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Mitt Romney Birth Certificate - Father Born in Mexico

So...............I am just saying.........

I Always Wondered What My Wife Did When I Was Gone

I hope she at least gets the bill paid.

Good Chris Bosh Story

The hardest thing for Bosh has to be that the Heat have come to within 2 games of the Finals by replacing him one.

This isn't a situation where the Heat had, say, a first round pick on the bench who had been getting 8 minutes a game but who flourished when given 40.  Bosh in the playoff played 6 games, had a PER of 20, Offensive Rating of 115 and Defensive rating of 100.  Those are all excellent stats.

Yet when Bosh leaves with injury, his 34 minutes are given to a hodge podge of basically "anyone who can stay on the court and give us SOMETHING."  And the Heat......still win.

Some analogies:  Your wife tells you she is leaving you.  You say, "Oh, she found someone else."  Nope.  She is just leaving you.  She lives alone by herself occasionally interacting with friends and random people she meets.  Her quality of life changes not at all and appears to possibly have improved.

Or you play left field and bat 6th for your baseball turn your ankle and are out for 7 games.  The coach says, "OK, well, anyone ever play left field?"  Coach, I am hurt, you are really going to suffer.  "Nah.  The utility guys can play left and we will just have the center fielder play toward the gap and the shortstop play deep.  We may even have the shortstop try to play some left field."  They win 6 of 7 games.

The article mentions that with Wade hurt the Heat won 12 of 13.  Well, with Bosh hurt the Heat have won one playoff series and are up 2-0 in the second.  The fact of the matter is that you don't need 3 offensive-minded max salary players on a team.  Two will do just fine, especially if one is LeBron James.   The sad thing for Chris Bosh is that he just happens to be the one whose absence has occurred while 10 million people a game are watching.

Silver lining - If the Heat advance and play San Antonio, the Spurs's biggest defensive deficiency is they lack good power forward play.  That may be Bosh's time to shine. 

DeShawn Stevenson - ATM in His Kitchen

Hey, DeShawn, can I borrow some money?  "No.  There is an ATM machine RIGHT THERE!!"

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Do People Just Hate Realistic Movies?

Top 16 Box Office Movies

Not Featuring Science Fiction or Fantasy Character/Beings

Not Based Upon a Comic Book,

Not Animated,

Not Made for Children

and featuring Only Real Events That Could Actually Happen (they don’t have to be likely, just possible)

# 2 Overall in Total Box Office
Total box Office - $658,546,990
Released 1997^

Home Alone

Meet the Fockers

The Hangover

The Blind Side

The Hangover Part II


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Beverly Hills Cop

Cast Away

The Bourne Ultimatum

Rush Hour 2

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Mrs. Doubtfire

The Da Vinci Code

Saving Private Ryan

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Interesting Link

All-NBA Teams 2011-12


Position Player, Team (1st Team Votes) Points

Forward LeBron James, Miami (118) 596
Forward Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City (117) 591
Center Dwight Howard, Orlando (75) 476
Guard Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers (104) 568
Guard Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers (74) 484


Position Player, Team (1st Team Votes) Points

Forward Kevin Love, Minnesota (16) 365
Forward Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers 170
Center Andrew Bynum, L.A. Lakers (33) 400
Guard Tony Parker, San Antonio (41) 367
Guard Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City (5) 239


Position Player, Team (1st Team Votes) Points
Forward Carmelo Anthony, New York (1) 154
Forward Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas 136
Center Tyson Chandler, New York (4) 60
Guard Dwyane Wade, Miami (1) 235
Guard Rajon Rondo, Boston (4) 142

Other players receiving votes, with point totals: LaMarcus Aldridge,
Portland, 55
; Marc Gasol, Memphis, 52; Derrick Rose, Chicago, 44; Josh
Smith, Atlanta, 33; Paul Pierce, Boston, 31; Al Jefferson, Utah, 30; Pau
Gasol, L.A. Lakers, 27; Steve Nash, Phoenix, 24; Kevin Garnett, Boston,
22; Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 18; Joe Johnson, Atlanta, 16; Deron Williams,
New Jersey, 14; Rudy Gay, Memphis, 10; James Harden, Oklahoma City, 8;
Luol Deng, Chicago, 5; Roy Hibbert, Indiana, 5; Manu Ginobili, San
Antonio, 3; Danny Granger, Indiana, 3; Joakim Noah, Chicago, 3; Monta
Ellis, Milwaukee, 2; Chris Bosh, Miami, 2; Luis Scola, Houston, 2; Marcin
Gortat, Phoenix, 2; Paul Millsap, Utah, 2; Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City, 2;
David Lee, Golden State, 1; and DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento, 1.

There were people who believed that Luis Scola and David Lee were among the 6 best forwards in the league!?!?!    Joe Johnson's 16 votes (so, ahead of Wade and Rondo) are confusing.   Monta Ellis 2 votes - um, OK. 

Of 42 players receiving votes, only 5 played on teams with losing records (Love, Aldridge, Ellis, Lee Cousins).

Love got the 8th most voting points (behind first teamers plus Bynum and Parker), Aldridge was 16th, Ellis 35th, Lee 41st, Cousins 42nd).

Bill Clinton Poses With Porn Stars

No cigar pictured.  Being elected President now down to #3 in Clinton's "best days ever" behind the cigar day and posing for this pic.

Brooklyn Lee - soon to turn 23, 62 films, awards include:

2012 AVN Award for Best New Starlet
  • 2012 AVN Award for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene in Cherry 2
  • 2012 AVN Award for Most Outrageous Sex Scene in American Cocksucking Sluts
  • 2012 AVN Award for Best Oral Sex Scene in American Cocksucking Sluts
  • 2012 AVN Award for Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production in Mission Asspossible
  • 2012 XRCO Award for Orgasmic Oralist
  • 2012 TLA Raw Award for Best Female Newcomer

Tasha Reign, formerly Rachel Swimmer from Laguna Beach:

Phil Phillips Wins American Idol - Oh My Lord

I cannot express my distaste enough, other than to repeat the analysis of

The guy who chewed gum on stage. The guy who gave Ryan Seacrest bunny ears every chance he got. The guy who didn't care about the songs he picked. The guy who didn't listen to Tommy Hilfiger. The guy who sang the same way every single week. The guy who multiple times on stage said that he couldn't sing as well as everyone else. He is our American Idol. Yes, he is. And we helped him achieve that goal. The cherry on the cake is that he's going to miss a lot of the tour due to his health problems - the winner of season 11 won't even be on most of the tour! The tour's booking manager must be furious.

Also mentioned, the fact that Phillips just decided mid-song not to sing anymore and walked off the stage to hug his parents.

With the exception of a playful male candidate who tried to briefly hug him, all 10 other Idol finalists stayed far away from Phillips, made no effort to embrace him and he in no way sought their love or approval.

If Idol cannot do something about its southern tennybopper fan face voting for bland white males with guitars (Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Phillips) then it is simply going to have to give the judges a real say in who stays and who goes.  Perhaps 50% fan vote and 50% judge vote.  The judge vote would, of course, have to occur after the fan vote was in - but Phillips from a musical standpoint and a performer standpoint is the worst contestant ever to win Idol.   The show is on its last legs and desperately needs to do something to regain credibility.

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Kanye West to Kim Kardashian - "Look More Like Kate Middleton"

Kanye, she has uneven skin, kind of an odd grayish skin tone, and kind of a big nose.  She is a woman who looks WAY better with makeup on.  But hey, if you can take a 6 instead of a 9 and don't care if she ever gets to work again, go ahead with your clever idea.

NBA All-Defensive Teams

1st Team
LeBron James - Defensive Rating 97 (105 and under is good, 89 would be all-time great)
Serge Ibaka - 98
Dwight Howard - 96
Chris Paul - 104
Tony Allen - 100

2nd Team
Rajon Rondo - 99
Kobe Bryant - 106
Tyson Chandler - 99
Luol Deng - 100
Kevin Garnett - 94

Kobe is simply NOT an all-NBA defender anymore, but that apparently does not matter.  His defensive rating is 34th amongst NBA guards and guard-forwards.

Paul and Rondo should switch places.  Garnett and Ibaka should also.

Deng is 4th on his team in defensive rating

Howard is (correctly) first team while Tyson Chandler (named Defensive Player of the Year by the writers) is dropped to second team

One guy left completely out - Josh Smith (96 defensive rating, #1 in league in defensive win shares).  I guess everyone just hates Josh Smith.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"I Will Work Nude"

Maxim's Top 10 Hottest Led By Bar Rafaeli

Bar Refaeli is hot – really hot!

The supermodel (and
Leonardo DiCaprio's ex-girlfriend) tops Maxim's Hot 100 list this year – and it's not hard to see why.

Capping off the top 10, which was voted on by readers for the first time ever: Olivia Munn;
Mila Kunis; Katy Perry; Olivia Wilde; Jennifer Lawrence; Emma Stone; Megan Fox; Malin Akerman; and Adrianna Palicki.
My thoughts:

10. Adrianna Palicki - doesn't stand out to me, but I can see the appeal.

9.  Malin Akerman - very pretty, not super hot.

8.  Megan Fox - sure

7.  Emma Stone - no, never.

6.  Jennifer Lawrence - great choice.

5.  Olivia Wilde - it would be hard to dispute

4.  Katy Perry - of course.

3.  Mila Kunis - no.

2. Olivia Munn - no.

1.  Bar - great choice.

verdict:  5 excellent picks, 1 I could be convinced on, 1 I think is just too high, 2 that I think they are wildly off, and 1 where I think they are crazy.

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Stan Van Gundy - Not a Quitter

Fired instead, as was GM Otis Smith.

Maybe the new Gm will grant my wish of trading J.J. Redick to the Timberwolves so we can move J.j. to small forward and field:

Rubio, Ridnour, Redick, Love, Pekovic.  All white lineup.

Facebook Shareholders' Net Worth in Real Time

This assumes that they all could immediately liquidate all of their holdings, which is unlikely.....but cool.

Robin Gibb - RIP, Age 62

What In the Hell Has happened to Nelly Furtado?

Seen here winning a "Who Wore it Fatter" contest with Lea Michele.   Nelly was enormous on the Billboard Awards last night.  Sad, she was once SO hot.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

LeBron Goes 40-18-9

Other similar playioff games:

Shaq - 44-20-5 in the finals against Philly 2001

Magic in 1980 game 6 -  42-15-7

Worthy 1988 - 36-16-10

Wade in 2006 - 42-13-2

Other similar regular season efforts:

David Lee 2010 -- 37-20-10

Kevin Garnett 2004 -- 35-18-9

Jordan and Shaq both had 60 point games with 18 or more rebounds.

Hakeem once went 46-19-8

Others since 1985-86 with at least 40 points, at least 18 rebounds and at least 9 assists in a game:

No one.

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Hoopsmavenhm I suppose it is probably

Kobe Blows Game 2.

Can you even imagine the outcry if LeBron, up 7 with 2 minutes to play, had gone miss, miss, turnover turnover and them had someone else take the last shot??? Skip Bayless woul be calling for his outright release from the Heat and banishment from the league.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Strippered To Death

Well, he probably died happy.

Alternative title, "Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso, He Fell In Love With a Mexican Girl."

My Old VHS Tapes

Travolta Massage Guy #1 - Quitter

Hey, just because the defendant wasn't actually THERE on the day you allege, you go and quit?  Come on, buddy, no lemonade out of lemons?


Happy Birthday Megan Fox

My favorite Megan Fox story:  Shia LeBouf asked whether he banged Megan Fox during "Transformers" -- "Well, yeah I did."  Wasn't she engaged at the time?  "Oh, oops, let's talk about something else."

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daughter Backs Into a guy in the Parking lot - $2,100 in Damage

Brandi Glanville - Wanted to Kill LeeAnn Rimes

Which, with good luck, allows us to have both pictures and a new pole, er, poll.

Ryan Braun's Arbitrator - Fired

"We appreciate his professional service over the much so that we are firing him...."

Personal Reflection

We always say as parents that we want our kids to be happy. I am not sure that we do want our kids to be happy. We certainly do not want our kids to be miserable, and we hate to see them hurt or upset, but in the end we sort of want to see them successful, and successful in a way that WE imagine that WE would like to be successful. The point of this story - my son announced the end of his baseball career yesterday. He hit .400 as the left fielder for the junior varsity this year, and he probably played 85% of the available innings. He tried out for the summer baseball "feeder team" to the varsity and sat down and talked to the varsity coach yesterday to discuss what his future was in the baseball program. The coach told him he had made the team and what he was good at and what he wasn't good at, and then he asked my son, "Are you passionate about baseball? Is it something you love?" My son saw his opening and replied - "Coach, my dream is not to be a varsity baseball player. I don't really get excited about playing baseball. Next year I will just try out for the Center Stage musical production and not play baseball. So if someone wants my spot on the summer team, you should probably give it to them." The Coach thanked him for his honesty and said he had a daughter who quit volleyball for musical interests and he would be giving my boy's spot to another kid. Now, I cannot say I was THAT surprised by my son's decision, just by the timing of it. He had a great year playing baseball - he was successful and played a lot. I could see that they were grooming him to become the varsity left fielder. But he never loved baseball. I love baseball. I love watching him play baseball. But he does not love it. He does not spring out of bed to play. He does not laugh and chuckle when he is going to a game. He does not go early or stay late. He loves the theatre and singing and dancing. He loves the people and how they treat him and each other. He goes early, stays late, and even attends events he isn't in. It killed him to play baseball during this year's Center Stage production, so he went and worked backstage (even sneaking in to one dance number). So - he will be happier. But will Dad be happier? Eventually, probably yes. Today and for a while, no. Unlikely. When you watch that little kid play baseball at age 18 months and swing that plastic bat left handed because his sister does, you always believe he will be a varsity baseball player. And it hurts even more when you see that he actually would have been a varsity baseball player....but he doesn't want to be. In a way it is like when things go bad with your girlfriend and you know a breakup is coming in a week or two - but you just don't want to believe it. Then it comes. Eventually everything will be way better and everyone way better off. But that first few days you cannot help but sit there and say, "What the hell just happened?" Oh well....just some personal reflection...

Monday, May 14, 2012

The 14 Greatest NBA Playoff Performers of All-Time

First, a guy completely in his own class - I have to recognize George Mikan. Despite a very short career, he had 17 playoff Win Shares and 5 titles, and improved his PER from 26.9 in the regular season to 28.5 in the playoffs. He is #2 to Jordan in all-time playoff PER, so we will forgive him not reaching 20 career playoff Win Shares (he only played 70 career playoff games).

For everyone else, we will sort and require a playoff PER of 20+ and 20+ Win Shares in the playoff.

That leaves us with only 13 guys (listed in order of most Win Shares): Jordan Kareem Magic Wilt Shaq Duncan Kobe Jerry West Bird Karl Malone Hakeem Dirk LeBron

[For those of you who are curious, Bill Russell and John Stockton and Chauncey Billups did not have playoff PER over 20].

Moving on, how do we rank these remaining 13 guys as far as playoff performers? Well, the top 5 in total PER would go: Jordan 28.6 LeBron 26.6 Shaq 26.1 Hakeem 25.7 Duncan 25.4

So, if LeBron is such a great playoff performer (and he is, make no mistake, he has twice reached the NBA finals, once coached by Mike Brown, once by Eric Spoelstra) then why is regarded as such a shitty performer?

Well, one reason is that there have been guys who improved in the playoffs, and LeBron is not one.

Of these 14 guys, the following guys have improved their PER in the playoffs over their regular season career PER: Hakeem + 2.1 Mikan +1.6 Dirk +1.1 Jordan +0.7 Duncan +0.7 Jerry West +0.2

All 8 other all-time greats actually lost PER in the playoff,

some just a little: Shaq -0.3 LeBron -0.6

Others lost a moderate amount: Kobe and Magic -1.1 Kareem -1.6

And 3 were significantly worse: Bird -2.1 Karl Malone -2.8 Wilt -3.3

The perception of LeBron is that he is not that good in the playoffs, and the numbers say that he is slightly worse overall than he is in the regular season.

So, if you are judging who is the "best" playoff performer based upon total career Wins Shares and actually getting objectively better in the playoffs, the top 5 are:

1 Michael
2 George Mikan
3 Tim Duncan
  4 Hakeem and
5 (tie) Dirk and Jerry West

Then you would go

7. Shaq
8 (tie). Magic and Kobe and Kareem
11. LeBron
12. Wilt
13. Bird
14. Karl Malone

Some names often described as clutch: Horry - was a +1.0 Worthy - +0.6 Chauncey - +0.4 Bill Russell = +0.5 McHale - -0.6 Stockton = -2.0

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Bills Turn to........Vince Young?!?!?!

Sort of like taking a chicken wing you think is just OK and dipping it in, I don't know, pickle juice!?!?  COULD it taste better?  I guess.  Is that a likely result?  No.  Would I spend $2,000,000 to find out?  No.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chris Andersen -- Uh, Not a Good Day

Michele Bachmann's Citizenship

Since she allowed herself to become a Swiss citizen in 1978 (apparently knowing full well that marrying in that manner would render her a Swiss citizen), I think a good argument could be made that she voluntarily surrendered her U.S. citizenship.

Why was Bachmann doing this anyway?  Gee, who could ever guess?

Michele Bachmann -- Asks to No Longer be a Swiss Citizen. Birthers, Where Are Ye?

Hey, Michele - too late, baby.  According to the birther thread of argument that says that joint citizens are not, contitutionally-speaking, "U.S. citizens," you have already defrauded the voting public out of the money you received as a Congress member all these years.  Time to pay that back and give up your pension, health care, etc.

In addition, Bachmann had earlier conceded (i.e., in legal parlance, "admitted") that she automotically became a Swiss citizen WAY back in 1978.  I call upon the birthers to stand up for America.  Surely you do not want Barack Obama (joint citizen of Kenya, Thailand, Hawaii, Mars and supposedly the U.S.) to be able to simply "renounce" his joint citizenship of all of these lands and become eligible to be President!?!?!?

Does not the birther movement HAVE to file an action keeping Bachmann (34 year Swiss citizen) off the ballot??  If not, I would say they have conceded that Obama is a legit U.S. citizen.....

Birthers - it is up to you.  Make your choice!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Whose Butt

26 years old....

Used to be on a show and some movies on Channel 44 of my cable system.

Obama - Now Supports Gay Mariage

To summarize his thoughts:  "I already have been President for 4 years, so I figure - what the hell?  I might as well be for it."

Michele Bachmann - Swiss Citizen

I am sure that the people who work so hard at denying Barack Obama's citizenship can find a way to keep Michele off the ballot in Minnesota somehow, right?  Right?

No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

More John Travolta

Apparently there are a few holes in story #1 (pun intended) so we just amend the Complaint and move on to story #2.

By the way, who cooks burgers for an hour?  What temperature are we talking here?  150?

Britney Spears late 2001

Two words come to mind:  "straining" and "overflowing."

John Travolta - Makes Gay Advances on Male Masseuse

Best lines:  "Hey Dude, I'll jack you off."  "Wirey and unkempt."  "8 inches long"

The worst thing he is alleged to have done - promising sex with a Hollywood starlet.......but only after gay sex with him "to make sure we are in synch sexually."  Oh lord....

Monday, May 07, 2012

Porniest Cities In America

I am glad to see Minneapolis is good at something (#6).  Boise?  Loneliness accounts for something, I guess.  Interesting to note that Miami is pushing hard (so to speak) to beat out (so to speak) L.A. for the true porn production capital.

NFL Stadium Funding - Private v. Public

NFL Funding Comparison
Total Private Funding Public Funding

Los Angeles Stadium (Proposed)
Team unknown 2016  $1,200.0 private $0 public    100% private  0% public

San Francisco 49ers (Proposed)
 San Francisco 49ers 2015  $873.0 private, $114 public  88% 12%

New Meadowlands Stadium
Giants/Jets 2010  $1,600.0 private $0 public 100%  0%

New Cowboys Stadium
Dallas Cowboys 2009  $750.0 63% (private) $444.0 37% (public)

Lucas Oil Stadium
 Indianapolis Colts 2008  $100.0 15% (private) $575.0 85% (public)

University of Phoenix Stadium
Arizona Cardinals 2006  $150.4 32% (private) $321.0 68% (public)

Lincoln Financial Field
Philadelphia Eagles 2003  $330.0 64% (private) $188.0 36% (public)

Soldier Field (renovation)
 Chicago Bears 2003  $200.0  34% (private) $387.0 66% (public)

Lambeau Field (renovation)
Green Bay Packers 2003 $126.1 43% (private) $169.1 57% (public)

Gillette Stadium
New England Patriots 2002  $340.0 83% (private) $72.0 17% (public)

Ford Field
Detroit Lions 2002 $330.0 75% (private) $110.0 25% (public)

Reliant Stadium
Houston Texans 2002 $185.0 39% (private) $289.0 61% (public)

Qwest Field
Seattle Seahawks 2002  $161.0 35% (private) $300.3 65% (public)

Heinz Field
Pittsburgh Steelers 2001 $109.2 39% (private) $171.6 61% (public)

Invesco Field at Mile High
Denver Broncos 2001  $111.8 28% (private) $289.0 72% (public)

Paul Brown Stadium
Cincinnati Bengals 2000  $25.0 6%(private)  $424.8 94% (public)

LP Field
Tennessee Titans 1999 $84.8 29% (private) $206.9 71% (public)

Cleveland Browns Stadium
Cleveland Browns 1999  $71.0 26% (private) $200.0 74% (public)

M&T Bank Stadium
Baltimore Ravens 1998  $22.4 10% (private) $203.6 90% (public)

Raymond James Stadium
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1998  $0.0 0% (private) $194.0 100% (public)

FedEx Field
Washington Redskins 1997  $180.0 72% (private) $70.5 28% (public)

Conclusion -- cost of stadium, public contribution and % public-private vary wildly.

Katy Perry For.......Uh......Something

Adidas I think......

Friday, May 04, 2012

And Mitt Romney Offers Us "More George W. Bush"

To recap, under Obama:
  • Private sector jobs: Up by 35 thousand
  • Public sector jobs: Down 608 thousand
  • Stock market: Up by 64%
And under Bush:
  • Private sector jobs: Down by 646 thousand
  • Public sector jobs: Up by 1.7 million
  • Stock market: Down 24%

Ryan Anderson - "Most Improved"? Tyson Chandler - Defensive Player of the Year? Pause - Not!

I don't really understand the Tyson Chandler win in defensive player of the year either.  Look at the league leaders:

Chandler was not top 10 in Defensive rating, blocked shots, defensive rebound percentage, defensive win shares or any other category that would pruport to show that he was the best defensive player in the league.  Who was?  maybe Kevin Garnett (#1 in Defensive rating); Maybe LeBron James (top 10 in defensive rating, #2 in defensive win shares), maybe Josh Smith (#1 in defensive win shares, top 5 in defensive rating), maybe Serge Ibaka (#1 in blocks).

But there is NOTHING in the actual stats of the 66 games played to indicate that Tyson Chandler was the best or most dominant defensive player in the game.  In fact, his best stat was OFFENSIVE rating where he was #1 in the entire league!!

I agree with the Greg Popovich Coach of the Year win, but otherwise, it has been a rough year for NBA awards.

What's next?
MVP -- maybe Kevin Love?

Thursday, May 03, 2012

This Woman Was A High School teacher - and had Sex With A Student

Why couldn't my high school exploit me in this manner????

Robot Hookers by 2050

Thank god.  I mean, I will be less than 90 and still able to enjoy the first assembly line reollout of robot hookers.  I am sure there won't be any glitches.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Junior Seau Dead at 43

Recent Christina Aguilera Pics

Jonathan Vilma, Thug - One Year Suspension

Charlotte Bobcats -- Worst Team of All-Time?

There is no doubt that they were the worst in winning percentage (.106) and total wins (only 7), but you have to be a bit concerned when they didn't get a chance to run out the whole string and possibly win two or three meaningless games at the end of the year to avoid infamy (generally, team trying to avoid the 9-73 mark have won a few games at year end).

Let's look a little more closely.  Subjectively speaking, the worst team I ever saw was the 1992-93 Dallas Mavericks.  They ended 11-71 and won their final 2 games to get there.  Looking at their Game Log, they were also 7 and 59 after 66 games (having won game 66 to get that 7th win). 

The Mavs were last in the league in virtually every category, lost by an average of 15.2 points a game, and had Derek Harper, a rookie Jimmy Jackson (he sat half the year and shot 39%) and a bunch of guys on their way out of the league.

The Bobcats are last in the league in virtually every category except scoring defense (27th of 30) and they lost games by an average of 13.9 points.  They have no one on their roster who another team would want for a starter.  Their #2 guy for PER this year was Derrick Brown.  They have no one on their team who had a 15 PER (which is supposed to be league average). 

The edge at the top of the roster goes to the Mavs -- Harper and Jackson would be head and shoulders above the Bobcats' best guys (Gerald Henderson, Corey Maggette and Kemba Walker).  The edge at the bottom of the roster, amazingly, goes to the Bobcats.

Look at the Mavs' guys after their top 2 - most never played appreciable minutes before or after their stint with this awful team:
23 Steve Bardo G 6-5 190 April 5, 1968 1 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
40 Walter Bond G 6-5 200 February 1, 1969 R University of Minnesota
30 Dexter Cambridge F 6-7 224 January 29, 1970 R University of Texas at Austin
44 Radisav Curcic C 6-10 275 September 26, 1965 R
43 Terry Davis F-C 6-9 225 June 17, 1967 3 Virginia Union University
35 Donald Hodge C 7-0 230 February 25, 1969 1 Temple University
41 Brian Howard F 6-6 204 October 19, 1967 1 North Carolina State University
13 Mike Iuzzolino G 5-10 175 January 22, 1968 1 Saint Francis University
23 Tim Legler G 6-4 200 December 26, 1966 2 La Salle University
20 Tracy Moore G-F 6-4 200 December 28, 1965 1 University of Tulsa
31 Walter Palmer C-F 7-1 215 October 23, 1968 1 Dartmouth College
45 Sean Rooks C 6-10 250 September 9, 1969 R University of Arizona
34 Doug Smith F 6-10 220 September 17, 1969 1 University of Missouri
10 Lamont Strothers G 6-4 190 May 10, 1968 1 Christopher Newport University
52 Randy White F 6-8 240 November 4, 1967 3 Louisiana Tech University
20 Morlon Wiley G 6-4 185 September 24, 1966 4 California State University, Long Beach

The final analysis -- the Bobcats were worse.  When you have two very good NBA starters like Dallas did and you are able to at least win 5 of your final 16, you are better than the Bobcats.....not by much, but by a little.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Osama bin Laden - Hid Secret Messages In Porn

Osama bin Laden hid messages in porn: -

Imagine the efforts of government operatives to find THOSE messages!

"Well, I scanned the first 20 minutes again today, up through the first sex scene.  Still no secret messages."

Have you ever thought of looking farther in?

"I try, but I, er, um, keep falling asleep."

Kate Upton - Courtesy of The K

Yet another reason K is such an awesome guy.  I became so frustrated watching this that I almost punched a fire extinguisher case.

Octomom - Bankrupt, Turning to porn

Something else that is stomach.