Monday, October 31, 2011

From the NFL in 1939 to the NFL Today in 5 Steps

D'Angelo Hall -- current player, played with Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen -- played with Ken Stabler

Ken Stabler -- Played with George Blanda

George Blanda -- Played with Sid Luckman

Sid Luckman began playing in 1939.

Anyone think they can run it more quickly/in fewer steps? As quickly?

4 Steps to Olindo Mare -- The Start of the Dolphins Franchise

It is 2011, and Olindo Mare is STILL playing!! How many steps to Olindo Mare from the expansion 1966 Dolphins???:

1. Howard Twilley was on the 1966 Dolphins.

2. Howard Twilley played with Bob Kuechenberg

3. Bob Kuechenberg played with Dan Marino

4. Dan Marino played 3 years with Olindo Mare

It should be noted that the 1966 Dolphins were almost a step closer -- Kuechenberg played as far back as 1970. The Twilley link is only needed to cover 4 years out of 45.

Rick Perry -- Drunk or Just Speaking at a 5th Grade Level???

I remember in 6th grade giving a speech on what I wanted to be when I grew up -- it had about this level of professionalism, maybe more.

Rita Rusic -- 50ish, and daring

Um, so, yeah.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Divorcing

@RyanSeacrestRyan Seacrest

Yes @kimkardashian is filing for divorce this morning. I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few mins
Summary -- she has a huge ass, and he IS a huge ass. I guess that caused too much confusion.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Apple Holding Over $80 Billion in Cash

What could they do with the $80B in cash? Well, the article has some ideas, but let's say they took just $2B of that -- they could hire 40,000 U.S. workers at $50,000 each for a year. Or 20,000 workers at $50,000 each for 2 years.
They only have 64,000 workers, so they could pay each of them a bonus of $31,250 and still have roughly $80B in cash.
They could build 10 NFL football stadia with retractable roofs and have about $70B in cash left. They could pay each American $500 and still have $65B in cash left.
At some point, it becomes remarkably obscene. I mean, the CEO could take a $1B bonus and barely dent the cash (roughly 1.23% of cash). So, tomorrow you are a billionaire and it makes virtually no impact on your cash position.
Assuming that Chinese laborers putting together iPhones are getting $5 a day (which is probably high, but we will go with that), you could hire 1,000,000 extra Chinese workers for an entire year and spend only around $2B for the entire year ($5,000,000 x 365 = 365M x 5 = $1.825B).
A few other items -- most of the cash is kept overseas "for tax purposes" -- which, of course, is what you would expect good people interested in deficit reduction to do: make sure they pay no taxes on billions of profits earned off purchases by U.S. citizens).
And -- in 2009, total U.S. foreign aid (not wars, just the aid that Ron Paul wants to end to balance the $1T budget deficit), was $45B. So, if Apple made $10B in cash and kept the $81B it has, it could give away money to other nations at the same rate as the U.S. government has, and do so for 2 years.
This is more proof of the concept that reducing taxes does not create jobs. Apple offshores its money so as to pay no taxes, it holds $81B in cash, so it should be announcing either 40,000 U.S. hirings or 1,000,000 Chinese hirings, right? Right? Nope. it will hire the bare minimumm required to meet demand. It is product demand that causes hiring, not tax rates.

Final Break Down of White Guy Performance in Top 500

Bottom 100 -- 11% white

301-400 -- 20% white

201-300 -- 23% white

101-200 -- 25% white

51-100 -- 20% white

50-1 == 16% white

Pretty evenly distributed except at the far low end and the far high end. I took Griffin and Battier as white, but not Kidd or Deron Williams or Tim Duncan or Tony Parker.

Justin Verlander -- Sporting News Player of the Year

He won 24 games, lost 5, and did not play in 128 of his team's 162 games.

Didn't play at all -- not an inning -- in 128 games.

So, we will see if Player of the Year = MVP

Britney Spears -- Time, Kids and a Lot of Doughnuts

Brooklyn Decker Doing Her Makeup

Early heavy favorite for 2012 picture contest. There is just something about this pic that makes me say "heavy".

Customer Service -- Agent Style

"I will set you up with this SUPER easy girl who will bang anyone, but let me be clear -- this is not a prostitute. I don't get any money back in the rare event that she refuses to have sex with you."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lockout Soon to End?

Rumors: Optimism at New York meeting.

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Classic Ric Flair

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TSA Comedy

I Might Have to Come Around On The Whole "Drill Baby Drill" Idea.

Is there any oil in suburban Minneapolis?

Lindsey Lohan -- Doesn't Even Get $1,000,000 For Playboy

How the mighty have fallen. When she turned 18 she could have asked $10MM and easily received it. Now she asks for $1M and they nickel and dime her. Sad.

Rick Perry -- "Cut, Balance and Grow"

Cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations (thus reducing revenue coming in).
Balance the budget, with fewer revenues, by, um, saying we will.
Grow the amount of money that Wall Street CEOs have in their bank account!
The most confusing part of Perry's plan is that he would institute a flat tax of 20%..........unless you opted out of that......???? Huh??
The whole point of a flat tax is that you take away deductions (he would continue most deductions) and you simplify the tax code so everyone pays "the same". Perry's flat tax does....neither.
The idea that you can cut taxes and "grow" your way out of a deficit was debunked in, oh, 1981, 1990, 2001, 2004, and 2007. But hey, it is like telling fat people that you can lose weight by eating MORE calories. Is it theoretically possible? I suppose. What generally happens 95% of the time -- the guy eats 5 meals at 1,000 calories each instead of 3 and he gains weight. But no one wants to hear that eating makes you fat, so they are real happy with any plan that says the opposite.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Saints' 62-7 Win Not Even Highest NFL Margin of Victory In the Past 3 years

New England's 59-0 pasting of Tennesee holds that honor.

The Colts' 62-7 loss is a horrible ass kicking, but not all-time worst.

Margin Result Year
73 Chicago 73, NY Giants 0* 1940
64 Philadelphia 64, Cincinnati 0 1934
62 Akron 62, Oorang 0 1922
60 Rock Island 60, Evansville 0 1922
60 Chi. Cardinals 60, Rochester 0 1923
59 Cleveland 62, Washington 3 1954
59 Cleveland 59, Rochester 0 1924
59 Chi. Cardinals 59, Milwaukee 0 1925
59 Los Angeles 59, Atlanta 0 1976
59 New England 59, Tennessee 0 2009
* -- NFL Championship Game

Why Herman Cain Struggles So Badly On Abortion

Cain has stated both that he is super pro-life and that the government has no right interfering with the right of a family to choose to have an abortion:
Uh oh.
How could Cain so badly F this up? Well, understand that Cain is a complete novice and he is trying to do two things here: 1) support what he understands to be the GOP view on abortion (pro-life no matter what) and 2) support what he understand to be the GOP position on government (the government is incompetent and has no business interfering in our lives).
So, he says both #1 and #2, not realizing that they are logically inconsistent. This is really the fault of Cain's handlers. They have to explain to him that generally it is OK to take ridiculous positions that are diametrically opposed, but abortion is just not one of those times. He should have been told, "You say you are pro-life no matter what. If someone asks you whether you favor abortion, you do not. If someone asks if an abortion would save the remainder of humankind from extinction, you say Goodbye Humanity. If someone asks whether you would abort Satan's child, tell them that you believe adoption would solve that problem."
Cain's error is the second time that he has taken the stance that a President should act reasonably and be open to certain new arguments (his "I might trade hostages for hostages" comment being the other). What should Cain have learned from this? As a Republican you take about 8 positions and you do not vary, ever, from these. If you do not hold even one of these 8 positions, you are disqualified from public office and should consider the Democratic party your home.
It is a hard lesson to learn, as we can see from Cain telling people under the poverty line that they will not pay 9% income tax -- wrong again, Herman, the GOP position is that poor people need to pay their 9% so rich people can pay only 9% also. Stop trying to be logical and get on board the frigging train!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Final Baltimore Thoughts

Never eat crab dip and crab soup and 6 crabs and wash it down with Guiness at 4. You will be asleep by 8.

Sat next to a guy at Jimmy's diner. Charlie. Approximate age 150. He was asked by diner owner Jimmy, "Charlie? You still alive?".
Reply - "I feel a lot better today". Yikes.

At an airport restaurant - this couple with a 180 pound man and a 200 pound woman are waiting 40 minutes for their food. Finally comes. The 8 year old girl looks at the mom and says "I need to go to the bathroom". You woul have thought the girl had asked the mom to cut of her own leg. They went to the bathroom. Came back 5 minutes later. The wife is finished. Everyone else has 50 percent left.

Time to pay and go home.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baltimore Travel Log - day 1.

First - will my iPhone run out of battery before I reach my hotel? I say no but it will be close

guy at the train was pissed his 747 train came early. He was staning on the wrong side, missed it twice.

Saw a guy at the airport bar with a 22 ounce beer. 837 am. Bar is open? 22 ounces at 837? Which is worse.

Fucking cold in Minny. 38 or so. Forecast for Baltimore - 3 day of rain, then cold.

Asked my sister if she wanted to meet half way on Friday go drinks (each drive 45 minutes). "I don't know - I have work early Monday". Uh, OK.

Drinking Caribou lite white berry, which they don't sell anymore but all th workers know how to make.
It really isn't that good, but I lik it - like 2 Broke girls (ladies that is how you are supposed to look in shorts).

See an opposing counsel whom I don't really care for. Hope he doesn't pretend we are friends.

All for now - except to say I will be singing Counting Crows "raining in Baltimore" for 3 days. Read up on what it is about - like all CC songs it is basically about how awful life sucks. I will pretend it is about an Orioles rainout where they give out free passe to the local, um, "bars" -


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ESPN's NBA Rankings -- Grading On a Curve

Obviously you cannot have a straight grading system where 90% is an A and 80% is a B and 70% is a C, etc., because then 423 out of 500 ranked NBA players are failing (below 6 out of 10, even rounding up).

So you need to grade on a curve. There is a more statistically sound way to do this, but it would take more effort, so I am going to go with this idea:

Reduce the league down to 360 guys (30 teams times 12 active roster spots).
10% As
20% Bs
40% Cs
20% Ds and
10% Fs

So here are your cutoffs:

Right at the D to F cutoff (around 3.02 out of 10):
Terrance Williams
A.J. Price
Von Wafer
Brian Cardinal

Right at the C to D cutoff (around 3.8 out of 10):
Jordan Farmar
Michael Redd
Enes Kanter
Kurt Thomas

Right at the B to C cutoff (around 5.45 out of 10):Baron Davis
Antawn Jamison
Rodney Stuckey
Michael Beasley
J.R. Smith

Right at the A to B cutoff (around 7.26 out of 10):
Ray Allen
Danny Granger
Tyson Chandler
Stephon Curry

A+ (above 9.65) -- Dirk, Paul, Wade, Howard, LeBron

Shia LaBouf Pummeled By Some Fat Guy

I guess he hated Transformers 2 and 3???

Rick Perry at 3% in Florida Poll

I guess those old folks don't really care for a guy who campaigns on the promise to end their Social Security....

Monday, October 17, 2011

#NBARank's Top 5

The only 5 left (Kobe 7, Durant 6) are:

LBJ, Wade, Dirk, Paul, Howard

Here is my prediction of the rankings:

5. Dirk
4. Wade
3. Paul
2. Howard
1. LeBron

Good For You, George Clooney, Good For You.

Why Puss In Boots is Awesome

Match the #NBARank Top 10 Player With his Middle name

Blake Griffin
Derrick Rose
Kevin Durant
Dwight Howard
Chris Paul
LeBron James,
Deron Williams
Dwyane Wade
Kobe Bryant
Dirk Nowitzki
Bean, Wayne, Austin, David, Raymone, Werner, Emmanuel, Martell, Tyrone, Michael

Minnesota Vikings -- Terrible, Overall Grade = D Minus

Let's review the Vikings team:

Defensive line -- good on 1/2, bad on the other half -- Grade B (85)

Linebackers -- awfully mediocre -- C (75)

Defensive Backs -- F, about the worst safety play in the history of football (30)

Special teams -- mediocre -- C (75)

Offensive Line -- F - every play is a jailbreak and there just are 0 holes opened for the running back (40)

Wide receivers -- F the worst set of receivers in the league (30)

Tight Ends - B, but they of course never get the ball because...(85)

QB -- D -- McNabb is just not a very good player. You can only watch a guy bounce the ball in front of a receiver so many time before you give up. (65)

RB -- A -- their only excellent position, but when your O line is an F and your QB is a D, it is awfully hard to keep the defense off your running back. (95)

Coaching -- F -- it doesn't seem like the Vikings ever outscheme their opponent, despite the fact that every opponent does the same thing (10 men front on D and pass down the middle on O) (40)

Total points -- 620 in 10 categories. Overall grade -- 64%. So, while not historically awful, that is a "D minus" for an overall grade.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Illegal Immigrants -- Alabama Law Too Effective

This completely baffles me. I am sorry. While GC Boy always calls me a socialist/communist, I am on the side of law and order here. As I see it, here are the illegal immigrant arguments:
"I need you to stop enforcing this law because it demonstrates that I am committing a crime."
"If you don't stop enforcing this law, I am leaving your state and will commit my illegal activities elsewhere."
"It doesn't seem right that someone could set up a law that would allow people to find out more easily that I am committing a crime."
None of these arguments seem particularly compelling.
The best arguments, it would seem to me, would be from legal residents who are pissed that they have to show their papers because they are not white or black. THAT I see as an issue. I also see a problem with the idea that I can go to jail if I give a ride to someone who is an illegal immigrant. That is like saying I should go to jail if I allowed a guy who is on drugs to hitchhike with me -- how is THAT my fault?
But the idea that people are leaving Alabama because Alabama doesn't want them committing a federal crime in Alabama? I don't worry a great deal about that.
They can always go to Texas and Rick Perry will give them a minimum wage job and their children a free college education.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Highlights" of GOP Debate

Finding "highlights" of this debate is akin to my father telling me, "Son, go shovel out the barn for 2 hours and try to bring me back the highlights of what you find in there." Hey dad, I think I found a piece of hay that is 40% clean still, and, um, some maggots and some really especially smelly manure.

Keeley Hazell -- Winner

Sure, she may have abandoned her "glamour modeling career" and think she is an actress now, and sure she dated X factor's awful Steve Jones, and sure the pic is 4 years old, but there is something too awesome to deny about a 22 year old whose cup size is either E or F.

Congrats, Keeley. We hope for a quick end to any non-nude acting career.For you numerologists, the winning pic # was 93.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NBA Lockout 2011 -- Will It Be Different?

So the league has canceled two weeks of games. The players want 53% of basketball-related revenue and the league wants them to take 47%. The league would go 50-50 and the players would go 52-48. So, that is where we are at.

(Any reasonable attorney would tell a client that the settlement figure here is 51-49% in favor of the league, but let's ignore the belief that the league is in favor of anything other than breaking the union when all of these guys go bankrupt w/o the league).

What has changed since the last time the league lost games?

1) The star players deferred some of their big money into this year so they could have income while locked out.

2) The players were told for 2 years not to spend everything they had, but to save some.

3) The players think that they can all make money playing overseas. Basically no one tried that back in the old lockout.

I think of these 3 things, the only one that will matter is #3. 75% of NBA players live check to check. So telling them to save money is like telling me to eat less -- great idea, but won't generally happen. The big stars had plenty of money the last time we lost games, in fact, the big issue was that they could hold out while basically everyone else was going bankrupt. So the fact that these guys are well off doesn't change things.

The only way the players bring the NBA to the bargaining table is if the guys go overseas, like to play there, and make something approximating their NBA money. If they do that, maybe they just sit on 53% and tell the owners "You want no league, you got no league."

My belief, however, is that NBA players will NOT enjoy playing overseas, and that they will generally make far less playing overseas than they can make here. I think a lot of players will think living and playing overseas really sucks.

But if I am wrong, the whole dynamic changes. If 230 of the 300 primary NBA players can find acceptable jobs overseas, maybe they don't file BK and they keep their lives in order and they tell the league to go fuck itself.

But history teaches us that even a substantial decline in income (30-50%) will result in a lot of pro athletes losing their houses and their cars and owing the IRS and casinos a ton of money. THAT is what the NBA is betting on, that players will soon learn that they cannot live their lives as they want unless they play NBA basketball. if 200 of the guys ranked 50-300 on #NBARank start losing their Bentleys,it will not matter at all what LeBron James and Amare Stoudemire have in the bank -- the union will crumble and the players will get under 50% and sign a 10 year deal.

We shall see.

Co-Leaders for GOP Race -- Mitt Romney and "Undecided"

How in the hell are 18% of Republican voters picking Herman Cain? I mean, how crazy is Michele Bachmann that she cannot get any votes while a guy who calls a country next to Pakistan "Uzi, uzi, beki, beki Beki" is at 18%? Why are Ron Paul voters leaving in droves to go to Herman Cain?
Who are these people?
"You see, my first choice in a date would be Joan Rivers, but I guess my second choice is Oprah Winfrey..."

Monday, October 10, 2011


Rick Perry's "Interview" On Illegal Immigration

You see, Rick Perry has an EXTREMELY liberal record on illegal immigration. He opposes a fence on the U.S./Mexico border. He opposes E-Verify. He opposes Arizona's immigration law. He signed a law giving illegal immigrant children in-state tuition, and when asked about it in a debate stated that anyone who disagreed with him had no heart.

Rick Santorum quotes Perry as an advocate of a joint U.S./Mexico health insurance system.

So, faced with this 100% disqualifying record on a subject that most Tea Baggers find extremely important, what does Perry do? Have an "interview" with a Blogger where Perry changes 90% of his positions, spins the other 10% wildly and says, "You know, that is what I really meant all along." (Oh, and sorry for that heartless crack -- I regret heartless bastards).

Has there EVER been a less penetrating set of interview questions? My lord. "You said X a week ago. You really meant "not X" right???" "You said you opposed X -- and what you meant by that is X is really, really good and you tend to support it on a regular basis, right?"

Wow. Pathetic. How about going with the GWB theory on illegal immigrants? "Look, wealthy corporate CEOs give me a lot of money and they like having cheap labor who won't talk back for fear of being deported. So am I in favor of illegal immigration? You bet your ass I am!"

#NBARank -- 34 to 50

I believe that would be 0 white guys.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Keeley Hazell v. SI Swimsuit Cover in the finals

There have been a LOT of great pics (Joanna Krupa, FSU Cowgirls, Kate Upton, Cindy Crawford) that have been eliminated.

And like any tournament, there will be a lot of people saying that the finals do not feature the two best contestants. But the voters have spoken.

Here are your final 2 picks.

ESPN's NBA Rankings Nearing The Top 40

Kevin Martin at #42 -- he comes with a 6.98 rating. So, maybe when we see #41 we will see our first 7 out of 10 player.

What is a 7 out of 10 girl rating? You walk down the street and you see a nice pleasant looking woman who seems to have something going for her in her way of presenting herself. She is someone you would date, but no one you would obsess over not dating. She is pretty, but not "hot."

But apparently that woman is slightly better at being hot than Kevin Martin and 457 other NBA players are at being NBA players.

That is quite an indictment on the talent level of the league......or ESPN's grading system.

ESPN and Hank Williams Part Ways

Well, how will ESPN EVER recover from losing a guy who had three top 20 1989......and none ever since.

The country version of....Natalie Cole, maybe?

I am shocked that ESPN didn't appreciate the subtlety of Hank's analogy of Obama to Hitler. I mean, it is not like Hank ever expressed that, for example, we would all be better off if the South won the Civil War or that if that happened he could kick all non-rednecks out of Miami because they were all drug pushers....

Oh wait:

If the South would’ve won we'd a had it made,
I'd prob’ly run for President of the Southern State.
The day Elvis passed away would be our national holiday,
If the South would a won we'd had a it made.

I'd make my Supreme Court down in Texas,
And we wouldn't have no killers gettin’off free.
If they were proven guilty, then they would swing quickly,
Instead of writin’ books and smilin’ on T.V.

We'd all learn Cajun cookin’ in Louisiana,
And I'd put that capitol back in Alabama.
We'd put Florida on the right track ‘cause, we'd take Miami back,
And throw all them pushers in the slammer.

If the South would’ve won we'd a had it made,
I'd prob’ly run for President of the Southern States.
The day young Skynyrd died we’d show our Southern Pride,
If the South would a won we'd had a it made.

I'd have all the whiskey made in Tennessee,
And all the horses raised in those Kentucky hills.
The national treasury would be in Tupelo, Mississippi
And I'd put Hank Williams’ picture on one hundred dollar bills.

I'd have all the cars made in the Carolina's,
And I'd ban all the ones made in China.
I'd have every girl and child sent to Georgia to learn to smile,
And talk with that southern accent that drives me wild.

I'd have all the fiddles made in Virginia
‘Cause they sure can make 'em sound so fine.
I'm goin’ up on Wolverton mountain and see ol’ Clifton Clowers,
And have a sip of his good ol’ Arkansas wine.

Hey, if the South woulda won we'd had it made
I'd prob’ly run for President of the Southern States,
When Patsy Cline passed away that would be our national holiday,
If the South woulda won we'd a had it made.

If the South woulda won we'd a had it made.

We might even be better off.

Steve Jobs -- Dead at 56

Jobs' life taught us some things:

1) Just because you have the best product doesn't mean that you will have the best company.

Apple's computers and operating system were always lauded as far superior to the competition, but the company just never caught fire in the greater marketplace.

It was not until iPod and iPhone and iPad within just the past 7 or 8 years that Apple stock and profits soared.

Don't believe me? Run a chart -- even in the dot com boom Apple was hovering around $31 a share. By December of 2002 the stock was at $7.16, and even by September of 2003, the stock was at $10.36.

On "The Simpsons" Homer stated that the greatest musical festival ever was "The Us Festival run by that guy from Apple Computers" to which the nerd college students stated, "What is Apple Computers"?

Per Wikipedia:
On October 6, 1997, in a Gartner Symposium, when Michael Dell was asked what he would do if he owned then-troubled Apple Computer, he said "I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders."

2) You CAN go home again. Jobs left, went to Pixar, and then he came back. The company absolutely exploded and Jobs is credited with being the genius behind its resurgence. The stock is currently pushing $400 a share.

3) Jobs was not above holding a grudge:

Again, per Wikipedia:
In 2006, Steve Jobs sent an email to all employees when Apple's market capitalization rose above Dell's. The email read:

Team, it turned out that Michael Dell wasn't perfect at predicting the future. Based on today's stock market close, Apple is worth more than Dell. Stocks go up and down, and things may be different tomorrow, but I thought it was worth a moment of reflection today. Steve.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hey, My Lawn Is Dry, Also!

SI Cover Wins, Plus Another Tie

SI Cover Model advances (though I really don't know why, but hey....).

We will set up a 24 hour poll for the tiebreaker between Bar Refaeli and Keeley Hazell to find a winner for the other group.

Mitt Romney Goes Nuclear on Rick Perry

Time yet for the "Romney is a Mormon" ads?

Two Beavers Are Better Than One -- Video

Oh, Canada!

Al Jefferson -- #52 Best NBA Player? Don't Your Teams have to Win Occasionally?

#NBARank has Al ranked #52. Ok, he has some talent, but here are some scary stats:

1) NBA teams with Al on them: 202 wins &372 losses (.352 winning percentage)

2) NBA Teams w/Al playing > 20mpg? 124 and 286 (.302).

The Celtics won the NBA title after trading Al. The Wolves actually improved by two games after trading Al. And when Al went to Utah it led to a losing record for a Jazz franchise that rarely has posted a losing mark. Plus the Jazz lost Jerry Sloan AND Deron Williams in the same year.

Al -- great low post scorer, above average rebounder. That, sadly, is about it. Name any other phase of the game and Al is below average....just like his teams.

#NBARank 51-60

30% white.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Southern Voters Speak, "Lord, Anyone But the Mormon...OK, Even the Black Guy"

Romney's support in the south NEVER surpasses 30 percent. It is generally 20-25 percent. It really is an amazing phenomenon when you consider that GOP voters will even turn to a black guy.......or Newt Gingrinch.

Almost in the Top 50 and Still No NBA Player Getting a 7 Out of 10

David Lee and Luis Scola both really good.........but not 7 put of 10.
You have to figure that if the absolutely best guy in the league is LeBron, then he has to be "10" -- unless they are grading off, for example, Michael Jordan as a 10. But why would they do that? Is that how you would rank guys on wealth? Sure Bill Gates, you are worth a lot, but Alexander the Great basically owned all of the land and mineral wealth of the entire civilized world, so, yeah, 8 out of 10 for you, Gates.
So, if LBJ is a 10, then you figure that there are 6-10 guys or so who have to be 9.5-10. Then 10 guys who are 8.5 to 9.5. Then just a ton of guys between 7 and 8.5. Right? Time for socres to start improving greatly.

Blake Lively -- Losing My Poll, and Now No Longer on Leonardo Dicaprio's Pole!

She is, however, a beautiful girl.

#NBARank 61-70 -- One White Guy

One white guy out of the last 20....let's hope that suddenly we see a late surge!

Chris Christie and Obama Pic

Whoa, good size.

Mercedes Benz Superdome

Because, you know, nothing says "high end class" like a 40 year old building where people regularly defecated during a natural disaster.

Just in Time For Halloween