Friday, May 31, 2013

LeBron Will Pass Bill Russell and Kobe Bryant On Career "Playoff Win Shares" List If Heat Advance

Since we have seen that the Heat cannot win if LeBron doesn't have a huge game, we can conclude that if the Heat can win one more game against Indiana and play San Antonio in the Finals, LeBron will achieve at least another 0.8 Win Shares and have 28.4 for his career.

Win Shares is a stat that was created to evaluate how much a particular player contributed to a team during a game - both offensively and defensively.

It is not a perfect stat (it should generally be paired with PER, which is a stat that tends to provide a truer value of a player's offensive production), but it does tend to spit out a list of the best players in the NBA every year, with maybe one or two anomalies (Kevin Love in a good year supposedly contributes a lot of wins - not true in my experience, but hey....)

Anyway - LeBron has already passed Larry Bird and all of the other 1980s Celtics for career playoff Win Shares.  He moved past Lakers great Jerry West this year as well.

Here are you career Playoff Win Shares leaders:

10.  Jerry West - 26.7
9.  LeBron - 27.6
8. Bill Russell - 27.8
7. Kobe - 28.3
6. Shaq - 31.1
5. Wilt - 31.5
4. Tim Duncan - 32.2  (Duncan can pass Magic this year!  There is an outside chance that Duncan could even end his career at #1)

3. Magic Johnson - 32.6
2. Kareem - 35.6
1.  Michael Jordan 39.8

As stated above, with just a couple more Heat wins, LeBron almost certainly moves past Russell and probably past Kobe.  Even some ridiculous level of play in a 7 game series against the Pacers and a 7 game finals against the Spurs will probably not move him past Shaq.

On a per-minute basis, LeBron is the second greatest player on the list.  Win Shares Per 48 in the playoffs:

10.  Kobe .157
9.  Russell .178
8.  Shaq .184
7.  Kareem .193
6.  Duncan .195
5.  Wilt .200
4.  Jerry West .203
3.  Magic .208
2.  LeBron .238
1.  Jordan .255

Of all of the players on the list of 10, LeBron is tied for fewest titles (1 with West; Wilt is next with 2) and has the fewest Finals appearances (3, I believe Wilt had at least 4 and Duncan now has 5).

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Joe Mauer - One of the Greatest #1 Picks of All-time

When you allow yourself to be frustrated by Mauer's salary, slumps, lack of power or his unbelievable fragility, you tend to forget that he is something that a local Minnesota sports team actually got RIGHT in the draft!

By the end of the year, Mauer will be the 4th best #1 overall pick in the history of MLB (per this guy) and if you toss out horrid steroid user A-Roid, then Mauer would be #3.

The list again exemplifies how hard it is to be an all-time great player.  Look at the young guys on the list - Josh Hamilton is WAY behind Mauer in career WAR.  Strasburg has a huge name - single digit WAR.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why Are the Spurs Rolling? Easy Answer - Their Best Guys Are All Playing Well and Playing a Lot

If you look at guys who have played 350+ minutes in the playoffs and contributed at all, you will find this list

Where will you find the Spurs on said list if you search by Win Shares per 48?

Ginobili 12th best, Duncan 11th, Danny Green 10th, Tony Parker 4th, Kawhi Leonard 3rd best.

That is a team playing awfully well.  5 guys in the top 12 playoff performers, and all are playing over 350 minutes.

In 2010-11, the Mavericks had the 3-6-7-15-18 ranked players and ended up winning the title over the Heat.

In 2010-11 the Heat were 2-4-13-16-20.  The Heat this year have 1-6-17-18 and no other qualifier based upon minutes played. 

For you Pacers fans.  Well, it seems hard to imagine that the Pacers can make the finals or win the finals at the level of play they are exhibiting.

If you look at their 5 guys playing over 300 minutes and compare them to other guys with 300 playoff minutes, Hibbert is 5th best overall in the playoffs.  After that?  16th, 22nd, 24th, 33rd. 

So how are the Pacers winning?  They play good defense, and they rarely play their bench.  Their starters are 1st and 5th-8th in total minutes played.  2-3-4 are Grizzlies, and we know they are done, so it is possible that by the end of this round that the Pacers will have the 5 highest minutes players in the entire playoffs.  (Lance Stephenson needs to play 84 minutes to pass Marc Gasol.  Lance averages 35 minutes a game, so if the Pacers lose in 6 they will almost certainly have the top 5).

LeBron has played 488 minutes for Miami - 100 more than any other Heat.  And by the way - Bosh's production per 48 is 6th best in the playoffs for 350+ minutes, Wade is 17th.  Wade has not played well at all.  James has played OK for him.  It is the guys like Haslem, Birdman and Ray Allen who have surprised to the upside.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

3rd Most Effective Player So Far in the 2012-13 NBA Playoffs? Kawhi Leonard.

WS/48 goes James, Durant, Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi Leonard has a +24 Offensive rating Minus Defensive rating (LeBron is +23):

In Defensive Win Shares for the playoffs, only Paul George and Tim Duncan have more than Leonard and he is tied with LeBron James in that category.

In sum - Kawhi Leonard is unbelievable right now.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Necessary Bankruptness - Sinbad Files for Bankruptcy Again

Oh David Adkins....  The saddest thing is that THE K sent me the bankruptcy schedules.  No house, 3 fairly mediocre cars, a Lincoln Navigator that he will be surrendering.  And that pesky $11,000,000 in unpaid taxes.

He lists his residuals at "under $300" a year!  "First Kid" just not rolling in the bucks.  Where is his teammate from "Necessary Roughness" Kathy Ireland with a few bucks?  She is worth like $150M.  Remember how Andre's tough defense allowed you to kick that game tying field goal in that 3-3 game played in a downpour?  Where would your career be without that, Kathy?!?!?

Sure, Scott Bakula, you dragged the guy out onto the field when you needed a D lineman on a shitty team, but when he owes the IRS $11M you Quantum Leap away as fast as possible!

Jason Bateman - I have just about given up on you as well.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Worst NBA Players By PER and Win Shares - Sorted By Minutes Played In Their Career

Over 100 minutes less than 4000 minutes:

- Cezary Trybanski had -0.5 Win Shares in his career
but he had a better PER than Will Conroy's negative 3.1

4,100 to 13,999 minutes logged:

-- this is a category owned by two men:  Woody Sauldsberry and Greg Kite.  Both men logged over 10,000 minutes.  Kite's 6.5 PER is awful, and the worst.  But Sauldsberry is historically dreadful - negative 7.9 Win Shares.

14,000 to 17,999 minutes: 
Jason Collins may be gay, but whatever good qualities that gives him are obscured by a historically terrible 7.1 PER

Jack McMahon comes in at 6.2 Win Shares, which is bad, but it makes Sauldsberry's negative 7.9 all the more amazing.

18,000 to 25,999 minutes:

Bruce Bowen was a great defender; not very productive on offense.  PER of 8.2
Howard Komives logged a lot of minutes, did not produce many wins, only 5.0 Win Shares

By the way, this is where DeShawn Stevenson's 9.9 PER and 12.1 Win Shares places him amongst the all-time worst for this minutes played level.  He is historically awful, just not the worst.

Above 26,000 minutes, going by increments of 4,000 minutes, you get:

Caldwell Jones and Guy Rodgers
Sam Lacey and Derek Fisher
Juwan Howard and Charles Oakley

Once you get above 46,000 minutes, there really aren't any guys who suck.  Cliff Robinson had a PER under 15.  So despite playing ungodly career minutes, his final PER was below league average.

Two of the worst players on the career minutes list were Hall of Famers Elvin Hayes and John Havlicek, whose career PER numbers are both under 18.  Hayes registered only 120.8 career Win Shares.  Chauncey Billups, Walt Bellamy and Adrian Dantley - each has more Win Shares than Elvin.

And if you want to have a little fun - over 54,000 minutes there are only 2 guys - Kareem and Karl Malone.  Karl had fewer Win Shares and a worse PER.  So he is the worst in that category of minutes.

Jason Kidd - The All-Time Worst 12 Game Playoff Stretch of All Time?

Certainly if you control somewhat for minutes played, Kidd's 247 minutes dominates suckmeisters like Manute Bol and DeShawn Stevenson (by the way, how is DS ALWAYS involved in "all-time worst efforts" and yet somehow hangs around?  Does he have under age sex pics of someone ELSE!?!?).

Mark Madsen had a playoffs where he shot 1 for 13, but he only played 48 minutes.  Erick Dampier in 2009-10 shot 0% in 118 minutes.

It just doesn't happen often that a guy shoots 12% in the playoffs and gets to play in 12 games.  In fact, it has happened twice - Madsen and Kidd.

If you are looking for a guy who shot 25% or worse in the playoffs over 240+ minutes, it is just Kidd and Lindsey Hunter in 2000-01 (he doubled Kidd's shooting percentage).

Time to hang it up and focus on anger managment, Jason.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Phil Jackson - Michael Jordan WAY Better Than Kobe Bryant

Even a cursory look at the statistics of the two men would tell you that.  It hardly takes a subjective Phil Jackson comment to tell you that:

 Jordan was a much, much better defender than Kobe -  Kobe 2.0 steals plus blocks, 105 defensive rating; Jordan 3.1 steals plus blocks, 103 defensive rating

Jordan was less of a ball hog and shot the ball better than Kobe - Kobe's career FG% is 45.4%.  Jordan as a Bull in a year where he didn't play baseball never shot as poorly as 45.4%. 

Jordan was a better teammate and a non-rapist -- well....yeah.  I do not recall any of Jordan's teammates rapping after winning a title w/o Michael and asking "How's my ass taste?" as Shaq did in Miami.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

America's Recession Ghost Towns

Wild stuff.  I like the guy who is the only resident of a 32-floor condo tower.

Top 7 Playoff Performers (Minimum 9 games) - May 16 Update

Let's call it like it is.  These have been very poor playoffs for the offense.  In the regular season there were 24 players who had a PER over 20 and a WS/48 of at least .150.

In the playoffs thus far, of guys who have played 9 games or more (i.e., their teams are winning some games), there are only 7 guys who qualify.

This is NOT what you would expect.  Generally the playoffs, particularly the first round, are a time for stars to shine and overwhelm outmatched opponents.  Not so this year.

What speaks even more to the physical defensive style of play is that of the top 7 playoff performers on a Win Shares Per 48 basis only Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are contributing MORE in the playoffs than they did in the regular season on a per minute basis.

Anyway - without further ado:

PER Leaders - James, Durant, Parker, Curry, Gasol, Zach Randolph, Mike Conley

Win Shares Leaders - James and Durant (tie), Gasol, Curry, Randolph, Conley, Parker

WS/48 Leaders - James, Durant, Gasol, Parker, Curry, Randolph, Conley

Scoring 7 points for a win or tie for first in a category, down to 1 point for a 7th place finish:

James - 21 points
Durant - 19 points
Gasol - 13
Curry - 11
Parker - 10
Randolph - 7
Conley - 4

How good are James and Durant?  Both guys are having significantly worse performances in the playoffs than they had in the regular season.  But both guys are, by far, the best overall statistical  players in the playoffs. 

How great have Curry and Parker been?  Pretty great, right?  Well:

Curry -- PER 21.3, WS 1.7, WS48 .179
Parker - 25.4, 1.4, .205

they in no way come close to

Durant (who Twitter now says sucks and cannot play) - 26.4, 2.2, .213
James (who is playing at about 85% of his regular season play) -- 27.3, 2.2, .299

Durant is now gone.  If the Pacers take out the Heat, the playoffs will have Tony Parker and a bunch of guys struggling to stay above 20 in PER.

Minaj - Out!

In other news - I woke up today.  Sun has not gone supernova.  There were other cars on the road today.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

David Robinson - Underrated Greatness

Defensive Rating
1989-90 NBA 96.8 (2)
1990-91 NBA 95.9 (2)
1991-92 NBA 94.4 (1)1992-93 NBA 99.9 (6)
1993-94 NBA 98.0 (8)
1994-95 NBA 98.6 (3)
1995-96 NBA 96.5 (1)1997-98 NBA 93.6 (1)1998-99 NBA 87.9 (1)1999-00 NBA 92.2 (1)2000-01 NBA 92.1 (2)
2001-02 NBA 94.9 (2)
2002-03 NBA 94.9 (3)
Career NBA 95.6 (4)
Career 95.6 (4)

13 years he finished no worse than 8th in the league in Defensive Rating.  He also has 5 firsts, 4 seconds and 2 thirds in that stretch.
Career Win Shares per 48 -- .2502; second only to Michael Jordan, and ahead of Wilt and LeBron.

May 13 Update - 5 Best NBA Playoff Performers

Need a PER over 20, over 1 Win Share and Over .2 Win Shares per 48.

PER Leaders

Win Shares (Total) Leaders


Give 5 points for a category win, down to 1 point for a 5th place finish:

Durant - 14
James - 12
Curry - 7
Gasol - 6
Ray Allen - 5

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013 - 5 lessons from my mom

My mom:

I once read a quote from someone (I cannot find it) that went something like, "The world is not made by soft people."  The gist being that many or most of the truly great people over time have been very, very tough and difficult to deal with.  That would be my mom.

My mom is 77 years old.  She will live to be 100 or 110.  Why?  Just because, you know, "Fuck you, death!" that is why.  It will be a sad day when my 105 year old mom has to bury her 77 year old son, but I fear that may occur.

My mom has no patience.  She yells at anyone she can find.  She believes the world hates her, and everyone in it is trying to take things away from her.  You can visit my mom for 2 or 3 days and then her capacity for kidness and caring will be overcome by just how much everything about you and your kids is pissing her off.  She is s stress giver - once she has off-loaded her stress to you, she is fine.  "So why are you so down HM?"  Cuz you just basically screamed at me for 45 minutes.  "Oh, that.  Come out, aren't you any tougher than that?"  Say one clever quip in response to my mom - she will bawl and ask why you hate her.

Even so, five things I learned from my mom:

1) Get educated.  It is the way out of a shitty life, and it makes you a far better person.

2)  Do not say, "I don't know" unless it is absolutely necessary.  You DO know something.  Think of anything in the world that you know about the subject you have been asked, what do you know - what might possibly be the answer?  If you know nothing about that subject, try to compare the question to a subject that you know and can make an analogy to. 

I would say my mom's intelligence and desire to teach me how to anaolgize probably made me a lawyer.

3) At any given point in time, you may hate your kids, but NO ONE ELSE gets to hate your kids.  You do not mess with my kids.  If someone messes with your kids, the response needs to be swift and certain.  A lioness may cuff the heck out of her cub, but no one else comes near that cub.

4) Express your opinion and be your own person.  Do not let people feed you crap.  Do not believe people know more than you do.  They probably do not.  Also - if you don't like someone, don't pretend to be their friend.  There are bad people - do not hang out or associate yourself with bad people.

5) Fight through adversity.  A lot of bad things will happen to you in life (my mom's dad was a verbally abusive person, and my mom gave birth to two children who developed substantial life disabilities).  Rain will fall on you,  but it must slide right off.  You must be a rock.  Do not go gentle into that good night.  Rage, rage, etc......

I know that I am far more like my dad than my mom.  But my mom taught me a lot, plus she accidentally taught me how to deal with difficult people, which is a life skill that I have needed far more times than I would care to count.

So Happy Mother's Day, mom.  We are stuck with each other for another 20 years, hopefully, so let's try to emphasize our mutual love and work on the rest.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Dr. - Heal Thyself

My first memories of watching basketball of any sort were watching the Buffalo Braves.  When Jack first coached the Braves even a young pre-teen fan could recognize that they immediately became better.

He is more well known for his Portland championship team with Bill Walton at center and for his very solid radio color commentary work for the NBA.

This news does not sound good - but whatever happens next, it has been a great, great run Dr. Jack (pictured with the late Randy Smith and some guy #42 whom I have no idea who he is).

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Molly A. McGrath -- Pics of Fox Sports 1 Broadcaster

Molly A. McGrath

You may not like the Celtics, or the new proposed Fox sports 1. but......

7 Best Playoff Performers Thus Far

We will use PER as our judge (but fear not, I got rid of low-end bench guys by requiring a certain number of Win Shares).

7.  Marc Gasol - 22 PER, up substantially from his 19.5 in the regular season

6.  Stephen Curry - 23.5, up from 21.3 in regular season

5. Ray Allen - 24.5 - WAY WAY up from his C minus grade of 14.7 in the regular season

4.  Tony Parker - 24.7, up from his 23 in regular season

3. LeBron James - 27.8, way down from his 31.6 in the regular season

2. Chris Paul - poor Chris Paul, 29.2 PER, also 5th in overall playoff Win Shares and 4th in WS/48.  His team loses round 1.    He was up over his regular season PER of 26.4

1.  Kevin Durant - 30.5, up from 28.3.  Will he suffer the same fate of losing to Memphis that Chris Paul did?   Durant #1 in overall Win Shares and #3 in WS/48.

Of the top 7, only James in playing below his regular season level of play.  That, one would think, would be a good sign for Miami (if he moves to his standard level, he will be better), but then you turn around and ask whether Ray Allen can possibly maintain an A+ playoff PER after a C minus regular season PER.

So far, on an individual basis, Durant owns the playoffs.  If he can get his team to the WC Finals and play at this rate, it will be an all-timer of an effort.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Jenna Marbles - Thanks Obama.

Good upstate NY girl.  Struggling and middle class there, now living large in the OC.

Some Stats On Porn

My favorite is "we tried to find guys in their 20s who had never consumed porn - we couldn't find any."

Monday, May 06, 2013

Carmelo Anthony -- Most Playoff Attampts Per Game in the Past 10 Years

You need to go back to Iverson in 2002-03 to find a guy chucking it up there at a rate of 26.8+ attempts.

Before that, you need to go back to Jordan 1992-93 (the only guy on the list who won a title in the Year of Chucking).

Before that - you are pre-merger!!! 

You will note that if you sort by field goal percentage that only Joe Fulks in 1947-48 has a worse percentage than Carmelo on this number of shots. 

MVP Balloting - Some Interesting Votes

PlayerFirst placeSecond placeThird placeFourth placeFifth placeTOTAL
LeBron James12010001,207
Kevin Durant0932123765
Carmelo Anthony116512717475
Chris Paul02273923289
Kobe Bryant04122327184
Tony Parker02781386
Tim Duncan021121065
James Harden00071233
Russell Westbrook000169
Dwyane Wade001005
Stephen Curry000033
Kevin Garnett000011
David Lee000011
Ty Lawson000011
Marc Gasol000011
Joakim Noah000011

OK - some bizarre voting choices:
1) 2 guys left Durant off their ballot altogether.  He had one of the top 15 statistical seasons of all time and over 18 Win Shares.  Not even a 5th place vote?  Did you do your ballot by phone off the top of your head?
"Uh.....James, Kobe, Melo, Paul, and, uhhhh, Tony Parker?
2) Gary Washburn voted for Melo.  You had James putting up a top 5 all-time statistical season on the team with the #1 overall record and........."Well, I think Melo was more valuable to his team."  Yes, because if you replaced James' 30 PER with, say, Mike Miller, I think the Heat probably wins almost 66 know, like.....41.  That is close to 66, right?
3) Wade got a 3rd place vote - really???  Based upon Win Shares, he had his 6th best year of his career.  Based upon per minute Win Shares?  7th best.  The only way you can vote for Wade is if you believe he should own 4 or 5 MVPs by now...
4) Best player in LA?  Chris Paul -- ouchtown, population YOU, Kobe!!  Query this - All-NBA team?  LeBron, Durant, Duncan, Chris Paul.  But is it Westbrook, Parker, Harden?  Who takes that last spot?

As always, the 5th place votes are just a little confusing - are the writers splitting the contract incentive with the player?  Garnett?!?!  David Lee?  Ty Lawson?  Stop me when you hear the name of a guy who would even be seriously considered  as a top TEN player in the league......


Friday, May 03, 2013

South Carolina Goes Back to Nullification

Welcome back to 1828!  South Carolina declares federal law nullified.  John C. Calhoun must be so proud....except he died over 150 years ago, so maybe not.

The comments to the article are far, far scarier than the actual vote.  Nothing really has changed since 1520 in the South.  Hey, Rand Paul, you want to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964?  You don't think that South Carolina within one week would go back to blatant discrimination against blacks?  Look at these comments.  Look at the margin by which this blatantly unconstitutional bill was sent through.

Some notes for the South:

1) Read the Supremacy Clause to the Constitution; it basically says that the feds can tell you what to do and that a state declaring federal laws null and void is, well, not only silly, but unconstitutional (you know, the Constitution you so revere);

2) We fought a war over slavery, which you now say was really over "states rights" (I guess the right of states to have slaves); you lost.  You got your asses kicked.  You were the 2012 Thunder, the North was the 2012 Heat.  Lincoln made you his bitch, so his party got to set the rules, which it did through the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments.   Read those Amendments and ask yourselves how "sovereign" your states are - not very fucking sovereign, so suck it.

3)  The comment that the Supreme Court cannot declare a law unconstitutional would be intellectually interesting, except for the added comment that no statute has ever been passed allowing judicial review.  Um, if the rule of judicial review for federal laws is not in the Constitution, then what sort of statute could be passed to allow it?

Your position is that the federal courts cannot decide the constitutionality of federal laws, but..........the states can!?!?  See point 1.

In short - you lost this battle  almost 150 years ago.  You may want to update your legal strategies.  I am sorry that you can no longer enslave black people.  Sorry that didn't work out.  I am sorry that you have to eat in the same restaurant and sleep in the same hotel as black people - I know you don't want to.  And I am really sorry that the rest of the country elected a half-black guy who wants people to have health care coverage.  I know that it chaps your ass to have a black skinned guy tell you what to do.  If it makes you feel any better, imagine it is his lower middle class white mom who is telling you what to do from the grave.  Maybe then you can sleep at night.  And when you dream at night, imagine that Rand Paul may become President and repeal the Civil Rights Act.  Maybe that can get you through despite your knowledge of the fact that a black skinned guy, bolstered by black voters, runs a great deal of your life and can fuck with you in an infinite variety of ways. 

So, yeah.....


Thursday, May 02, 2013

Dude, You Are Killing Us! The 9 Worst NBA Playoff Performers of 2013.

Talk about sucky, you need a PER under 12 and a WS/48 of 0 or worse.  Here you go..

Let's rank them by their regular season performance (in other words, if you aren't that great of a player, we really should not have expected much in the playoffs either).


9.  Avery Bradley - sure he gives you nothing NOW, but he really never did.  He only had an 8.8 PER and a .012 WS/48 during the regular season.

8.  Devin Harris - slightly below average player - 14.6 PER and .111 WS48

7.  Corey Brewer - by working at a ridiculous effort level, Brewer has become.....still a below average regular season player (14.7, .093).  When the other guys try as hard, you would expect him to suck.


6 and 5 (tie).  Luol Deng (15.1, .105) and Brandon Jennings (16.1, .096)

4 and 3 (tie) Kevin Martin (16.1,  .157)
Jeff Teague (16.8, .111)

Deng used to be a better player - but ridiculous minutes over the years and age have made him an average player.  With that background, would you look for an improvement in the playoffs?  No, quite the opposite.

Jennings is a JR Rider type guy - he can lay some big numbers on you when he is motivated and you are not.  That will not be happening in the playoffs when you predict that you will beat the Heat.

Kevin Martin and Jeff Teague are slightly above average, but limited, players who have glaring weaknesses in their games.  Such things tend to get exploited in the playoffs.


2.   DeAndre Jordan - 17.2 PER and a .148 WS/48 in the regular season.  You'd expect that he could at least give you a 12 and a .072 or SOMETHING.   You would be wrong.  42% from the floor (mostly dunks and layups), 20% from the line.  Offensive rating 88, Defensive rating 109!!!!  0 Win Shares in 5 games.
Ouch.  I mean, go 10-10-4blocks or something.  Maybe 4 of 6 from the field?

1.  Paul Pierce - I know he hit some shots in Game 5, but overall, what a train wreck.  An offensive rating of 87.  Negative offensive wins shares.  Why?  Well, it is a combo of the 39% shooting and the 5.4 turnovers per game.    Can the Celts win in 7?  Well, how about The Truth ups his playoff level of play to just a career worst 16.1 PER??  If he could do THAT in two games, the Celts look pretty good.

In the history of the playoffs, guys who have played 5+ games in the playoffs during a season have only turned it over 5.4 times a game 3 times - Pierce, Dwight Howard, Charles Barkley.  Barkley and Howard both shot over 57%, so at least when they were able to get a shot they were effective.  Pierce. miraculously, shoots and misses 61% of the time and turns the ball over on 21.5 of every 100 Celtics possessions.  AND his Usage Rate is over 30!!

So, you have a guy with the ball all of the time who cannot make a shot and who is turning it over at a historically awful rate. 

Come on, Paul Pierce - I don't want to compare you with Cliff Robinson, but I will!

Sequester Cartoon

Amanda Bynes - Crazy, But Topless

You can ignore a lot of things when a girl is thin with big juggs.  It is one of life's great truths.

Kriss Kross and Cocaine Will Make You Die! Die!


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

How hard is it to maintain a 0.3 WS/48??

Pretty darn hard.  Ask Stephen Curry who went from .354 to .257 in one night.

The new WS/48 leader for the playoffs?  Ray Allen!!!  Welcome back, 2003.