Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quad Aces Loses to a Straight Flush

So - you think YOU have no luck.....

Monday, July 28, 2014

Gay Men - I Have Got YOUR Spoof Music Video Here

And for you straight guys, well, there are occasional hopeful glances of Rumer Willis.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Maria Kirilenko Drops Ovechkin Faster Than a Ceremonial First Puck

I really don't care or want to analyze this problem relationship, except to say - she is really good looking.

Australian Female Politician - Man Should be Rich and "Well Hung"

Is this something to apologize for?  I mean, come on.  If I were looking for a mate, could I not say she had to be wealthy and have a smoking hot body?  OK. I guess not on the radio.  But still - who exactly are these people who are offended?  Ugly guys?  Poor men?  Asian or Irish guys? (Oops, now I will need to apologize....).

Anyway - puts me in mind of Sue Bird's radio boast that if she didn't have a 2:1 assist to turnover ratio that the radio guys could spank her in studio.  She was being fun and indicating her sexual openness.  Then a huge outcry arose about encouraging violence to women.  She withdrew the bet.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hot Chick You Never Heard of --- Emily Skye;_ylt=A0LEV0oJas1TiVwAh0lXNyoA?p=emily+SKye&fr=&fr2=piv-web

Suggested by Facebook as a new Friend.  Thanks, Mr. Zuckerberg.

Giancarlo Stanton -- 466 Feet Over the Sculpture, Off the Back Wall

The most disappointing thing of the Home Run Derby was the fact that the wind at Target Field was from the Northwest, which means the ball was not carrying to left as much as it usually does (it wasn't blowing in, just across). While this did result in the EXTREMELY rare event of two right handed hitters clearing the right center field wall, it also probably was the only thing that kept Stanton's blast to left inside Target Field. I think that on a typical summer day with a 15 mph wind from the south, that ball maybe carries out of the park. Then we are talking some truly great all-time measurement rather than the true distance of around 422 (I am skeptical of this measurement - I thought ESPN was off most of the night on true distance measurements -- and the estimated distance (if nothing had stopped it) of 510 feet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lance Stephenson - The Price of Being An Asshole

If you review the stats and overall play of Lance Stephenson, Chandler Parsons and Gordon Hayward, you will find that all three have similar offensive stats.  Of the three, Stephenson is certainly the best defender and probably the best ball handler.

Hayward - 4/$60M
Parsons - 3/$45M

Stephenson -- 3/$27M.

So Stephenson (almost 5 Defensive Win Shares last year, one of the top 6 players in the league in that category) is worth $6M less per year than these two more well behaved white guys who combined last year had 4 Defensive Win Shares......

The high price of being an asshole.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wiggins for Love is a No Brainer for Cleveland Over the Next Three Years

LeBron signed a two-year deal with a one-year opt out, but let's ignore that and recognize that the great LeBron James maybe has 3 years left as a legit top 3 player in the league.  He has logged almost 40,000 total regular season and playoff minutes.  He is a huge man.  His game involves a lot of fast breaking and handling the ball out on the court.  He won't be LeBron forever.

Kevin Love had 14.3 Win Shares last year.  Andrew Wiggins is 19 years old.  So, if someone would say, "Wiggins will put up at least 30 Win Shares in his first three years" what would the chances be of them being correct?

Well, looking at guys in their first through third year in the league under the age of 22, what guys have put up 30 or more Win Shares?

Shaq averaged about 14 Win Shares, Chris Paul a little under 13 and LeBron a little under 12.  That is it.

Will Andrew Wiggins be as effective over the next three years as a young Shaq?  No.  Can we agree that he is not the player that Chris Paul or LeBron James were at a young age?  I think we can.

So let's even say that Wiggins is just a little worse than a young LeBron James and averages 10 WS a year for three years - so he is basically the 4th best player ever at such an age - he STILL would not provide the Cavs the production over the next 3 years that they are likely to get from Kevin Love (who has had Win Share seasons of 10-11-14 already as an NBA player, 14 coming last year).

So what exactly is the hold up here?  I think, sadly, that the answer is that the Wolves' basketball operation is held in such low esteem in the league that no one wants to trade with the Wolves unless it is a complete destruction where Minnesota gets an F trade grade and you get an A+ trade grade.  How else could you explain the Cavs offering two bust draft picks (Waiters and Bennett) and a low #1 for a guy who is clearly a top 10 NBA player?

Dan Gilbert should simply bite the bullet and toss in Wiggins and get Love.  The next three years is all you will get of the real LeBron.  As Van Halen would say, "Better use it up before it gets old."


40 Year Old Mom Becomes Saints Cheerleader

Certain things are the great equalizers.....stop the video clip at 1:12 to see.

Friday, July 11, 2014

James Back to Cleveland

As someone from a cold, desolate and cloudy area, I, nevertheless, recognize the power of being "home".  And I think I appreciate more than anything that James believes with all of his money and power that he can do something for the area where he grew up and make kids glad that they are growing up there.

That said, it will be a Herculean effort both to turn the Cavs into winners (their best guy is always hurt and plays no D) and to make strides at improving Cleveland and Akron, etc.

But it is worth a shot, and if I felt I could go home and have the same opportunities I have out in Minnesota, I would work very hard to make my way back home as well. 

LeBron Back to Cleveland

"I believe I can do more in northeast Ohio than I can in Miami."  Well amen to that.

Winners in all of this -- LeBron, Cleveland, Dan Gilbert, Chris Bosh (will get full max with Houston)

Losers -- Heat, Pat Riley, Dwyane Wade, Danny Granger (will play for next to nothing with a shitty team)

Biggest Loser - Wade.  I mean, lord almighty.  Talk about being left holding the bag.  Maybe he gets a $10M deal with the Knicks or Bulls?  But he opted out of $42M in guaranteed money.  Unless the Heat shows a tremendous level of pity for the guy and horribly overpays him for his value, he won't make $42M the rest of his career.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Was Randomly Followed By Two Houston Texans Cheerleaders on Twitter Last Night

Now, I realize that they have 20,000+ people that they each follow, but I still thought it was pretty cool.  Some of the great work offered on their Web site:

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Adds to the Side Boob Collection

Lest you believe that JLaw needs extra padding or support to show off the ladies, she demonstrated (white dress) this week that this is not the case. 

Monday, July 07, 2014

Chris Bosh Worth Max Deal? Of Course Not....But Is a Good Fit For Rockets.

Chart shows guys 6'9" and above with the most seasons between 6 and 10 Win Shares - before the age of 32.

Some very good guys on the list (Zo and Worthy are in the Hall of Fame and Sikma should be).  But doesn't it (and shouldn't it) concern you a great deal that Rashard Lewis is on the list?   Sam Perkins?  A.C. Green? 

That said, Bosh is a great fit for the Rockets - can stretch the floor, doesn't need the ball, so he can play with Harden, would love to play next to Howard so Bosh doesn't need to really D up anyone tough.   Of all of the teams in the league - Houston is the best fit for Bosh.  And there is no good reason for him to return to Miami.  That thing has run its course, so why take $8M less per year (as rumored) to play for a team that won't win it all? 

1 Rashard Lewis 2001 2010  10 seasons

2 Chris Bosh 2004 2014  9

3 A.C. Green 1987 1995 9

4 Alvan Adams 1976 1985 8

5 Dale Davis 1993 2001  8

6 Alonzo Mourning* 1993 2002  8

7 Sam Perkins 1986 1993   8

8 Jack Sikma 1979 1987  8

9 Rasheed Wallace 1997 2006  8

10 Shareef Abdur-Rahim 1998 2006  7

11 Terry Cummings 1983 1992  7

12 Pau Gasol 2002 2012  7

13 James Worthy* 1984 1991  7

For Those Who Have Forgotten - the Dan Gilbert Letter

Now removed from the Cavs' Web site after 4 years....

Cavs New Frontrunner for LeBron?

There is little doubt that the Cavs' roster with LeBron is far better than the Heat's roster with LeBron.  OK, assume LeBron plays for both teams, who would be the picks in a dispersal draft between the two teams?

1) Kyrie Irving
2) Andrew Wiggins
3) Chris Bosh
4) Dwyane Wade

So the Cavs have the best two guys and then once you get to #5, it is basically all Cavs.  You want Mario Chalmers?  I mean, he is probably the next best younger Heat.  Norris Cole?  Or would you rather have Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson and Anthony Bennett and Anderson Varejoa and which ever Zeller they have?  OK, maybe not Anthony Bennett - but then again, if he can simply lose some weight and manage to make an open shot, is he appreciably worse than Udonis Haslem?  Is he so hopeless that you would rather have a guy roughly twice his age?

Third most WS on the Heat last year?  35 year old Chris Anderson, followed by 38 year old Ray Allen.   So 2-3-4 years from now, will these guys even be playing basketball?  Could you possible select them over guys in their early 20s?

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Poll Find Obama Worst President Since World War II -- Proof, as Charles Barkley Would Say, That "People Are Stupid."

Not surprisingly, the percentage of people who believe that Obama is the "worst President" is 33%.  33% is roughly the percentage of people in the U.S. who would vote for a convicted murderer/child molester if he were the GOP nominee.  So what you have here is a poll in which the hardest core idiots who vote GOP simply state the guy they are most pissed at now.

Let's try to rank the Presidents post-1944 by category:

Grade F - the Worst Ones:

11th (last) -- GW Bush -- but for the whole 1850-1864 and 1920-1932 Presidents, he would be the easy winner of worst President of all-time.  Hard to place him worse than Buchanon, since Buchanon literally stopped working while U.S. military installations were taken over by rebel forces.
Country attacked by terrorists, started an unnecessary war costing trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, plunged U.S. into mini-Depression.  Took Clinton's surplus and immediately gave it away to rich people and the military. 

10th -- Jimmy Carter -- took over due to the fact that Nixon was scandal-plagued.  Simply had no idea how to inspire people or even his own party.  Everybody really didn't like the guy.  When Reagan came in he immediately reversed virtually all of Carter's policies and everyone cheered.  Allowed a two-bit nation (Iran) to keep our people hostage for over a year.  One of the 10 worst U.S. Presidents, but better than GWB.

Grade D
9 and 8 are both Special Cases:   Nixon and Kennedy -- People love Kennedy, but he last a very short time and it is really hard to identify much that he did that was a real positive.  Nixon is correctly despised for law breaking and obstruction of justice, but if you look at what he actually did while he wasn't breaking the law, he really had a lot of successes as a President.  And he would have signed off on universal health care, except the Dems fucked up and asked for too much.

Grade C
7-6-5 Grouping -- I would say GHWBush, Truman, Obama -- all good solid Presidents who did pretty well.  All had successes, all had setbacks. 

Grade B
4 - Reagan - I know this is not a good Democrat thing to say, but Reagan was a good President.  He took the shit Carter handed him, did some deficit spending, and turned things around so we could be proud of ourselves again.  He shouldn't be on Mount Rushmore or have the world named after him, but he was a good President.  His union busting, in hindsight, probably hurt a great deal more than we thought it would at the time.

3 - Johnson -- Except for the Civil War and the related post-war Amendments, the Civil Rights Act, alone, would probably stand as the greatest step forward this country ever made in human rights.  He did have the whole Vietnam issue....which is really bad..and he did quit on his country....but the modern U.S. as we know it would not exist without Johnson.

Grade A
2 -- Clinton -- William Jefferson Clinton liked to receive favors from fat chicks who reminded him of his ever-absent but beloved mother.  That caused him to be impeached.  How good was he as a President?  After he was impeached, the people revolted and elected a Democratic Congress in the next election.  The 8 years of Bill Clinton saw an economic expansion and a deficit reduction that led to the greatest overall economy in my lifetime.  The bizarre decision by Al Gore to not link himself to Clinton's success in 2000 resulted in an election close enough that GWB could steal it.....leading us back in time 10 years and eliminating virtually all good that Clinton had accomplished.  We are still digging out.

1 - Eisenhower  -- the Interstate Highway system was genius.  Pitching it as a military endeavor is even more brilliant.  Great economy, great recognition that the people should fear the "military-industrial complex." 

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Kyrie Irving -- Is He Worth the Max?

Kyrie has had 3 seasons with over a 20+ PER and over 18 PPG and his WS/48 every year is roughly .125.   His biggest demerits are:  1) he is always hurt; and 2) he has not been a good defender (Defensive rating 110,110,108).

So is he worth a max deal?  Listed below are similar players with the most # of similar seasons to Kyrie's typical season.

What do all of these guys have in common?  They are all really, really good guards who you would love to have on your team, but there are not a ton of 1st team all-NBA appearances here.  So the answer to the "Does Kyrie deserve the money" question depends upon who you think should get Max deals. 

Should it be only guys likely to be first or second team all-NBA?  Then no, he doesn't deserve such a deal.  Should it be guys who are regular all-stars who are top 24 players?  Then yes.  The tiebreaker, I think, is that the Cavs are really unlikely to get a guy in free agency to pay a max deal, so if Kyrie is willing to sign with you, then you sign him and worry about overpaying some other time.

1Reggie Miller*19901999INDNBA7
2Ray Allen20002007TOTNBA6
3Rolando Blackman19841988DALNBA5
4Kevin Johnson19901997PHONBA5
5Kevin Martin20072012TOTNBA5
6Sam Cassell19982003TOTNBA4
7Joe Dumars*19891993DETNBA4
8Dale Ellis19871990SEANBA4
9World B. Free19791985TOTNBA4
10Mitch Richmond*19951998SACNBA4
11Deron Williams20082013TOTNBA4
12Gilbert Arenas20052007WASNBA3
13George Gervin*19801983SASNBA3
14Tim Hardaway19911993GSWNBA3
15Hersey Hawkins19901993PHINBA3
16Kyrie Irving20122014CLENBA3
17Stephon Marbury20002005TOTNBA3
18Steve Nash20022007TOTNBA3
19Jim Paxson19821985PORNBA3
20Mark Price19901993CLENBA3
21Michael Redd20062009MILNBA3
22Brandon Roy20082010PORNBA3
23Steve Smith19941998TOTNBA3