Monday, December 31, 2012

Minneapolis - City of Winners

From our #9 ranked Gophers playing across the river in Williams Arena to our playoff-bound Vikings kicking ass and taking names into the playoffs, demonstrating the kickassishness of their top 12 NFL status, late December 2012 has been an awesome stretch for Minneapolis sports.

What next!?!?  The over-.500 Wolves?  The Twins?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christian Ponder 5 of 30 Beyond 20 yards!!

Pass Thrown Behind Line of Scrimmage9110859084.35.463221091.7000.000
Pass Thrown 1-10 yds1342041,10465.75.412293087.9000.000
Pass Thrown 11-20 yds388367745.88.164526052.1000.000
Pass Thrown 21-30 yds42010220.05.103311044.2000.000
Pass Thrown 31-40 yds0700.00.00000039.6000.000
Pass Thrown 41+ yds135433.318.005401042.4000.000

These stats are remarkably horrible.  312 of Ponder's passes have been thrown 10 yards or less downfield.  Of those efforts, he has completed 72%.  On passes over 10 yards, he is 43 of 113 (38%).

But once you get above 20 yards, my lord.  5 of 30, 16.7%.  Beyond 30 yards?  1 of 10 - 10%.  Let's compare these stats to someone believed to be a dink and dunker with a weaker arm - Drew Brees.

Drew Brees under 10.001 yards - 252 of 381 - 66%.  Passes over 10 yards - 104 of 193 (53.9%).   Beyond 20 yards?  29 of 70.  41.5%.  Beyond 30 yards?  12 of 32 - 37.5%. 

So, despite the fact that Brees is regarded as boosting his stats by short passes, in reality, Ponder's 90% mark on passes behind the line of scrimmage is really all that keeps him from being a complete laughingstock.  Brees, who has thrown the ball 200+ times more than Ponder, has only thrown 111 balls behind the line of scrimmage - Ponder 108. 

The Vikings have played 15 games - they throw the ball beyond 20 yards around twice a game, with the likelihood being that no such passes will be completed (one every three games). 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

David Gregory - Criminal

Hey - it really would be a great 2nd Amendment case, right?  Guy possesses an illegal weapon with absolutely no intent to use it, gets prosecuted. 

I really hope Gregory gets charged and fights this on 2nd Amendment grounds.  Then we can reach the Supreme Court with the clear question of whether you can make it illegal to possess a 30-bullet clip.  Then we will have some real idea of how broad the right to bear arms is!

(I know he has a 1st Amendment defense here, but I am hoping he would waive that).


Friday, December 21, 2012

Comparing LeBron, Barkley, Bird, Magic, K.Malone, Duncan Through Their First 10 Years

Very interesting stuff.

All very impressive.  Duncan by far the best defender.  Barkley an unbelievable offensive force.  Bird with just sick raw numbers (25-10-6, for a 10 year stretch?).

If you believe that PER and Win Shares Per 48 are all they are cracked up to be, James is the best player of the entire bunch through 10 years. 

Karl Malone's first 10 years of playoff performances - not elite level.

LeBron James - Athlete of the Year

More Suzy Favor-Hamilton Hooker Advertising Pics

Merry Christmas.

Why do I suddenly feel like I have to go find $600 and an airplane ticket?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Suzy Favor Hamilton - High End Hooker

GC Boy - comments?

LeAnn Rimes - Time For Return to Rehab?

This was horrendous.  She was dueting with a 13 year old girl and appeared either high or drunk, stumbling, coming in late, singing off the beat.  When the two sang in unison, Rimes felt that was the appropriate time to engage in wild vocal runs, thus making unison impossible. 

Rimes cannot be 35, but she appeared to be aged to about 50-55.  It was a remarkably embarassing performance, and one that may cause her 13 year old partner to lose the entire contest.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Robert Bork - Dead at 85

It used to be that people who were qualified for office, but who were a little "out there" in their positions, were confirmed by the Senate nevertheless.

Then came Robert Bork.  He was defeated soundly.

The position eventually went to Anthony Kennedy, who, while now more conservative than former "swing" vote Sandra Day O'Connor, is far less conservative than Bork.  So - a win for the Dems who turned aside Bork.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Newtown and Gun Control

My brother is mentally ill.  Onset at age 18, and he will be mentally all his life.  Tried to kill himself with a knife when he was 19.  Used to look longingly at my dad's shotgun.  Dad rendered it unshootable, if that is a word, but my brother told me that he could have always fixed it and shot somebody.  He was more interested in shooting himself.

So, you combine a mentally ill kid with any access whatsoever to guns, if he snaps, bad things are going to occur.  The best you can really hope for is that he just kills himself, or he kills only one person and then kills himself.

I view banning guns as a lost cause.

The fairly recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion regarding D.C.'s ban on handguns makes the current constitutional status of gun ownership rather difficult to overcome.  Basically, no political entity may ban handguns since Antonin Scalia and 4 others believe that the framers of the constitution wanted people to be able to "dial the phone with one hand and shoot with the other."   I guess they were pretty forward thinking, those guys.

Scalia refused to even set a "time, place and manner" restrain on weapons ownership.  He also failed to explain if there was any weapon of any sort that could be banned (remember, it is the right to bear "arms" not "guns").  The logical conclusion of his awfully open analysis is that you may have any weapon necessary to repel a government takeover of your home.  So - tank, bazooka, mortar, RPG launcher.   Anything the government has, you may have.

And do not forget that in the South and most of the West that there is no desire to band guns AT ALL.  They view gun deaths as a cost of doing business, much like First Amendment folks view pornography and Nazi propaganda - if you want the good thing, it comes with some bad things. 

So what is left?  Maybe just give up.

I guess the only thing that is really left is to regulate the matter by insurance or taxation.  So, if your gun is used in a crime, your insurer needs to pay.  They have no insurance and cannot pay - you go to jail.  Your gun is stolen?  You have to report that theft before the crime occurs.   Every gun sold in the U.S. comes with a $1,000 tax that the manufacturer must pay to the government, to be put in a fund for gun victims. 

Maybe if it was really expensive for the mother in Newtown to have a gun, she wouldn't have had 5.

Sadly, I see no public appetite or political appetite for gun control.  Ronald Reagan and James Brady were shot in 1981 or 1982.  I have not looked it up.  The Brady Bill did not pass at any time when the Republicans controlled the Presidency.  It was only in 1994 when Clinton was President.  12+ years. 
A major Republican figure and his aide were gunned down on the street - no response.  So maybe if there is a landslide Dem election in 2026, we will get some response.

NASA - World Will Not End

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Minnesota Timberwolves All-White Starting Five

Mark the date - Minnesota Timberwolves on December 14, 2012 start Ridnour, Shved, Kirilenko, Love and Pekovic.   I cannot recall another all-white starting five in 20-30 years.

Not only are they all white, they could all mark down "white, non-Hispanic" on their census form.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Rob Parker of ESPN - RG3 Not Black Enough

Since ESPN still employs noted race baiter Jalen Rose (all Duke players had dads who had jobs, so guys like Grant Hill are Uncle Toms), I don't see how they take any action whatsoever against Parker.

Parker stated his opinion that a black guy who has a white fiancee and who may be a Republican is not really black.  Rose said that basically no black person can be black if his father and mother are married and they both have jobs.  Which is worse?  I am shading toward Rose.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wonder Why Baron Davis Isn't Any Good?

It was herniated - he is recovering.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kevin Love - Continues to Bitch and Moan

1) Here is an idea, Kevin, how about creating a POSITIVE atmosphere around your team, not one based upon how no one loves you or appreciates how great you are?

And you are making 7 figures and letting your team down by missing games because you are mysteriously "hurt" - is that really the right time to be bitching?  When you are drawing a huge paycheck for nothing?

2) Can you identify any player in the NBA who has been LESS successful in wins and losses who purports to be a "great" player?  I cannot.  TMac comes to mind, but McGrady made the playoffs like 7 or 8 straight years.  Love's personal success teamed with terrible team results reminds one of names like Sharif Abdur-Rahim and World B. Free. 

3) You think you and Al Jefferson could play effectively together?  Yes, if the other three guys on the court are a young Andre Kirilenko, a young Michael Jordan and a young Alvin Robertson.  Then that team would give up maybe only 110 points a night.

4) Speaking of defense, Kevin, what exactly is your defensive strategy?  Step to the side?  Call for help?  Hold your hands out and point to a teammate?

If in 3 years the Wolves are winning 55 games, Love would be insane to leave.  If in 3 years the Wolves are not winning 55 games, then Love has not translated into wins and we should let him leave.

As Colonel Nathan Jessup once said, "Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to."

The 16 Most Productive Players of My Son's 17 Years on Earth

Happy birthday, Playstation Maven.

Your 16 most productive players since the 1995-96 season, based upon Total Win Shares.

16.  Elton Brand - injuries have greatly reduced his upside, but he has toiled a long time and very effectively.  102.6 Win Shares

15.  Rasheed Wallace - another guy who will probably miss out on the Hall of Fame, but whose effectiveness has lasted a long time.  105 Win Shares.

14.  Vince Carter - if I told you that Vince Carter barely had more Win Shares than Rasheed Wallace, you would probably shake your head and say, "what a waste of talent."  But of course you would, the words "Vince Carter" were mentioned.  106.5 Win Shares

13.  Pau Gasol - One of the younger guys on the list.  His Win Share totals and two titles basically insure a HOF induction.  107.6 Win Shares.

12.  Gary Payton - 109.4 - shows what an awesome player Payton was, since he retired 7 years ago and yet is 10 seasons in PM's life netted over 10 Win Shares a year.

11.  Shawn Marion - it will be interesting to see whether Shawn Marion makes the Hall of Fame.  In my opinion he has never been a top 15 player, but he has 114.4 Win Shares and is still going.

10.  Chauncey Billups - former Wolf, we didn't need him.  119.9 Win Shares.

9.  Steve Nash - a first ballot HOF player with 2 MVPs - 125.3 Win Shares, and I would imagine they are all Offensive WS

8.  Jason Kidd - 131.7 Win Shares.  His career starts before my son's boirth and continues today - impressive.

7.  Paul Pierce - 132.7 Win Shares - it would be a worthwhile effort to poll people and ask who is better, Pierce or Kidd. 

6.  Ray Allen - 137.4 - Jesus Shuttlesworth is an amazing player.

5.  Shaq - 140.3 - here is a guy who began playing 3 years before my son was born and who was done years ago.  Despite missing a number of the 17 years at issue, he is still #5.

4.  Kobe - arg.  What makes me most unhappy about this is that with Dirk's injury and Kobe's sudden resurgence as a scoring leader, he has almost caught up to Dirk.  166.3 Win Shares.

3.  Dirk Nowitski - 168.9 - what the numbers tell you is that Dirk has for a long, long time has been a great player and a very winning player.

2.  Tim Duncan - 179.1 Win Shares, Timmy has been the second greatest regular season player of my son's life, and probably tossing in playoff Win Shares he is #1.

1.  Kevin Garnett - Duncan is having a great year, so old KG better beware, by next year he may slip to #2 on my son's list, but for now he is at 183.5, 4.4 ahead of Duncan. 

Tagliabue - What the Saints Did Is OK With Me

Wow.  He finds that the players did engage in a bounty program which paid money for injuries, yet finds that since the case is such a mess he will just let the players off the hook!

Again, wow.

Question for the NFL in my "The NFL Doesn't Give a Fuck About Concussions" case:  "Isn't it true that you had a former commissioner of the NFL recently find that bounty programs where players are paid to injure other players result in no suspensions?"  Answer - Yes.

How exactly do you defend the whole "The NFL under Paul Tagliabue didn't give a fuck about players" case when Tagliabue himself says that guys who intend to injure other players deserve no suspensions?

Punitive damages award anyone?

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Alexey Shved - Similar Players

We are not exactly talking about the giants of the game here, but at least we have some decent players. 

A Bikini League of Their Own

Does anyone know where I can contact the owner of the Minnesota Mist and apply for a coaching job?

I may be kidding.....or not.


Dave Brubeck - Dead

Take 6...........feet under.


49% of Republicans Blame ACORN for 2012 Loss - 44% of Republican Maybe Want Their State to Secede

Since ACORN no longer exists, their ability to steal elections from the grave is remarkable.
On the plus side, 3% of Republicans recognized that ACORN no longer exists, maybe, since 52% believed that ACORN stole the 2008 election.

25% of Republicans want their state to secede, and 19% are "not sure."  So I am gonna put that in as 44% probably or maybe in favor of secession. 

If my math is correct, 5% of Republicans DO blame ACORN for the 2012 loss while simultaneously at least wanting to stay as part of the United States.  Those people must lead a really, really miserable life.  I mean, you have two straight elections where the black guy won due to rampant voter fraud caused by a group that, even when disbanded, controls all presidential elections,  Yet you still want to be part of that system?    THAT, my friends, is true patriotism!

Monday, December 03, 2012

QBR -- Grading On a Curve (Like College)

Generally they tell you to find the Standard Deviation and then grade off that.  Remember, you want a bunch of C's, a bunch of B's and D's, and almost no A's or F's.

34 guys rated.  While the "average" rating is supposed to be 50, the median of these 34 guys is actually 54.25 (indicating that the QBR system is flawed in that more guys are above average in their performance than below average - the scale is a little too easy on guys).

In any event, if you take a standard deviation of 13.223 and apply a grading scale suggested for college professors on-line, you get:

A plus - none

A - PManning and Brady

A minus - none

B plus = Ryan, RG3, Ben, Luck

B - Smith, Rodgers, Eli, Schaub, Wilson, Brees, Romo

B minus - Stafford, Freeman, Dalton, Cutler

C+ - none

C - Flacco, Bradford, Tanneyhill, Newton, Locker, Hasselbeck, Vick, Fitzpatrick, Palmer

C minus - Ponder, Gabbert, Rivers, Kolb

D plus - Cassel

D - Sanchez and Weeden

F - Skelton

So your grade breakdown is: 

Great - 2
Very good - 4
Well above average - 7
Slightly above average - 4

Average - 9
Slightly below average - 5
Very poor - 2
Awful - 1

Teams with above average QBs who are below .500 - Washington, Detroit

Teams with below average QBs who are .500 or better - Minnesota