Friday, June 29, 2012

Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Robbie Hummel, Looking to Acquire Pau Gasol - All-White 12 a Possibility??

I have learned that the 2012-13 Timberwolves will wear throwback 1957-58 St. Louis Hawks uniforms.

Here is the team picture for 2012-13 (an exclusive here at the blog):

Thursday, June 28, 2012

2012 Draft Express 4PM Central Mock Draft

NBA Coach/Reverend Mark Jackson - Had Been Banging a Stripper Alexis Adams (pic)

Oh Mark Jackson.  I guess the church name "True Love" had to find its source somewhere.

Pictured - stripper/extortionist Alexis Adams.  Good at one, not the other: 

John Roberts on ObamaCare - "Eh, It Could Be a Tax..."

Obamacare Constitutional - Barely

Four judges say it is Constitutional under Commerce Clause and Chief Justice Roberts says it is constitutional as a de facto "tax" under the federal taxing power.

The oddest ruling?  The feds can force the states to expand Medicaid eligibility by denying NEW funds, but they cannot cut them off from the existing program.  Wow.

If you recall, the way that the federal government imposed a nationwide 21 year old drinking age was to say that if you did not have a 21 year old drinking age, you got NO highway funds as a state.  So...........can the state now reinstate 18 year old drinking ages and get the level of highway funding that they are currently receiving?  Certainly the states have a great deal of constitutional support for the position that the states should control alcohol consumption - it is in the repeal of the Prohibition Amendment for goodness sake. 

It will be interesting to read the opinions and see how that can possibly be the law, given that withholding $$ is how the fed gets the states to do basically anything to comply with federal policy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Amare Stoudemire - "Fuck You. I Don't have To Do Any Thing, Fag."

The league fined him $50,000.  No word on whether the "Fag" at issue will get any share of the $50K.

Happy Birthday Derek Jeter (38)

15th on career hit list - could some day reach #3. 1. Pete Rose (24 seasons) 4256 hits Batted B (both, switch hitter) 2. Ty Cobb+ (24) 4189 L 3.Hank Aaron+ (23) 3771 R 4.Stan Musial+ (22) 3630 L 5. Tris Speaker+ (22) 3514 L 6. Cap Anson+ (27) 3435 R 7. Honus Wagner+ (21) 3420 R 8.Carl Yastrzemski+ (23) 3419 L 9. Paul Molitor+ (21) 3319 R 10. Eddie Collins+ (25) 3315 L 11. Willie Mays+ (22) 3283 R 12. Eddie Murray+ (21) 3255 B 13. Nap Lajoie+ (21) 3242 R 14. Cal Ripken+ (21) 3184 R 15. Derek Jeter (18, 38) 3181 R

The Stats On Chase Budinger

Basically a mediocre bench player ala Martell Webster, Sasha Vujacic and Sasha Pavlovic

Minnesota Timberwolves Get Even Whiter - Acquire Chase Budinger

I guess NBA Draft night will be pretty uneventful up here in Minny.  The move gives the Wolves a solid chance to start an all-white lineup:


I cannot even estimate the year when the last NBA team started 5 white guys regularly - 1973???

We would also have Darko (if not traded or amnestied) on the bench.  JJ Barea kinda looks white, so maybe he could "pass" as our 6th man....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Whose Butt Again...?

Bonus feature - I still cannot believe the claims of who actually gets to handle this celebrity butt....A clue?  Generally you gotta be under 30 to get that straight line crease - and she is well under 30.

Whose Butt?

Since this is a fairly easy one, no clue except to say she is generally regarded by trainers as having the nicest celebrity butt that there is....I cannot say that I disagree...

Wolves to Sign Alexey Shved??

Um, 6'5" and 161 pounds??  So a guy who Corey Brewer will physically dominate?  Dwyane Wade is an off guard and goes around 220.  Shved would only give up about 60 pounds to bigger off guards.

5 Most Overrated NBA Draft Prospects

And I would add that Austin Rivers is a TERRIBLE finisher and decision maker in the lane and maybe one of the worst defensive guards I have ever seen.  He will foul out of NBA games in under 10 minutes.  His primary defensive manuever is to take two hands and grab the ball handler who tries to go by him.  After his 3rd foul, that startegy turns into, "Simply let the guy blow by you."  It is hard to believe that he is Doc Rivers' son.

On the plus side - he has good shooting range and I think the NBA 3 will not be a struggle for him.  I think you have to view him as basically an unathletic white shooting guard - good standstill shooter who gives you absolutely nothing else.  Steve Kerr, Tim Legler, that type of player.  I would say J.J. Redick, but Redick is a FAR better player and actually tries to improve himself every year.

I am torn on Harrison Barnes because he was not a center and yet he was the #1 overall high school prospect.  That generally DOES translate over into decent pro success.
Barnes, given a good team, will be able to make open shots, be adequate on defense, and rebound OK.  If, however, someone expects him to carry a team and make contested shots, that isn't going to happen. 

So - maybe a worse version of Jamal Mashburn.

NBA Mock Draft

Arizona v. U.S. - Opinion: "Show Us Your Papers" is maybe OK

Other portions of the law have been stricken as a violation of the Supremacy Clause (includes a finding that a state cannot make it a crime to illegally seek employment if you are an illegal alien - the federal government did not make it a crime, so the implication is that the states cannot either).

5-3 with Kagan sitting out.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Huffington Post Poll - 6/22/12

Quick Poll

Where Does LBJ Rank Among 'Greatest Ever'?

Top 15
Top 10
Top 5
Better than MJ

Finals Co-MVP For the Heat - James Harden

Harden 18 of 48 overall (.375) and 7 of 22 from 3 (.318).

So, you may say to yourself, "Well, those were not HORRIBLE stats..."

Since history may forget and look just at the overall stats, I think it bears noting here that Harden had 3 threes and a dunk in the 4th quarter of Game 5.  During that stretch, his team went from being down 26 to ending up down 20 - in other words, garbage time.

If you remove those 4 makes, you get 14 of 44 (31.8% shooting) and 4 of 19 from 3 (21% from 3).

So, when it mattered, Harden put up shooting percentages that not even the WORST NBA players (Shawne Williams, Wes Johnson) were able to "achieve" during the season.  And when he realized that the game and series were over, he padded his stats in meaningless garbage time.

Great series, James Harden - shave the beard as a punishment.

LeBron's 2012 Playoff Stats

PER 30.3 - 12th best all-time among guys who played 10 or more games.

4.2 Offensive Win Shares - Has never been done by anyone else.

5.8 overall Win Shares - only Tim Duncan in 2002-03 had more (5.9).

Win Shares Per 48 - .284 - tied for 15th best all-time, best for any player reaching the Finals since Michael Jordan in 1995-96.

Career playoff PER 27.1, Career Playoff Win Shares per 48 - .234.  Only one guy has ever been better in both categories with over 80 playoff games played - Michael Jordan.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

NBA Players With 3 MVPs and an NBA Title

Jordan, Russell, Wilt, Kareem, Bird, Magic,Moses Malone and LeBron James.

Kate Upton Just Wants Someone Chill Who Won't Steal Her Spotlight

At least I think that is what she said.....I got really, really distracted.

Resume of Mike Dunlap - Bobcats' New Coach

I can honestly say, I have never seen an odder resume for a first-time NBA coaching hire.  It appears that the reason he was hired is that George Karl loves him.  Karl is a UNC guy, as is Bobcats head man Michael Jordan.

What the Fu....!?!? Supreme Court throws out FCC Fine

Sadly, broadcasters are not yet able to clearly say "What the Fuck?" since the court refused to rule on whether the "fleeting expletives" rule was a 1st Amendment violation.  (They just said it wasn't in place before the actions complained about here).

Next up - Janet Jackson's 1 second flash of a nippple hidden inside a nipple ring.

Kate Upton Celebrates the 4th of July

My God do I love America. Click on for larger (and I do mean larger) size.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Huge Minutes In Playoff Seasons - Generally Don't Result in Titles

Of the 15 greatest "big minute" efforts in NBA playoff history (over 20 games in the playoffs, over 42 minutes a game, over 900 minutes overall), only 3 guys out of 15 won the title that year.

Duncan 2002-03 (How about those 1021 minutes!!  My lord).
Shaq in 1999-2000 (1000 minutes even, 43.5 a game) and
Hakeem in 1993-94 (989 minutes, 43 minutes a game).

Everyone else on this list for pre-2012 efforts (11 of 15) was on a team that lost in the NBA finals.  There are 8 lead dogs (Dirk, Charles, James, Moses, Bird, Payton, Kobe, AI), 2 good contributors (Majerle, Dikembe) and one guy who falls somewhere in between (Hamilton). 

Will LeBron end up in the upper list, or once again be relegated to the bottom list (becoming the only player to appear there twice)?

1 Tim Duncan 2002-03 26 SAS NBA 24 1021 218 412 0 7 157 232 96 273 369 127 15 79 76 78 593 .529 .000 .677 42.5 5.9
2 LeBron James 2011-12 27 MIA NBA 22 22 939 242 483 22 82 165 225 50 163 213 116 42 14 75 45 671 .501 .268 .733 42.7 5.6
3 Dirk Nowitzki 2005-06 27 DAL NBA 23 983 196 419 23 67 205 229 47 221 268 67 25 14 49 64 620 .468 .343 .895 42.7 5.4
4 Shaquille O'Neal 1999-00 27 LAL NBA 23 1000 286 505 0 0 135 296 119 236 355 71 13 55 56 67 707 .566 .456 43.5 4.7
5 Charles Barkley* 1992-93 29 PHO NBA 24 1026 230 482 10 45 168 218 93 233 326 102 39 25 50 73 638 .477 .222 .771 42.8 4.6
6 Hakeem Olajuwon* 1993-94 31 HOU NBA 23 989 267 514 2 4 128 161 55 199 254 98 40 92 83 82 664 .519 .500 .795 43.0 4.3
7 LeBron James 2010-11 26 MIA NBA 21 21 922 174 373 30 85 119 156 34 142 176 123 35 25 66 56 497 .466 .353 .763 43.9 3.8
8 Dikembe Mutombo 2000-01 34 PHI NBA 23 981 102 208 0 1 115 148 113 203 316 17 15 72 36 56 319 .490 .000 .777 42.7 3.8
9 Moses Malone* 1980-81 25 HOU NBA 21 955 207 432 0 2 148 208 125 180 305 35 13 34 59 54 562 .479 .000 .712 45.5 3.5
10 Larry Bird* 1986-87 30 BOS NBA 23 1015 216 454 14 41 176 193 41 190 231 165 27 19 71 55 622 .476 .341 .912 44.1 3.2
11 Gary Payton 1995-96 27 SEA NBA 21 911 162 334 41 100 69 109 19 89 108 143 37 7 62 69 434 .485 .410 .633 43.4 3.1
12 Kobe Bryant 2003-04 25 LAL NBA 22 973 190 460 24 97 135 166 18 86 104 121 42 7 61 59 539 .413 .247 .813 44.2 2.9
13 Allen Iverson 2000-01 25 PHI NBA 22 1016 257 661 48 142 161 208 15 89 104 134 52 7 63 55 723 .389 .338 .774 46.2 2.7
14 Dan Majerle 1992-93 27 PHO NBA 24 1071 134 311 54 137 48 69 29 111 140 88 33 28 32 57 370 .431 .394 .696 44.6 2.1
15 Richard Hamilton 2004-05 26 DET NBA 25 1079 198 437 10 34 95 119 30 78 108 107 21 3 78 79 501 .453 .294 .798 43.2 1.9

30-9-5 In a Playoff Season: LeBron, LeBron, and Oscar Robertson

Oscar lost in the conference finals, LeBron lost in the conference finals, but now LeBron is one step from a title.  The stats.

LeBron now at 5.6 Win Shares. ahead of Dirk's 2005-06 effort, and catching up to Tim Duncan's 5.9.  At a rate of slightly under 0.3 Win Shares per 48, LeBron would need two games to catch and pass Duncan (believe me, LeBron does not want that) or a game where he gets .4 or more Win Shares (his amazing Game 6 against Boston netted him .5).

If LeBron has a huge Game 5 and wins the title and surpasses Duncan's record 5.9 Win Shares, an argument can be made that he has had the greatest single season playoff performance of all-time.

How Do you Turn $241 Million Into About $4 million

Take 50% as the present value ($120MM) then deduct 40% for taxes (left with $72MM) and then split it 20 ways - (about $3.6MM each).

Now, having $3.6 million in the bak is awfully nice.  And since a shipping worker probably makes around $35,000 a year, that is 100 years of wages, but the guys who are 40 years old in the group are not exactly on easy street for the rest of their lives (interest rates being about 1% a year).

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sandusky Defense


This new defense of "everyone showers with young boys" is, however, inconsistent with the earlier opening statement in which the defense said, "Jerry Sandusky loves young children so much that he did things with them that you or I would not do."

If he takes the stand, the cross examination will be a lawyer's dream.

Best defense tactic now - "Your honor, I believe that we have clearly proved our point, so we won't put on any more witnesses."

Roger Clemens - Not Guilty

The lesson here?  I guess it is my law professor's statement to us first year, "The jury - aka The Great American Roulette Wheel..."

Let's see, like 20 people say he was a juicer, but he says he isn't - clearly not guilty....

Bikini Models With alligators

Never let it be said that I do not try to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Rodney King - Dead

Heat Win game 3 - Go Up 2-1

James adds .2 Win Shares to total 5.4 and moves into a tie with Dirk Nowitski for second most Win Shares ever achieved in a playoff series (Duncan had 5.9 in 2002-03).  Since the Heat need 2 wins to win the title, at the .2 Win Shares pace James, ironically, probably needs a Heat loss to beat Duncan's record.

James' missed free throw at the end of the game cost him a 30-point playoff game that would have moved him up out of a tie for 7th.

Best Tweet of the night - Metta World Peace re James Harden:

"No brain.  All beard."

LaDanian Tomlinson - Quitter

5 years ago everyone was saying that LT would eventually retire as #1 in rushing yards and TDs.  Funny how things change.  On the voters have him as the 130th best player in NFL history - behind Len Dawson.

His career playoff performances can only be described as "abysmal."

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Guys Who Had a Year Where They Scored 30+ In a Playoff Game More Than 10 Times

1 (tie)
Michael Jordan*
16 times in the 1991-92 playoffs he scored 30 points in a game.

Hakeem Olajuwon*
16 times

Kobe Bryant
15 times

Kobe Bryant

Allen Iverson

Michael Jordan*

LeBron James

Michael Jordan*

Michael Jordan*

Shaquille O'Neal

Kobe Bryant

Michael Jordan*

Larry Bird*

Amare Stoudemire

Dwyane Wade
11 times.

As you can see, this list has been reserved for 14 of the most explosive scorers of all time.  And yes, a young Amare was an explosive scorer.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wesley Johnson - Is There Some Hope?

If you take Wes's two year career averages for PER and Offensive rating and Defensive Rating, you get a really bad American-born player between 6'6" and 6'8".  So......any hope for Wes to improve?

Wes's awful averages were achieved by several 22 to 26 year old players in the early years of their careers.  Tony Brown - always terrible.  But Quentin Richardson, George McCloud, Kareem Rush, Reggie Williams - all decent role players. 

The most stunning name on the list?  Allan Houston.  His stats as a 22 year old are horrible, and arguably even worse than Wesley's.  Now, Houston improved his second year (unlike Wes), and he evetually was a 2-time all-star despite putting up VERY paltry stats in any category except scoring. 

Sp, an optimistic Wolves fan might say. "Some day maybe Wes can be Like Allan Houston."  Hell, at this point I would settle for Kareem Rush.

This list, however, paints a far bleaker picture.

Worst Single Season NBA Playoff Performances (Minimum 6 Games) by Hall of Fame Players

Looks like Slater Martin and Nate Archibald are your answers to this inquiry.  Wow.

9 of the 26 most disappointing playoff efforts coming from Nate and Slater.  Havlicek at ages 35 and 36 tossed in a couple clunkers as well.

These two are also on the list of guys who are HOF players and made the all-star team with a PER of under 15 (league average is supposed to always be 15).

LeBron James Goes Over 5 Win Shares in the Playoffs - 3rd Player to Do So

LeBron is now at 5.2 Win Shares, trailing only Dirk in 2005-06 and Duncan in 2002-03.  Since the series goes at least three more games, at his current rate of about .3 Win Shares per game, by the end of the series it is likely that LeBron James will become the only player ever to account for 6 Win Shares during one playoff season.

Duncan's 2002-03 Spurs won four 6-games series, including a Finals against the Nets that probably set basketball and basketball viewership back 30 years.

Dirk's 2005-06 Mavs were headed to a certain championship before they allowed Dwyane Wade to get 40 a game against them in the Finals. 

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Visits the Wieners Circle

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Little Jerry Sandusky Testimony

The accuser said Thursday that he was 11 or 12 when he first met Sandusky in 2004. Sandusky took him to Penn State football games and gave him money and gifts, including a tennis racket and a running suit.

The teen testified that he ended up staying at Sandusky's home more than 100 times up until 2009, maybe even 150 or so, sleeping in the basement which had a water bed.  [HM note - ewww, yuck]

The sexual abuse began with oral sex and elevated into anal sex, he said.   [HM note - "elevated"?  I guess I should have used that one on my girlfriend back in the day - "How about we ELEVATE the level of our sex?"]

"There was no fighting against it," he said, adding sometimes he would scream and "tell him to get off me."

OK - but the Defense Dream Team will really make some hay on cross, right?

During his cross examination, the teenager said he screamed out for help at least once when Sandusky's wife, Dottie, was in the house, but he did not know if she heard him because he thought the basement was "soundproof."

"Nobody can hear you down there," he said.

Oh lord.................

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rating the Careers of NBA Players - The Top 10 Careers

If you had never watched an NBA game or seen any of its great players, you cannot say who is the best player.  Ultimately, who is the best player is a very subjective call.  Someone recently asked me whether Moses Malone or Kevin Garnett was a better player.  That is an absolute minefield to navigate.  Is John Stockton a better player than Karl Malone?  Virtually impossible to tell.  Was Scottie Pippen a better player than Dikembe Mutombo?

But what you can look at somewhat more objectively is this - who had the best career?  Based upon what people thought of him at the time and the championships he won, what do the numbers tell us.

You need to set some arbitrary cutoffs.  One good starting cutoff point I have found is 10-times all-NBA.  You were great, and you were great for over a decade or more.
You can use the list I have cut and pasted below of guys to see the guys who were all-NBA at least 10 times.  Admittedly the list leaves off George Mikan (short career) but you have to do some cutting somewhere.  There are 22 guys who were on the all-NBA 1st, 2nd or 3rd teams at least 10 times. 

At this point, you arguably have the top 22 careers of all time.  Then you need to create some rule to cut down from 22.

It makes sense to me that you would next cut loose the guys who never had an MVP season, since the voters during their time as a player never viewed them ever to be the best player in the league even once.  (Or at least, as was the case with Karl Malone, voters never felt that even though the guy wasn't the best player that he "deserved" the award anyway).  So - we lose Schayes, West, Havlicek, Stockton, and Baylor. 

17 left.  Then you have to find some way to cut down the list further.  Admittedly, here I am just creating an arbitrary rule, but I will eliminate the guys whose First Team all-NBA selections plus  MVPs do not add up to 8.  This eliminates Dirk, Hakeem, Barkley, and David Robinson.  (these names seem to justify my arbitrary rule - outstanding players, just not top 10 guys).

13 left.  Here are those 13 with their "First Team+MVP" number:

Kareem 16
Jordan 15
Karl Malone 13
Bird 12
Magic 12
Pettit 12
Wilt 12
Cousy 11
Duncan 11
Kobe 11
Oscar 10
Shaq 9
Russell 8

Those are the 13 greatest careers in NBA history just using a numbering system and not actually watching them play. 
Now, that only gets you to the 13 best regular season players, so you would have to evaluate the playoff performance of each guy and see how he did in the playoffs.  One way to do that would be to give 2 points for each title won.
This would hurt Karl Malone (0 points) and Pettit and Oscar (2 points each).  Everyone else has at least 4 points added, Russell has 22 added.

So, your best 10 NBA careers of all time would be:

10.  Wilt 16 points
9.  Shaq 17 points
8.  Bird 18 points
7.  Duncan 19 points
6.  Kobe 21 points
5.  Magic 22 points
4.  Bob Cousy 23 points

and your top 3, with a signifcant margin over the rest:

3.  Michael Jordan 27 points
2.  Kareem 28 points
1.  Bill Russell 30 points
So - 5 Lakers, 2 old Celtics, Bird-MJ, and Tim Duncan.

Creating actual "teams" by position would be hard:
Kareem, Russell (PF), Bird(SF), Jordan (SG), and Cousy (PG)

Shaq (C), Duncan, no small forward, Kobe, and Magic (PG).
Wilt is your 10th man, and you would probably pick Oscar and Pettit off the bench to get to 12 guys.  (Sorry, Karl).

Where would LeBron's career  rank?  Well, assuming he is 1st team all-NBA twice more, that would get him on the regular season list.  He would have a First Team plus MVP number of 11 (8+3) and would be a top 11 all-time regular season player.  But without a title he falls out of contention for a top 10 overall career spot.  LeBron, even with two more First Team wins, would have only 11 points in the scoring system.  To reach Wilt's 16 points, James would need either 5 more First-Team-Plus-MVP points (a very hard thing to do, even for him) or he needs to start getting titles.

The chart referred to above (from Wikipedia).

#PlayerTotalFirst TeamSecond TeamThird TeamMost valuable player
&100000000000000010000001Abdul-Jabbar, KareemKareem Abdul-Jabbar*1510506
&100000000000000020000002Bryant, KobeKobe Bryant^1410221
&100000000000000030000003Malone, KarlKarl Malone*1411212
&100000000000000040000004O'Neal, ShaquilleShaquille O'Neal148241
&100000000000000050000005Duncan, TimTim Duncan^139312
&100000000000000060000006Cousy, BobBob Cousy*1210201
&100000000000000070000007Nowitzki, DirkDirk Nowitzki^124531
&100000000000000080000008Olajuwon, HakeemHakeem Olajuwon*126331
&100000000000000090000009Schayes, DolphDolph Schayes*126600
&1000000000000001000000010West, JerryJerry West*1210200
&1000000000000001100000011Barkley, CharlesCharles Barkley*115511
&1000000000000001200000012Havlicek, JohnJohn Havlicek*114700
&1000000000000001300000013Jordan, MichaelMichael Jordan*1110105
&1000000000000001400000014Pettit, BobBob Pettit*1110102
&1000000000000001500000015Robertson, OscarOscar Robertson*119201
&1000000000000001600000016Russell, BillBill Russell*113805
&1000000000000001700000017Stockton, JohnJohn Stockton*112630
&1000000000000001800000018Baylor, ElginElgin Baylor*1010000
&1000000000000001900000019Bird, LarryLarry Bird*109103
&1000000000000002000000020Chamberlain, WiltWilt Chamberlain*108204
&1000000000000002100000021Johnson, MagicMagic Johnson*109103
&10000000000000022022Robinson, DavidDavid Robinson*104241

Russian and Polish Fans Clash

See!  Now THESE two sets of people know how to sustain a true rivalry!

Becky Hammon - take note.'s Stated 13 Best NBA Players of All-Time

"The 13 greatest NBA players of all time are Jordan, Russell, Kareem, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Duncan, Kobe, West, Oscar, Shaq, Moses and Hakeem in some order (you just read mine)."

The evaluation of the "best" player is subjective, but I have come up with a list of 13 best regular season careers by an NBA player, and 10 of these guys are on the list, but 3 are not.

More to come....

Since 2007, We Have Lost a Lot of Money - Net Worth back to 1992 Levels

From a report by the Fed:

From 2007 to 2010, the median for those households in the bottom quarter of net worth fell from $1,300 to zero. That's a 100 percent drop. The mean for that group went from a net worth of minus $2,300 to negative $12,800.

So, to be clear here - If you are about the 12th percentile in wealth in the U.S., you have no net worth, and the people 0-12th percentile are much farther underwater than the 13th-25th are above water.

Things are really bad, all of the way up to the 75th percentile for net worth:
By comparison, the median and mean plunges in net worth were not so great for Americans in the 50th-to-75th percentile group, but still large. Median net worth for that group fell 43.3 percent.

The recession has not been nearly as hard on the top 25%:
For the 75th-to-90th percentile group, on the other hand, median and mean net worth fell only 19.7 percent and 14.4 percent, respectively.

For the top 10 percent of the population, the median net worth fell 6.4 percent and the mean fell 11 percent.

The belief is that in 2009-11 the stock market grew, while housing values actually continued to fall. Poor people own houses but few stocks.  Wealthier people own a higher level of stocks.

Even more depressing - people no longer have pensions and, with no savings, feel they have no reasonable chance of retiring:

 37 percent of workers said they expect to delay their retirement beyond age 65. In 1991, only 11 percent expected to do so. In 2007, 41 percent of those surveyed said they felt sure they would have enough savings and investments for retirement. In 2012, only 21 percent said.

Monday, June 11, 2012

15 Years Ago - Jordan Takes Down the Jazz While Dying

RIP - Frank Cady aka Sam Drucker

If Heat Win Title, LeBron Will Likely Have the Greatest Individual Playoff Performance of All-Time

Based upon total Win Shares, Win Shares Per 48 and PER, LeBron has already had one of the top 13 playoff seasons of all-time.

Should the heat win the title, it is very likely that James will beat Tim Duncan's record of 5.9 Win Shares in one playoff season.  It is also very likely that James will have a higher PER than either Duncan (5.9 WS) or Dirk in 2006 (5.4 WS). 

If the Heat wins 4 games, you would have to assume LeBron chalks up at least 2 Win Shares over the course of the series, giving him 6.8 for the playoffs, shattering Duncan's mark.  Combine that with a 30 PER and you have what will most likely be the best playoff performance of all time.

So, LBJ haters, you better start rooting REALLY hard for the Thunder.

Pacquiao-Bradley and Bob Arum

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Very Interesting PodCast - Celtics and Heat

VEry Interesting Article On How Michael Jordan's Titles Were Not Caused by Late "Clutch" Shots

The fact of the matter is, Jordan was just better than everyone else and he carried that greatness through every quarter of every game, generally winning games rather easily.  And he rarely had a poor night. 

But as the article displays and a review of his great seasons demonstrates, Jordan did not take the Dwyane Wade path of the past two years and sit and do absolutely nothing for long stretches of games, hoping to pull it out at the end.  Jordan was a game in and game out force, racking up 4+ win shares 6 times in the playoffs and also one year ending at 3.9 Win Shares.  (Jordan career playoff win shares - 39.8; Magic Johnson =32.6.....Jordan Playoff PER 28.6, Magic 23).

But the idea that Jordan always won because he hit late shots in the last minute of games is, simply put, not consistent with the actual game footage.

Top 25 Overall Playoff Seasons By an Individual Player

Win shares for the playoffs of 4 or more and a PER of at least 15.

There have been 25 such seasons.

Here is yet another reason to marvel at the greatness of Jordan and how he carried those Bulls teams.  Of the 25 seasons on the list, 14 guys have only 1 such season....and they are all great NBA players.

Jordan had SIX.  That is right, six such seasons.  Remarkable. 

Tied for second, Bird (2), LeBron (2), and PAU GASOL!!!! (2).

Joanie Loves Chachi.....And Her mother-in-law's Indiana Trailer

Sigh..............why hasn't Leather Tuscadero come through with some charity here?  She had that hot recording career going....

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Walker Intrade

Started the day at 94%, now at 88% --

Still basically a huge favorite, but we are moving in the right direction.

Chris Bosh's Masseuse - Dead

I am sorry, I would like to ease your ab pain, Mr. Bosh, but you see, I am dying....literally.

TV Ratings - Hatfields & McCoys: yes; Boston-Miami; yes; OKC and Spurs? Not so Much

One OKC and Spurs game was outdrawn by an episode of "Pawn Stars".  Heat v. Celtics Sunday was #4 overall perfomer behind Hatfields and McCoys (3 episodes) and one episode of America's Got Talent.

Laettner Looking to Become a Head Coach

Duke is losing big man recruits because they have 5 foot 2 inch Wojo coaching their big men, yet Coach K will not hire Laettner - that is a rather damning commentary on Laettner's people skills.

Kris Humphries' New Girlfriend??

Well, on the plus side, she clearly has no body image issues. 

"I will show Kim!  I will go with a chick with a FAR bigger ass."

Monday, June 04, 2012

Air Conditioning v. Windows Down -- Break Even Speed is 50mph

A Sad, Sad Day -- Richard Dawson, Dead at 79

Name Any Movie that Casts a Woman as a Positive Role Model - Miss Ohio: the 1990 Prostitute Film "Pretty Woman"

I a way....

I suppose that if you think of "Pretty Woman" as the best portrayal of women by Hollywood, and it was released 22 years ago, then your answer to the question probably should have been, "Women are portrayed poorly."

Gerald Wilkins' daughter Jazz stated that large sugary drinks should be banned in New York City because, basically, they are bad for you.  OK, Jazz, we allow CIGARETTES to be sold, but yeah, banning big gulps is a pretty good use of government resources.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Claudia Manrique Pic

I don't know - giant implants, drinking shots, in the country due to a $30,000 bribe.  I see no reason not to trust her story.

Similar Players to Orlando Woolridge (RIP)

Woolridge averaged around 16-4-2 for his career.  Good offensive player, below average defensive player, borderline between starter and bench player.  Played 28 minutes a game for his career.

Forwards 6 foot 5" to 6 foot 10" with seasons playing under 30 minutes, getting 15+ points, under 5 rebounds and under 2.5 assists, and whether I agree they were similar:

1 Corey Maggette 2006 2012 TOT NBA 3 such seasons  - agree
2 Walter Berry 1987 1988 TOT NBA 2 - agree
3 Tracy Murray 1996 1998 TOT NBA 2 - not really
4 Caron Butler 2011 2011 DAL NBA 1 - yeah, could see that
5 Richard Dumas 1993 1993 PHO NBA 1 - no
6 Grant Hill 2006 2006 ORL NBA 1 - no
7 Xavier McDaniel 1989 1989 SEA NBA 1 - I could see that, X was better
8 Cliff Robinson 1989 1989 PHI NBA 1 - definitely the case
9 Campy Russell 1976 1976 CLE NBA 1 - no
10 Dennis Scott 1991 1991 ORL NBA 1- no
11 Kiki Vandeweghe 1988 1988 POR NBA 1 - no
12 Jay Vincent 1988 1988 DEN NBA 1 - yes, definitely
13 Orlando Woolridge 1983 1983 CHI NBA 1 there you go.

Orlando Woolridge - Dead at 52

Hatfields & McCoys Absolutely Killed It In the ratings

When end of week numbers come out, I would expect that the 3 episodes may be the most watched TV shows of the week, on cable or broadcast TV.

I enjoyed them, despite huge amounts of gratuitous killing and gore and less sex than one would imagine.