Friday, March 30, 2012

Target Dog Now on Target Center

I am sure that the Twins will bitch about this "eye sore" that is visible from Target Field -- correct? Correct? No, I guess not.

Britney Spears Sells House -- But You can Still Bid!

What is most remarkable to me is that Brit is STILL subject to a conservatorship. I guess I should commend her for knowing this: "Yes. I am fucked up. Yes, I cannot manage my money, so it is better if the court does it for me. I am not able to make good life decisions."

Whoever was smart enough to force a bidding war on Brit's home deserves a lot of credit as well.
offer house at $2.5, get $4.4, pretty good idea.

But YOU out there who have over $4.4MM to spend on a house can still show up in court with a cashier's check and offer more. GC Boy, I am looking at you.

Just read an article in which the guy at States That Ryan Hollins' Ceiling Could Be Close to Tyson Chandler's Level

This is why you NEVER want to listen to a Boston sports fan. The only similar fans I have ever run into are Green Bay Packers fans. Both sets of fans will regularly state ridiculous things about players, just because they are on their teams. After Roger Clemens' first great season, I spoke with a Boston fan about the 24-4 record and 2.48 ERA. He said, "Well, that is just an average year for Clemens. I expect the same thing every year, likely better." When asked to back off of the position that 20 games above .500 with an ERA under 2.50 would not be an average year for Clemens, the fan replied, "No. I see several 30 win years approaching. He could easily go like 250-50 over the next several years."

Clemens, steroids or no, was a great pitcher, but his career average per season is nowhere near the 24-4 2.48 average projected as sort of a "low average" by the Boston fan.

Boston fans over the years have issued other bizarre proclamations, but I never thought I would hear one that brought to mind the Clemens prediction....until now.

Ryan Hollins is 27 1/2 years old. He has had two NBA seasons in which a team has allowed him to play 1,000 minutes. One with the 15 win Timberwolves, and one with the 19 win Cavs. His career PER is 10.7. His career offensive rating is 107 and D rating is 111.

Tyson Chandler is 29 1/2 years old. He has played almost 20,000 minutes in the NBA. His career PER is 15.8 (it is climbing per year still). His career offensive rating is 114, his defensive rating is 101. He is in the top 76 in the history of the NBA in both ratings. He was the starting center for an NBA championship team. He is in the top 10 in the NBA this year in Wins Shares.

Chandler has a multiyear deal and makes $13MM a year. Ryan Hollins was recently released by the Cavaliers.

So, the assessment of this Boston fan is that, because Ryan Hollins plays for the Celtics, while says he is very similar to Jelani McCoy and Eric Leckner, Hollins is just an eyelash away from becoming Tyson Chandler -- so, he is close to playing 32 minutes a game and anchoring the defense of an NBA championship team.

Yes. Excellent assessment. Hollins, while only two years younger than Chandler and displaying virutually none of the talent level of Chandler, will suddenly burst upon the NBA scene and become the key cog in the Celtics' return to the NBA title. I, myself, now see that as inevitable as well.

My lord.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

KG On Returning to Minnesota

* On returning to Minnesota on Friday:

"It’s always special to come back
to true fans and your foundation, but as far as that franchise, I have nothing
positive to say. So I’ll just let it be that. I think Kevin Love's
playing at a high level, I think he’s rejuvenated the city as far as basketball
goes. Other than that, nothing else."

Timberwolves Franchise Record Before Kevin Garnett -- 126-366
With Kevin Garnett -- 501-451
After Kevin Garnett - 103-357

Why WOULD anyone have anything positive to say about the Minnesota franchise other than Kevin Garnett and Kevin Love have played there.

Blackmailer claims Carl Pavano Both a Pitcher AND a Catcher

Pavano pitching well into the 8th inning....manager - "Carl, go hit the showers." Why? "The guys just would prefer if you hit the showers early."

Kevin Love Scoring Tear Brings His Stats Up to The Level of the All-Time Greats

When you think of Kevin Love, you think of a big bruising gritty rebounder. But when a guy starts averaging 30+ a night and brings his scoring average up to almost 27 points games based in large part on outside shooting, you start seeing names that just astound you as comparables:


These are guys who have gone for over 26.6 a game with 7 rebounds and at least 3 three-point attempts per game. And Love....

So you have 4 guys who may be 4 of the top 25 players of all time, and Kevin Love. That tells you how good Love has been this year.

If you go with Love's scoring and rebound stats and try to find guys between 6'8" and 6'10" as comparables, you get Moses Malone, and Bob Petit, and, interestingly, Bob McAdoo.

The McAdoo comparison is a very, very interesting one to me. As someone who watched the Braves religiously growing up, McAdoo was our star. A guy who could score outside and inside, but made his money outside. A guy who was an undersized center. A guy whom everyone respected, but didn't think of as an all-time great, and a guy who was far better on the offensive end of the court (even though he had some HUGE rebounding numbers). McAdoo was the league MVP one year.

Perhaps due to the black-to-black and white-to-white comparison, one would not think of Bob McAdoo as a Kevin Love comparable, but thinking about it a little -- sure.

Love is obviously also very comparable to Bob Petit, but me being under 65, I have seen only grainy highlights of Petit.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Magic Johnson -- Dodgers $2 Billion??? Where Does That Money Come From?

Let me be blunt here -- Magic Johnson does not have $2,000,000 laying around. Magic's estimated net worth is $500,000,000.

So he is buying the Dodgers for 4 times what he is worth. he is either borrowing the money, or he has some true money people behind him.

Here are the group members. The group includes Johnson, former Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals
president Stan Kasten, controlling partner Mark Walter, Mandalay Entertainment
chief executive Peter Guber, Bobby Patton and Todd Boehly

Gruber net worth - $400MM

Mark Walter -- he is the money: Mark Walter is chief executive officer of Guggenheim Partners, a financial services firm that deals with investments and securities among other services.Not much is known about Walter, whose company manages $125 billion in assets, but Johnson also told ESPN that the Iowa native, ideally, would be the one signing the checks for the team.

Happy Birthday to My Lovely Wife - The Accounting Maven

I always think she looks like a composite of the following celebrities: Susan Sullivan, Steffi Graf and Lady Di.
As the years go by, she remains good looking, while I slide further and further into disrepair.

Terrible Rule Change A-Brewing

Since Brazil is the best beach volleyball country, and since their culture really encourages the wearing of thongs, one would thing that another rule change would logically follow....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What My Buddy "The K" Is Doing In Arizona

Good work, K. Good work.

SCOTUSBlog -- It Is Up To Justice Kennedy

From, it appears that Justice Kennedy sees both sides of the debate and could rule either way. He sees the concern with government being able to tell people what to buy, and he sees the concern of Congress seeing health insurance rates go up because young healthy people will not buy health insurance:

Later on, it would appear that Kennedy had some doubt about whether the health insurance market was, in fact, a unique phenomenon. But near the end of the entire argument, when challengers’ lawyer Michael A. Carvin was at the lectern, Kennedy made a comment that he may have started to see the issue differently.

To understand its significance, the context of this later remark is important. Justice Breyer had again, as he had done several times during the challengers’ argument, stressed that Congress was confronted with a situation in whch some 40 miliion people did not have insurance, and that gap was, in fact, having an effect on commerce that was substantial. “So,” Breyer said, “I thought the issue here is not whether it’s a violation of some basic right or something to make people buy things they don’t want, but simply whether those decisons of that group of 40 milliion people substantially affect the interstate commerce that has been set up in part” through a variety of government-sponsored health care delivery systems.

That, Breyer told Carvin, ”the part of your argument I’m not hearing.”
Carvin, of course, disputed the premise, saying that Congress in adopting the mandate as a method to leverage health care coverage for all of the uninsured across the nation.

Kennedy interrupted to that that he agreed “that’s what’s happening here.” But then he went on, and suggested that he had seen what Breyer had been talking about. “I think it is true that, if most questions in life are matters of degree,” it could be that in the markets for health insurance and for the health care for which insurance was the method of payment “the young person who is uninsured is uniquely proximately very close to affecting the rates of insurance and the costs of providing medical care in a way that is not true in other industries. That’s my concern in the case.”

That was the core of Verrilli’s claim about what Congress had confronted, and Kennedy had just phrased it — not as the government’s argument — but as his own perception. In both tone and content, it was a sudden change.

Is the Health Care "Penalty" a "Tax"?

JUSTICE KAGAN: I suppose, though, General, one question is whether the determined efforts of Congress not to refer to this as a tax make a difference. I mean, you're suggesting we should just look to the practical operation. We shouldn't look at labels. And that seems right, except that here we have a case in which Congress determinedly said, this is not a tax, and the question is why should that be irrelevant?

GENERAL VERRILLI: I don't think that that's a fair characterization of the actions of Congress here, Justice Kagan. On the -- December 23rd, a point of constitutional order was called, too, in fact, with respect to this law. The floor sponsor, Senator Baucus, defended it as an exercise of the taxing power. In his response to the point of order, the Senate voted 60 to 39 on that proposition.The legislative history is replete with members of Congress explaining that this law is constitutional as an exercise of the taxing power. It was attacked as a tax by its opponents. So I don't think this is a situation where you can say that Congress was avoiding any mention of the tax power.It would be one thing if Congress explicitly disavowed an exercise of the tax power. But given that it hasn't done so, it seems to me that it's -- not only is it fair to read this as an exercise of the tax power, but this Court has got an obligation to construe it as an exercise of the tax power, if it can be upheld on that basis.

CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: Why didn't Congress call it a tax, then?


-CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: You're telling me they thought of it as a tax, they defended it on the tax power. Why didn't they say it was a tax?

GENERAL VERRILLI: They might have thought, Your Honor, that calling it a penalty as they did would make it more effective in accomplishing its objectives. But it is in the Internal Revenue Code, it is collected by the IRS on April 15th. I don't think this is a situation in which you can say -

CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: Well, that's the reason. They thought it might be more effective if they called it a penalty.

Basketball Pools

I will break even on my basketball pools this year, net of entry fees for me and my son, unless one thing happens:

Kansas wins exactly one game.

That is it. If Ohio State wins, I will win my uncle Edward's pool and make $35 (losing $20 for entry fees in my pools).

If Kansas wins the title, I will finish 3rd in a larger pool and win around $80 (losing $20).

But if Kansas wins exactly one game, my uncle beats me in his pool by 4 points and I will not gain enough points for a top 3 finish in the larger pool.

So..........either go really hard Kansas or go not at all Kansas. We do NOT need a repeat of your 1991 loss to Duke in the finals.

Rasmussen Reports Poll -- Obama Only +5 On.......Ron Paul!?!?!?

National PresidentRasmussen Tracking

Obama (D)46Romney (R)43

Obama (D)49Santorum (R)41

Obama (D)50Gingrich (R)38

Obama (D)44Paul (R)39

Um, really??? Ron Paul is a guy whom numerous establishment Republicans have said is too dangerous to be President. He basically would end 50% of what the military now does. There are many, many Republicans who would prefer Barack Obama.

Yet the poll shows Ron Paul getting 39% of the vote? HOW? He loses 30-40% of Republicans. About 35% of the population is solid Republican and will generally vote Republican when told to do so. So reduce that by 30%, Paul's base is 23.5% solid. Even if he adds 10% extra in independent support, he is at no more than 34%.

What this tells me is that the people being polled have no idea who Ron Paul is or what he stands for. They just know he is still running and that they won't vote for Obama.

The guy who has to be most disheartened by this polling is Gingrich. I mean, Ron Paul has 39% national support to your 38%? Wow. People are FAR more certain that they would vote for Obama (50%) in a race against you than they are (44%) in a Ron Paul race! Wow.

Time to quit, Newt.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Does Wes Johnson Continue to Play?

He plays 22 minutes a game and has started 48 games, despite the fact that he has a PER of 7.5 and has contributed 0.01 win shares per 48 minutes (meaning he is roughly 1/30th of the player that LeBron James is).

How can any organization play such a shitty player so many minutes? Well, it has happened many times before. Woody Saulsbury and Jack McMahon eons ago had TWO such seasons where they were terrible yet played a lot. Trenton Hassell enjoyed some success in Minnesota, but his play pre- and post-Wolves left a lot to be desired, yet he still played.

It appears that teams have become a lot more knowledgeable and do not play unproductive guys 1,000 minutes anymore. Only a handful of guys have had a Wes-like season over the past several years and yet played any appreciable amount.

Talk About Threatening Hoodies!

Most 30 Point 20 Rebounds games since 1985-86

1 Charles Barkley* 20
2 Shaquille O'Neal 18
3 Hakeem Olajuwon* 13
4 Patrick Ewing* 8
5 Kevin Love 7
6 Kevin Willis 7
7 Tim Duncan 6
8 Dwight Howard 6
9 Kevin Garnett 5
10 Karl Malone* 5
11 David Robinson* 5
12 Moses Malone* 4

Certain of these players (Barkley, Ewing, Hakeem, Moses) played NBA games before the database starts - so they may have some games not accounted for here.

Lord knows how many Wilt had in his career. In his greatest ever season he had 70 games of at least 30 and 20:

Friday, March 23, 2012

He Took It Out, Jerry. He took what out? IT!

Also not emphasized in this story, the statement allegedly made to the 24 year old law student while at Axel's Bonfire lounge to the effect that, "My dick is huge."

Cannot question the man's confidence. Perhaps she should also add a claim for misrepresentation? And for animal cruelty (there were allegedly people out walking their dogs nearby).

a reenactment:


Most 30-point and 15 rebound games since 1985-86

13th Place (tie) -- Kevin Love 16
and Moses Malone

12th - Kevin Willis 17

10th (tie) - Zach Randolph 18
and Dirk 18th

9th -- Kevin Garnett 24

8th - Dwight Howard 33

7th - Tim Duncan 43

6th - David Robinson 49

5th - Ewing 51

4th - Karl Malone 70

3rd - Hakeem 72

2nd - Charles Barkley 83

1st - Shaq 105

Love has had a great start to his career in this category, but my lord, Barkley's 83 is an astounding figure for a guy about 6'5" in bare feet.

Shaq has 4 of the top 7 seasons for most 30-15 games. Shaq was an absolute monster.


Austin Rivers Going Pro = Had Already Quit on the Team Before the End of the Season

Good riddance. You had one good regular season game -- put that on your draft resume.

If EVER there was a guy BADLY in need of improved fundamentals, it is Rivers. I guess in his defense he never attempted to learn any through a year at Duke, so why would 2 years or 3 years or 4 make any difference?


LeBron Tweet on Dangerous Hoodies

Minnesota Student Can't Take Porn Star to Prom -- Will Get "Date" Anyway

She notes that she doesn't want Mike to think anything will happen after their date......

(mumbling to herself -- "but it certainly will....").

Whitney Houston Cause of Death -- Hard to Say

Her heart may have stopped, causing her to drown, or she may have just fallen asleep due to all of the drugs in her system.

It really isn't worth much more analysis.

Sex Slave Suit Must Be Arbitrated

Is it wrong to do what he is accused of? Cuz, well....I imagine the statute of limitations is less than 20 years anyway, right? Right?

Moving on....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mitt Romney Aide Accidentally Tells The Truth -- Romney's General Election Campaign Will be Like an Etch-A-Sketch

In other words, Mitt drew one picture for the idiot conservative voters in the GOP primary. Once the picture is done and he has fooled them all, he will shake the Etch-a-Sketch and draw a new picture for the idiot independent voters in the general election. It will be as if the whole primary campaign never existed.

Rarely has a campaign aide ever been so blatanatly honest about the duplicity of his boss. But is anyone truly surprised that this is the Romney campaign strategy? He ran as a liberal in Massachusetts..........twice! He will tell southern voters that he supports English-only, then tell Puerto Rico voters that he would like them to be a Spanish speaking state.

I mean, the man makes Bill Clinton look like a pillar of honesty and steadiness.

As I have stated before, the horrible fear I would have if I were GOP Maven (I may have to make a comeback as that guy for a while) is that once Mitt is President there is absolutely nothing that prevents him from turning over the Etch-a-Sketch and governing as a liberal Republican. Then you have him for 8 years!!! At least Obama is pretty ineffectual and caves in to GOP pressure non-stop. And he is done after 4 years. You elect Romney, he could suddenly dub himself the great compromiser and govern however the hell he wants, and he could become so popular that you could not get rid of him.

I would think that a lot of GOP folk would rather have the Kenyan Devil they DO know rather than the Mormon Devil they DON'T know.

What Can the Thunder Expect From Derek Fisher? Hard to Say

There really are not many comparable players to Fisher. You don't see guys age 32+ playing 1,800 minutes a year at the guard position unless they are awesome players who are at the end of their career.

With guys whose PER is under 14 at age 32+ you get 4 Derek Fisher seasons and a mix of guys ranging from above average to average. And none of them, other than Gary Payton with Miami, was 37 years old. (If you recall, Payton not exactly a great star for the Heat).

If you take off the age sort and sort for active players who are short and put up numbers similar to Fisher, you get Mario Chalmers, Chris Duhon and Luke Ridnour (each for one season) and then FIVE Derek Fisher seasons!!

Finally, if you just search for old fogies under 6'8", with similar stats to a typical Derek Fisher season, you get the type of guy you are looking for -- Jason Kidd, Bruce Bowen, Derek Harper, Gary Payton, Derek Harper, Ron Harper, Dennis Rodman. Guys whose tank is mostly empty, but who may be able to contribute to a really, really good team by providing minutes and OK play.

None of these other guys, however, is under 6'4", so how will a 6'1" guy like Fisher contribute at age 37?

We shall see.

Hunger Games Out This Weekend -- Jennifer Lawrence, Um, Attractive

Derek Fisher -- Thunder

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Huge Football News

Hines Ward -- Quitter --

Tim Tebow -- Traded to the biggest den of non-Christian iniquity in the world, New York City/New Jersey --,0,4467952.story

NFL Lays Down HUGE suspensions in Saints case, including a one-year no-pay ban to Sean Payton

I would have taken away the Saints 2009 Super Bowl as well, otherwise the punishment is basically, "You cheated to achieve something, and achieved it, but we are not happy about it."

If I steal $20,000,000 from the NFL and still display it at my house, would the NFL like it if the police sent me to jail for a year but let me keep and continue to display the cash????

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beth Behrs -- Why You Should Watch Two Broke Girls

GOP Budget -- Tax Cuts for the Rich

I don't mind the attempts at extreme spending cuts, I really don't. If you are serious about cutting the deficit, you will need to make serious cuts. But why does every single proposal have to come with some tax giveaway to the Rashard Lewis's of the world? I mean, he is getting $22MM a year to do basically nothing -- does he really need another tax break? Is he really going to create more jobs when we cut his taxes by 5% so he takes home another million next year when he grosses over $24MM?

Can the GOP just put up SOME reasonable budget that says "We need to raise taxes and cut spending" -- if not, why do we insist on pretending that we care about the debt or the deficit? We don't. We care about the part of the deficit that is caused by poor people and elderly people. We care nothing about the part of the deficit that is caused by the undertaxation of the wealthy or the payment to the defense industry.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Behind the Barea-Love Argument

Peyton Manning -- Hates Jesus

Is Kevin Love an NBA Loser? Will Kevin Love Always Be an NBA Loser?

Kevin Love has put up another sick season with ridiculous points and rebounds numbers with the Wolves. His recent 30-12 barrage over a 7 game stretch are just stats that you do not see every day.

Here is a guy who will be second team all-NBA (LeBron and Durant will be the 1st team forwards), and he has been an all-star twice in 4 years in the league. But he has never been on a .500 team.

While no one else wants to raise the issue, I will -- looking solely at his NBA career, will Kevin Love always be a loser?

It is extremely rare for a guy to be on the 1st or 2nd team All-NBA team and yet play for a losing team. Guys who are criticized for not being "winners" -- like Wilt, LeBron, Charles, Ewing, either won a title (Wilt) or reached the finals (the other three guys). Even guys like Tracy McGrady and Kevin Garnett, who played on a lot of first-round playoff losers, generally led their teams to 50 wins and a playoff berth. If you go through the history of the league and look at guys rated top 100 all-time, there are very,very few guys who played on losing teams for any extended period of time.

That said, Love has a tiny bit of company in the all-time greats. Pete Maravich's teams were not very good and rarely above .500. Nate Archibald put in 4 great early years in Cincinnati and KC-Omaha (including a 30-11 year where he became the last man to lead the league in scoring and assists in the same year).

Nate's career stalled and he ended up kicking around for a couple years until finding a home in Boston with Larry Bird's Celtics.

Maravich found success on Utah, on an individual level, but his teams still never were very good.

Amazingly, that is about it. Iverson had some blip years, Reggie Miller, Tim Hardaway had some blip years, but generally their teams were very good. Alex English had a rough patch, but he made the playoffs early on and eventually later on every year.

So, why can't Kevin Love's teams win despite his ridiculous numbers? What does he lack that virtually every other great all-NBA player has displayed?

Here are some general thoughts about Love weaknesses:

1) Teams do not game plan for Kevin Love -- generally when you play against a great player you really need to design your defense around stopping that great player. This rarely happens with Kevin Love. Teams do not double him. Teams do not try to aggressively work him when he is on defense. In fact, there seems to be an odd "gentleman's agreement" among teams that they will allow Love to get his numbers and allow the Wolves to lose.

When Rubio was healthy, teams were obviously game planning for Rubio. They were very worried about Ricky and went to the trouble of putting small forwards and big guards on him.

2) Kevin Love does not make his teammates better. It is very rare that a great player has a terrible assist to turnover ratio. I am sure that there are examples (Kevin Durant, Reggie Miller) of guys who are not great assist men, but it is very, very rare for a guy to be a great player and have a career assist average of 1.9 assists per game. Love is an "end of the play" guy -- when he gets the ball, he should shoot it, because he cannot dribble, create his own shot, or pass very effectively.

Kevin Love's most similar great player from a stats standpoint? Moses Malone.

So wait, Moses was super awesome and his teams generally made the playoffs, even though he was a medicore shotblocker and poor assist man. What is the difference?

3) Kevin Love Is a Very Limited Defender -- Moses Malone twice was on the all-defensive team. He was a sub-par shot blocker FOR HIS SIZE, but he would get between 2.4 and 3.1 steals+blocks per game. Love this year is at 0.9 steals and 0.4 blocks. This is for a guy who plays 39 minutes a game. No player 6'9" or above has ever played 39 minutes a game and averaged less than 1 steal and less than .5 blocks. It is very rare for a player to be allowed to play 39 minutes a game AT ANY SIZE when he is contributing so little in the steals and blocks categories.
When you are a poor ballhandler and not a good passer and do not force a double team, it would really, really help your team's chances of success if you would not be getting a level of steals+blocks equal to Reggie Miller or Richard Jefferson or Glen Rice or Mike Miller.
Defenders of Love will point to his improved 102 defensive rating. I will point to the fact that every Sacramento King who went into the lane last night was easily able to lay the ball in over Love any time they wanted.
A general trait of a great player is that they tend to intimidate their opponents. Opponents throw up their hands in dismay and tend to quit mentally. When Shawn Marion used to drive the lane against a young Kevin Garnett, he would throw the ball wildly off the top of the backboard or across the rim. He was afraid. LeBron makes people afraid. Duncan as a young man was so huge and powerful on both ends that guys just tended to bounce off him. Iverson was ridiculously quick. McGrady was a huge, huge guard. Shaq was Shaq.
Kevin Love is about 6'7 1/2". He is a power forward who cannot play small forward and can get only minimal run against a legit center. He is highly skilled as a shooter and works extremely hard on rebounding. Yet great skilled players with less athletic talent tend to have the ability to set up teammates (Bird, Stockton). Love, evidently, does not.
The most difficult player to compare to Love (when wondering why Love cannot win more) is Dirk. Dirk has always won. Dirk's stats are certainly not much better than Love's (early in his career Dirk was a 2.5 steals+blocks guy, but he isn't any more).
Dirk has always had Nash and Kidd to play off. Perhaps if Rubio can rehab quickly we can see the Wolves become a 2 man gang like Nash and Dirk early on. But Dirk was the key cog star on teams in Dallas who were going like 58-24. Even before Rubio was hurt, the Wolves were not seeing winning percentages like that.
My Theory:
Love is a very limited player. What he does well, he does extremely well. But he is not a Kevin Garnett or LeBron James who can take a shitty club and make it rise from the ashes all by himself. Blake Griffin, for example, has a big athletic center to make up for his defensive indifference. Griffin now has Chris Paul to control the ball and win games.
When Christian Laettner was at Duke, he was an excellent offensive player and an above average rebounder. yet he had Hurley to handle the ball and Grant Hill to do everything else (defend, get loose balls, block shots, get steals). Love, similarly, needs guys around him to do the things he cannot -- he needs a big shotblocking center, Rubio, and an athletic guy like a young Tayshaun Prince. Sadly, at the current time, he has none of these guys healthy.
Will Love always be an NBA loser? One would hope not. He may follow the career path of Nate Archibald -- finding a winning team where he can be just a cog. Perhaps the better question is can Kevin Love be the primary star of a 50-win team. To date, the answer to that question appears to be a decided no. He isn't going to get taller, or slimmer, or more athletic, or play harder, or become a better shooter, so his sole upside is to be a better ballhandler and passer. I am not sure he can do that.
My guess -- Love will never be the star of a 50 win NBA club. Either the Wolves will get enough talent around him that he can be the 2nd or 3rd guy, or he will end up on an established playoff team, possibly a championship team, somewhere else, in a lesser role.

Barea and Love Argue on Bench

Friday, March 16, 2012

Analysis of NBA Trades

Overall, I would say the winners were New Jersey (Gerald Wallace is a huge minutes eater and will give them 40 above-average minutes a night) and Houston (shed the horrid end of their bench and acquired a guy in Camby whose rebounding and defense numbers per minute put him in the top 5 players in the entire league.

Nick Young? Good luck, Clips.

The Nugs' dumping of Nene has to be an enormous indictment of their off season judgment that he would become a great center -- but at least if you feel that way you may as well dump him ASAP before no one will take him.

Washington gets rid of Javale McGee and Nick Young - thus increasing their basketball IQ by 5000+ points. They do owe NENE a gazillion dollars (or whatever Brazilian currency he requires payment in).

The Lakers? Sessions is an odd player. He can be very good, or he can be very non-existent. They failed to get Beasley (who I think would have been a great get for them in light of Odom's absence) and I think ultimately that will hurt them. Can they continue to get 40 a night EACH from Kobe and Bynum? If so, then no worries.

Kelly Clarkson Set List - Niagara Falls

There are very, very few solo artists today under age 45 who could put together such an impressive set list:

Dark Side
Behind These Hazel Eyes
Since U Been Gone
You Love Me
Heavy in Your Arms (Florence + the Machine cover)
Medley - The Trouble With Love Is / Walk Away / How I Feel / I Want You
I Know You Won’t (Carrie Underwood cover)
Already Gone
You Still Won’t Know
My Life Would Suck Without You
Never Again
Because of You
Mr. Know it All
Miss Independent

Greg Oden -- Waived

Future Timberwolf?
Well, one can only hope that he saved enough of his money that he can continue to find hot young white chicks to grind against him on the supposed premise that they are "dancing".

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Santorum Goes After Romney Re: Strapping Dog to Top of Car

In Mitt's defense, he claims the dog loved it....

Mike D'Antoni -- Quitter

He finally hit upon a point guard who could run his offensive system (Jeremy Lin) and then Melo comes back and ruins it (though D'Antoni's decision to play Baron Davis substantial minutes was also a key cog in slowing down Linsanity).

Oh well, he will get another coaching job in a couple years....and the Knicks will continue to suck under...........MIKE WOODSON!!

Chad Ford -- Wolves Lying About Interest In Beasley

Andrew (Sota)
What are the Wolves going to do at the deadline? Hear a lot of talk on MANY
teams calling on Beasley.

Chad Ford
I love that story ... "Beasley is a VERY hot topic ..." and "many" teams are
interested ... and it's from a Minnesota source. What do you think they're going
to say? No one wants the guy. Clearly they want to move him and clearly they're
trying to create a market for him. Whether any of this is actually real? I
haven't found a team dying to get their hands on Beasley. I think some would
take him for the right price ... but teams are lined up to give away assets for

2006 Trade -- A Quiz

January 26, 2006: Traded by the Boston Celtics (as a 2008 2nd round draft pick)
with Marcus Banks, Mark Blount, Ricky Davis, Justin Reed and a 2006 2nd round draft pick
(Craig Smith) to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Dwayne Jones, Michael Olowokandi, Wally Szczerbiak and a 2009 1st round draft
pick (
Jonny Flynn).

Now, recall that the Wolves got the 2009 #1 back from Boston by trading Boston Garnett (we of course fucked it up by drafting the wretched Jonny Flynn, a 5'10" player who cannot dribble).

So -- we all know that Banks, Blount, Davis, Reed, Jones, Kando and Wally have all lost their ability or desire to play NBA basketball.

We know Jonny Flynn blows.

So who is the 2008 2nd rounder that the Wolves received who is still in the league? Small clue -- it was originally Miami's #2 that the Celts got in the Antoine Walker deal with Miami.

French NBA Site Has Michael Beasley Going to New Jersey

Brush up on your French:

Lindsey Vonn -- Winner

And this was with clothes on!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Don't Look Now, But Nikola Pekovic Is Having An Awesome Year

Similar seasons since 1979-80. You have names like Bynum, Barkley, Kemp, Parish, Sabonis, a pre-drug-suspension Roy Tarpley and, of course, Jeff Ruland.

Pekovic leads the league in offensive rebound percentage. He is 2nd in the league in shooting percentage and true shooting percentage (behind Steve Nash). He is in the top 12 in the league in Offensive Rating.

If he maintains this level of play, Pek could be extremely hard for the Wolves to sign after next year. I mean, look at the guys I identified above -- all except Ruland received $10MM+ a year contracts at the height of their powers.

Look at the Pek age 26 comparison with the Jeff Ruland age 23 season comparison. Very, very similar.

Prediction Market -- Gingrich to Win Both Mississippi and Alabama

I think you could make some decent money going with Romney here. There is nothing more corrupt than a GOP primary set in the deep south. And who has the most money to make that corruption work in his favor?

Just is paying roughly 3 to 1 right now.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wisconsin Voter ID law Unconstitutional

Violation of Wisconsin Constitution. It makes me proud to be an attorney when I read decisions like this:

Without question, where it exists, voter fraud corrupts elections and
undermines our form of government. The legislature and governor may certainly
take aggressive action to prevent its occurrence. But voter fraud is no more
poisonous to our democracy than voter suppression. Indeed, they are two heads
on the same monster.

A government that undermines the very foundation of its existence – the
people’s inherent, pre-constitutional right to vote – imperils its legitimacy as a
government by the people, for the people, and especially of the people. It sows
the seeds for its own demise as a democratic institution.

In other words, where you deny the people the right to vote, they quite often will find ways to eventually express their discontent in a manner not quite so constructive as simply showing up one day a year to vote.

Homeless Used As Wireless "Hot Spots"

Good lord.

The one guy loves art and the lord. Well, just hold still there, my iPhone connection isn't so hot when you start painting or praying....

Salma Hayek

Rubio Blown ACL -- Simpsons' Quotes Applicable to TRYing to Love the Timberwolves

“You tried your best and failed
miserably. The lesson is: never try.”

not normally a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me,

look at me Marge, I'm making people Happy! I'm the magical man, from Happy Land,
who lives in a gumdrop house on Lolly Pop Lane!!!!...... By the way I was being

Trying is the first
step to failure

If at first
you don't succeed, give up.

Friday, March 09, 2012

NIT Bracketology

As of the date of this item, Buffalo is a solid #6 seed (NOT on the bubble) while the Minnesota Golden Gophers are a #7 seed (yes, on the NIT bubble).

I would think the Gophers defeat of Northwestern insured that BOTH teams will play in the NIT!!

Kimberly Buffington-Quaid Divorces Dennis Quaid

Pictured -- Kimberly Quaid in a bikini running away from the old man.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Old Wolves - New Wolves

Hulk Hogan -- Sex tape

Hogan "I am the victim here." Um, I doubt it, Hulk. I would imagine that the woman lasting through the 52 seconds of attention is the victim in a mental health sense.

Jamie Pressley Twitter Posting

Happy Cancun day everybody!!!!

Off Guards and Small Forwards That The Timberwolves Should Want

Obviously some of these guys are not available as trade targets (LeBron, Wade, etc.) and some are point guards (I sorted by 6'3" plus -- Steve Nash is 6'3"?) but the Wolves are said to be interested in a bunch of guys on the list -- Kevin Martin, Jamal Crawford, Ray Allen, etc.

So..........why aren't we hearing anything about J.J. Redick? Redick is 8th in the list in Win Shares per 48. While he is toward the bottom in assists, 2 a game for a ridiculous gunner like Redick, Ray Allen or Kevin Martin is decent.

Redick is shooting 46% from 3. He is shooting 93% from the line. While he is a mediocre rebounder and assist man, neither stat is particularly horrible, and the Wolves have guys who can assist and rebound. He has the 7th highest Offensive Rating in the league. Higher than Kevin Love's.

(Side note, of the 5 healthy guys in the league whose free throw percentage rounds up to 90% or better, the Wolves are said to be interested in every one...........except Redick (Morrow, Crawford, Allen, Martin).

Redick is also under contract next year for a reasonable $6 million....and the Magic are looking to clear cap space once they have to trade Dwight Howard.

David Kahn? You paying attention?

Rodney Stucky -- 34 Points With Only 1 Assist, 1 Rebound and no steals or blocks --

Some great names on this list. Mahmoud Abdul-Raouf, Eddie House, Dennis Scott, Jeff Malone, Dale Ellis. All guys you would look at and say, "Not a surprise. Extremely one-dimensional."

The KING of big point but no other stat games? Reggie Miller. He has FOUR games on the list! He also has the second highest point total ever (OK, since the BRef database has kept track) with no other positive stats. 34-0-0-0-0

The biggest? Allan Houston in 2000 against the Timberwolves in a 100-90 victory.

In fact, Houston also had 4 turnovers and 5 fouls. I guess he had trouble guarding the like of Todd Day (played 15 minutes for the Wolves).

The Oven Mitt Wins, Barely

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Miss Seattle -- "I Hate Seattle"

Oops. I guess when you are chasing beauty pageant titles around the nation, you ought to be careful about insulting your next stop off.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Ricky Rubio -- Putting Up One of the 6 Worst Shooting Seasons Since 1976 For a Player 6'5" or Shorter

How terrible is Ricky Rubio as a shooter? He is on pace to possibly post the worst shooting percentage of any player 6'5" or shorter since 1976, who has played 30 minutes per game or more.

The sole bright spot on the list is that a 24 year old Steve Nash also could not throw it in the ocean, but he has become a ridiculously good shooter as he has gotten older.

Kidd has never been a good shooter, but at least he is a productive player.

Rubio's quest for this title of post-merger worst may be in danger THIS SEASON however, since Raymond Felton is clanking shots off at an alarming rate (36.8%, 24.6% from 3). Rubio's 35.9%, however, makes him less likely to make a shot at any given point in time.

1 Ricky Rubio

2 Raymond Felton

3 Jason Kidd

4 John Starks

5 Steve Nash

6 Rex Chapman

A.J. hawk cuts his hair

Noted the girls in chemotherapy -- "A.J. Hawk's hair? No thanks, he has been a huge disappointment."

GOP Religious Base In Action -- The Jewish Eric Cantor Endorses Mormon Romney

Deron Williams Puts Up 57 in Win Over Bobcats

The biggest story here in terms of newsworthiness:

3) Williams had 57

2) Mike Newlin held the record for most Nets points for so long; and

1) The Bobcats actually played someone within 3 points!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fort Myers Trip Coming to a Close

I learned the hard way that you really do not want to be without a car in Fort Myers - every single person said "go to the beach". Well, I am not gonna walk the 13 miles each way and 50 dollars in can rides seemed unnecessary, so I walked out to sub shop .8 miles away, got a sub and a caffeine free Diet Coke and walked to the hotel in time to see Duke down 16 to 5. Oh well.
Things I saw - the Ft Myers economy does not seem very hard hit by Obama's cruel attacks on our freedom and way of life. I saw no one digging ditches under the whip of government surveyors. What I did see was every single restaurant 100 percent full and a one hour wait at places like the Olive Garden (which I don't understand, regardless of the economy - do people truly believe there is a garden o olives there?). "hey Kim and Ben, wanna go spend 100 bucks for OK food after we wait an hour in line?". Hey! Of course!

Anyway, the part of Ft Myers I stayed in reminds me of Blaine, Minnesota - basically one enormous strip mall bordered by large county roads with 75 lights.

I think I saw 7 good looking women the whole trip, and most were Twins fans from Mn.

Best event - getting Mariachi guy who looked like Freddy Fender to actually sing Fender's "I'll Be There Before the next Teardrop Falls".

Oh - and I settled my case, but I wasn't that excited by that result.

Creepiest moment - two fat guys with Iowa State shirts on at airport - one guy says "you look awful good in that body scanner". No one laughed.
I am all for dry humor, but..........

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Fort Myers Travel log

Woke up at 425. Wow. Stood in line for an hour at security. I guess that early Thursday is a good day to travel....not.

Sat in middle seat in row 43. I was the smaller guy in the row. Yikes. Stewardess laughed at our predicament. "I wish the CEO of Delta had to sit where you guys are sitting".

4th to last person to get baggage. Hotel "we can get a shuttle there in 30 minutes". 30 minutes!?!?! Traffic, sir. It was noon.

Bought sneakers and socks an a pair of shorts - it is 90. God am I fat.

Saw a young lass in 2001 style low rise jeans. I enjoy that style - truth in advertising and all.

Anyway, back to work.