess the answer is "Yes." So the key here is that you need to knock up a woman and then leave so your kid cannot be an Uncle Tom?

That is the GOAL?!?!?

These are some of the wealthiest and most visible men in black society -- they take the position that having a two-parent family where both parents work (ahem, Chris Webber's family growing up) makes you an Uncle Tom. Great, it really gives you a whole lot of hope for the African-American community on a going forward basis.

For the Poll








Michele Bachmann -- Battles of Lexington and Concord Occurred in New Hampshire


Her reply, "They may have occurred in Massachusetts, but they are still proud of them in New Hampshire."

Best Pro-Tsunami Comments:

Cappie Pondexter:

4) "What if God was tired of the way they treated their own people in there own country! Idk guys he makes no mistakes," Pondexter tweeted on Saturday. That tweet was later deleted.

3) But Pondexter, posting from her verified Twitter account cappa23, did not stop there, following up with other tweets that were never deleted. She used the term "jap," a racial slur, and also posted, "u just never knw! They did pearl harbor so u can't expect anything less."

2) In a series of tweets on Saturday, Pondexter responded to criticism: "I will always say how I feel ... Sometimes it comes off wrong, sometimes it may hurt ur feelings, but guess what: it's reals@$t ... I lost a cousin who was 16 to gun violence.Top 5 player in his freshman class in Chicago. IDK why god let em go but I don't question it. Just as I stated before who knows why God let all these tragic things happen to innocent people in places, IE 911, Australia, Japan and Haiti."

Pondexter -- as all wussified athletes do, has apologized for her comments.

Larry Kudlow

1) Taking a look at the U.S. markets following Friday’s quake, Kudlow said: "The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll, and we can be grateful for that."

Kudlow made his statement while a graphic displayed at the bottom of the screen informing viewers that more than 300 people are dead and more than 500 missing because of the earthquake.

Perhaps realizing his gaffe, he then quickly added: "The human toll is a tragedy; we know that. But these markets, all these markets -- stocks, commodities, oil, gold -- there is no major breakout or breakdown."

Monday, March 14, 2011

Phil Jackson Asked If Kobe As Good As Jordan -- Answer -- Good Lord, No! Are you joking?


So, that says about all you need to say.

Want me to pile on the "Kobe is no Jordan" bandwagon -- OK, if I must. What was the true greatness of Jordan? Scored 29 a game, got a ton of steals and blocks. So if you sort it pretty hard, you can boil it down to 16 total seasons where someone "played like Jordan."


Jordan 6 times, LeBron 3 times, and 7 other guys once: Robinson, McGrady, Malone, Bird, Kobe, Wade, Gervin.

Use the same sort for the playoffs: 24 times when someone has "played like Jordan" in the playoffs. 11 Jordan, 3 McGrady's, 2 Kobe, 2 LeBron, Kareem, Hakeem, Penny, Wade, Mullin, Gervin.

If you require a playoff run of at least 10 games, playing like Jordan has only happened 13 times -- Jordan 8, Kobe 2, LeBron 2, Kareem 1.

So..........yeah........what we have learned here is that as great as Kobe and LeBron have been over the past several years, they just are not at the consistently great level that Jordan was at for 8-11 years of his career. Jordan was unbelievably great. Wanna see how great? Sort by 29 points per game, 10 or more playoff games in the year at issue, at least 1.0 blocks and at least 1.9 steals a game. Jordan? 3 times. Everyone else? 0


NIT 2011 teams


College Basketball Invitational Bracket


CollegeInsider Tourney Field

All 24 teams will compete in the first round, with four teams then getting a bye into the quarterfinals. The eight remaining teams will play for the right to advance to the quarters. The entire field will be seeded, based on a number of factors including RPI, strength of schedule, conference ranking, and geographic location.

The entire 24 team field includes Air Force (15-15), Buffalo (18-13), East Carolina (18-15), East Tennessee State (22-11), Furman (22-10), Hawaii (18-12), Idaho (18-13), Iona (22-11), Jacksonville (19-11), Marshall (22-11), North Dakota (19-14), Northern Arizona (19-12), Northern Iowa (19-13), Ohio (18-15), Oral Roberts (19-15), Portland (20-11), Quinnipiac (22-9), Rider (23-10), San Francisco (17-14), Santa Clara (19-14), SMU (17-14), Tennessee Tech (20-12), Western Michigan (20-12) and Valparaiso (23-11).

Why Did ESPN Wuss Out When They Had The Selection Committee Chair On!?!?

The fact is, ESPN is a corporate citizen who doesn't like to screw with its content providers. They can pretend to be cool and edgy and ready to go at it over controversial subjects, but then they get Mr. Smith on from the NCAA Selection Committee and he gets...........one question. the question, basically, "Explain what happened."

Ooooooooh............don't be too tough on the poor guy, ESPN! You have 5 studio analysts who are apoplectic that VCU and UAB got in, and that Colorado was left out, and they get to question the head of the selection committee.................not at all.

The NCAA's reaction to the ESPn criticism that did occur?? Here is a Jay Bilas tweet:
Why does the NCAA love arguments in football, but get their panties in a bunch over criticism over the selection process? Bizarre.

Note to Jay -- the NCAA will say anything it wants to say to justify making money and keeping its big schools happy. Do not look for consistency.

And do not look too closely at the whole UAB and VCU issue -- you will start to ask, as I did, why do these teams get in? And the answer is -- Colorado and VTech have white coaches. Sorry, but that is just the only accurate answer you will find, Jay. Then you will be left on national TV with your dick in your hand, because you say that out loud and you will soon be looking for the nearest unemployment benefit office and labeled the new Michael Richards.

A Contrary View -- Against Virginia Tech

This guy -- NOT wanting Va. Tech in:

Billy Buckner Says:

March 13th, 2011 at 8:49 PM
Virginia Tech can suck my cock, I’m so happy they didn’t get it. Between Greenberg being a whiney bitch, Jeff Allen being a piece of shit, and Delaney being a bitch, too (though really good), I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy to see a team not get in.

At least partially makes up for Maryland’s suckitude.

UAB Season Stats

POINTS PER GAME 68.9 168th

So, yeah, maybe they beat no one, but their stat line.........really blows also.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jalen Rose -- Duke Just Recruits Uncle Toms


And what did we learn from the ESPN story "Fab Five"? Rose claimed that while he was in a house where large amounts of crack were found.........it wasn't a drug house.

We also learned that no one at ESPN can remember that the Fab Five never won a Big Ten title or NCAA title.
1992 Ohio State
1993 Indiana
1994 Purdue
1995 Purdue

Seems like while everyone at ESPN can remember and show the halftime score of the 1992 title game (31-30 Michigan) no one can seem to remember the FINAL score -- that would be 71-51, Duke kicking Michigan's ass 41-20 in the second half.

The Fab 5 started the whole "Thug/Rap Culture" in college basketball???? Um, ever hear of UNLV? Hey, Jalen, I will say it -- you guys were basically nice boy-band sanitized versions of the Runnin' Rebels, made to sell white suburban kids Nike gear. Congrats on that accomplishment. While UNLV had as its star Larry Johnson (widely suspected of cheating to get into school, so he had to go to JC and then sneak in the back door to Vegas), and a guy like Moses Scurry who looked like he was 35 and straight out of solitary, you had Chris Webber -- straight A student at a small private school, real name "Mayce Webber III". So, as Kevin Garnett would say, you fellas were "fake thugs."

When things went bad for Webber, what did he do? Did he stand up for the Godfather of the old neighborhood? Nope, he saved his own ass from the slammer any way he could -- must be proud of THAT, huh Jalen?

And once Webber was gone -- Jalen surely won a title then, right, cuz.......oh wait, that is right, Jalen's team had their identity and NCAA hopes stolen away by Arkansas (who wore the even LONGER shorts that we see today in inner city games and the tighter uniform tops we see today).

Well, Jalen surely won an NBA title with...........OK, he didn't but WEBBER.........oh, maybe not, well, King and Jackson.........nope.

Juwan Howard, 1,000 years old, still playing -- maybe he can win one before age 60.

NCAA Selection Committee -- White Bubble Coaches Need Not Apply

Two of these guys had teams (VCU and UAB) who really had no business being in the tourney..........and got in.

Three of these guys........are pretty clearly white. In the famed Bakke decision of many years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that admissions departments could give a non-white applicant a "plus" on his or her application for......well......not being white.
It appears that the NCAA (unable to give the Minnesota Gophers and Tubby Smith their annual pity/diversity invite) did the same thing this year.
Hey, all Joe Lunardi does for a month is pick teams who will and will not get in the tourney. He had white-coached Colorado as in the tourney, and not even one of the last 4 in. He had white-coached St. Mary's and white-coached Va Tech also in. And he had VCU and UAB out.......and out by quite a bit.
VCU did not even bother to have a team viewing party to watch the tourney selections.
But, oh well, another thing we can blame Tubby Smith for -- without Tubby taking up his obligatory "not white bubble coach" spot, the NCAA apparently saw a lack of diversity and gave UAB and VCU a plus, or maybe 10 plusses.
Or maybe a loss at Georgia State just isn't that bad. And maybe a 21 point loss to Duke is really BETTER than a Va Tech DEFEAT of Duke. I guess I am just confused.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquakes 8.5 or Above Since 1900 -- Not Counting Japan 2011


9.5??????? Good lord, this is a logarythmic scale -- 9.5 is defined as "devastating in areas thousands of miles across"!!!

GOP Insider -- Michele Bachmann "Like Sarah Palin, But Smarter"

Republicans take [Palin] seriously and are unafraid to mock her," said one Democratic Insider.
Indeed, Republican Insiders were brutal in their assessment of Palin. "Looking attractive, and being attacked by the news media are not sufficient qualifications for President," said one GOP Insider.

"Her market niche is being filled by [GOP Minnesota Rep.] Michele Bachmann," said another GOP Insider. "When people say Bachmann is like Palin, only smarter, that's a problem."
When discussing book smarts, it is almost certainly true that Bachmann is smarter than Palin. (Bachmann made it through a law degree in far under the 5 schools it took Rah-rah to get a broadcasting degree). But to ever be considered DUMBER than Michele Bachmann IN GENERAL is basically being accused of being just intelligent enough to breathe. Bachmann repeatedly says outrageous stupid shit that she reads on the Internet and just re-tweets to the world at large. She is a complete idiot.

So, Sarah, if people inside the Republican party still view you as dumber than Michele, I still hold out hope for you to find work in Nailin' Paylin II , This Time It Is For Real.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hot for (Former Porn) Teacher


NPR Executive Quits


NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik said in a tweet that Schiller was forced out by the board.

On Tuesday, conservative activist James O'Keefe posted a hidden-camera video in which NPR executive Tom Schiller bashed the tea party movement as "racist" and "xenophobic" and said NPR would be better off without federal funding. Tom Schiller is not related to Vivian Schiller.

Um, OK -- does ANYONE think the Tea Party movement is not racist and xenophobic? Read the signs they carry at rallies, for goodness sake. They basically are PROUD of the fact that they are racist and xenophobic.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Natalie Gulbis -- Stretching

Good form.

More Katy Perry or Katie Perry or Who Cares What her Name Is?

I don't know why I have never seen this pic before, but...............good lord............

Kwame Brown Lowlight Reel -- Warning -- Gangster rap Lyrics On Occasion

Proposal on Basketball Court

Poll Winner -- Chocolate Melts, Etc.

I was disappointed in the measly 2 votes received by "Sin and Bare It" -- but heck, I voted Chocolate also.

Caption Contest

Players With Greater Than 50 Consecutive Double-Doubles

From the Minnesota Timberwolves' media department -- not sure how they figured this out:

Love is one of only nine NBA players with streaks of 50 or more consecutive double-doubles. The other eight are all members of the Hall of Fame: [Moses] Malone, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Elgin Baylor, Walt Bellamy, Wilt Chamberlain, Elvin Hayes, Jerry Lucas and Bill Russell.

Where Are They Now? Isiah Thomas -- Losing Low Level College Coach


Narrow 35 point loss in the conference tourney spolis an otherwise sterling 11-19 campaign.

At least Zeke was able to coach in a game where the other coach was so far ahead he could substitute for emotional reasons.....

Fernando Flores -- Gay?


I was sexually harassed...by a hot blonde chick....who tried to pose sexy and make me aroused.

The sky is really the limit here for a male jury to award damages. I would try to determine the cost of a boxed set of CDs for Bette Midler, Judy Garland and Cher and award that amount of damages. Maybe plus the cost of a sex change operation.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Charlie Sheen -- Fired -- And I Think Unjustly


I think the case against Sheen is rather flimsy:

1) he showed up for work;

2) he did the shows and they got huge ratings;

3) the drug problems referred to by the lawyers were long-lasting and never a problem for YEARS and no action was ever taken against Sheen; in fact the company made excuses for him;

4) hating your boss and saying stupid angry shit about him is not a contract violation -- if you are willing to show up for work and actually read the shit they give you, you are doing the "essential" parts of the job.

They are threatening to countersue Sheen for breach of contract -- a difficult claim, since they could mitigate their damages simply by putting Sheen on the air, getting enormous ratings, and then in the off season demanding that he get rehab. Hell, they could run shows where he phones in his part from off screen (Farrah Fawcett anyone?).

I would rather have Sheen's case than the studio's case.

Phil Collins -- Quitter


For those of you who did not listen to much music before 1997 -- Phil Collins used to be a recording artist and drummer.

Where I Used to Sit

This is the end where I used to sit/stand at Duke 1987-89.
I never wore a sweat band to the game.

Heat meltdown continues


Yesterday "Coach" (I think it is safe to put this in quotes now, he looks about 12, except for the fact that he seems to have lost 35% of this hair in one year) Erik Spoelstra said, "You saw a number of guys crying in the locker room."

LeBron's former coach Mike Brown, on a national TV game, "Tell them to stop crying and start playing. Tell them to man up and start winning some games. My lord. There is no crying in basketball. Be a man."

I looked at the standings today, with 20 games left the Heat enjoy a 3 game lead on Orlando in the loss column and 4 on the Hawks. It is unlikely that the Heat slip down below 5, and they have almost clinched a playoff spot, so even a 20 game skid will not put them in the lottery. Frankly, if you are the Heat and you figure it out (and get SOME modicum of identity and coaching) you can be seeded anywhere 1-8 and still win). So, the next 20 games:

1) Establish an offense and a defense (you have Wade, LeBron and Bosh, maybe you trap and play some zone???)

2) Figure out how to make LeBron and Wade happy

3) Accept an "us against the world" attitude and turn the pain outward, "Look, all of those fuckers in the media want us to fail. Fuck them!"

What you have to understand is that Wade and LeBron are actually too nice. They talk big, but they are not true killers on the court.

KG -- has become an awful cheap shot artist, and he will kill you when your back is turned
Paul Pierce -- was knifed in a bar
Ray Allen -- when he plays Kobe, you can almost see the disdain in Ray Allen's face - "Kobe ain't better than I am"

Derrick Rose -- cheated to get into school, played for one of the biggest cheaters of all-time
Joakim Noah -- super dirty

Dwight Howard -- fouls 20 times a game, gets called for 3; 16 Technicals on the year, which means he should have 40

Kobe Bryant -- accused of rape because he banged a 20 year old chick by bending her over a hotel room couch, then (per Kobe) came in her face and told her to get the fuck out -- so yeah, not a nice guy
Pau Gasol -- dirty, cheap player
Ron Artest -- certifiably crazy

So these are the guys you are playing against, Heat. I suggest that you get a little tougher and angrier if you want to win basketball games.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Thoughts On LeBron and Carmelo

Watched Miami in the 4th quarter last night. Yuck.

When I was a young man of 25 I played softball with a bunch of lawyers -- I knew one guy, didn't know the others. They had a guy who played shortstop, about 35. Good shortstop. So I played second base. I wasn't that good at second base. He wasn't as good as I was at shortstop. And we really did not get along on the field. We had no timing and committed just dumb mistakes (both called a popup, neither caught it).

We just were not made to play together. One day, the one guy I knew on the team said, "HM, go play short." Charlie plays short. "No, you are 25 years old, you are younger, faster, better, stronger arm. You will play short from now on." And Charlie? "Who cares?"

I played short, Charlie quit, and we were 3 runs better a game playing with whoever showed up to play second base each week.

Miami is my old softball team from 1990. James is their best guy, but Wade has been there longer. Both guys feel the need to defer to one another, causing both to be worse. In games against good opponents, you need one star and a bunch of guys who stand and wait for the ball.

Last night, if you played Wade with Mike Miller you would have had a better chance of winning the game. If you played James with James Jones you would have had a better chance of winning the game.

So -- who has to step up??? The coach. Sorry, someone has to say, "Late in games we run plays for ______________." That is it, end of discussion. The other guy has to learn to stand and wait for the ball off double teams.

Why is Miami so bad in close games? James and Wade are not complimentary players, and they cannot get out of each other's way.

Melo to Knicks -- wow, how has Denver been so good?

What George Karl has done is to get great effort from the guys he had PRE-Carmelo and replace Chauncey (whom I thought would be a huge loss) with Ray Felton. Felton and Lawson played 63 minutes between them last night.

It remains to be seen whether Denver can continue their winning ways when they face stiffer competition in road games (Utah, who lost just barely to Denver, is in complete free fall; the other Nug road win sans Melo was at Milwaukee), but, so far so good for the Nugs.

Melo in NY -- getting big pub', making the Knicks big money, yet another team that defeats Miami in a close game. Otherwise, giving up a ridiculous amount of points, including 115 to Cleveland.

10 Politically incorrect truths


Definitely worth a read. I will give you two to whet your appetite: 1) beautiful people have more daughters than sons; and 2) men are better off in a society that requires monogamy; women are better off when men can have more than one wife.



Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Celebrity Nose Jobs -- Good Ones!

Since I am so critical of bad plastic surgery (cough -- Meg Ryan, Bruce Jenner), I guess I should note that good plastic surgery can be a GREAT help!

TV Ladies -- From Sue Sylvester to Mary Richards


TV Ladies -- From Sue Sylvester to Mary Richards


Supreme Court -- Yes, In Fact, God may Hate Fags


I am all for free speech, but is the ridiculous position that God punishes NON-homosexuals for the actions of the government in passing some laws supporting homosexual rights really a "matter of public concern"??? Is it really a matter of public concern to say that a Catholic upbringing dooms all children raised Catholic to Hell?

I recognize that generally you are allowed to say whatever you want, within means, but the "interest" advanced here is SOOOOOOOOOOO minimal that I really don't see much on that side of the balancing scale.

If I were to go stand outside the Supreme Court all day with a sign saying "Old White People Are All Fags and Dikes" what possible public interest would I be advancing? The desire to kill or discriminate against old white people?

Statistical Conclusion -- Mike Bibby Close to the Same Player He Has Always Been

If you look the newest Heat member up on basketball-reference.com, you will see that Bibby is a very good offensive player, a very bad defensive player, an outside shooter who is deadly and a guy who has a 2-1 assist-to-turnover ratio or better.

The only real change over Bibby's entire career is that he used to shoot more free throws and he used to be a little better assist man.

So, that said, what do the heat need him for -- to fill the Mo Williams and Booby Gibson role of "wait out by the three and we will get you the ball six times a game." Stats say Bibby will hit 2 or 3. The Heat just hope it is 3 instead of 2, and that some games it is 6.

Conclusion -- good signing, certainly worth a shot.

Whom To Believe -- Charlie Ward+The Bible or Pope Benedict???

Charlie Ward opined several years ago that the Jews killed Jesus. He certainly had a lot of support in the New Testament for his opinion: http://www.blackelectorate.com/articles.asp?ID=8

See also, The Passion of The Christ (movie).

However, now Pope Benedict says that he has determined that the Jews did not kill Jesus. At least not "all" the Jews. http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2011/03/02/jews-did-not-kill-jesus-pope-writes-in-new-book/

Um, did anyone other than Mel Gibson really believe that ALL of the Jews killed Jesus? I mean, will I be arrested tomorrow for my German heritage since ALL Germans killed the Jews in Hitler's Germany!?!?

I guess the Pope sort of owed the Jews a bone since he was, after all, a Hitler Youth member. But it is a little hard to tell people that the Jews or the Jewish priests had nothing to do with killing Jesus when the King James Bible (the literal word of God, remember, 879 year old men, man-swallowed-whole-by-whale-and-living, feed 200 people with 1 loaf and 3 fishes and all that) states that Jesus would not walk with Jewry because......................they were trying to kill him..................

And if anyone believes that Pope Benedict's conclusion will solve anti-Semitism, ask yourself this -- have you ever heard a Muslim terrorist leader state that they need to kill all Jews to........avenge Jesus!?!? I do not seem to recall that.

Kim Kardashian's New Single "Jam" -- Audio



Could not be more horrible.

I like how the "lyrics" list words such as "clicks" and "Rozay" -- WTF do these words in this context even mean???

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jane Russell -- Dead at 89


Full figured.

Howard Hughes apparently spent months trying to get this flimsy shirt and enormous rack footage past the censors. Fortunately for us all, it made it.

The Names of Charlie Sheen's "Two Goddesses"

Rachel "The Rach" Oberlin and model Natalie "Natty" Kenly.

"The Rach" is better known to non-drug-addicted-Hollywood-star-types as porn star Bree Olson.

Natty is primarily a bikini model, including modeling for a marijuana publication.