Friday, September 28, 2012


In Cincinnati a few years back I had a cab driver who was working his third job of the day. The guy had a wife, an ex-wife and three kids. From listening to him describe his three jobs, I guessed he made maybe 30-40K from all three jobs. He probably paid no federal income tax. I doubt the guy felt like a drain on society "entitled" When Romney loses people like that guy, it is awfully hard to scrape together a coalition of Republican voters in a state like Ohio.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

ESPN's NBA Rank Names LeBron James #1 Player -- 9.99 Out of 10

#nbarank -- When someone is rated 9.99 out of 10, you have to ask yourself a couple questions, 1) Is he that much better than everyone else?  and 2) is he an almost perfect player.

I think the answer to #1 in LeBron's case is "yes."  So grading on a curve, he is clearly your #1 guy, he is the epitome of the top of the league, it really isn't close, so he deserves his 9.99.

As a player, is James almost perfect?  Harder question.

Evaluate his skill set:

Ballhandling - 10
Passing 10 (his #1 skill as a player)
Scoring 10
Defending 10
Physical Skill Level (running, jumping, speed, strength, etc) 10
Knowledge of Game 10
Is a Good Teammate 10
Rebounding 10

If you had to find a flaw in his game, you would point to Outside Shooting - probably 8 for his position.  He isn't Ray Allen and his jumper can get kinda balky.

Post Moves - 9 (not perfect, improving)
Driving - 10
Uses Both hands - 10
Free Throw Shooting - probably 8, and has shown improvement, but no Steve Nash

Based upon this breakdown, LeBron is basically a 9.61 player (125 points, 13 categories).  This, interestingly, is about Dwight Howard's score.  But there is absolutely NO comparison in the overall abilities of James and Howard as players.  James is better at 10 of the 13 categories, and is tied in defending, physical skill level and rebounding.   

My conclusion - LeBron does not deserve a 9.99, but he is so significantly better than everyone else that not to give him a 10 would result in the next best guy (Durant) probably getting a 9.0.  And you just cannot have that.


Drummer Dies Ala "Spinal Tap"

The band continued to play for a while after his death.

You Keep Doing That, You Will Go Blind

Uh oh....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Romney 47% Ad, Redone

Mitt Romney Leads Failed Chant

Electoral map Looks Bleak For Romney

The bigger problem Romney has is that he is hugely unpopular in Ohio (due to his anti-union stance and his "let GM go bankrupt" stance) so he is staring awfully hard at a 265 EV board that is "solidly Obama."

So he can still lose New Hampshire and force a tie in the Electoral College at 269-269.  I don't know the House vote by state (each state delegation in the House gets one vote in the event of a tie), but I assume the GOP probably controls more states.

But..............Mitt needs to win Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia to win the election.  ANY loss in any of those states means an Obama victory.

So Romney needs to find some way to reverse Ohio.  If he cannot, I just don't see him winning both Nevada and Virginia. 

Andy Williams - Dead,,20570219,00.html?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl1%7Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D211040

RIP, my huckleberry friend.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scott Walker - Bring Back the Union Referees!

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After catching a few hours of sleep, the game is still just as painful.
Scott - they are in a UNION!!!  Don't you recall how horrible unions are and how they destroy the entire fabric of Wisconsin?
Wait?  What is that?  Firing these union members doesn't result in a tax cut for the wealthy?  Oh, I understand now.....never mind.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Alexis - Go Chargers!

Rasmussen Poll Has Obama Up 12% in PA - Right Wingers Blame.....State of PA

The commentary is so frightening.  It is like I went into a bar and asked 100 women whether I was hot and they wanted to bang me instead of, say, Tony Siragusa.  When the results came back 51 Tony, 39 HMs and 11 undecided, would I take a look at myself in the mirror and say, "Geez, I am losing to Siragusa.  I guess I gotta do something in the next 45 days to turn that around"?  I would.

But you are dealing with GOP voters - people who know 100% that they are always right and that anyone who disagrees with them is an idiot/delusional.  So what would they do in my situation?  Say "Fuck you, you ugly broads" to the whole 100, continue to do exactly what I had been doing with my appearance, and write the bar off as a bunch of blind women who don't know a good thing when they can get it.

Sad, but not unexpected.

IPhone Smackdown at Chinese Factory

I heard it started as a basketball game:

Syracuse Fans Unhappy With Big 10 Network Announcers

While I know that Big Ten Network announcers are terrible, I think the comments complaining about "ignoring all of our great plays/drives" is pretty funny.  Guys, your team scored 10 points (7 in garbage time) against the Gophers.  There were not a lot of great plays/drives to "ignore." 

Because the game was at night, at least these BTN announcers did not mention a guy losing a punt in the sun "which is bad, as you can see given the big shadow in front of him on the ground."  That actually happened a couple years back (Andre Ware on the call).

Friday, September 21, 2012

Who Would Be So Stupid As to Send Paul ryan to the AARP?

hey, Ryan did his best to spout his usual half truths, which were not met with much approval (OK, any approval) by the crowd of seniors, but Who TF decided to send Paul Ryan to the AARP?

Do we send Barack Obama to KKK rallies?  Do we send Obama to rural Georgia and put up a "white voters only" sign at the ticket window?

Why in the world would you send Paul Ryan to talk to seniors?  To remind them that he wants to end their medicare and give them a voucher to hopefully find their own medical insurance?

This says more about the idiocy of the Romney Campaign than it does about misguided policy initiatives.

I liked Ryan's exchange:

{says something}
"I knew there would be a mixed reaction."

Ann Romney - "Stop It! This is Hard!"

Good for her that she managed not to use the terms "you people" or "we deserve it" in this little meltdown.   

Mitt Romney was too busy baptizing dead Baptists as Mormons to really be concerned about what a mere woman had to say.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kato Kaelin - O.J. Probably Did It

Not exactly groundbreaking stuff.  Similar to someone saying that they think Mitt Romney is a lying sack of shit.  OK - there is 80% of the population who already know that and 20% of the population who will never concede it.  You need to give evidence/examples, Kato.

Tim Pawlenty - Quits Romney Campaign

Someone, undoubtedly, offered him $1 more - that is the level of old Timmy's commitment to basically, well, anything.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney - 47% of Americans Are Lazy Assholes Suckling At the Government Teat

And when called upon to defend his remarks............HE DID!?!?!?  So, roughly half of America has been completely written off by Mitt Romney.  This includes the roughly 1/2 of the 47% who are elderly Americans living on a fixed social security income - fucking irresponsible bastards!

The comment I found even more interesting was Romney's statement that he wishes his dad had been Mexican so that he could get more Latino votes.  "I really wish that I had not been born rich and white so those brown-skinned folks could pull the lever for me."

Romney says he wants the whole tape released.  That means he probably knows there is something FAR worse on there that he just wants to get out of the way before October.  Maybe, "We have to tell that 47% that there lot in life is due to black people."  Something like that?

By the by - since 23% of the scumbags Romney describes are old white people, and probably 10% are poor white southerners, it would seem to me that the 47% he refers to may actually be consistent GOP voters!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quantitative Easing Part 3

The most definitive sign yet that our economy is still awfully feeble.

Jessica Simpson

Eric Johnson's recent receipt from a trip to Target:

Baby Oil - 16 ounce bottle - $1.59 - Quantity 30.  Sub-total $47.70


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Woman Not Paid For Sex In car Pulls a Gun

I invite you to go to the panel at the bottom of the article and examine the weird sex stories and determine which is the oddest.  i am going to go with the German guy who had to call police to force the woman to stop having sex with him.

By the way, I just love the fact that the term "prostitution" is never mentioned in the underlying story.  Some guy meets two girls in a bar, takes one home and has sex with her (while the other, I guess, stands guard) and then, out of "kindness" pays her $120.  He then meets the OTHER girl at the gas station who (apparently overwhelmed by his hunkiness) sucks him off while he is driving a car.  She, for SOME reason thinks she should be paid.  When not paid she pulls out a gun.  No prostitution there either, I guess.  Just hurt feelings.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rupert Murdoch - Romney Must Move to the Center

Election: To win Romney must open big tent to sympathetic families. Stop fearing far right which has nowhere else to go. Otherwise no hope
@rupertmurdoch via Twitter for iPad

This is why he has people posting things on Facebook saying how "great" it is that Mitt Romney wants to keep parts of ObamaCare.  My Republican uncle posted such a thing today - after months of saying "Obamacare is the end of the world."  Amazing.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Romney Rep' Cannot Explain Tax Exemptions That Will Be Removed


As Bill Clinton stated at the Dem' Convention (as best I can recall) - "He is going to reduce rates on the wealthy and then remove deductions.  Which deductions?  Well, what I gather so far is his answer is, 'We aren't gonna tell you.'"

This is a campaign being run on the theme of, "Don't vote for my opponent.  He is the devil."  Romney offers virtually NO policy guidance except for some pretty serious hints at a return to GW Bush. 

Analogy time:  Look, I despise Kobe Bryant about as much as any current athlete.  But if you come to me and say, "I think Chase Budinger is a better player than Kobe," I will expect you to at least provide SOME justification for your position that discusses how good Budinger is, not simply a statement that Kobe COULD have played better over the past couple years. 

Mitt Romney - I Support Aspects of ObamaCare

In case you missed it, first Romney popped up on Meet the Press to tell David Gregory that he'd "make sure that those with preexisting conditions can get coverage." Then there was a not-so-fast "clarification" from his campaign meant to placate the insurance industry, then there was a clarification of the clarification back to the original statement, then another reversal and then finally, what may be the actual position Romney has settled on: if you've already got insurance, and have had continuous coverage with no gaps, you can't lose it because you get sick from a pre-existing condition. You see the problem there?

As I have said before, if I am a Republican making under $1,000,000 a year, the LAST thing I want is to elect Mitt Romney.  I mean, what will he do when he gets in there?  He will go back to governing like the liberal Massachusetts Governor he once was.  Then you will be stuck with him for 8 years!!  At least you know two things about the black guy:  1) he can only serve four more years; and 2) he is pretty ineffectual - he doesn't get much done for the liberal side of his party. 

You put in Romney and you have a white Republican Obama who may actually achieve legislative objectives, probably with the help of the Democrats.  YIKES!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

J-Woww Engaged

I really don't have any comment. I just like looking at J-Woww.

"I Am Breaking Up With Obama" Commercial Features Republican Operative as alleged Obama Voter


You couldn't find one real Democrat voter from 2008 who was Hispanic who would accept pay to make a TV ad?  Couldn't the black guy "Alex" from the other ad just say he was Dominican or Cuban and speak with an accent?

I am sure that Hispanics aren't really falling all over themselves to vote for dressage horse owning Mormon Mitt Romney, but still....  Today's new unemployment numbers aren't SO great that people won't take RNC money for saying they are changing their vote, are they?

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Women's Basketball Coach Fired For Sex Book

As an assistant girls basketball coach, I do not ever talk to my players about anything else except basketball.  Nothing.   I do not communicate with them in any manner outside of practice, games or tournaments.   How this guy thought he could write this kind of book is, frankly, amazing.

Paul Ryan Requested ObamaCare Funds for His District

Oh Paul - is everything you do just one terrible boner after another?

Which reminds me of Family Guy:

Well, you know, I feel like I've sort of run my course here, and you know, besides, there's a whole big world out there, and it's time I saw it.

But, Brian, you live here.
This is your home.

00:13:33 I know, but I've thought about this long and hard, and...

00:13:36 (laughs) "Long and hard." I'm sorry. Brian, please, please continue.

This is just something I have to do.

Well, where will you go?

Well, I haven't decided that yet, but I promise I'll be in touch.

(laughs) Wait. How is that one dirty?

It's... I was remembering "long and hard." Well, if your mind is made up about this, Brian, then I wish you the best of luck.

I hope this move won't be a boner for you.

Hmm? What?

I was just saying to Brian I hope this move won't be a boner.

I would agree. I hope he finds what he's looking for.

00:14:11 Well, we're gonna miss you Brian.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Michael Phelps - Quitter

I tell you what, given what I imagine happened that evening, I wouldn't mind being a similarly-situated quitter.

New Hampshire Probably a Tough Test for Gophers

New Hampshire was 8-4 last year and made the 2nd round of the FCS playoffs.  They just destroyed an OK Holy Cross team on the road to start the season.  So, yeah, I was hoping for an easy walkover, but NH last year scored about 35 points a game.  You don't like to see that out of an opponent when you do not have a good squad.

Michael Clarke Duncan - Dead at 54

The role I most enjoyed the big fella in was "Bear" in Armageddon.  His work in The Green Mile, of course, was more critically acclaimed.

The rare 6'4" actor appeared enormous on screen playing against the tiny actors who normally populate Hollywood.  I have heard no negati9ve comments on MCD, so he must have been a pretty good guy....


Monday, September 03, 2012

Svetoslava Simeonova - Fabio Fognini's Girlfriend

So, while everyone makes fun of me for watching early round U.S. Open tennis matches, I was able to find this diamond in the rough who is so ridiculously hot that Brooklyn Decker is now only the "best all-natural" body of any tennis Wife or Girlfriend.
Yowsa.  She is Bulgarian, a country I was not sure still existed, but which I now need to visit.