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Spelling Bees -- Comedy Gold


Eric Shinseki - Quitter

Just because you run an organization where you are supposed to provide health care and there is an 8 month wait time to see doctor, does that mean you aren't doing a good job?

Yeah, I guess it does.  Good decision to quit.  But that still earns you the title of "Quitter" on the Blog.

Wanna have a little fun?  Go to the tiny window on the upper left corner and search the Blog for "Quitter" - there are a lot.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jessica Alba's Pose Copied By Nicole Scherzinger

The poll question - which do you prefer?  Alba (brownish suit) or Scherzinger (black suit).

Louisiana Politician Convicted of Corruption and Accepting Bribes;_ylt=A0LEVyC_D4ZTWkYAZg1XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzMmNicXQyBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMgRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDQ0N18x

My next headline will be "Sun rose in the East today, will set in the West."  The big question here is why is it still a crime for a Louisiana politician to be corrupt?  This quandary goes back to my position that Kid Rock brawling over a skanky chick late at night in a Waffle House parking lot simply CANNOT be a crime.  It is accepted AND expected behavior.  There is no way that the society in which the alleged "crime" is taking place expects any different conduct from the alleged wrongdoer. 

Upset over skank in Waffle House parking lot - required to brawl.
Elected to office in Louisiana - required to be corrupt and line your own pockets with bribes.

Poor Ray Nagin.  What next?  Will they make it a crime for 55 year old lawyers to marry 25 year old law firm employees?


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Interesting Playoff Chart - Jordan v. LeBron Production Over a 10-Year Stretch

Win Shares Leaders In the Playoffs 1990-99:
Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Barkley, Hakeem, Shaq, Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Duncan.  (Jordan most productive 6X, assorted others 1 each).

Win Shares Leaders In Playoffs 2005-2014:
Billups, Nowitzki, James, Garnett, James, Gasol, James, James, James, James.  (James 6X, assorted others 1 each).

Now, the 2014 playoffs are not over, so if the Pacers win then either Paul George or Kevin Durant (or both) may pass James.  But that is the only realistic non-LeBron scenario.  George is a full Win Share behind.  Durant 1.1, Duncan and Splitter are next at 1.3 win shares behind and it has taken both men 15 games to reach 2 WS, it isn't real likely that they will put up say 1.6 more WS over the next 11 games.   So James would have to lose, play not very well while losing, and then Durant and/or George would have to go on a tear and play a lot of games.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day

Moved from its traditional May 30 date to the last Monday in May in 1971, Memorial Day began as Decoration Day some time after the American Civil War. 

Have a great weekend, and welcome the unofficial start of summer, and honor our military heros whom are no longer with us.


Maxim top 10

Zoey Deschanel? 

Breakdown of Embiid, Parker, Wiggins and Randle

Here are my thoughts on the guys right now, having not looked at each (other than Parker) very closely:

1) Embiid - guy who hasn't played much basketball and who has a bad back.  A bad....back....  Larry Johnson was one of the most explosive inside scorers ever - got a bad back, couldn't lift off at all.  Steve Nash - bad back, done as a star.  Larry Bird - same.    Grant Hill and Ilgauskas had like 1,000 foot surgeries.  Each was able to eventually become an all-star again.  But when you get a bad back as an NBA player, you are 45% of the player you once were, forever.

God bless the guy, maybe he just had a low pain threshold and really wasn't that hurt - but I will take him at his word.  He hurt his back so badly that he couldn't play in the NCAA tourney.  I am not drafting him until 7-8-9 range.

2) Wiggins - look, I don't care for the fact that his dad is Mitchell Wiggins who was suspended for cocaine usage and wasn't that great of a player anyway.  But Kobe is Joe Bryant's son, so let's move on.    I would pick Wiggins #1.  He is 6'8" without shoes.  He has a ridiculous vertical, is extremely explosive and has scored 40+ points in a college game.  If he is willing to work AT ALL he should be an all-star caliber player who can guard three positions.  Michael Beasley is a horrible drug man who tries almost not at all and he has had decent NBA years despite no ballhandling ability and no understanding of offensive or defensive concepts.  So to say Wiggins cannot be an all-star level player is to ignore his remarkable athleticism and the fact that he has shown no signs of being a dog.

Wiggins' primary drawback is that he came into college with the tag "the next LeBron" - good lord, come on.  I saw both guys play in high school games.  LeBron was like something I had never witnessed before.  Wiggins was, well, just very good.  But that is not the kid's fault.  Name an athletic player who when they came into the league had a great jump shot?  Maybe Ray Allen?  But if you gear it up to the top level guys - MJ, Kobe, Wade, LeBron, McGrady, Vince - none could be counted on to make an open jumper early on, and they never tried, they just barreled to the hoop.  They eventually learned to shoot.  And if you are almost 6'10" in shoes and have learned to shoot, you are gonna be a bitch to guard.

3) Jabari Parker -- As a Duke fan, I saw Parker play the most.  If you are a fan, you say, "Charles Barkley".  High rebound rate, great on the break, undersized, but can jump and can get steals and run the break.  If you are not a fan, you say, "Derrick Williams" - chunky, not particularly explosive in traffic, doesn't understand defensive concepts or try very hard to improve.  Throws himself out of control off the dribble and does things that great players just don't do.

If you asked me whether I would take Parker or Aaron Gordon, I take Aaron Gordon.  Parker will play only one end of the court and that will be your return on investment.  If he is Barkley, then you have won.  If he is Derrick Williams, then he is a bust or maybe a guy like Al Harrington who runs through the league for 13 years trying to convince people he is good.

4) Julius Randle -- I like Julius Randle.  I shouldn't, because he is an undersized 4 who is left handed, but let me tell you why I like him.  He plays to win, plays on the offensive end at a high rate of speed, and firmly believes that he is really, really good.  He shares these attributes with............Kevin Love.  His weaknesses - poor defensive effort (Love), poor steals+blocks (Love), cannot dribble more than once or twice (Love) and won't pass to teammates (Love before this year).   He measured in at 6'7 3/4 inches without shoes and at 255 pounds - both identical to Love.  So there is absolutely no reason that Randle cannot be a 10+ rebound guy who can hit an open shot and draw fouls underneath. 

Is he going to take your shitty 15 win team to 45 wins?  No.  He is not Bird/LeBron, OK.  But in 2-3-4 years could he be the best guy on a low-level playoff team?  Yes.  Could he be a really, really good piece for a title team?  Yes.    I enjoy the chatter of the scouts about "he is no Zach Randolph".  When Zach left Michigan State he wasn't highly regarded at all.  That held true off and on up to when he went to Memphis (they got him for basically nothing in a salary dump).  He just works harder than everyone and has developed a difficult offensive game to stop.  Is Zach Randolph obviously a better talent than Julius Randle?  Absolutely not.

He is said to be slipping - some lucky club will grab him where they get him.  He will be a very good NBA player.

Marco Rubio - Poor Student, So He Won't Answer Drug Questions Either

Thursday, May 22, 2014

12 Overrated NBA Players (Not Active)

Imagine you are a 6X or more all-star and in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, but you had under 100 career Win Shares and under .130 WS/48 (basically Mike Dunleavy, Jr. and Lance Stephenson WS/48 numbers from this year) for your career.

You are overrated (least overrated at the top, most overrated at the bottom):

1) Lenny Wilkens
2) Joe Dumars
3) Nate Archibald
4) James Worthy
5) Isiah Thomas
6) Mitch Richmond
7) Nate Thurmond
8) Richie Guerin
9) Dave Bing
10 Dave Debusschere
11) Dick McGuire
12) Slater Martin

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Most Underrated NBA Players (Not Active)

8 Win Shares is a really good season, so you wonder how many guys have had multiple 8 WS seasons and were not rewarded with an All-Star selection.  Answer - a lot.  So then you search for guys with at least 4 such season who are not in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.  Here are your top 18.  Very productive, very underappreciated, both during their career and after:

1Horace Grant19901996TOTNBA6
2Hersey Hawkins19901998TOTNBA6
3Jeff Hornacek19901998TOTNBA6
4Larry Nance19831992TOTNBA6
5Detlef Schrempf19901998TOTNBA6
6Otis Thorpe19871994TOTNBA6
7Sam Cassell19982003TOTNBA5
8Bill Laimbeer19861991DETNBA5
9Anthony Mason19952000TOTNBA5
10Shareef Abdur-Rahim20002004TOTNBA4
11P.J. Brown20012004TOTNBA4
12A.C. Green19891994TOTNBA4
13Derek Harper19871990DALNBA4
14Kevin Johnson19891997PHONBA4
15Cedric Maxwell19791982BOSNBA4
16Terry Porter19881992PORNBA4
17Steve Smith19942001TOTNBA4
18Rod Strickland19941998TOTNBA4

Chris Christie - Shut Down the Bridge Because He Couldn't Get the Fort Lee Mayor's Endorsement

Wow - well, this is all you need to know:

1) Christie wanted the public endorsement of New Jersey Dem' mayors so he could post a huge re-election win and convince everyone he was the 2016 Presidential candidate for the GOP.

2) The Fort Lee mayor would not endorse him.

3) In August, the man charged with getting the endorsement was asked one final time whether the mayor would endorse.  No, he will not.

4) The NEXT DAY Bridget Kelly writes the famous, "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee" email.

The Christie plan was to use the carrot first, and then the stick.  For Christie to claim that he had no idea that this was his campaign strategy is ludicrous.  Another word comes to mind though -- Nixonian.

Top 9 NBA Playoff Performers Through May 20 Games   Requiring at least 1.5 WS and .150 WS/48 in the playoffs this year.  Then you give the player one point per position in both stats (1st place = 1 point).  Lowest score wins.

9th Place - Kawhi Leonard (9+7 = 16 points)

8th - Russell Westbrook (tied for 5th + 9th = 14 points)

7th - Kevin Durant (3+8 = 11 points)

6th - Trevor Ariza (7+4 = 11points, wins due to being more effective per minute than KD)

5th - Chris Paul (tied for 5th + 5 = 10)

4th - Tiago Splitter (8th + 2 = 10, wins tiebreaker as much more effective per minute than CP3)

3rd - Paul George (2+6 = 8 points, last night did him no favors, I think he registered a negative game)

2nd - Tim Duncan (5+3 = 8 points, wins tiebreaker as more effective per minute than George)

1st - LeBron James (1+1 = 2)  A good game, for once, out of Dwyane Wade plus James' typical above average effort led the Heat to a win last night.  If you are looking for Wade or Bosh, they are at 1.0 WS and .132 - playing at virtually the same rather mediocre level, roughly 50% of the level James is producing at.

Spurs -- Want to know why the Spurs are kicking everyone's ass?  They have the #2 guy, two of the top 4, and 3 of the top 9.  Of guys actually still active in the playoffs, they have three of the top 7.  Boris Diaw is outplaying Wade, as is Danny Green, and Ginobili's production is roughly 10% below Wade's. 

Pacers - They get production out of all 5 starters by playing them ungodly minutes, but it is not good production per minute.  Of the top 6 players in playoff minutes, Paul George is tied for first with Durant, then it is Westbrook, then three more Pacers. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Top 16 Ex-Disney Ladies

This guy is a great researcher, but a terrible ranker.  But he does provide a great list of 16 to choose 5-9 good ones from.
Fell free to list your top 5 based upon their height of hotness.  I gotta go, in reverse order,:
5. Aguilera
4. Gomez
3. Lohan
2. Michalka
1. Spears. 
But I am not gonna criticize a vote for Hudgens or Tisdale or a young Hathaway. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Donald Sterling - Stiviano "an Animal in Bed"

Is it really a big compliment for a 80+ year old guy to say you are an animal in bed and have a great body?  I mean, it still took him an hour to get aroused. 

Imagine the horror of V. Stiviano as she is doing whatever it takes to try to get arousal out of an 80+ year old guy for 30-40-50 minutes and not succeeding....Ewwwww. 

And how do you continue for an hour?  Talk about a trooper.  That $1.8M in gifts was well earned.

Players With at Least 7 NBA Finals Appearances

12Bill RussellBOS ('57-'69)
11Sam JonesBOS ('58-'69)
10Kareem Abdul-JabbarMIL, LAL ('71-'89)
9Jerry WestLAL ('62-'73)
9Magic JohnsonLAL ('80-91)
9Tom HeinsohnBOS ('57-'65)
8Elgin BaylorMNL, LAL ('59-'70)
8Frank RamseyBOS ('57-'64)
8John HavlicekBOS ('63-'76)
8K.C. JonesBOS ('59-'66)
8Michael CooperLAL ('80-'89)
8Tom SandersBOS ('61-'69)
7Bob CousyBOS ('57-'63)
7Derek FisherLAL ('99-'10)
7Kobe BryantLAL ('99-'10)
7Robert HorryHOU, LAL, SAS ('94-'07)
7Slater MartinMNL, STL ('50-'60)        Read them if you can.  Russell, Jones, Jabbar, West, Magic, Heinsohn, Baylor, Ramsey, Havlicek, Jones, Cooper, Sanders, Cousy, Fisher, Bryant, Horry, Martin.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Top 6 NBA Playoff Performers Through May 13 Games

Using a little more exacting standard here, looking for at least 1.5 total Playoff Win Shares.  Only 6 guys qualify.

6th Best - Kevin Durant (tied for 3rd in WS, 6th in WS/48 = 9.5 points)

5th Best  - Trevor Ariza (7+2 = 9 points)

4th -- Russell Westbrook (3.5+5 = 8.5)

3rd -- Chris Paul (5+3.5 = 8.5, wins tie based upon better play per minute)

2nd - Paul George (2+3.5 = 5.5)

Regaining the top spot:

LeBron James (1+1 = 2 points). 

Funny Text Exchange

Monday, May 12, 2014

Top Playoff Performer Through May 11 Games - New Leader!  See previous Blog entries for my scoring system.  Only 9 guys at or above 1.4 WS and .150 WS/48:

9th Place -- Tim Duncan
8 - Serge Ibaka
7 - Westbrook

(slight gap)

6 - Ariza
5 - Durant
4 - Tiago Splitter (tied for 8th in WS, 2nd in WS/48)

(big gap)

3 - Chris Paul

(big gap)

2 - LeBron James (tied for 3rd in total WS, 1st in WS/48, but down to .305)

1 - Paul George (1st in WS, 3rd in WS/48) - While the Pacers have been pretty unimpressive in edging Randy Wittman's horribly coached Wizards, George is CRUSHING everyone in WS with 2.2 and he is 3rd in WS/48.  Plus he plays ungodly minutes, so as long as the Pacers keep going, he will be racking up the WS.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Best Statistical Playoff Performers Thus Far Statistically Through May 8 Games

10th place - Lillard

9 - Westbrook

8 - Ariza

7 - Durant (coming on, cream rising to the top)

6 - Ibaka

5 - Tiago Splitter  (folks, I am running the numbers, what can I say!?!?)

4 -   Chris Paul

3 - Paul George

2 - Tim Duncan (he and George in a virtual tie, he wins due to better WS/48)

1 - LeBron James.

Criteria -- must have both over 1.1 playoff Win Shares and better than .150 WS/48 in the playoffs.  Then I sort down to 10 if necessary (unnecessary here - exactly 10 qualified) and give a point for each place you are in for both categories (1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, etc.).   Lowest score is best.

Some trends - HUGE improvements for the Thunder stars.  Duncan just shows no signs of decline despite being 1,000years old.  Chris Paul trending the right way. 

Mitt Romney - "Raise the Minumum Wage"

I recently heard an elected official state that "the minimum wage was never intended to be a living wage; it was just a starting off wage.  If you are making minimum wage, it is your fault, not your employer's fault."

This statement simply flabbergasted me.  If my employer is paying me $7 an hour because the labor market is a buyer's market, that is MY FAULT?  I am a poor person with poor education, maybe a poor upbringing, and I want to work.  Guy offers me and my ilk $7 so he can keep making $4,000,000 a year rather than $3,900,000 a year.  My fault.  I should have become a doctor or a lawyer or a computer programmer.  If the government were to, say, tell the guy he had to pay me $10 an hour, that would be the end of the world.  Socialism.

As Romney points out -- don't we want people working full time?  Don't we want to encourage them to work and stay off welfare?  Shouldn't a 40 hour per week job give you SOME reasonable chance of paying your bills?  If you oppose a raise in the minimum wage, why not just oppose the entire concept?  I mean, if you could go back to the Triangle Shirt Factory days and pay 12 year old girls 20 cents a day, it would be a BOOM for hiring.  My God, why buy machinery?  The service industry would blossom.  I could pay a guy $1 to follow me around the golf course and applaud at all of my horrible shots (this is taken from an actual story told to me by someone who went to India and paid a gallery of 20 people a total of $20 to applaud him on every hole).

When your party has moved well to the right of modern day Mitt Romney on issues of this sort, you have lost your effing minds.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Congrats to Lindsey Duke On Winning the "Hottest QB Girlfriend" Poll.

Calling it early --

While I believe that Manziel's gf is both bustier and has a better face (by a lot), I will post some of the pics that, no doubt, caused the rather curvaceous mighty-mite Duke to win.  Plus I will add a DUI photo that will explain my primary

reason for not voting for her.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Your Top 10 NBA Playoff Performers Through May 6, 2014

Placement on the list requires being in the Top 10 in Playoff Win Shares AND ALSO in WS/48 in the Playoffs.  So, Kevin Durant is off the list because he is tied for 10th in WS, but is not a top 10 WS/48 player this far.
10th Overall  Damian Lillard  9th in Win Shares, 10th in WS/48  -- 19 Points (9+10=19)
9th --  Bradley Beal  10+8=18.
8-7-6 (tie) LaMarcus Aldridge 3+9=12
Serge Ibaka 5+7=12
Chris Paul 6+6=12
5th Trevor Ariza  8+3=11

4th Tiago Splitter 7+2=9
THAT IS RIGHT FOLKS, Tiago Splitter has been the 4th best overall player in the playoff.  His WS/48 trails only LeBron.  His WS is 7th, but if he had .1 more WS, he would be 3rd.  Yikes.
3rd Tim Duncan 4+4 = 8 -- Parker, before last night, had been horrible, but I guess when you have the 3rd and 4th best guy, you keep playing.
2nd Paul George   1+5 = 6 -- Hidden in the Pacers' turmoil has been the fact that Paul George has been playing a ton of minutes and playing very well.  Is it his fault that the rest of his team has been abysmal?
1st   LeBron James  2+1 = 3  --  Durant and Paul George have almost doubled LeBron's playoff minutes, but James is playing at a ridiculous level.  He will not continue to play at that level for the entire playoffs -- how do I know?  Of guys who have played over 190 minutes in a playoff season, only 2 have ever ended at .337 WS/48 or better --   George Mikan in 1954 and LeBron James in 2009.   Jordan came close once, Kareem came close once.  That is it.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Supreme Court to City Councils - Pray Away

I always enjoy when the Supreme Court goes through the whole analysis of "well, they are just being solemn, and they are just honoring local religious leaders and blah, blah, blah" to explain why such prayers are really not an endorsement of religion, then the party who wins on these grounds goes with this comment:

Senior counsel David Cortman of the Alliance Defense Freedom, which represented the town, applauded the court for affirming "that Americans are free to pray."

That is what is so hilarious about these separation of church and state cases -- the prayers are CLEARLY intended to support one particular religion (Christianity) and they are defended in court by people who don't give a fuck about "ceremony" or "honoring local leaders."  They just want their own particular religion advanced in any way possible.  If they could have a Christian theocracy, they would all line up to vote for that.

Yet the Court continues to apply the fiction that the supporters of these type of church/state combos are NOT AT ALL concerned about advancing religion and, instead, just want to make sure that something is said at the start of the city council meeting so that the people don't just sit there and stare blankly at one another.

I sincerely hope that some inner city neighborhood that is 85% non-Christian starts having Muslim prayers or Hindu prayers and adding things like, "And Muhammad said - the afterlife is reserved for believers in Allah, not for infidels."  Hey, Justice Kennedy says if you are a Christian, you can get up and walk out - there is nothing keeping you there.  The fact that your City presents weekly prayers basically calling you a wretched infidel outcast is overridden by the need to honor local holy men and to have something (anything) to say to start out the meeting.

Jennifer Lopez at age 44

Friday, May 02, 2014

Lindsay Lohan - Before and After

It is sad, and quite a loss.....

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Caleb Johnson - Whitesnake's "Still of the Night"

I try not to be an old fogie/fogey or however you spell that, but I gotta say, when you sort through all of the shit they make these young folks sing, it is so great to hear some 1980s hair metal. I was disappointed he didn't do the song section featuring the lyrics, "Until the evening time I'm waiting for the night to c-c-c-come." I am generously using the c-o-m-e spelling.