Friday, March 13, 2015

Some Fun With Historical Win Shares

7 Win Shares in a season is considered very good -- borderline all-star.  Only one guy has ever achieved 25.0 or more WS in a season -- Kareem (Wilt had one rounded up from like 24.96).  So, let's see who has done the best over the years at achieving various WS levels (I will list top 5 and ties for most seasons at that level).

7 WS, Most seasons:  Kareem, Duncan, Karl, Stockton, tie between Barkley, KG, Moses, Reggie and Dirk

10 WS, most seasons -- Kareem, Karl, Wilt, Stockton, Duncan, Dirk

13WS, most seasons - Wilt, Karl, Jordan, Kareem, LeBron

16 WS, most seasons - Wilt, Jordan, Kareem, Oscar, LeBron, David

19 WS, most seasons -- Wilt, Michael, Kareem, Mikan, LeBron

22 WS, most seasons -- Kareem (2), Wilt (2), Mikan 1

25 WS, most seasons -- Kareem (1)

Kareem with Milwaukee in 1971-72 went 34-16-4 and shot 57%/  Kareem played over 44 mpg

Wilt with San Francisco in 1963-64 went 37-22-5 and shot 52%.  Wilt played over 46 mpg.

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