Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Derrick Williams -- 9 for 10, Pefect from 3, Perfect from the line -- Similar games

There actually have been some. Bobby Jackson, Brent Barry, Detlef Schrempf, Allan Houston.

The Caged Lion (Derrick Williams) gets extra credit for going for 27 (the most of any shooting effort of this sort) and for doing it in the fewest minutes of the group except for Bobby Jackson's remarkable 9-9 and 7-7 from 3 effort where he put up 25 points in only 25 minutes (while never shooting a free throw).

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Romney -- Yet Another Flip Flop

Mitt Romney said on January 26, 2012:

In my state of Massachusetts, you could register as an independent and go vote in which -- either primary happens to be very interesting. And any chance I got to vote against Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy, I took.

Romney said on February 18, 2007:

When there was no real contest in the Republican primary, I’d vote in the Democrat primary, vote for the person who I thought would be the weakest opponent for the Republican.

Romney today -- Democrats voting for Rick Santorum is "A dirty trick."

One Hot Piece of........Burger

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rick Santorum's First 100 Days

Jeremy Lin Against The Heat -- The Worst Single Game Guard Performance In the Past 26 Years!?!?

Since the database at only allows us to search individual games back to the 1984-85 season, we cannot evaluate Lin's awful 1 for 11 with 8 turnovers game against games played before then (at least not very easily).

So, let's do a few searches, assuming that the game played by the player had to end in a loss. Why? I really do not want to search to find actual accounts of how a guy went 1 for 40 but his team somehow won because he got a key rebound or drew a charge or boxed out a bigger player. If you use only losses, you know the guy did nothing to contribute somehow to a win.

So, if you look here you will see that it is very, very rare to have under 9 points and under 4 assists and yet have 8 turnovers. The only other two guards to accomplish this in losses were Brent Price and jason Williams. Price only played 18 minutes and Williams only played 25 minutes, making their turnover statistics incredibly horrible. Yet Lin managed to log 34 minutes and jacked up way more shots (11 versus 3 or 5). Lin was more productive -- with 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

Going 1 for 11 or worse with 3 assists or fewer and 8 turnovers or more? Never been done by anyone other than Lin. (For some reason they won't let me add my link -- but take my word for it).

OK, so how about guys playing 30+ minutes in a loss and going 1 for 11 or worse with at least 5 turnovers?

There have been some truly, truly great stinkers. You would have to say that Kidd and Alston were better (many more assists). Latrell had 11 rebounds. I think a good pro-Lin argument could be made that his game last night was better than Miller's, Rhodes, and Drew's.

The worst game on the list? I think a very good argument can be made that Dwyane Wade's effort in a November 22, 2010 loss to Indiana is right at the very top. He played 38 minutes, shot 1 of 13, made only 1 of 5 free throws, had 5 assists and scored only 3 points while turning it over 5 times. Wade must also be docked for the fact that he played so piss poor despite his tremendous physical talent.

So, result:

Jeremy Lin just played a game ranking among the bottom 7 in the last 26 years for a guard playing in a loss.

The worst 7 (from best to worst)

7 -- Lin (aided by the fact that no one has ever had 8 turnovers or more while also going 1 for 11 or worse).

6 -- Andre Miller March 27, 2004 -- 1 of 15, 7 turnovers, 7 points

5 -- Rodrick Rhodes -- January 19, 1998 -- 1 of 11, 6 turnovers, very few positive stats

4 -- Larry Drew -- April 22, 1990 -- 1 of 16, 6 turnovers, 5 assists and 5 rebounds, only 4 points

3 -- Jason Williams December 6, 2002 -- 8 turnovers, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 4 points

2 - Dwyane Wade November 22, 2010 -- Wade shot under 8% from the floor, 0% from 3, 20% from the line, and put up 3 total points in 38 minutes. He also turned it over 5 times. The Heat, at home, lost to Indiana by 16 points despite good games from James and Bosh. Wade narrowly avoids the worst spot because he did have 4 steals+blocks and his 5 turnovers were offset by an equal number of assist.

1 -- Brent Price -- 0 assists and 8 turnovers in 18 minutes, no assists means his assist to turnover ratio was 0, turnovers to assists was undefined and he would average an infinite number of turnovers before getting an assist. Had he played Lin's 34 minutes, he would have had over 15 turnovers and still no assists at the pace he was going.

Dow Clears 13,000 -- Further Fueling Obama's Bizarre Socialist Plot

I don't know what it is, but it somehow involves enriching all people with 401Ks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who Says GOP Senate Candidates are Racist??

Oh my lord. You cannot even believe it when you watch it.

Shawne Williams Goes Down for the Season -- Wes Johnson Now Moves to "Worst Regular Minutes Player in the NBA"

How the Nets will possibly go without his 5.2 PER and 114 defensive rating we will never know.

Barring some sudden surge of suckiness from Metta World Peace, the Wolves now start the worst starting player in the NBA who plays 20 minutes a game.

Congrats Wes Johnson -- you are #1 (at being the worst).


One note -- the scientist who figured this out? Convicted of "being a homosexual" and committed suicide.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

General Lee Barred From NASCAR

Let me be clear here -- there are NO NASCAR fans who are true NASCAR fans who are offended by the Confederate Flag. In fact, as the comments to the article show, almost all yearn for a return to the days when they could oppress black-skinned citizens to their hearts' desire. Why NASCAR wants to pretend that it is a sport that liberal Dems on the coasts want to watch is anyone's guess. I guess the truth is that numerous sponsors prefer to have their corporations appear anti-slavery, so they would prefer NASCAR not be OPENLY pro-slavery.

For those NASCAR fans who want to believe that slavery was not the primary reason for The Civil War (which you lost), perhaps you can inquire as to why then the documents stating why the states were seceding contain so many references to slavery and the right to own slaves: The flag at issue is a southern response to being told that slavery is bad and/or that blacks and whites should have equal rights. It was such a symbol in 1860 and 1864 and 1912 it remains such a symbol in 1960, 1964, and 2012. Guys, a loss is a loss, you have a black President now. Time to put away childish things and accept your loss -- and just do what the black guy tells you to do and STFU.


32,000 year old plant gives birth

There is really something amazing about this discovery....until you learn that the world is like 5,000 years old per the Bible, so it is really no big deal.

Romney Supporter Caught Giving Illegal Immigrant a Job

Not "employment" -- not that kind of "job."

Noted the sheriff, "{name of gay lover] I have a very strict rule about illegal immigration -- the punishment is having to have gay sex with me repeatedly. You will eventually choose to self-deport...."

ESPN "Chink In the Armor" Author -- I Meant No Harm, and I Wasn't Trying to make a Pun

Wow. OK. There are 1,000,000 ways to treat the first loss of someone whose team has been on a roll. He wants us to believe that he had NO IDEA what he was doing when he went with "Chink In the Armor"? Was it just a phrase that first comes to mind in such situations? I mean, what is next for this gentleman? When LeBron loses a game will he go with "Heat Scoring Niggardly In Loss to Magic"?

If this guy has a significant other, I hope he/she is not as gullible about his claims as he expects us to be, or else..........well, never mind...

SNL Jeremy Lin Skit -- Hilarious

Michael Beasley Sleeping On The Team Plane to Denver

Fortunately for the Nuggets, his on-court performance is often similar.....

Rondo -- Ejected

It may not have been the tossing the ball so much as his statement that "Call the foul, that is a foul you fucking pussy..." that may earn him a large fine.

The Celts play without Garnett who cites "personal reasons" -- perhaps he just wanted to see how it feels for his current team to have a worse record than the Timberwolves??

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kim Kardashi-LIN?

Not to be stereotyping, but if you go from exclusively black or half-black guys to an Asian guy, don't you run into the whole issue of "throwing a hot dog down a hallway"? Right? I mean, if Lin is penetrating, isn't the lane wide open and the closest defender is like in the third row?

Kim going with a little Kung Pao Beef?

Head's Up! Beam falling 72 stories!

Conservatives -- Fox News Too Liberal

Oh my lord.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Erin Andrews Red Carpet

God, I love America.

Kobe Back With Vanessa?

Jeremy Lin -- Most Similar Players? Kevin Johnson, Deron Williams, Phil Ford and Robert Pack

Lin's 27-11 game with 8 turnovers last night has only been done 25 other times.

The guy who did it the most times -- Kevin Johnson KJ had that line 5 times, whereas no other player has done it more than twice.

Lin is currently getting over 8 assists per 36 and over 4 turnovers per 36. That is an extremely unusual pairing. Looking that up for a full season of play, you get 4 guys -- Phil Ford, Deron Williams, Robert Pack and Jason Kidd. I don't think anyone would compare Lin's game to that of the far less offensive-oriented Jason Kidd, so........if I had to rank Lin's similarities:

5th -- Kidd
4th -- Ford
3rd -- Pack
2nd -- Deron Williams
1st -- KJ

Say What You Will -- She Photographs Well

Monday, February 13, 2012

Soccer's Alex Morgan -- Bodypaint


Randy Moss -- Comeback?

Viking, perhaps?

Jeremy Lin == Turning Around the American Economy

Whitney Houston -- RIP

It is disturbing to me, as someone with coronary artery issues, to see someone 6 months older than I am die. Not quite as disturbing as Tim Russert's death, however (short chunky guy from Buffalo who basically ate too much good food dies as a result -- oh lord).

In any event, Whitney Houston has been a drug addict for.......what? 15 years? 20 years? As I have repeatedly said, after watching her reality show, if I had to leave my 3 kids with her or Bobby Brown for a day, I would choose Bobby every day and twice on Sunday. At least Brown was a functioning addict with SOME cognizance of the real world and SOME seeming understanding of basic concepts of right and wrong. Whitney seemed to float through life in a drug-induced stupor. If you left your kids with her, she would simply not know where they were when you came back.

Is it sad when someone with great talent dies? Sure. But she last had great talent in.......what? 1993? (I looked, it looks like 1999, so I guess she coped with her problems until about 1999).

When Whitney v2.0 (Mariah Carey) has been washed up and back and washed up and back so many times, why focus on Whitney, who went away and never really came back?

Drugs and alcohol destroy lives. That is the lesson to take from Whitney Houston's death. While we should mourn the greatness that was, we should be fair and assess the truth of the past 11+ years - she is dead because she took too many drugs and ruined what was on the way to be an awesome career and a great life. She did it to herself.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Romney Running 3rd in Georgia

Let me be as clear as I can be -- most true southerners, especially the Republicans, cannot stand Mitt Romney. He is a big fake northern liberal who is rich and who looks down upon them.
he is clearly full of shit and his constant lying, er, flip flopping, reminds them of the carpetbaggers of days gone by.

I cannot state that any more clearly.

In short, southerners see the true Mitt Romney. So, what should he do about it? The answer is that there is nothing he can do about it. He should focus his efforts in the states where his rich wine-sipping clones live and simply write off the places where a Mormon with money spilling out of his pockets is not much of an option.

The sad fact of the matter is that while Republicans always lose states like NY, IL, MA, CA, etc., Romney can win those states and get the GOP nomination while telling the Teabaggers, in effect, to shut the fuck up.

The bigger question is when or whether the people in the South who are the true Republican voter base will EVER stand up for themselves and demand that the powers that be not select Romney over their objections.
I doubt it.

The only other situation for a Romney defeat is if the Rich Wing of the party, ala 2008, decides that Santorum is satisfactory enough that they can kick Romney to the curb (as they did for McCain in 2008). For this to occur, Santorum has to win a few more primaries, and he needs to stop talking about birth control and God and start talking about cutting taxes for billionaires. That will get him the money and support he needs.

Why, by the by, do I so hate Mitt Romney? Because he is full of shit. He could actually be a transmorming figure -- a liberal Republican politician unbeholden to the crazy fundmentalist zealots who understands that you must work together to get things accomplished on the economic front. Unlike Bush, he is not stupid. Unlike McCain, he is not a crazed volcano waiting to blow. He could be great. But he chooses not to be. He chooses to be to the right of Rick Santorum (a complete idiot) although he knows everything he is saying makes no sense.

Mitt Romney is the girl who so badly wants to date you that she laughs at all of your jokes, tells everyone how great you are, and generally looks like she will kill herself if you don't pick her. It is embarassing to her, you, and anyone with a sense of pride or respect.

The best thing Romney could be is quit politics and go back to firing people for his own financial benefit.

Metta World Peace == Putting Together One of the All-Time Worst Shooting Seasons in NBA History


Now, in Metta's defense, he is a similar player to the 1953-54 version of Al McGuire and he is having a slightly better year than Anthony Carter's terrible season.

The Three Suckiest Players Playing Significant Minutes In the NBA -- Metta World Peace, Wesley Johnson and Shawne Williams

Here ya go: bang, sucky

So, who is the absolute worst?

Well, by Win Shares it is Shawne Williams -- negative 0.5, then Wes, then Artest (er Peace).

By Offensive Rating -- Wes he is absolutely horrible. Cannot shoot, cannot handle the ball, awful turnover machine. Wes is 80, Artest (a terrible shooter, but he actually handles the ball well...81), Shawne 86 (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

By defensive rating -- Peace and Wes are tied at 103, Shawne -- 114!!!!!! Do you realize how horrible you need to be to have a 114 defensive rating!?!? Shawne is looking hard at a negative 28 difference between offensive rating and defensive rating. Peace and Wes, on the other hand, are not in the historically awful Pavlovic/Greene/Flynn range for O and D rating difference.

The verdict?

3rd worst -- Metta World Peace, OK defender and doesn't turn the ball over, just historically terrible shooter.

2nd worst -- Wes Johnson -- a complete trainwreck on offense (off guard with an 80 offensive rating, that just does not happen) but OK defensively.

1st worst -- Shawne Williams -- he may challenge the Pantheon of all-time terrible seasons with Donte Greene/Uwe Blab/Jonny Flynn/Sasha Pavlovic


Christa Miller Pics -- Courtesy of Howard Stern!

There are certain women who just look much better nude, which is something radio personality and new "America's Got Talent" judge Howard Stern discovered when former "Drew Carey Show"actress Christa Miller's husband asked Howard to shoot photos of his sneaky-hot wife.
Can you believe Drew Carey was hitting that? Oh wait, that was just pretend.

Jeremy Lin -- Proves He Is Better Than Kobe

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kobe -- Jacking Up 24 Shots Per game, Most of Any Player Since 2006

Since Iverson lost his green light in 2005-06, no player in the NBA has jacked it up 24 times a game like Kobe is doing now, no one.

The active player with the most shot attempts per game in any season? That would also be Kobe -- 27 times a game in 2005-06. That year Kobe put it up 27 times a game and second place was Lamar Odom at............under 12.

Amare Stoudemire -- Playing Like a Medicore Small Forward

Most similar players to Amare's current season effort as a 29 year old: here

Peja, Chris Gatling, Al Harrington??

Really, this is what the Knicks are getting for their max salary contribution???

Enormous Boobs Save Woman's Life

I love my wife and I don't want her to die, so it looks like I will be footing the bill for the necessary protection.

Recent Polls -- Romney in Trouble Against Obama

Election 2011State of the UnionAll Latest Polls

Friday, February 10

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination
FOX NewsRomney 33, Gingrich 22, Santorum 23, Paul 15Romney +10

General Election: Romney vs. ObamaRasmussen ReportsObama 50, Romney 40Obama +10

General Election: Santorum vs. ObamaRasmussen ReportsObama 46, Santorum 42Obama +4

So........if either Gingrich or Santorum would just drop out, Romney would be losing like 45-33. But if he reaches the final matchup with Obama, Obama is killing him. Santorum is doing MUCH better!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Austin Rivers - Silences the Dean Dome

If they sell T-shirts showing the shot in the air and the clock expiring and some sad NC rednecks about to cry - I am buying one.

Some More Rubio and Kidd Comparison Fodder for You

1 Jason Kidd
6-4 Age 28 (2001-02 season)
82 games
.391 field goal percentage
.321 3 point percentage
.814 FT%
2.1 steals per game
9.9 assists per game
.140 win shares per48

Ricky Rubio
6-4 Age 21 (this year)
.383 FG%
.345 3PT%
.816 FT%
2.4 steals per game
9.1 assists per game
.131 win shares per48

Nikola Pekovic's Upside -- Jeff Ruland

Huge white guys, great low post scorers, defensively suspect, like to injure people. Surprisingly athletic in a small space.
Pek's per36 numbers -- 18 points, 11 boards. Ruland during his best years -- 19 and 12 per36.
Ruland -- one time all-star, twice received MVP votes (hey, they were low votes, but you get an MVP vote, that is a damn rare thing).

Santorum Surge!!!

Romney gets the endorsement and "help" of Tim Pawlenty in Minnesota. Finishes -- 3rd. Closer to 4th than 2nd. Thanks TPaw -- I think your Vice Presidential aspirations for the Oven Mitt are pretty clearly over.

The result that has to threaten Romney the most is Missouri where Gingrich is not on the ballot and Santorum (without the split evangelical vote) doubled Romney.

Free ugly man vests for everyone (but no birth control)!

Similar Players to Nikola Pekovic

Pek currently averaging 20 minutes, 10 points, 5 rebounds and virtually no steals, assists or blocks.

Eddy Curry and Steve Johnson are on the list, as is Chris Gatling.

I love me some Pek, but I can only hope his averages improve so I can get him into the Jeff Ruland range.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

8th Circuit Rules California Cannot Prohibit Gays from "Marriage"

The basis -- Proposition 8 improperly excluded gay people from equal protection of the law for no good reason.


Laettner-Timberlake Stomp

Kevin Love's New Theme Song

Oh Lord -- Santorum?

Catrinel Menghia Catrinel Is the Fiat Super Bowl Ad Girl

Wolves Currently 12-12, I Predict 22-22 on March 13

A review of the Wolves' upcoming schedule indicates that they should be able to continue their .500 level play through their March 12 game and arrive the morning of the 13th with a 22-22 mark.

After March 12, it is really difficult to say what will happen because so many injuries can happen and teams can really be playing at a far different level a month from now.

If I had to set a final mark for the Wolves I would go 31-35. This would equate to a 38-44 mark over an 82 game season. This would be a 21 game improvement from 2010-11. I give 15 of those games to coaching, 5 to Rubio and 1 to an improved Love.

Love -- face stomper. It will be interesting to see if there emerge Love haters who will fixate on this as much as people fixate on Laettner's love tap to Aminu Timberlake.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Timberwolves End Hiuston Win With 5 White Guys Playing Clutch Minutes

In the game that moved them to 12 and 12 on the season, the Timberwolves ended a close game playing 5 white-skinned players - Rubio, Barea, Pekovic, Ridnour and Love. I do not recall ever seeing that happen in an NBA game.

One commenter on Twitter suggested the 1980s Celtics, but I think I always recall Parish or Maxwell or Dennis Johnson down the stretch. There may have been points of games where they played 5 white, but not at the end of close games.


Congrats to Tom Brady and Wes Welker For....

Oh wait, never mind.....,

Welker - he is no Mario Manningham.

Well at least Belicheck was classy in defeat - oh wait, never mind that either.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Anthony Morrow Goes for 42 in 29 Minutes

In the past 26 years, only one guy has gone for at least 42 in 29 minutes. Larry Bird. If you expand the search to 30 minutes you add Gilbert Arenas and Michale Jordan and.........Chinese basketball stalwart J. R. Smith.

Greatest NBA Dunks

I say Vince's Fredric Weis dunk should have its own category -- there has never been another dunk even remotely like this. Blake Griffin, you clear a 7' man standing 4 feet from the basket and then we will talk.

The dunk I would put at #2 is Michael's against Ewing. He has basically zero momentum built up, has just spun by two guys and has all of one dribble to gather and dunk on a waiting Ewing. Awesome.

Some others of note:

LeBron from the free throw line in a game --

Shawn Kemp on Lister --
(note that Mullin chooses to not step in, undoubtedly worried that Shawn might have his first career assist to Chris’s man)

Baron on KG --
(KG learned from that point forward,
every time an opponent was in the open court against him, KG would always bump
him around the free throw line and throw him off balance. I don’t remember a
young KG ever being dunked on again).

This is a nearly impossible dunk from a young KG, but it never got an pub’ --
You rebound a ball and do not gain control until it is waist level, yet you still dunk it. I have never seen anyone else do that.

I loved Chambers' dunk. Baron's dunk on Kirilenko is fantastic. Overrated -- Rose (basically an uncontested driving dunk), Iverson (a tip dunk you will see 40 times a season), Kobe (it is a charge -- if you simply looked the other way and didn't call charges, we would have 200 awesome dunks a year).


Thursday, February 02, 2012

I May Cut Out, I Am Going Through a Tunnel

Wisconsin Women Force Man to Drink Urine, Use Pliers On his Junk

5 great things about the story:

1) Women "forced" him to strip -- by saying one would have sex with him....."forced"?

2) They handed him lemonade and forced him to drink it despite the fact that it was urine. He, nevertheless, believed them when they told him one would have sex with him.

3) While suffering incredible 10 out of 10 pain due to the pliers, he nevertheless was menaced into submission because.....a 17 year old girl was holding a belt.

4) The prosecutor charges the women with criminal destruction of property -- because they ripped the guy's shirt.

5) When the guy, roughly a month later, decides to call the police, he is told not to do so because they will tell the police he was smoking marijuana. His reply, "No, YOU were!"


Well, at least he was able to sell his land....

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Whose Butt?

In my opinion, a truly underrated celeb body -- perhaps because her reputation is that she is a complete moron. But she looks awfully good to me and other who grew up on her type of music.