Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Welcome to the NBA Season!!!! Your Top 10 Active NBA Players In Various Categories

www.basketball-reference.com lists certain guys as "active" whom I no longer think are active (Tracy McGrady, Juwan Howard), so I sorted them out.  I also will keep on Marcus Camby (recently cut) and Lamar Odom, since I think they both WANT to play....

Career Points
Kobe + 6343 on KG, 31,617 points
KG 25,274
Dirk 25,051
Pierce 24,201
Ray Allen 23,804
Duncan 23,785
Vince 22,223
James 21,081
Jamison 19958
Melo 17846

Career Assists
Nash +2293 on Andre Miller  10,249 assists
Andre Miller  +2069 on third place guy, 7,956
Kobe (!?!?!) 5,887
Chauncey 5,594
CP3 5,449
James 5,302
Parker (has played 100+ more games than James, has fewer assists)  5,247
Deron Williams 5,241
KG 5,224
Jason Terry (!?!?!?!)  4,152

Career Rebounds
KG + 724 on Duncan  13,843
Duncan +3706 on Camby 13,219
Camby 9,513
Marion 9,402
Dirk 9,096
Dwight Howard 9,017
Brand 8,516
Jamison 8,102
Odom 8,059
Gasol 7,756
Tyson Chandler 7,168

Career WS/48 (minimum 4,800 minutes played)
Chris Paul .244
James .241
Duncan .213
Ginobili .211
Dirk .209
Wade .195
Durant .189
KG .188
Kobe .183
Harden .183

How about Chris Paul!  More productive on a per-minute basis than even LeBron.  Paul and James both have the benefit of not having any declining years to calculate in.  Kobe's 9th place finish is evidence of how the media has overrated his career. He is not even the #1 off guard on the list, and if you call Ginobili an off guard, Kobe is 3rd!

Career Win Shares (total)
KG 187.2
Duncan 184.2
Dirk 173.9
Kobe 173.3
James 152.6
Ray Allen 141
Paul Pierce 138.4
Nash 129.6
Chauncey 121.1
Marion 118.9
(Vince is next, but he should really be ashamed of the fact that with his talent and age he isn't top 10).

We will revisit at the end of the season and see if there is substantial movement.  The KG/Duncan battle is interesting on rebounds and total Win Shares.

The points list tells you how many years you need to play to even breach the top 10 of the ACTIVE list.  James and Melo average around 25 PPG, yet they are a looooooooooooong way from reaching the top 10 all-time points list, which would require roughly 27,000 points for the NBA-only list and 27,400 points for the NBA/ABA list.

KG is #7 on the career Win Shares list, but he would need 87 (!) more to surpass Kareem.....wow.  LeBron James has had one of the most storied 10 year careers in the history of the game.  He needs 121 more Win Shares to pass Kareem.  121 - so roughly 6 more MVP-level seasons of 17 Win Shares, plus a nice all-star level 9 Win Shares season.  That will never happen.

Now, Remember, Justin Bieber Used to Be With Her.....


Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ciara - 28

RIP -- Marcia Wallace


Between her golden voice work on The Simpsons as Edna Krabappel and her great early work on The Bob Newhart Show, she was truly a gem.

Survived a run which featured 1) breast cancer, 2) her husband dying from pancreatic cancer, and 3) a nervous breakdown.

At age 70, gone too soon......RIP, Marcia Wallace.

Friday, October 25, 2013

You Know, You Try to Be Friendly and Kiss Katherine McPhee.....And.....


I tell you, talk about unfair treatment.  Guy just being kind and friendly to his former co-worker and people accuse him of all sorts of things.

Like he would ever be interested in Katherine McPhee....she's ugly....and poorly built, with bad hair and awful teeth and ....

Sorry - just trying to help the guy out.

Iowa TA accidentally sexts her students


Even more distrubing/disappointing, most of the pics were of her boyfriend jerking off.  There are certain things we can overlook, but there are others we cannot.  She has been reassigned.

Inappropriate Halloween Costumes


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Silicon Valley Firm -- "hookers and Hackers" Party

Tech nerds with money - I am sure they are fully familiar with hookers.

15 Hot Athletic Chicks You Probably Never Heard of.....


If Alana Blanchard is hotter than Michelle Jenneke, then I guess you should waste no time looking for her pics. Jenneke is so naturally good looking that it is almost hard to believe.

I will offer a comparison to help you decide.  Virtually all of Blanchard's pics are thong pics.....for good reason.

Dina Eastwood files for Divorce


"Irreconcilable differences"?  Yeah, he wants her to continue to be married to his 80+ year old ass and she would prefer that a younger guy bang her while she enjoys 2 years of child support.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Orlando Travel Log

Been a rough one so far - parking garage guy felt I parked too close to the wall, security guy said my boarding pass looked "older than 24 hours".  Um, ok.

High point?   50 year old guy with his 35 year old wife sitting right in the middle of the main walking area.  She is fully made up at 545.  Her boobs were lstraining to escape the fabric holding 10 percent of them in.  Runner up ?   25 year old woman walking normal speed stops dead, reaches behind her and just yanks as hard as she can to get her thong a little looser under her yoga pants.  Pants probably went out. 4 inches.  She then just went back to walking normal speed

Also follow my exploits on Twittet --  @HoopsMavenHM.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Boehner - Sure I Reneged on Deal With Reid.....But......ObamaCare


Adrian Peterson's Son Severely Beaten?


Should this account be true, this would appear to be a situation where some kind professional athlete might provide Adrian with Sebastian Telfair's telephone number.  Telfair, as we know, would not call anyone and would not have the matter taken care of quickly and silently.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Old Pic of HM

Actually, this is the world's #1 earning male model.  He made $1.5M last year.  Gisele?  $42M.  The only other field I can think of with pro-female disparity is porn, but even that field does not have a 25 to 1 disparity:  http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_average_porn_star_salary

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Monday, October 07, 2013

Patriotic Streaker At President's Cup - Your Grade on a 1 to 100 Scale?

Shutdown in Words and Pictures

Nicholas Kristof NAILS IT:
Suppose President Obama announced:
Unless Republicans agree to my proposal for gun control, I will use my authority as commander in chief to scuttle one aircraft carrier a week in the bottom of the ocean.
I invite Republican leaders to come to the White House and negotiate a deal to preserve our military strength. I hope Republicans will work with me to prevent the loss of our carrier fleet.
If the Republicans refuse to negotiate, I will be compelled to begin by scuttling the U.S.S. George Washington in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, with 80 ...

SNL Video just about says it all:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/06/snl-miley-cyrus-michele-bachmann-we-cant-stop_n_4051760.html

Thursday, October 03, 2013

How Ted Cruz Learned "School House Rock"

Tom Clancy - Dead


{Insert 5 page description of how the bed was made that he was on when he died, followed by three-page musing on why the bed at issue was necessary to thwart terrorists}

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Started 70 Games In a Season, Played 2,000 Minutes, and Sucked

http://bkref.com/tiny/FyylZ  (PER 10 or less, 3 or fewer win shares)

7 guys, 4 of them white guys (Singler, Vranes, Kite, Bob Hanson).  The three non-white guys (Eric Snow, Malik Allen, Calbert Cheney) all played extremely "white" basketball as well.

It is remarkable in this day and age when you can see the player production numbers so easily that Kyle Singler could garner 74 starts and well over 2,000 minutes played for a terrible Pistons team.  I mean, it isn't a situation where you say, "If it ain't broke don't fix it" with a successful team.  The guy is playing at very poor level, yet you continue to play him?

Wanna look at some even WORSE player seasons (1,400 minutes or more, negative Win Shares, PER under 8):


Austin Rivers' injury may have cost him a chance at the all-time worst career effort.  Anthony Avent and Adam Morrison and Randy Brown now have a claim to being worse....maybe.  It is really splitting hairs.

The 11 Best-Ever NBA Seasons By a Guy Who Started Zero Games (PER over 17, WS over 5)

1Louis Williams20112012PHINBA2 seasons
2Danny Ainge19911991PORNBA1
3Jon Barry20032003DETNBA1
4Josh Childress20082008ATLNBA1
5Jamal Crawford20102010ATLNBA1
6Carl Landry20092009HOUNBA1
7Ricky Pierce19901990MILNBA1
8Quentin Richardson20022002LACNBA1
9Luke Ridnour20102010MILNBA1
10Jeff Ruland19821982WSBNBA1
11J.R. Smith20132013NYKNBA1

Britney Has the Body Back

She cannot sing, she is not real bright, but boy oh boy - she is back looking hot like she used to.  Welcome back.


Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Tea Party Plan: "Our Policies Make No Sense, But Maybe We Can Pass Them If We Shut Down the Government"

I really despise the Tea Party.  But there can be a benefit to having a GOP Congress and a Dem' President.  Generally the GOP Congress wants to sabotage the economy's growth so they can get elected and give out tax breaks ("it is a bad economy, we need tax breaks").  That is not to say that they cannot find ways to screw up a good economy (see Clinton to Bush transition -- You start with, "The economy is good, let's give out tax breaks.").

So, when a Dem' President is in power, the GOPers in Congress try extra hard to make sure he cannot do anything to actually stimulate the economy and have people like what he is doing, so they really hit the brakes on spending.  The President, on the other hand, generally is smart enough not to sign wild tax cuts for the rich and then claim that tax cuts don't add to the deficit.  What we tend to get is the same tax level and a spending cut.  Things generally get better and people are better off (it works extra well when you get a Dem' kickstart like 1993 when Clinton passed a tax hike and limited spending increases, then the GOP took over and asked for spending cuts, but Clinton would not lower taxes).

The combinations we badly need to avoid are: 
GOP Congress - GOP President (see Bush, George W.)
Dem Congress - GOP President (see Bush, George W.)

Combo 1 is bad because you get huge tax reductions and huge spending increases.  Combo 2 is bad because the Dems generally want to spend a lot of money and not pay for it, and so does the President. 

But what has happened with Obama is really unprecedented - the GOP will not pass ANYTHING he supports, and ANYTHING he passed with a Dem' Congress must be repealed.  The GOP will not even propose a realistic budget, set of laws, etc. since there is some chance Obama may accept it!  Obama would give them $3 of cuts in Medicare and Social Security if they would give him $1 in tax increases.  They cannot do that because...........it was proposed by Barack Obama.  The GOP so hates the black guy, that they cannot possibly allow him to 'win" anything.  So their proposals have to be all things he would never agree to - "defund ObamaCare;" "vote 41 times to repeal ObamaCare;" etc.

The new Tea Party/Openly Racist element of the party cannot even take advantage of the fact that Obama is a pretty conservative Democrat.  He would gladly cut spending by a lot, if they would let him raise taxes by a little.  That would achieve a lot of deficit reduction and debt reduction.  Of course, this bunch does not honestly want either deficit reduction or debt reduction.  They want societal values returning to the 1890s, basically no government regulation, and for their rich overlords to pay next to no taxes.  They scream,  "We are going broke!" at the top of their lungs while rejecting offers to reduce spending and raise taxes to cut $4 trillion that would help us not go broke.

The Tea Party, sadly, is not a serious entity.  It is a racist, anti-Obama entity financed by a lot of rich guys who want a huge tax break.  The Paul Ryan budget takes $1 from the poor and uses it to finance $3 in tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.  There is not even a pretense that his budget is balanced or even working toward balance.  It just uses the buzz words "lower taxes," "cut entitlements," "end ObamaCare."   That is good enough for the Tea Party.  And since they know that their ideas are bankrupt, what is their plan to get such stupid ideas passed?  Oh yeah - shut down the government and act as economic terrorists, hoping you can gain by hostage taking what you cannot gain by persuasion: