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Group 8 -- Twin Girls v. Facebook Friend Request v. Keeley Hazell v. Joanna Krupa

Group 7 -- White Thong versus Michalka v. Kate Upton v. Patridge Family

We Have Three Ties In Groups 4-6

Group 4 -- tie between Yankees Spank Twins pic and Bar Rafaeli

Group 5 -- tie between Kathy Ireland and SI Cover

Group 6 -- tie between van der Pol side shot and Ozzie Choke

So, same tiebreaker as before, write into a comment below the Group number and the name.

Only one tiebreaking vote per comment, so if you want to break all 3 ties, vote 3 times. Also, to make it a little harder, you may enter only these words to vote. Multiple votes will be tossed, multiple groups will be tossed, extra words will be tossed, typos will be tossed.

Acceptable votes per comment

4 - Yankees
4 - Bar

5 - Ireland
5 - SI

6 - van der Pol
6 - Ozzie.


The Bottom Falls Out -- 101-120 NBA Players, Only 1 White Guy


Bottom 100 -- 11% white
301-400 -- 20%
201-300 -- 23%
101-200 -- 25%

But the big "white" peak (snowfall?) is at 141-60, then we really see a drop off.

I think you are going to see maybe 18% white guys in 51-100 and then 12% white guys in 1 through 50.

We shall see.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keggy the Keg

He should be accompanied by a slightly overweigh female yelling "woo-hoo!"

Michael Beasley -- 109th Best Player

Makes some sense -- 40th best offensive player, 178th best defensive player.
It is interesting that we are all of the way up to #109 and we still don't have anyone who is rated a 6 out of 10 as an NBA player.
If this was an old school college class, you would expect 10% Fs, 20%Ds, 40% Cs, 20% Bs and 10% A's. So, you should have 50 guys at 2 or lower, 100 guys at 2-4, 200 guys at 4-6, 100 guys at 6-8 and 50 guys at 8-10.
We have 392 guys ranked, we should be at almost a 7 rating, but we haven't even cleared 5.5.
Now, let's apply those same percentages to a 360 man league, we should see : 36 Fs, 72 Ds, 144 Cs, 72Bs and 36As
At 252 guys into the review of spots 1-360, we should be at almost exactly a 6 rating and the next 72 guys should be 6-8, followed by 36 guys who are 8-10. We are not yet at 5.5. We have only moved .43 points in the last 30 guys. At that rate, we will not see a 6 until we reach spot 65 or so.
CONCLUSION -- the hoops "experts" used by ESPN are of the general opinion that most NBA players just are not very good. Based upon a typical bell curve, the grading should be between 1.5 and .5 points higher per player than we are currently seeing.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Non-White Out -- Only 15% White Players Between 121-140

Could this be the point where the curve trends way down?

So far we have seen:

401 to 500th place -- 11% white
301 to 400 -- 20% white
201 to 300 -- 23% white

120 to 200 -- 30% white

They are still working on 101 to 120, but if there are just 2 white guys in that 20, that would be 26% at the 101-200 ranking, and the last two groups of 20 would be declining. We shall see. But the high point of the bell curve (if there is a bell curve) would come at the 141-160 area and the 101-200 area.

I doubt that there are anywhere near 20% white guys in a list of the top 100 NBA players (but if you look at the Efficiency number on, 18% of the top 100 Efficiency players in 2010-11 were white).


Bears Incredible Punt Return

If you freeze it at the 6 second mark, you see the hold on the left side of the pitcure -- completely unnecessary.

Carla Gugino v. Tiffany-Amber Theissen Tiebreaker

The first person to comment on this item by writing "Gugino" or "Theissen" in the comment (and not both -- if you write both, you are DQed) will break the tie and advance one to the next round.

So all I want is a comment to THIS blog post with a one word comment, either "Gugino" or "Theissen."

Ready, go.

Probably the Weakest Group == Group 6 -- Sarah Roemer v. van der Pol v. Jessie James v. Ozzie Guillen

Group 5 -- Kathy Ireland v. Arielle Kebbel v. SI Cover v. Paris Hilton

Group 4 - Yankees v. Bar Rafaeli v. Hoilly Lynch v. ScarJo

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Rick Perry's Pro-Mexican Agenda Now Revealed, Who Do the Tea Baggers Turn To To Beat Romney?

Romney and Bachmann and Santorum all finally figured out that Rick Perry gives away millions of dollars a year in Texas to illegal immigrant children, so yeah, that kinda hurts Perry (that plus he looks about as intelligent as the top of my desk, but that is only a general election problem).

So.......what is a crazed teabagger to do so he doesn't face life with a Mormon President who believes Jesus wandered around the western U.S. burying books for people to find 1,800 years later (or whatever those guys believe)?

Bachmann is a liar and possibly insane. She makes up stupid shit and then says, "Someone told me that." That makes her a great candidate against Obama, but when you go after rich white GOP men like that, people resent you. So not her.

Santorum -- wow, talk about a bad choice. Dumb as a brick, basically has done nothing for 12 years, never really accomplished anything when he was a Senator. can't be the real option.

Perry -- hold your nose and vote to accept bi-national U.S./Mexico health insurance and free room and board for anyone who can swim the Rio Grande and root for the Spurs, Rockets or Mavs? Probably not acceptable to Darreylle Doofus in North Carolina. But the best listed choice so far.

Palin -- she slept with a black guy. Disqualified. I told you before long ago -- this is Mike Huckabee's race to win. He appeals to the lower class religious voter who doesn't want Salt Lake City to become our nation's de facto seat of power. And he is a pretty nice guy with a good manner about him.

While the Rich Wing wants Romney, the poor wing needs someone, and I just don't think El Presidente Perry will hang on....

Group 3 -- Wozniacki v. Blake Lively v. Anne Hathaway v. Shanna McLaughlin

Group 2 -- Aly Michalka v. Carla Gugino v. FSU Cowgirls v. Tiffany Theissen

Group 1 -- Pia v. Cindy Crawford v. Decker v. Miss USA 2011

Final 32 Pics -- 31 Hot Chicks Plus Ozzie Guillen

We will go 4 at a time, 8 groups.

3 v. 63 v. 65 v. 125

7 v. 59 v. 72 v. 123

12 v. 53 v. 76 v. 119

13 v. 50 v. 78 v. 116

18 v. 45 v. 82 v. 109

21 v. 44 v. 85 v. 105

28 v. 38 v. 89 v. 104

29 v. 34 v. 93 v. 97

This will result in the final 8, where we will go 4 at a time again

Group 1 v. Group 3 v. Group 5 v Group 7

Group 2 v. Group 4 v. Group 6 v. Group 8

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Marcus Camby -- Toking

Once you become a Jailblazer, I think you are required to be stopped for drugs at least once.

NBA Rankings 141-160 -- 45% White Guys

Even if you don't count Humphries as a white face, it would still be 40%. White players just dominating this "they are kinda starter level" tier!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big Guys Who Won't Rebound and Just Jack Up 3s

AKA "The Matt Bullard/Pat Garrity type."

Best 31 Rebounding Seasons By a Guy 6'1" and Under Since 1975-76

Who knew that Mark Jackson and Mookie Blaylock were such titans of the glass!?!?
If you sort it down to 5 or more rebounds a game, with 60% being defensive, you get Mookie twice, Chris Paul twice, Rajon Rondo and Norm van Lier.

Kris Humphries -- Guys With Similar Seasons In the Last 10 Years

Brian Grant, David Lee, Kenny Thomas, Antonio Davis, Kurt Thomas. Good solid players. All but Kenny Thomas got enormous paydays at some point.

Kris Humphries -- 145th Best NBA Player

This is an AMAZING story, since prior to dating Ms. Kardashian he was available basically to any taker on the open market for $3 and a tip on where to get a good hotdog in central Jersey.
Good work, Kim. In "Horrible Bosses" they talk about "effing the crazy out of" someone. In this case, Kim has f'ed the sucky out of Kris Humphries.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

South Carolina GOP Poll Results

THIS, my friends, is the very definition of a Republican state!

The COUNTRY is going to hell in a handbasket, but South Carolina -- not doing bad at all. Me, as a SC resident personally -- not doing really that bad at all. Obama? Muslim, not born in U.S., socialist (was it the continuation of the Bush Tax Cuts that convinced them of his socialist credentials?).

Is the country doing enough to keep us safe -- sure.
Is Obama helping -- certainly not.
Should we take away more liberty to keep us safe -- sure.
Biggest problem with Obama -- socialist, wants to take away liberty.

Michele Bachmann -- 4%

Who do you want to vote for -- Mr. A.
Who is the best candidate - Mr. A
Who will win nomination -- Mr. A
Do you care if Mr. A cannot beat Barack Obama (now, remember, Obama is a socialist foreigner Muslim who is destroying the country) -- nope, so long as Mr. A thinks like me.

Is Nikki Haley doing a great job? -- Damn straight!

Poverty rate: 14.9% (16th highest)
Without health insurance: 17.6% (12th highest)
Unemployment rate: 10.9% (4th highest)
SC headed the right way? Yep.
Country headed the right way? Nope.
The country as a whole is almost 2 points better on unemployment than is SC.....yeah, but those are the black folk....we don't really care what happens to them.

Mike Tyson opines on Glen Rice and Sarah Palin


My Ex-GF From 1980 Changed Her Facebook Status to Engaged a woman.........who is in the military....

Um, well, er, I guess I either should not have dated her at all, or I should have dated her a lot more....

113 to 128 -- Read top to bottom

Monday, September 19, 2011

Do NBA Teams Pad the End of Their Bench With Sucky White Players? Doesn't Look That Way So Far

ESPN is ranking all 500 guys who are likely to be in the NBA this year from 500 (the worst) to 1 (likely LeBron).
I thought I would take this rare resource (name of 500 guys, pics of 400 guys) to evaluate the long-stated claim that NBA clubs have 10 primary spots where everyone competes, and then 2 reserved for white guys or white-looking guys who never play. If, in fact, this is true, then the spots 301-500 should be LOADED with guys who are not black, while the spots 1 to 300 should contain very few white faces (or at least, one would suspect, white faces at a far lower rate).
Now, this is an inexact science. One might claim that white players are generally overrated by the ESPN panel, so they show up higher than they should. I don't have any basis to evaluate such a claim. I will assume that the guys doing the rankings did not have any racial bias and tried their best to evaluate each player irrespective of race. I should also add, in a slightly embarrassed tone, that I cannot always draw a good line between guys who are deemed "white faces" and guys who are not. Klay Thompson is about as light-skinned as anyone in the league, but his dad is famous and his dad is deemed black, so people almost certainly do not see him as a token white guy. Najera, Yi, Francisco Garcia, Haddadi, Blake Griffin, Kris Humphries - all judgment calls. But overall, these close calls do not occur often enough to skew the rankings that much. So here we go.
So far, 337 guys have been rated, 66 of whom I deem to be "white faces" for my purposes. So, in the bottom 2/3 of the league, about 19.6% are white-ish.
7 white faces in 351-400 (sorry Najera, you count) -- 14%

If you stop right here, you see that of the bottom 150 NBA players, only 18 are white. 12%
13 white faces. 26%

This is the key point -- 11th men through 16th men are covered by 301-500. 15.5% of these players are white-ish.
9 white faces plus Yi Jianlian -- 18-20%
14 white faces. -- 28%
7 white faces -- 35%
5 white faces so far and they have announced up to #164 -- 5 of 17 = 29%.

Looking at spots 164-300 (137 guys), 35 of these guys are white-ish. So 25.5%.

Conclusion -- The NBA teams do not pad the end of their benches with white players to boost fan interest.

In fact, the percentage of white players from 6th man to 10th man is nearly double what you see from 10th man to 16th man. If NBA clubs wanted to bolster their benches with white guys, it would seem likely that they could find white guys at roughly the same 25% rate that you see at 164-300. You do not see that happening. If anything, you see the opposite.

The bottom of the bottom (401-500) has very few white players. The reasons for this have not been analyzed by me. It may be that marginal white players self-select out of being 11th to 16th men in the NBA in favor of some other opportunity. It may be that white players only stick with basketball over the long haul if they are very clearly pro material. Or it may be that white players who are marginal players are somehow discriminated against on the very basis that they are, well, white, and lack certain physical gifts and "upside potential" necessary to keep them around for a further look.

In any event, the myth that white guys are kept around to pad the end of NBA benches does not appear to be borne out by the ESPN 164-500 player ratings.

Sarah Palin -- "Hey! No Baby Oil Sex In My House!!!"

I know this is not what you want to read when you entered the search terms "Sarah Palin" and "baby oil" but oh well, life is full of large-busted disappointments.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tracey Morgan

he was out ahead of the curve on this one....

Michael Steele, You Dog!

Wilt -- He was Alive in 1987

Was Sarah Palin part of the 10-20K?????? I am just wondering aloud. Pics of Wilt, plus pic of Glen Rice's ex wife.