Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LeBron - Currently Runs a 4.6 40

So, 6'8", around 250, he runs a 4.6 40 yard dash.

Rob Gronkowski - 6'6", 265, ran a 4.68 40.

So could LeBron be an NFL tight end?  I'd have to say yes.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Drawback of Implants

J-Woww -- oh lord.  At least put makeup on the scars.

Oscar Dresses - Cleavage Abounds

Just when I thought Heidi Klum showed a ridiculous amount of skin, here comes Brandi Glanville, hopefully super glued into the dress.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence

5'7 3/4"

Date of birth August 15, 1990.

Place of birth - Louisville, Kentucky

Oscar Winner

Super Hot

Robert Swift - Refuses to Leave His Former Home

Here is an example of a guy who was 7 feet tall and good in high school, so he got a decent NBA deal.

They must have gone some to find a dunk by Swift in an actual game.  He only scored 172 total NBA field goals.

Similar player?  Keith Closs.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Dog Bites Man

Pro Wrestler arrested:

I was in Memphis one time and had an old black cab driver talk to me about the old days of Mid-South Wrestling and how he regularly would drive groups of 3 and 4 wrestlers around to bars while the wrestlers smoked marijuana and did cocacine in the cab.  He said that they were extremely good tippers (he thought perhaps inadvertently, but he almost got beat up one time when he attempted to return a $100 tip -- "You think I can't fucking afford to give you a tip?  Do you know who I AM!?!?!?"

Swagger's DUI and marijuana possession probably places him as the #5,000 worst legal offender amongst pro wrestlers in the past, say, 8 years.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What People In Their 20s Think About Republicans

two focus groups...
. The first consisted of 10 single, middle-class women in their 20s; the second, of 10 20-something men who were either jobless or employed but seeking better work. All of them voted for Obama but did not identify themselves as committed Democrats and were sufficiently ambivalent about the president’s performance that Anderson deemed them within reach of the Republicans. Each group sat around a large conference table with the pollster, while I viewed the proceedings from behind a panel of one-way glass.

The all-female focus group began with a sobering assessment of the Obama economy. All of the women spoke gloomily about the prospect of paying off student loans, about what they believed to be Social Security’s likely insolvency and about their children’s schooling. A few of them bitterly opined that the Democrats care little about the working class but lavish the poor with federal aid. “You get more off welfare than you would at a minimum-wage job,” observed one of them. Another added, “And if you have a kid, you’re set up for life!”

About an hour into the session, Anderson walked up to a whiteboard and took out a magic marker. “I’m going to write down a word, and you guys free-associate with whatever comes to mind,” she said. The first word she wrote was “Democrat.”

“Young people,” one woman called out.

“Liberal,” another said. Followed by: “Diverse.” “Bill Clinton.”“Change.”“Open-minded.”“Spending.”“Handouts.”“Green.”“More science-based.”


 When Anderson then wrote “Republican,” the outburst was immediate and vehement: “Corporate greed.” “Old.” “Middle-aged white men.” “Rich.” “Religious.” “Conservative.” “Hypocritical.” “Military retirees.” “Narrow-minded.” “Rigid.” “Not progressive.” “Polarizing.” “Stuck in their ways.” “Farmers.”

The session with the young men was equally jarring. None of them expressed great enthusiasm for Obama. But their depiction of Republicans was even more lacerating than the women’s had been. “Racist,” “out of touch” and “hateful” made the list — “and put ‘1950s’ on there too!” one called out.

Showing a reverence for understatement, Anderson said: “A lot of those words you used to describe Republicans are negative. What could they say or do to make you feel more positive about the Republican Party?”

“Be more pro-science,” said a 22-year-old moderate named Jack. “Embrace technology and change.”

Stick to your strong suit,” advised Nick, a 23-year-old African-American. “Clearly social issues aren’t your strong suit. Stop trying to fight the battle that’s already been fought and trying to bring back a movement. Get over it — you lost.”


Rick Scott Bends Over and Takes It From Obama

Wow - the conservative icon who spent millions of dollars and many wasted hours trying to stop ObamaCare has now said his state will go forward with Medicaid expansion. 

I guess when a communist-socialist plot to ruin America and American values will net your state $66B on a $5.4B investment, you say "Well, how bad is ObamaCare anyway?!?!?"

It does not hurt that local hospitals are telling Scott -- "Hey, we could really use that money from all of those sick and poor folks...."

What an embarrassing reversal for Scott.  He is left waiting in the bread line and soon will be dropping to his knees begging for Barack Obama's dirty, filthy Kenyan money. 

What is the word?  Schadenfreude?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SI Swimsuit Girls Party

Upstate NY mom Hosts Stripper Party for Her Son

You may not think that the blonde stripper in this photo is all that great.  Well, grading on the Glens Falls stripper curve, that is a 10+ my friends. 

I wonder how the 13 year old boy at the party will ever get the stains out of his jeans....or Zubaz....

Jimmer Fredette (Glens Falls native) would never engage in such behavior!  Play ball at a prison - yes; get a lap dance from a local stripper - no.   Ever have a season with a defensive Win Share or a Drtg under 114?  HELL NO!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mississippi Finally Ratifies The 13th Amendment

Congrats!  Less than 150 years after it was introduced!

Even Kentucky beat Mississippi by either 20 or 37 years, depending upon how much of an "error" you think occurred in 1995.

Jerry Buss - Dead

He was down to one "out" and his card didn't hit.  RIP - you did well, and you didn't have to live to see Phil Jackson marry your daughter.

Former Duke Star Phil Henderson - Dead at 44

When I attended Duke Law, 1987-89, we had Danny Ferry for three years and Christian Laettner for his freshman year, then a few guys who became mediocre coaches or NBA executives (Amaker, Snyder, Billy King) then a bunch of guys who have basically faded into relative obscurity - Robert Brickey, John Smith.....and the highly-recruited Phil Henderson.

Phil background - felt he was misled by Duke because he got suspended for not attending class, "They told me at Duke I can work at my own pace....I guess not."  Had German class with my friend TEG, VERY rarely in attendance.  Did attend one class in which he asked TEG, "What page we on?"  Still probably TEG's greatest brush with greatness.

RIP, Phil. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And Yes, People Are Still Offended By Brent Musberger

Durant and James - Both on Pace to Have a Top 8 All-Time Season

You can sort and sort and sort, and you can find all sorts of stats, but if you really tighten up your search, you will see that there have been 6 seasons in the history of the NBA that really stand out statistically.

Wilt 1963-64
Kareem 1971-72
Jordan 1987-88
Jordan 1990-91
Jordan 1995-96
LeBron 2008-09

(If you start looking for seasons with PER over 31, you get Jordan, Wilt and LeBron only, ten seasons total - a person looking for an answer for "best NBA player ever " might well find that list of 10 seasons and conclude that those are your 3 best guys....and I think that is a reasonable assumption).

Durant is current over 29 in PER, .307 WS/48 and looking hard at 20 Win Shares overall
James - 31.2, .304, also looking at 20 WS overall.

So, assuming these guys maintain this torrid pace (which seems tough to imagine, but I guess it is possible), we may see a situation where we have two guys register top 8 all-time seasons IN THE SAME YEAR.

While two such monster seasons have never occurred together, in recent history there have been two almost-as-great statistical seasons by different guys in the same year twice - in 1995-96 Jordan received 98% of the MVP vote but David Robsinon finished second and had an unbelievable statistical season (PER over 29, almost 20 win shares); and in 2008-09, James's historically great season left poor Chris Paul with no love whatsoever -- James finished first in the MVP balloting while Paul (30 PER, .292 WS/48, over 18 win shares) placed a pathetic 5th, behind Kobe, Wade and Dwight Howard.

If you are paying attention in 2012-13, NBA fans, you are witnessing history in the making.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Other Than Bill Russell, Has Tim Duncan Had the Greatest Defensive Career of All-Time?

They didn't keep Defensive Rating during Bill Russell's career.  So, we will assume that his 133 Defensive Win Shares puts him #1 overall.  We move on to the rest.

A review of guys with over 80 Defensive Win Shares and defensive rating under 100 nets you a very select group of 6:

Jabbar, Hakeem, Duncan, Garnett, Ewing, Robinson.

If you sort this group by Defensive rating, Duncan wins (Duncan, David, Hakeem, KG, Kareem, Ewing)

If you sort this group by defensive rebound percentage, Duncan wins (Duncan, KG, Ewing, Hakeem, David, Kareem)

Duncan finishes 4th in block percentage (David, Hakeem, Ewing, Duncan, Kareem, KG)

Number of season with over 7 defensive win shares and a defensive rating at or lower than 99:
Duncan and Hakeem - 4
David - 3
Kareem 2
Ewing 2
KG 1

(note that Dwight Howard and Ben Wallace are on this list but they do not have 80 career defensive win shares)

If you drop the requirement to 6 win shares and a DRtg at or under 99:
Duncan 9 seasons
David 8
Ewing and Hakeem 6
KG 3
Kareem 2

First-Team All-Defense:
KG - 9
Duncan 8
Hakeem and Kareem 5
David 4
Ewing 0

Defensive Player of the Year
Hakeem 2
KG and David 1
Kareem, Ewing, Duncan 0

(note, Ben Wallace has 4 and Dwight Howard has 3).

I think the answer to the headline is yes - other than Bill Russell, Tim Duncan has had the greatest defensive career of any NBA player ever.

Few Would Compare LeBron James and Larry Bird.....But Look At Their Stats!

Bird played in an era where there was more scoring, so it was easier to get an assist, steal or block, but look at the advanced stats - very, very similar.

It was said of Bird that his biggest strength as a player was that he was a great passer.  I have always said the same about James. 

Both men have about the same number of total career win shares, both have multiple MVPs, both were always regarded as great teammates.  Bird's reputation as a hard ass and trash talker does not carry over to James, who is regarded (like Wilt) as simply too nice.

Worth a blog entry at least.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ray Lewis - Wrestling Loser

Perhaps had the guy in Atlanta 13 years later been wearing a wrestling singlet, he, too, may have escaped.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

There Are Good Players.....Then There are Durant and LeBron

Last night Ricky Rubio had 15 points, 14 assists and 2 rebounds.  He put up a Game Score of 16.1.

I have no idea how you calculate Game Score, but given Ricky's stats, I assume 16.1 is pretty good. 

On the season, LeBron James has only 4 game scores below 16.1.  Kevin Durant has 3.

Think about that for a second. The production level of 15-14-2 is a bottom 9% game for LeBron and a bottom 6% game for Durant. 

Let's look at some Win Shares numbers - now remember, we are around 50% of the way through the year:

Top 3:

Kevin Durant-OKC

LeBron James-MIA

Chris Paul-LAC

Others You May Know:

James Harden-HOU

Kobe Bryant-LAL

Russell Westbrook-OKC

Deron Williams-BRK

Assume that no injuries occur and the pace of winning basketball continues.  By year end, Durant will have around 24 win shares, James 21+ (Durant outplaying James in this measure by 12%, despite James putting up another 30+ PER).

Durant is outplaying Kobe by 42%, Westbrook by 45%, more than Doubling Deron Williams.

James Harden has been putting up ridiclous stats most of the year in Houston - by the end of the year he will have 9 win shares less than Durant and 6+ less than James.

At the end of the year, Paul and Harden will have 30 win shares; they will need to throw in Kobe's 14 to reach 44 and just narrowly lose out to Durant and James's combined 45.

At the end of the year, Deron Williams will not have as many win shares as LeBron or Durant has now.

Chris Paul has also been great, but he is always hurt.  If you graded off of Durant as an A+, you would have LeBron as an A or A minus, and then everyone else B minus or worse.  Virtually all of the league would get a D or an F. 

Why Invest In Stocks? There Is No Alternative.

A good article.

How about Yale going negative 1% in a market up about 12%?  "Hey, Jim, how did I do with my $300M investment you were running?"  Um, lost money.....but only 1%!!

Monday, February 04, 2013

LeBron 13 of 14 with 8 assists and 8 rebounds

Per, since 1985-86 that has never happened.

The best game other than LeBron's?   Probably Blue Edwards going 13-14 and 6 and 5.  Vin Baker and Gary Payton went 14-14. And Roy Hinson went 13-13.

Pre-1985?  Well, the Internet reports that in 1967 Wilt had games of 16-16 and 17-17 and 18-18.  So yeah, Wilt was pretty good.

Joe Flacco - I Guess I Was Wrong

The Charlie Daniels Band once noted, "Well you play pretty good fiddle boy, but give the devil his due....."  I guess it is time I gave Flacco his due.

He tied an NFL record for most post-season TD passes.  He had no picks.  He was surprisingly elusive.  He led his team to points at key times.

Joe Flacco - I am sorry.  You have proved yourself to be a Super Bowl winning QB.

Phil Mickelson Wins - Oh No, Now He Has to Pay Taxes!!

Poor Phil.

His $1.1M payday for winning the Waste Management Open results in a huge tax windfall for the federal government and the State of California (and maybe the State of Arizona, though I am pretty sure Phil will get a credit in CA for any tax paid in AZ).

In amy event, at $1,152,524.90 in 2013 income through February 3, I really cannot help but feel extremely sorry for Phil.  His prior idea of not playing golf at all so as to avoid taxes seems like a very solid idea now.

Based upon my calculations (with which I will not bore you in great detail), it appears that Phil has maxed out his FICA contribution for the year (so he will pay no more the rest of the year), and he has moved into the most disfavored $1M+ category for state taxes.  This leads him to having paid:

- about 46% on his first $115,000
- about 40% on his next 335,000
- about 53% on his next $550,000 and
- about 56% on the $153,000 over $1M

So Phil has paid about $486,000 in taxes and taken home $666,000 in one month of play.  I fully understand why Phil would want to just quit.  I mean, who can live on $666,000 a month?  I doubt I could (since my liquor, assault weapon and stripper bills would be so high).

Now, some bleeding heart liberals might say that playing golf is what allows Phil to make $30M more per year in off-course income.  And some such folks might note that Phil's $180,000,000 net worth is probably sufficient to see him and his family through these hard times, when he is being taxed almost at Clinton Era rates (and we recall how terrible things were back then).  But I say, "AT WHAT PRICE!?!?"  I mean, my lord, the Phil Mickelson Corporation's $30M revenue stream is hardly enough to justify Phil actually paying taxes on golf earnings at a rate higher than I do......

As a fan of Phil's golfing (actually, I am a big fan), I am glad he has not succumbed to his urge to stop playing/paying taxes.  But as a guy who recognizes the unfairness of Phil possibly going without an 11th car because he is taxed too much, I think maybe he needs to reconsider and just quit.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Nerd Gets 45 Takes Of Kissing Bar Rafaeli

To his credit, he conceded that he had basically won the job of a lifetime.

36 Year Old Troy Hudson - Released. No Longer Suffers the "Stress of Both Worlds"

"The Stress of Both Worlds" was T-Hud's horrid rap effort that he rolled out in concert one day at Target Center. 

The guy who regularly sits next to me at Wolves games noted that Troy had a concert the prior night and quickly turned to me to say, "So, HM, how was it?"  Even I had to laugh.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Hates Girls

Who knew he was wired this way?