Tuesday, July 31, 2012

India - 600 million Blacked Out (and an Additional 400 million never had power)


Assuming India has around 1.2 billion people, that means 80% of them have no power.

I notice in the upcoming NBC TV show"The Revolution" they seem to indicate that without electricity we are forced to go back to swords and crossbows, so I would hope that India is a far more peaceful place today than it was a week ago.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Is "PER" a Perfect Tool To Analyze the Greatness of NBA Players?

I saw a discussion today where the argument was made that kevin Johnson was a better player than Isiah Thomas because KJ had a better PER during his years in the league. 

So, I thought, I know Jordan and LeBron are ##1 and 2 overall in career PER, so is it really that accurate of a tool to judge player greatness?

Turns out.............no.  Guys with their all-time rank in PER:

6.  Dwyane Wade - great player, not the 6th best player of all-time.
7.  Chris Paul - same

10.  Neil Johnston* - quick, tell me who Neil Johnston is....
22.  Yao Ming -

25. Dwight Howard
26.  Amare Stoudemire - some would say he is not a top 26 player in th eleague right now.

27.  Tracy McGrady - 0 playoff series victories

30.  Pau Gasol - hey, Laker fans, is Gasol the 30th best player in the history of the game?

33.  Bob Lanier* - loved Buffalo Bob, not a top 33 player
34.   Clyde Lovellette*

36.  Adrian Dantley*

37.  Harry Gallatin* - I do not know who harry Gallatin is/was
 41.  Elton Brand
 48.  Chris Bosh
49.   John Drew -  really, John Drew?  top 50 all-time?  This astounds me.

Where to Go For Olympic Medal Count




Global Climate Change Denier - Yeah, So, Nevermind, We ARE causing Global Warming



What is the most humorous about this piece is the complete lack of any "mea culpa."  This is a situation where this scientist said, "Oh come on.  All of this global warming stuff is bullshit." and became the face of the global warming denier movement.  He then turns around and say, "Ya know, I looked at it myself, and yeah - 100% true."

This would be akin to an NBA GM reading an NBA draft evaluation of a guy who was projected as a #1 pick and saying, "There is no possible way that this guy is any good - it makes no sense."  Then the day after his team fails to draft the guy saying, "You know what?  I looked at this stuff myself and damn, the guy is really, really good."

No admission that the other people were right; no statement that "you know, I probably caused the team a shitload of harm" - nope, just a matter of fact admission that you were wrong BECAUSE, before when you sad it was all b.s, YOU NEVER LOOKED AT THE ISSUE!!!

As a local weatherman stated - this has been accepted science for 30 years - glad that it has been confirmed this week.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nicolas Batum v. Josh Childress -- Uh, Oh!!

Josh Childress was just amnestied by Phoenix - thus, they made the decision that he was not worth $6-7MM a year.

Nic Batum just received a 4 year anad $46MM offer sheet from Minnesota.

Josh Childress age 23 stats:  13points/6.2rebounds/2.3assists/1.8(steals plus blocks)

Nicolas Batum age 23 stats:  13.9/4.6/1.4/2.0

Win Shares per 48 -- Childress .130; Batum .127

Yikes.  The Wolves have already used their one amnesty slot on Darko, so if Batum becomes Childress-like, they will not have the same option the Suns just used.

Scary.  The people who like Batum could point to similarities with Shawn Marion (who has been better than Childress and who has a title), but I don't see batum rebounding at a 10+ a game pace as marion once did.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Nic Batum - Was #70 in NBARANK In November 2011

Luis Scola, who is going to be amnestied, was #53 -- http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/7057682/nba-player-rankings-51-60

There is something to be said for being the "Flavor of the Month" - which Batum definitely is and which Scola, apparently, is not.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

1992 Dream Team Would Sweep 2012 Olympic Team

Guys on 1992 Dream Team who ended up as 10 times all-NBA (1st, 2nd or 3rd team):
Robinson, Bird, Jordan, Malone, Stockton, Barkley, Magic. (8 guys)

Guys on 2012 Team who have done it already:  Kobe
Guys With a decent shot:  LeBron, Durant, Paul.  Total (4 guys)

So, the 1992 Team overall had much, much better players, based solely upon evaluation of the guys by writers at the time they were playing.

Players Ranked 1 to 24 in a draft in their prime:

1) Jordan
2) Magic
3) LeBron
4) Kobe
5) Bird
6) Barkley
6A) Malone
8) David Robinson
9) Ewing
10) Durant
11) Stockton
12) Chris Paul
13) Clyde Drexler
14) Pippen
15) Carmelo
16) Mullin
17 - 23) Griffin, Westbrook, Williams, Love, Iguodala, Chandler, Harden (no particular order, they are all 2012 guys)
24) Laettner

Dream Team has:  top 2, 7 of the top 9, 11 of the top 16.

In the top 16 guys, the 2012 team has only LBJ, The Devil, Durant, Paul and Melo.

The 2012 team has basically no size.  Kevin Love is their backup center!!

I do not believe that any of the bottom 7 for 2012 have ever been First team all-NBA....

My predicted Average Score of a game between these two teams in a 40 minute game - 92 to 74.

If they played 10 times, the 1992 team would win 9.  In a 7 game series it would go either 4-0 or 4-1.


Ewing over Chandler (+8 per 40 minutes)
Malone Worse than LeBron (-12)
Barkley over Melo (+6)
Jordan over Kobe (+4)
Magic over Paul (+1)

Bench - 1992 +11

For those of you who think the 2012 team would stand any decent chance, let's try to have a reality check here.  In 1992, only foreigner Hakeem, young Shaq and hated Isiah could be said to be guys who might have been on the team and who were left off.

In 2012, we KNOW that there are a ton of guys more highly thought of than the guys we have on the team - they have all been injured or begged off:  Wade, Bosh, Rose, Dwight Howard.
So, people who say that the 2012 team would win 47% of the time against 1992 are INSANE.  What you are saying is that a team that featured an in his prime Michael Jordan, and in their primes Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Clyde Drexler and Patrick Ewing would lose approximately HALF the time to an all-NBA team who are lacking 4 out of their best 12 guys!?!?

Come on.


Failed ObamaCare Repeal Efforts Costing $$


Tim Pawlenty? Oh Lord


The guy took Minnesota from being a progressive state known for great services and great puiblic education and job growth to a middle of the pack state known nationally for nothing except bridges that fall into the river.

The thought of Pawlenty as VP or President should terrify anyone with any belief that a VP or President should have a vision for the world or a high level of intelligence or integrity.

Sarah Palin, even today, would be a better choice - at least she truly believes what she says.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Boy

Missing him while he is in Europe for 2 weeks.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Batum - Minnesota is Where I want My Family


Kate Upton - Blasted as "Fat"


Brandon Roy - Most Similar Career Paths

There are some sad reminders on this list of players whose career took and unfortunate turn - Arenas, Doug Collins, Reggie Lewis.  What the list also tells you is exactly how good Roy was pre-injury (names like Rose and Rondo)

Brandon Roy 13.5 9.1 8.0 4.8 2.1
Derrick Rose 13.1 6.0 6.0 4.9
Darel Carrier 8.7 8.0 7.8 4.9 0.9 0.2
Glen Combs 8.7 8.6 6.7 5.1 2.7 2.5 0.0
Gilbert Arenas 13.6 11.5 10.8 6.5 2.7 2.6 1.8 0.6 0.6 0.4 0.2
John Logan 9.2 8.3 5.2 4.3 1.1
Doug Collins 10.0 7.7 7.6 6.2 4.2 1.9 0.7 -0.3
Rajon Rondo 9.9 9.6 7.2 6.6 4.9 2.4
Mike Riordan 11.1 7.0 6.1 3.8 2.1 1.7 1.7 -0.1 -0.1
Max Zaslofsky 10.2 9.6 9.4 8.4 2.7 1.7 1.7 0.6 0.3
Reggie Lewis 9.1 8.3 7.5 6.9 6.7 0.4

Alexey Shved Correction

His draftexpress.com figures list him as 6'5" without shoes and 186 pounds.  Similar build to Shaun Livingston (6'6", 186).

Corey Brewer - 6'9" and 188 pounds when drafted (now states his target weight at 195).

Shved, if he wanted to push it, could claim to be 6'7" (6'6 1/4 " in shoes).

Twitter Reports - Alexey Shved Going to be a Timberwolf


Take Twitter reports for what they are worth - but the rumor is that the incredibly skinny Shved (6'5" and 161 pounds) will be a Wolf soon, signing a 3 year deal.

With the rumored deal in principal with Greg Stiemsma, the "T-Wolves Super White Squad" train just keeps righ on a rollin:

Point Guards - Rubio, Ridnour, Barea, Shved (none black)

Off guards - Ellington, Wes, Roy (obviously we need to make some trades here)

Small forward - Budinger, maybe Batum

PF - Love, maybe Derrick Williams.

C - Pek, Stiemsma, maybe Darko, maybe Gasol.

Could an NBA team really begin a season with 9 or 10 white guys on the roster?

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Jenebah Tarmoh - Quitter

I am astounded that someone would write a column defending the decision of Jenebah Tarmoh not to compete in a match race against Alison Felix for a birth on the Olympic team.  http://aol.sportingnews.com/olympics/story/2012-07-03/jeneba-tarmoh-allyson-felix-100-meter-controversy-photo-finish-usa-track-field

The author, David Steele, is going with the "I was robbed so I shouldn't have to do it again" defense???  Jenebah Tarmoh was told she won - then she was told she didn't.  BUT she had not lost, she just needed to keep playing and see if she won.

So she chose........to quit. 

Why is Jenebah Tarmoh getting no support for her decision?  Because most people cannot possibly fathom a world class athlete just simply quitting.  Not "kinda" quitting like when your team is down 10 with a minute to go and your mind checks out.  Literally quitting.

Imagine that your team believes it has won the NBA conference finals on a last millisecond shot.  The three refs on the floor all say the shot was good.  After looking at 12 camera angles for 10 minutes, they all say "Nope, the ball was still in your hand at 0.00."  You would be pissed, perhaps rightfully so.  Especially if 1 or 2 of the refs later said, "well, I think it was good."

But now suppose that your disallowed basket only resulted in an overtime.  Would you refuse to go out for an overtime!?!?

Imagine if in the 1972 Olympics the IOC had told the U.S. basketball team, "You know what, we gave the Soviets 3 chances to win that game, and that shouldn't have happened, so now we will let you play a 1 minute overtime period."  Would the U.S. have refused to go out and play?  No.  They would have been ecstatic for the chance to win it on the court.  Would the Soviets have refused to play?  Never. 

Let us even accept the premise that Jenebah Tarmoh was screwed (a rather questionable premise in light of the photo we see which shows the runners' chest hitting the line at the same time).   What is the lesson here for young people?  That if you face any sort of unfair result that you should simply quit!?!?  "Jim, you know what, I need you to come back tomorrow to interview again because we are going to compare you to the boss's nephew who has a 4th grade education...."  The correct answer is "I am going to be there," not "Fuck you.  I refuse to interview again."  Think of the worst possible real life situation - "Your mom got a kidney!"  [But then 2 days later]
"HM, you need to race this 19 year old guy to see if your mom gets a kidney."  Well, that blows, but I guess I better show up and race.  Should I, instead, tell my mom, "Mom, I was so mentally pained when they said you didn't get the kidney that I cannot mentally force myself to race."   Is my mom going to say, "Oh, HM, I totally understand."  Putting aside the fact that my mom would never say those words, the answer is that she would NOT be very understanding.

"You won the lottery!"  {But 2 days later} "Well, wait, you need to show up and take an IQ test against this guy who we want to be the winner."  I mean, how much would THAT suck, but would you just refuse to show up????  Just show up!!  You know what, you might win. 

I do not attribute the actions of Jenebah Tarmoh to cowardice.  I also cannot attribute them to a lack of knowledge or guidance.  Her coach is Bob Kersee!  Her actions are a result of a lack of mental toughness.  This is a characteristic that, when present, keeps people from simply saying, "Oh fuck, this is too hard, I quit."  And make no mistake, what Jenebah Tarmoh has said here (amazingly, in almost these very words) is "This is too hard; I quit."

So, how do you defend what is an indefensible action?   One option would be to go with the "the real reason is that she is hurt" defense, which NBC attempted last night - to no avail.  Tarmoh would not say she was hurt.  Another defense would be "She was told to do this and is getting poor advice."  Again, offered up on TV and specifically rejected - "My coach said nothing."  [How her coach could say nothing is rather astounding and awful in itself, but that is what she said.]

David Steele, stripped of all of these defenses, claims that Tarmoh's response was, "You made this mess.  You clean it up."  What does that even mean?  First, if you thought you were screwed, make a timely appeal.  Bob Kersee is your coach, he knows how to make an appeal.  So the mechanism to start a "mess" cleanup was in your hands, and you sat on your ass and did nothing.

Second, no one is aware that there is a "mess" to clean up.  Do you really think there is a public outcry after looking at the picture to declare that tarmoh was the winner?  PERHAPS if the winning runner were one race and the losing runner another race, you would at least have racial division and outrage.  And if one runner were, say, LeBron James and had a long history of love-hate public opinion, then perhaps you would have something.  But I think 96% of America doesn't even know about this race and another 3.99999999999999% of America believes that when two people are this close (either a dead heat or a .001 second difference) then a match race is the fair and proper result. 

Third, "You clean it up."  Do you think the powers that be will get any heat for Tarmoh deciding to quit?  They gave her a shot, and she told them (and the 4% of American who knew about this) to go fuck themselves.  Who is the bad guy here?  Certainly not the people who offered up a 50-50% shot at an Olympic birth.

And perhaps there lies the rub - Tarmoh knew it wasn't a 50-50% shot.  She knew she had been unbelievably lucky to tie Felix and knew the rematch would be horribly one-sided.  If so, then she not only lacks mental toughness, she lacks confidence - hardly the ideal representative to be sending to London.  In the end, perhaps the OFFER of the match race was the correct tiebreaker.  The person who was self-assured and confident accepted immediately and the one who felt she had lucked in to the Olympics refused.  Much like the two women asking Solomon for the baby, one had the correct answer and the other did not.

Tom Cruise's Search for a bride circa 2005


Dude, so, so creepy.

OK, Scarlett Johansson, you are super hot, but before you date me, please read this church literature....

Andy Griffith - Dead At 86


The episode where Opie kills the bird and Andy has to do some fathering is one that every kid and father should be made to watch. 

While Don Knotts was the comedy glitter of the show, Andy was, basically, everything else. He held together bizarre plots ranging from mountain men trying to kidnap brides to Barney needing to gain weight to Aunt Bea's horrible pickles. 

Later on as Matlock he somehow lasted 10 years in one of the dumbest and worst written shows on television, powered by Abe Simpson's viewership and an average demographic of 75+ year olds.

As Barney Fife would say, "RIP, Andge"...

Is Danny Ferry Using the Jedi Mind Trick?

He now manages to somehow move Marvin Williams, who had good stats in 26 minutes, but who is making $8MM with a $7.5MM player option next year, in return for providing 10 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist a game. He gets a pretty good point guard in Devin Harris, who has only one year left on his deal. I just don't understand why anyone would want Marvin Williams. Does Ferry just waive his hand and say, "You want Marvin Williams" and the other GM replies,"You know what? I really would like Marvin Williams..."

Monday, July 02, 2012

Danny Ferry and Former Duke Teammate Billy King Pull Off and Epic Joe Johnson Trade

Net GM Billy King and hawks GM Danny Ferry played together at Duke back in 1987 and 1988. They just pulled off one of the most amazing deals I have ever seen. OK - a guy has a 4 year and $90MM obligation that you think no one would ever, ever, let you get rid of. PLUS he is not even a top 15 player in the league anymore. He generally squeaks onto the All-Star team, so he is top 20-30 in the league. The Hawks are so completely fucked by Joe Johnson's contract that they had 6 guys total under contract for 2012-13 and they were OVER THE SALARY CAP WITH JUST THOSE SIX GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! Projected cap - $58MM, Hawks salaries $60MM. Along comes Ferry's former teammate Billy King. How does this conversation go? Ferry: "Billy, remember that time you held David Rivers to single digits?" King: Yep. Ferry: "Remember that time you held Mugsy Bogues to 0 points?" King: Yep. Great times. Ferry: "You have the chance to get Olympian and multiple time NBA all-star Joe Johnson for basically nothing." King: Doesn't he have a big con- Ferry: "Billy, are we gonna talk mundane salary details or are we gonna relive your glory days by making a deal?" King: Shit, Danny, I don't have anything good to deal you except maybe Marshon Brooks and Gerald Green. Ferry: "Tell you what, I will take NONE of your good players - I just need warm bodies; I got 6 guys under contract." King: Um, OK, but Joe plys like 40 minutes a night, shouldn't I give you one of my two good guards who play his position?!?!? Ferry: "No. I do not want ANY true value in return. Just give me your 5 worst guys with the least upside potential." King: Um, DeShawn Stevenson was one of the 10 worst players in the league last year. Ferry: "Sign him and trade him to us! We will pay him $3MM for a year, what the hell?" Result - Hawks unload Johnson's ENORMOUS contract when no one felt that was remotely possible. Nets will have two max salary guys in Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. Hawks will have the absolute dregs of the Nets, and Brooks and Green will be wondering how much clock they will get behind Joe - who is a huge minutes guy and who is just not very effective in short minutes.

Romney Campaign - Mandate Penalty is "Not a tax"

Well, so much for that course of attack - that Obama is a huge tax raiser (cuz if he is, so was Romney in Massachusetts). Seems like Romney is the worst possible person to be the GOP nominee this year - he cannot raise even basic GOP attack points because he is stuck with RomneyCare.

Anderson Cooper - Gay


Jessica Alba - Can't Act, but....

Still stunning in summer 2012.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Wolves to Offer $45MM to Nicolas Batum?? Most Similar Players....

Shawn Marion (good) and

Josh Childress (oh no).

I am sure that if you could acquire him, Josh Childress would be more than willing to take the $45MM.

Another similar stats player - Josh Smith.

Omer Asik to Houston - 3 years $25MM

Similar players  I imagine that for $25MM the real Brendan Haywood and the real DeSagana Diop would have been willing to sign up.  Greg Ostertag?  Jamaal Magloire?