Friday, January 31, 2014

Uh oh! Christie Former Friend Says Christie Knew of Bridge Closure

In the book Double Down:  Game Change 2012 the authors state that after a very brief vetting of Chris Christie as Vice President that the Romney folks knew that not only could Christie never run against Romney for President, or ever be Vice PResident, but if the Romney folks disclosed all of the scummy things they knew or suspected about Christie that he could never run for Governor ever again either......

Well, scummy things now being disclosed......

Was Wilt the Greatest Player of All-Time?

I know I have always said Jordan, and I think the precipitous drop off in the Bulls upon his departure and subsequent 72-10 mark upon his return are pretty compelling, as are his 6 finals MVPs and 5 regular season MVPs.

But......look at Wilt Chamberlain.

How many players have ever averaged over 50 points in a season? 1, Wilt.

40 ppg?  Wilt, twice.

35 ppg?  Wilt has 5, 4 other guys did it once (Jordan, Kobe, R. Barry, Baylor)

How many guys have had a 20-20 season?  4 - Wilt, Jerry Lucas, Nate Thurmond, Bob Petit.  Lucas had 2, the other guys one each.  Wilt?  10.

Greater than 20 Win Shares in a Season:
LeBron and Oscar - 1 each
Mikan, Jordan, Kareem - 3 each
Wilt?  6

In 1963-64, Wilt registered 25.0 Win Shares and took a team to the Finals that had Tom Meschery as its second best player.  Wilt had the famous 50 PPG and 27 RPG season, but the 1963-64 season is statistically his best.

Wilt had a season where he averaged 24-23-8.6 and another 24-24-7.3.  Since 1985-86, there have been 3 such 24-23-8 GAMES!  (Barkley, KG, Vlade).

Wilt has more rebounds than anyone in the history of the game, averaging over 22 a game.  Everyone says that is because the game was played at a far faster pace in, for example, 1961-62.  True, pace was higher, but how much faster?   By the 1980s, pace of play was about 100 possessions a game.  In 1961-62, Wilt's team averaged 131 (#1 Pace in the league for any team).  So - if you reduced his 22-27 rebounds a game during his peak by dividing by 1.31, a guy like Charles Barkley should have been rolling in 17-20 a game.  His career average?  11.

And let's use some common sense.  If the reason Wilt's numbers are so high is that the game was different, then why aren't EVERYONE's numbers from the 1960s so high?  Why aren't there routinely 5-6-7 guys a year going 20-20?   Why does Wilt have 10 such seasons and the rest of the universe of guys who have ever played has 4?  Wilt averaged 50 points a game.  NONE of his contemporaries ever averaged 40. 

 If you reduce Wilt's 24-24-8 down to 15-15-3, do you know how many seasons there have been since 1979 where a guy averaged 15-15-3?  That would be none.  If you go down to 15-15-2, you get Kevin Love one year and Kevin Willis another.  That is it.

Wilt's reputation is always hurt by the claim that Bill Russell was better.  Really?  Russell's offensive stats are an utter embarrassment.  He shot 44% from the floor and 56% from the line.  Of all NBA players to play 20,000 minutes or more in the league, only two have this level of shooting -- Bill Russell and Bruce Bowen.  Would we say that Bruce Bowen was a better player than Kobe?  Because there were series where Bowen guarded Kobe and the Spurs won?

Wilt's career win loss record against Russell's teams is 25-26 regular season and 15-21 playoffs.  Russell had Cousy, Sharmin, Jones, Jones, Havlicek, Heinsohn.  Wilt one year had Meschery.  when Wilt got a Hal Greer, he won a title.  When Wilt got a Jerry West, he won a title. 

Anyway, food for thought.  My current belief is that the 4 best players in the history of the NBA are, in some order -- Jordan, LeBron, Wilt, Kareem.  I am just saying that there is a good solid argument for Wilt being #1.

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Scary Kevin Durant Stat

130.James Worthy*81.23
131.Lou Hudson81.01
132.Kevin Durant80.83
133.Isiah Thomas*80.69


Worthy and Isiah are Hall of Fame player, and Lou Hudson was a very good NBA player for a lot of years.  by Fenruary, Durant will have more Win Shares than all of them.  Durant will not be 26 years old until September 2014.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Duncan Moves Ahead of KG

Career win shares as of this afternoon:

Oscar Robertson*189.21
7.Tim Duncan187.90
8.Kevin Garnett187.89

Kevin Durant On Pace For One of the Greatest Seasons of All-Time

When your only comparables are Jordan, Wilt, Kareem and LeBron (it can be argued that this list, in some order, represents the 4 best players in the history of the game), you are doing something special.

At .329 Win Shares per 48, only Kareem had a better mark over a full season (at least 1,200 minutes).

And if you look at raw numbers, Durant's 30.9/7.8/5.1 marks, with 2.3 steals+blocks is something we have seen only from a 21 and 23 year old LeBron and a 25 year old Jordan:

Another observation -- the Thunder without Westbrook are simply not a very good team (they trailed Minnesota 100-66 early in the season), yet Durant has taken them on his shoulders and led their sorry ass to a division lead and a ridiculous record.  AND HIS NUMBERS ARE ACTUALLY GOING UP!!!

Should Durant be able to maintain this ridiculous pace, he may end up with an argument that he has just had the greatest NBA season of all-time.....and he will lose in the second round of the playoffs....

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

GQ photographed a Girl, And I Liked It

The Dumbest Article Ever Written About "12 Years a Slave"

The author, Noah Berlatsky, seems to think that telling a true story about how a free black man was sold into slavery and then eventually rescued through the help of a white Canadian is a bad idea.  Why?  Because it furthers the "White Savior" theme.

The primary problem with Berlatsky's article is that the black character at issue was, in fact, assisted by white men in gaining his freedom.  Therefore, I guess, the author's position is that the movie should never have been made, or (as some of the on-line commenters suggested in jest) that the facts should have just been changed so that the delivery from slavery was achieved by a slave revolt, or by a free black man, or an Asian, or a Native American, or a woman -- something more politically correct.   Just change the facts of what happened so as not to give ANY credit to ANY white person.  Maybe a visitor from Mars could have simply swooped down at the end, or a racially-changed Stewie Griffin could have taken his time travel return pad to Louisiana and then gone back the 12 years to prevent the initial kidnapping?

The second problem with the article is that Noah Berlatsky apparently hasn't seen 12 Years a Slave.  There are numerous "White Saviors" who might be identified as such.  Brad Pitt's character Bass appears for around 10 minutes.  He does not want to help; he is scared.  He agrees to help, then you never see him again - not when the main character is rescued, not when the main character is reunited with his family, never.  If he is the "White Savior" of the movie, then the director obviously does not understand how to work that theme.   There were obviously other white people who were involved in the rescue - the guy who came down from New York with the "free man" papers, the sheriff, the lawyers in New York and Louisiana, some judge who ordered the sheriff to proceed in some manner.  These folks enjoy even LESS screen time (the lawyers and the judge - none) and none is even called by their full name.

Finally, Noah Berlatsky apparently did not stay until the end of the film.  In the text shown on screen at the end, it clearly states that the main character recovers nothing in the courts for his ordeal.  The court system (presumably white) fucks him over, largely because he is black (example, he is not allowed to testify in D.C. against a white man).  So, even after the escape from slavery, white people and their systems continue to punish him for being black.  And.......this is a "White Savior" movie? 

The worst thing about this sort of White Guilt writing is that, if adopted by the extremely liberal Academy Awards voters, it will result in the horrible tragedy of "12 Years" losing out to the very mediocre "American Hustle" because "12 Years" is simply not "black enough" or "liberal enough."  I guess we are all supposed to know that all white people are evil, and any movie that portrays any white person as helpful to blacks is obviously a lie.   So let's give the Oscar to a film with great wigs and costumes and only minor errors (like references to a 2004 book, a country that did not exist in 1978, and a story about ice fishing in Michigan in OCTOBER OR NOVEMBER!!!)

Wow.  Go see 12 Years a Slave, judge for yourself.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Freedom Industries Files For bankruptcy Protection

So.....why do you need government regulation of businesses?  Because when things are going well, they take the profits and hand them out to the officers, but when things go poorly and you, say, pollute an entire town's water supply?????  Yeah, I got no money to pay you -- sorry about that -- we will be back in a year or two as "Freedom Industry II, LLC" and we can start all over again where you give me money and I put none aside for a disaster.

What happened to the whole WVa. idea that someone fucks with your family that you make them pay for it?  I will expect a "Christmas Vacation" like event to occur to the people responsible for this.

Monday, January 13, 2014

A-Rod Appeals His Arbitrator Ruling of 162 Game suspension

Per ESPN --

The suit seeks to vacate Horowitz' ruling, based on the arbitrator's "manifest disregard for the law,'' his "evident partiality,'' and refusal "to entertain evidence that was pertinent and material to the outcome."

Manifest disregard for the law was abandoned as a grounds for overturning an arbitration award in 2010.  Even under the old standard, you needed an arbitrator to say, 'I know the law means A-Rod wins, but I don't care...."  Strike one. 

"Evident partiality" does not mean that the guy hated you and liked the other side.  It generally means that he has a clear and undisclosed conflict of interest that would have made him obviously have to decide for one side or the other (for example, he was A-Rod or Bud Selig's business partner or he was taking bribes from one side and not the other).  This argument was probably already waived by A-Rod way back when the arbitrator was appointed.  Strike two.

"Refusal to entertain evidence" is almost certainly a reference to the fact that the arbitrator did not require the Commissioner (whose opinion was being appealed) to testify at the arbitration.  A-Rod seems to think that had Selig testified that it would have become apparent that Selig was biased against A-Rod and the suspension overturned by the arbitrator.  This argument, of course, overlooks the fact that the arbitrator, by reducing the suspension, actually DID ALREADY FIND that Selig's conduct was unfair to A-Rod.  Effectively, the arbitrator found that Selig was biased against A-Rod and gave him too long of a suspension.  So, A-Rod wanted more testimony to prove a fact he already won on?  Strike three.

Frankly, I am not sure that any of these three primary arguments even passes the threshold of "non-frivolous".   Just this summer (2013) the U.S. Supreme Court stated in Oxford Health v. Sutter that so long as an arbitrator attempts to find some contractual or legal basis for his decision that the court must accept that decision, "good, bad or ugly."  Given that the law is so pro-arbitration and the law was settled by the USSCt less than a year ago, I would not want to be defending a Rule 11 motion if I were A-Rod's attorneys.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Peyton Manning Posts "Approximate Value" of 19 for 2013. Becomes Statistically the #1 Football Player of All Time says Manning's 19 (9 or 10 is an average year) puts him at 254 in Career Approximate Value (ties with Brett Favre) and 172 in Weighted Approximate Value (13 points above Jerry Rice and Ray Lewis).

How hard is it to post a 254?  That is 15 seasons at almost a 17 pace.  So basically a high end Pro Bowl player challenging for MVP every year for 15 years. 

How hard is it to post a 172 Weighted?  Well, Jerry Rice only got a 159 and he was great forever.  Or looking at it more mathematically, let's say you had 20 points a year for 20 years (you were the MVP every year you played for 20 years).

You would end up with
20+19+18+17+16 etc.down to your 20th year, which would be worth 1 point.
that only equals 210 points.  Manning has 172.

Barring some guy who comes into the league and starts putting up 30+ seasons (example would be you rushed for 2,500 yards and 35 TDs while the rest of the league had no one above 1,000 yards or 12 TDs), it seems extremely unlikely that anyone is going to approach 254 any time soon, and the sustained excellence of having 15+ high end Pro Bowl seasons seems unlikely as well.

For those of you looking out for Tom Brady - he posted a 13 for 2013, taking him up to #14 on the non-weighted list and #8 on the weighted list.  This moves him up from 16 to 11 on my all-time greatest list, ahead of Rod Woodson and just behind Lou Groza and John Unitas.

Lindsey Duke - Blake Bortles' Girlfriend

There are SO many good pics, it would not be fair to post only one.  Good work, son.